Bernie Sanders’ socialist surge leaves Democrats fearful of losing everything

Democrats and political observers remain stunned as socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continues to rack up wins and delegates.

And if the latest polls are any indication there will be more hand-wringing by elected Democrats around the country.

Because Bernie Sanders’ socialist surge is leaving Democrats fearful of losing everything this fall.

There is no denying that Bernie Sanders’ second run for the presidency is off to a much better start than his first.

Everywhere he goes he is greeted by crowds of young disaffected “socialists” in numbers nearly rivaling a Trump rally.

But unlike his last run at the Democrat nomination, this time those crowds and the excitement following his campaign are turning into actual delegate votes.

His recent stunning victory in Nevada and the even more stunning poll showing he is running a close second to Joe Biden in the more conservative South Carolina, have the Bernie Bros cheering.

But, for the rest of the Democrat Party, it has hands-wringing and blood pressures rising.

Because Bernie Sanders is a socialist. No let’s be clear, he is a communist. And there is starting to be real concern among the Democrat elites that nominating an out-and-out communist just may not be the best move politically.

And now Democrat House Leader Jim Clyburn (SC) has come out and admitted what many Democrats have feared – Bernie Sanders’ nomination could put the Democrats House majority at risk.

The third ranking member of the Democrat majority is considered a “king maker” among Capitol Hill observers and has endorsed Joe Biden for the Democrat nod.

And now he is sharing publicly the growing fears among Democrats that with Bernie Sanders at the top of the ticket, Democrats face losing to Trump again, losing any shot at taking back the Senate, and face the very real danger of losing the House as well.

During an interview on ABC News with George Stephanopoulos, Clyburn said, “A lot of people think so,” when Stephanopoulos asked if Sanders being the nominee could put the House majority in danger.

“I think that that would be a real burden for us in these states,” he says, pointing to Sanders’ socialist label.

These fears come on the heels of news that Americans are appalled at the way Democrat Nancy Pelosi is running the House, especially regarding the ill-fated impeachment effort.

Most observers believe the Democrat House majority is already in jeopardy, due to both Pelosi’s heavy-handed and radical agenda and the growing concerns about the far-left bent the party has taken in general.

Additionally, a record number of Republican candidates have already filed for House seats, including solid candidates going after once thought to be entrenched Democrat incumbents.

Clyburn, and other Party leaders, fear that if Bernie becomes the presidential nominee and thus “the face” of the “new” Democrat Party, millions of Americans will be turned off.

They won’t want Sanders’ brand of socialism, or his defense of Stalin, Castro, and other mass murderers and authoritarian regimes – something he is not backing away from.

That’s why we could be looking at a significant change in Congress this November should Bernie Sander become the Democrat nominee for President.

This could result in a newly re-elected Donald Trump with a solid Republican majority in both Houses of Congress – majorities that are ready to finally drain the swamp.

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