Bernie Sanders made an insane proposal that would end America forever

Bernie Sanders nearly captured the Democrat Presidential nomination running on a socialist platform.

While he lost, that was just the springboard from his anti-American “revolution.”


  1. this is going to be a disaster much like the Veterans system. Bernie is always holding up the UK as a great system. Ask an Englishmen what he thinks of they’re single payer system . Wait 10 months for an operation you need now !And there is NO WAY IN HELL it is going to save us money . Think taxes are bad now ? Just wait for this monster to come on line . Forget about retirement or fancy vacations. You can keep this nonsense , And you all better work HARD to keep the socialists out of government , that is if you ever want 2 quarters to rub together ! peace out

  2. Bisquick bernie, the commie, is certifiably insane; it the dimwit party wants “a hill to die on”, they have probably found it – -especially if the listen to this crook.

  3. He needs to go feel the Bern in a rest home somewhere. His brain is warped and he is a coward to stand by and let Hiliary cheat in California and lose the primary to her. What a poor excuse for a man.

  4. The FREE stuff they are giving to these people is not FREE!! It costs somebody something somewhere!!!!!! That somebody is the TAX payer. That is you and me.

  5. The more power that is given to people the more corruption takes place. That is why the constitution and the idea of small government was established. We seem to forget the history of a King from England who had to much power and the reason for the revolution. The Bible is clear about giving to much power to people , it tells us that it will corrupt the person.

  6. Bernie is into hard drugs, had a severe brain injury, was born stupid, or is Bat-Dung-Crazy due to his head crammed into his colon……select any two

  7. The overthrow of the US Constitution is the end goal of the alt-left democrats and healthcare is the pry bar with which they will pull the wool over voters’ eyes. First, they must allow into the country border busters convinced they will get the freebies and then the voting franchise regardless their citizenship status. Bernie Sanders and his wife are corrupt millionaire politicians who crave power and lust to kill fellow American to achieve it. Bernies vision is unAmerican and I would not want to be anywhere near it.

  8. Federal Single-payer is NOT constitutional. If the country really wants federal healthcare, folks like Bernie should FIRST have the huevos to submit a bill to amend the Constitution making healthcare a federal responsibility. If it passes, you then know that 75% of the states concur. THEN, submit your single-payer bill. Until then, this is all just liberal smoke.

  9. Also, hospitals and clinics do not need to be Taj Mahal’s with cappuccino shops and 40 foot ceilings in the lobby.

  10. Very good point. Also, in government funded institutions disabled people have been found with maggots around their breathing tubes. That is the type of “CARE” we would get if run by the government. If the government was really concerned about actual healthcare costs instead of healthcare control, they would do something about price gouging by the big pharma’s and the high cost of med school for new doctors and the ridiculous red tape for medical billing and records and the ridiculous lawsuits against health care providers.

  11. I PAID INTO medicare my whole working career if your going to give it away to any tom dick or harry I am entitled to a refund in all taxes paid into the program.

  12. Bernie Sanders is just another “Left Wing” moron who doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about on most subjects, just like everyone else in his Party. All the “Dumbocrats” really want is power. Thank God the American people were smart enough to keep Hillary out of office or she would have certainly finished the destruction of our country that Obama laid the groundwork for during the eight year nightmare we suffered through with him in the Oval Office.


  14. Mitch McConnell is a career politician and no expectations of accomplishing anything in a short period of time. He does not understand the working class or business. You have to make a decision and get on with it. We didn’t elect these poloiticos to serve repeated terms. We now have a president that wants to move forward and his own people are throwing up roadblocks. Time to go Mitch.

  15. That would put us in a third world nation real quick. Forget 75 probable less than 65 would become subject to death panels. Kept it up and we will become like Europe.

  16. Mike Hughes………… Ditto…… and these people just don’t put real thought into it. NOTHING IS FREE !!!!!!!!! DRAIN THE SWAMP AND THE SOONER THE BETTER……..

  17. The way that the government has handled the “single payer” VA hospital debacle should be adequate warning to those who are NOT veterans as to what awaits them under a “single payer” system for ALL. True, those who are not built for determining their own fate (as much as possible) are clamoring for as much “free” stuff as possible AND the liberals are perfectly willing to give them a totally “free” life in return for their absolute obedience. If absolute power corrupts absolutely, then it very apparent that the liberals already have TOO MUCH POWER and to even think about giving them more is SUICIDAL!!

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