Bernie Sanders let one truth slip about Stormy Daniels that left CNN scrambling in a panic

CNN has pushed all their chips in on the Stormy Daniels story to destroy Donald Trump.

The porn star’s lawyer essentially has his own show on the network to lead the media on with sensational speculation about bombshells to come.

But when Bernie Sanders was asked one question about Daniels his answer crushed CNN’s hopes.

Sanders was asked on CNN if the Daniels story – which has failed to sway the public against the President – would overshadow the Democrats midterm message.

He answered yes.

Breitbart reports:

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stressed on Tuesday that the key for Democrats in the 2018 midterms is to focus on the “economic instability for so many people” in the country. But an increasing number of liberals are getting concerned that the media’s and the Democrats’ focus on all things Stormy Daniels will hurt Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections.

When asked on Saturday evening if there is a “concern” or “danger” that Stormy Daniels will overshadow the Democrats’ message on the economy, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told CNN’s Van Jones, “absolutely.” Sanders also criticized the media, the Democrats’ tag team partner, for overplaying all things Daniels.”

Voters don’t care what Donald Trump did a decade before he ran for office.

He has denied the allegations about the affair and knowing about any agreement to pay Daniels hush money.

But in their zeal to destroy Trump they are wasting their energy on an issue that will not depress Trump supporters.

They believe evangelical Christians will abandon the President if they can prove he carried on a one night stand.

But Christians support Trump because he has implemented policies on abortion, religious freedom, and so-called “transgenderism” that defend traditional values.

Will the media continue campaigning to drive a wedge between Trump and his supporters?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. If the politicians would have let us finish our job in Korea in 53, we would not have this problem with North Korea we have now.
    USMC 50-54

  2. So Stormies Claim to Fame, other than screwing on film, is She Screwed The President Of The U.S.A., Donald Trump, Do We Care…..NO, she screwed men for a living…..this is just her way, being an aged porno queen, of going main stream hoping for more Notoriety to promote her By Gone movie sales……

  3. Had nothing to do with smart or not smart; just a small typographical error. Don’t get so paranoid for goodness sake.

  4. You know, I personally do not believe Trump messed with this tramp & here is why……
    #1.. she is unattractive.. harsh looking, seriously worn.
    #2…. Watch her. She is a paid liar.
    #3…she is the Democrats last ditch effort to oust our POTUS T
    #4… I highly doubt she is his type. No looks, not intelligent & I simply don’t believe it.
    Just can’t picture Trump rolling in the trash.
    If he were going to mess, he has better taste than that over aged , worn out whore.

  5. Patricia, that wasn’t real smart, unless you have placed a virus or bug on the other end of that email. I’m certainly not clicking.

  6. AMEN and AMEN! Don’t forget, Patricia, that Mr Trump, when he first got elected, RECEIVED THE LORD as his LORD AND SAVIOR! God has anointed him for this task, and every evil forces thrown at him ( majorly from the LEFT) will and IS boomeranging back to them! These morons ARE going where they belong….in HELL!

  7. We Evangelical Christians will never turn on Mr. Trump. We have a forgiving God and He sent His one and only true Son to save all of us who repent and have faith in Jesus. That’s how Christians roll. We know we are not the juges, but the Lord is and so don’t think we’ll turn our backs on Mr . Trump. We know he’s the best thing that’s happened to Washington and our entire country in many years. We Christian support him and his family!

  8. It hasn’t been just the libtard left, many sore losers and establishments on the right have fought him as well. No other candidate could have handled the opposition as deftly as Trump. That is his zone because he has been dealing with it for years from the outside. MAGA

  9. I saw a story about a huge influx of cash to Avenatti at the same time he picked up Stormy as a client. He was able to pay off several multi-million dollar debts to IRS, and other creditors. Who paid that money and is he actually a lawyer for Stormy or is he a paid political activist. He is full time Stormy on CNN, MSNBC, etc, so likely he has few if any other clients. Hmmmmm!!!

  10. The Big Question floating Now IS: Where is Daniels getting big bucks to pay this so-called attorney .

  11. You’ve got a point there. Don’t let the MSM lies get to you and fo forward knowing the real truth.

  12. People, don’t you think all of this chaos that the Dem’ons and liberal news media has conjured up is to deflect attention away from the greatest act that any president has ever done in this country…peace with North Korea? Think about it! God will be the only one to remove him when his purpose is up…no powers from hell will be able to do this. Relax.

  13. Nothing is going to sway Trump Deplorables, BTW I happen to be a Deplorable, because we all want the same thing for our country and the POTUS has done more in two years he’s been in office then any other president before him, especially Obama bin Laden and that’s with the libtard left fighting him tooth and nail every inch of the way, Can you imagine what could be accomplished if they would work him instead of obstructing


    Notice CNN is NOT talking about Russian Collusion anymore, it’s Stormy Daniels 24/7

  15. It has been pointed out numerous times that this porn actress had maximally dilated pupils during the hour long CNN interview. Unless she came from an eye examination two hours before, it is highly likely that an illegal drug (cocaine) caused this.

    Cocaine use is very common among porn “actors.” It is one way the industry controls them. It is possible for Trump’s lawyers to call for a drug test for her in order to see if she is “fit” to raise her children. I understand she has a minor daughter.

    It would be in the BEST interests of the minor child to be removed from a household with an active cocaine abuser. The child is under danger from people whom she brings home for illicit purposes.

    I think that would take her OUT of Media. Any money she earns will go up her nose. By any description this is a toxic atmosphere for a minor child.

    I cannot understand why a drug test has not been ordered. It should be done and the Trump lawyers can initiate a claim. If there is any evidence of exposure to child abuse there is actually a legal obligation that this be reported.

    Yes, I am a retired physician. If I had examined this woman in my office and I had reason to believe her child was under threat, I would be obligated by law to notify authorities.

    sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  16. Amen! They overlook the real criminals and look for crimes that don’t exist with our amazing president who has accomplished more in 18 months than the last three presidents combine, despite being burdened with fake news and false accusations.


  18. The hole World Loves Donald Trump and Hates Obama and Hilary.if you dont believe it just aska any Democrats and watcht here faces drop.

  19. cluck, cluck,……..griffin and daniels are trying to outcluok each other to see who can lay the biggest egg……..cluck…..rooster sanders wants a piece of the action..cluck, cluck

  20. I don’t care what President Trump did before he was in office! And I DON’T believe anything the media and the democrats say about MY PRESIDENT! President Trump’s true supporters DON’T believe anything the liberal democrats/ media have to say either! We all LOVE OUR PRESIDENT!! BEST PRESIDENT EVER… DONALD J. TRUMP!!

  21. Ms. Daniels made her money on her back and spreading her legs for money. I see nothing different now, except she has spread her legs for every Tom, Dick, and Harry who has help pay her bills!

  22. To Angel
    I have to disagree on one statement “NO MESSAGE” There message is 1-REPEAL THE TAX CUTS 2-INCREASE THE SIZE OF GOV. 3-OPEN THE BORDERS TO ALL. I COULD GO ON.

  23. The Dems refuse to take responsibility for the fact that it is their liberal beliefs, lies to the American people ( If you like your Doctor…. etc. Fast & furious, Obama’s “scandal free Admin.” and running the most corrupt politician, Hillary for Prez.) that GOT Donald Trump elected. They have NO message to run on & patriotic American’s will not tolerate further destruction of the USA

  24. The democrats did not care that Clinton raped a woman when he was district attorney or when he got caught in the oval office with his pants down and Lewinsky. They found “the dress”.

  25. I agree with all & about the Hitler Youth Core. It is so sad what yhey continue to do in our schools, brainwashing our kids & grandchildren. We must put a STOP to this & immediately!! We all need to march & show up at every single District meeting!!! They must be detsiled NZoW!!

  26. The LEFT is consumed with Their Own short comings (such as Bill Clinton’s behavior) and really expected that if They dug deep enough and long enough They would be able to smear some of Their filth on President Donald J. Trump. The Press coverage of Our President is One sided and leads me to believe that They too are mired in the same filth.

  27. All said very well. This is the slimiest smear I’ve seen yet. The Dems have become nothing but a slime machine. Trump will prevail.

  28. We already know the history of accusations regarding President Trump and other women that they were all paid to lie about the accusations and that they were not true. The same is being done now. We actually don’t care what the President did 10 years ago or even after that. We only care what he is doing and has done since becoming President. No one will be able to drive a wedge between the President and his supporters because he has already done so much more for our Country and than any other president has done in either 4 or 8 years. We also know the consequences for this Country if he were to be ousted. The USA will not let the President be ousted!!!! I don’t think the Democrats want to see a civil war in this Country – Democrats against Republicans – Since the election turned out the way it did I think these people better start thinking twice about trying to oust President Trump. He was elected fair and square unlike the Democrats who had 3 million illegals voting and that many dead people.

  29. If the MSM bashed, attacked , and looked into every person in the house and
    senate, no one would be standing. EVERY last one of them have something to hide
    in their backgrounds. Some favor, some tryst, some intrigue, some kickback, from
    long ago. Not one of them could stand up against what our President has been put
    through. He has done it mostly on his own. There are a few who stand up for him.
    I’d like to thank Judicial Watch, the IG, Nunes, Gowdy, Goodlatte, Jordan, and all,
    who are seeking truth in this witch hunt against our POTUS. There are those on the
    other side of justice who seemingly get away scot free. These are the real criminal
    element. They go on tours, make the media rounds, get money, book deals and laugh
    all the way to the bank. What a disgrace to our nation and the many who work in
    our law enforcement agencies, who have maintained their integrity.

  30. I voted for Trump because of his values. Those values Aline with my values. He has kept his promises to date and only those that he has so far been forced to put on hold is due to liberalist justices. He knows his constitutional limits. What a young man does during his youth and what he does as a matured man are two entirely different things. If each and every congressman were put through the same vetting process demanded of Trump and his appointees i doubt we could even field a quorum for congress. I will vote for Trump again and will vote for anyone who runs for congress and swears to support Trump. That means I will not even consider voting for a democrat.

  31. The only way to keep the greatest president of all times is to vote REPUBLICAN in 2018 and, of course, you will vote for our beloved President Trump in 2020. By then he should have a vast majority of the slimiest people (Dems and RINOs) in check and out of office forever.

  32. I remember election night, Hillary was ahead all evening until around 8:00 pm, that is when everything changed as the republicans got off work and went to vote!

  33. You speak the truth Jackie. No one paid any attention during the 2016 campaign when Clinton said that while they were in the white house, Hillary went once a month to Ca. to her meeting of the Coven. She sold her sole to the devil who promised her she could be president. That just goes to show you our Sweet Lord and Savior is much stronger than Satan and that is why Mr. Trump won.

  34. Sorry to say Old Vet (my husband is one also)The new generation doesn’t know or want to know history as all of this has come before and we even know how it turns out which is so sad. But that is what happens when you dumb down the populace thru the children. It only takes 4 generations to completely obliterate and change history. Remember what Eisenhower said of the Holocaust, take many many pictures because one of these days, they will say it never happened.

  35. Jerry, which Coven are your people part of? The same one Hillary is in in Ca.? You wouldn’t know a believer if they came and hit you in the face! Oh yeah, you belong to the same mosque that Obama belongs to. Forgot.

  36. All the whining and attempted demeaning of Trump and conservative values only further enforces the reasons why I can NEVER vote Dem. They have nothing but hate, and that is the last thing we need to unite the country.

  37. Just keep bowing to the east and continue to praise osumma bin Obumma. He will save you and your lemmings when you hit the water after your fall off the cliff.

  38. And you lemmings will follow your democlown demigods over the cliff because they are good and righteous!! YEAH, RIGHT!!

  39. I assume you have known Mr.Trump personally for quite a long time that would put you in such a position to judge him as you do. I am thankful you have never heard of me. From your judgemental attack on our president, I think I am within my right to judge you a sanctimonious, hypocritical pharisee.

  40. Sorry Dem.No way you can distract me ,the more you talk,PROVE that,the more you’re wrong,There are not any medicine for your disease.PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. That’s exactly what the democrats said about Wild Bill Clinton when it was revealed that he had non-consensual relations prior to becoming president; even after he had sexual relations while in the White House.

  42. It was 40 years ago, yesterday 4-25-1978. So the “media” is still not talking about it and probably never will. (correction to typos, sorry)

  43. When the “media” wanted to air an interview it had with Juanita Broddrick about the rape she endured by Bill Clinton when he was Attorney General of Arkansas, the president of NBC stonewalled the project because Clinton was a “golfing buddy” of his and he didn’t want to embarrass then POTUS Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky//Paula Jones/impeachment hearings. It eventually showed on TV, opposite the Grammy Awards and was edited down to hardly resemble the interview that Mrs. Broddrick gave to Lisa Myers. i was 40 years ago, yesterday 4-25-1978. So the “media” is still not talking about it and problems never will. Shame on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS and all who stand behind their organization as “journalists” who only want to report the truth. It’s all “fake news'” except the events that DID happen. I stand with POTUS Trump and will vote for him again in a heartbeat!

  44. Hey Jerry, thousands of lies you say Trump has made, list them! By the way, you are so holy and have never told a lie, right? Holier than Thou, not!

  45. We Don’t Care About His Private Past, We Care About The Future Of Our Country, With Someone In Office who Knows How To Run This Country, With Good Business Experience.

  46. ???????????????????????? no, am replying to another post and have never posted anything like this before…so you are lying to avoid me!

  47. No, God uses people, who can get the job done,that he wants! If you knew the Bible God did this with many unsavory people to attain his goal, because they were strong enough to do the job!
    It is also not your call to say President Trump is not godly! God even saved killers if they turn to God, to repent,of their sinful ways! It is God’s judgement call not yours!. When you judge people you are the sinful
    one! He who casts the first stone??

  48. I do not care what/who President Trump did as a young man. CNN or any so called news outlets did not report on private citizen, Gov. Clinton/President Clinton and now Clinton because they are owned by the Clinton’s and the communist democrat party.
    The Russian “matter” failed so they must attack Trump on decade old “stuff”. Lairs leading lairs! I’ll vote for Trump again and proud of him!

  49. RIGHT, just show me ONE person who is an ANGEL nowadays, coming to mind BATHHOUSE BARRY and Clinton CLAIMED he NEVER inhaled BUT we all KNOW about his TERRIBLE sexual behavior….!!!!

  50. And DURING his PRESIDENCY = Monica….!!!! AND Vince Foster DIED a very MYSTERIOUS death, since when did THAT ever happen during a Presidency..??? NEVER, ONLY with the CLINTONS in the White House, AND only as Hillary was Secretary of State did the State Department “LOSE” $6 BILLION of TAX PAYERS money…..!!!!!

  51. Stormy Daniels = FAKE DOSSIER…..!!! AND even if it was true, Stormy, WHO on earth gives a HOOT as the President was a PRIVATE CITIZEN then, NOW he IS the PRESIDENT of the USA and I RESPECT him with ALL I GOT…..END of STORY….!!!!

  52. I am a true American, a veteran. I fly our flag all the time. I love what we stand for and our Constitution. This is what turns my stomach now. We have become 1930s Germany.
    This is what we have become.

    The Democratic party The Nazi Party
    The House The Gestapo
    The Senate The Gestapo
    The Legal Judges The SS
    The Media The SS
    The GOP Rhinos Quislings, Traitors, Cowards.
    And look at our Hitler youth core.

  53. I am a true American, a veteran. I fly our flag all the time. I love what we stand for and our Constitution. This is what turns my stomach now. We have become 1930s Germany.
    This is what we have become.

    The Democratic party The Nazi Party
    The House The Gestapo
    The Senate The Gestapo
    The Legal Judges The SS
    The Media The SS
    The GOP Rhinos Quislings, Traitors, Cowards.
    And look at our Hitler youth core.

  54. First, we don’t know if Trump ever had a Stormy Night. Even if he did, remember King David and Bathsheba. Was the King kicked from office. Not. The real contest for the most trists was between Kennedy and Clinton.

  55. Everyone has sinned sometime in their life, this was before he was involved in politics. It is between he and Melania, let them deal with it. He is no where as bad as Hillary, Bill, or Obama, they are all down right EVIL.

  56. They always expect Christians to run when someone has had a past in sin. Which no one can cast the first stone but apparently the Lying Liberal Media and the Democrats seem to think they can because after all they don’t Sin. Such Hyporites which is Ironic.

  57. Hell would have to freeze over and Yellowstone super volcano would have to erupt before I would ever vote for a Communist Democrat! I was a Trump supporter 30 years before he ever ran for President and I am so thankful he finally did run and WIN!!!!!
    Trump is the BEST American President this Country has ever had!

  58. The government hasn’t work for us in about sixteen years. First Bush 43 got with the President of Mexico to open up the border, and let American companies go south. Then we have Obama who let everybody in, had work place violence, instead of terrorists attacks; and give the Iranians millions of dollars that we didn’t have to give. Let’s not forget the JV team. Now we have President Trump that doesn’t kiss butt, just kicks it. The swamp hasn’t worked in the same amount of time. All they do is get kick backs, and show up in Washington, and work less than 180 days, draw $180,000 a year.

  59. Might be surprised at how many Dems, really no old Stormy. Maybe someone needs to run a background check on a few of the Dems.

  60. No one cares about Stormy Daniels. She is just a selfish money-hungry tramp that doesn’t care who she hurts. She is not only hurting our president, but also his wife, his children, and our country. She should not be given any more free publicity. President Trump is doing an excellent job as our president.

  61. The demms are right about one thing anyway, we don’t give a damn about what Trump did before he was elected. It is what he is doing for the American people and the country right now that matters the most. He has created so many millions of jobs and he listens to the people, where osama didn’t give a damn about jobs or what the people had to say, they were only concerned about covering his filthy corrupt illegal ass and every communist thing he stood for. The American people have a choice of jobs they want now, and they are full time jobs, not part time that osama admin called good jobs. We now have a confidence in our country and the markets reflect that today. People feel a lot better about the direction of our country today. We have a big tax cut and tax reform now, the demms would never have given us that, they would raise our taxes some more so they can increase their illegal spending again and pay off the media to shut up about the real truth of what they are doing to this country. So i urge every republican and those leaning that way or even thinking about it, get the hell out and vote this November for every republican running this year because if the demonrats get in control of the house, they will try to impeach Trump and take back the tax cuts and start controlling our lives all over again, and turning this country into a communist country fast. Get out and vote for the republican who will do the most good for your state. We have to vote out every demonrat that is running to take a much larger control of the house. Go Trump and the Republicans…………..

  62. We know about Trump’s previous life, BEFORE BECOMING PRESIDENT, who cares what he did back then? We are interested in what Trump is doing for America #MAGA now. He’s a great POTUS and the damn Demons HAVE TO STOP their obstructing his cabinet picks and everything else they are obstructing! Then the damn Demons turn around and complain about his cabinet not being filled. President Trump needs to be informed of his power, then he needs to act on it. He needs to tell Rosenstein, Sessions and that ridiculous Wray to hand over ALL documents relating to the corrupt Hil’LIAR’ campaign and the money laundering foundation which they only give 5% of the monies to help those disasters. Haiti is still waiting for the help they promised. That was all a set up. President Trump would be doing so much more if he had his people he picked! No other President in my time has ever been treated this way. The Deep State and Soros are dictating everything the Demons and the Lamebrain Mainstream BIAS LYING Media does. This obstruction has to be stopped! Where is Ryan and McConnell? Both are useless. They could have this sham of an investigation shut down, no, they, along with the Demons, want Trump indicted or impeached. Have you seen anything either of them has done for the President? McConnell is the one who needs impeached! If these spineless Republicans do not start supporting Trump, we can kiss our freedom goodbye if those corrupt obstructionists win the House or the Senate, maybe both. Is that what the Repubs want? At this juncture, I think they do. #MAGA!! The House and the Freedom Caucus need to STOP taking all this time off and get work done, don’t just show up on talk shows and repeating we have to get these documents. They have the authority to have these documents, if not turned over, hold Rosenstein, Sessions and Wray in contempt, then impeach them! They need to do their job and stop coming on talk shows and complaining, ACT, they have the authority. The Demons and the RINO’s want this investigation by Mueller to continue thru the Midterms and if the Demons win the House, all investigations into Hil’LIAR’ corruption will be dismissed. #MAGA Start writing to your Senators and even Sessions, etc. I’ve been writing letters and emails for the past month stating my disdain to all of them. Everyone, please start taking action, we don’t want to lose our freedom or our Country. #MAGA

    all they do is LIE.
    they LIED about that Hogg kid in Florida. He did NOT go to that school and he was not there when the shooting went on either. Matter of fact, he graduated a couple of years before in California!
    CNN is NOT “fake news” they are just LIARS!!

  64. Absolutely, the media will “try” to do that; that’s what their liberal supporters PAY THEM to do. It is my own belief, their method will NOT work; we see “better days a’comin”, thanks to President Trump.

  65. As these comments show sheep follow blindly. When the wolf dresses in shepherd’s clothes and says the words they want to hear they will follow him over the cliff!

  66. These comments show that sheep follow blindly. When the wolf dresses in shepherd’s clothes (words)they follow him over the cliff!

  67. It doesn’t matter to me. That was long,long ago. Forget it we are voting for President Trump. He has.already done so much for the people we will stand behind him.

  68. President Trump is a true American who cares about the United States of America and it’s citizens! He is working for free donating all his salary to charities while working harder than most past President’s! Why because He loves this wonderful Country! He is doing an excellent job no matter what any media or politician says to the contrary. I also don’t care what he did or didn’t do in his past he is an awesome President period!

  69. I agree with Jessen. Go President Trump. The media needs to know that we think they are so Fake news and jealous. God is in control and He made us all. Your work through all this misbehaving democrats and media is showing your Strength, Courage and will do help the American people just as you pledged. Prayers for you, your family and all those who are in support of your work for the good of U S Citizens. God Bless America!

  70. I think the dems are so mean and crazy. I’ll take Donald Trump any day for president. And isn’t Melania the greatest first lady we have had for a long time. She really put on a wonderful State Dinner this week. She is extremely intelligent
    and somebody that beautiful and smart would never marry just anybody. She was smart to marry Donald Trump. I so wish the Dems would keep their mouths shut.

  71. AGREED. While we would not accept Clinton type White House immorality, we know that everyone is a sinner in need of a savior … The Savior.

  72. Go trump you’ve got my vote and you always have it so long as you’re trying to do the will of the people and trying to do the things you wanted to do when you campaigned you’re the first honest President I’ve seen in a lifetime and I’m 69 outside of perhaps Reagan

  73. the President is whats good for America not social media or bad mouthing by evil people he has already done more good his previous president thick what could be done if congress let him do the job

  74. so what trump made out. stormy gets 100,000 plus everyone should be happy if he was a democrat he would be a hero

  75. Every time they,(MSM) parade one of these trashy women, it only resolves my commitment to do everything I can do to re elect our best Presidents in the past 25 years. Keep bringing them out, you idiots.

  76. Want things to change? Vote for those who will support the President’s agenda in November. get rid of the RINO’s Republican in November and Trump in 2020.

  77. sorry for your loss Martha. your husband was a great patriot, and thank you for his vote. he is with the Lord now.

  78. The democRATS have the agenda: bring back higher taxes, less personal freedom, bigger federal government, more government control over every aspect of our lives.


  80. Trump had my vote already and will have it in 2020, too.
    He thinks and feels like a human being, not a politician.
    He is the first president in my lifetime who has cared
    to keep his word after taking office. It’s the only chance we have to get things done, period. I was a democrat for 40+ years; but, now I am Republican and the commie dems will never get my vote again.

  81. You’re right. Stupid is as stupid does. It has been said that democrats are collective stupid. I do believe that. Anyone that voted for Hitlery was dead asleep. Seems like democrats still are

  82. Democrats are Satan’s workers! So anything that comes from them, deep state and their MSM mouth piece; it’s all part of their destruction plan for the nation. We all know that their ultimate goal is to create global chaos so the entire world will summit to one world government.

  83. They jump on any chance to get at Trump, but they completely ignore what Clinton DID DO in the White House. Since the Democrats are so one way, MAYBE IT’S DOWN.

  84. The Demo-can’ts must not have a job. If all’s they can do is try and find fault in OUR president and his republi-can

  85. The Dems and the MSM hate Trump because he will fix everything, trim the government expenses, and keep the illegals out. They see this as a huge threat to their power and bribes. Too easy to spend other people’s money; everyone would like to do that, but can’t. Just the people at the top (except Trump, who doesn’t need money) Term limits for Congressmen and Senators is VITAL!!!

  86. Donald Kalinowski covered my thoughts completely with his post. The dems will see the error in their schemes in November. Trump is the truth in Washington D.C.

  87. What candidate TRUMP said on a tape MANY years ago is “MILD” compared to what I have heard in locker rooms before and after a game. Besides who really gives a rat’s butt WHAT Mr. Trump did before he was elected President. At least he isn’t “doing” interns in the “oral office” like clinton when HE WAS PRESIDENT, or being a GAY MOOSLIME FRAUD and having a transvestite “wife” and a fake “family” like his predecessor. PRESIDENT TRUMP has kept MORE campaign promises and achieved more in the short time he has been in office, than ANY president in memory (even though he is being FOUGHT and OBSTRUCTED by the “political ELITES” every day in an attempt to remove him from office even though he has done absolutely NOTHING WRONG, but attempted to clean up the MESS left by others.

  88. My husband voted in the Presidential election in 2016; he was in assisted living; I asked him if he wanted me to vote the absentee ballot, and after pretty long he shook his head in a “yes”. He died soon after, but at least he was able to vote for our winner, Trump!!! Yes, vote even at the point of death – it’s that important!!!

  89. Stormy is nothing but garbage that the DemoRATS are using to make news in the end it will come out –the truth is something they cant talk about –Im sure that Stormy thinks she is hot crap but trash is trash — Trump will WIN

  90. Just like they pushed that story over and over and over again about what then Mr. Trump said on tape about women. Geeez, I have heard worse from my own husband who was in the Navy. No one ever commented on ole potty mouth herself, Hil-liar-ly who would make even a sailor blush.


  92. Vote vote vote Republican this fall. If you can’t get off work to vote, call in sick. If you are sick, even to the point of death, vote anyway. Vote early, but not often. Keep it legal.

  93. I hope they do. We knew who he was before we voted. He is not a true Dem or Rep. What he is, is a man that if he says he will do something, he will if at all possible do it. He keeps his word, unlike most people in office.

  94. All these Liberal morons better accept the fact that our New President is Donald J Trump and the status quo in the government is over, it is now time for the American people to speak up. “WE THE PEOPLE”

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