What Bernie Sanders thinks about Christians will have you fuming

Last Wednesday’s Senate confirmation hearing for Russell Vought to serve as the White House Deputy Budget Director didn’t seem likely to generate too many headlines.


  1. Bernie Sanders should retire while he still can. He is a disgrace for America. IF he is so determined to take peoples tights and their painfully earned money, they I suggest to star doing it with him. He is old enough and his wife too. THEREFORE by been only 2 person lets tame his property and give it to large families that do need larger house. He is a white therefore he is a ” Supremacist” So take away is earning.

  2. A person’s belief or non-belief is answerable to God by themselves only. No one can accept my reward or punishment for my belief system but me. As long as God accepts me it doesn’t matter what another person thinks. Our Constitution assures my right to believe as I choose. Do not try to take away my rights. I served in the military so that every citizen could have these freedoms. I took an oath to defend this country from all enemies foreign or domestic. Domestic means any citizen who attacks this country or it’s law abiding citizens in an attempt to take away these rights. I have no problem fulfilling this oath even if it means taking the life of another or giving up my own life in the attempt. I love my country. If you are unhappy with the laws of this country please leave.

  3. Sanders should apologize. Even further, the chairman of the committe should apologize for not stopping Sanders and quoting article 6 of the Constitution and llowing Sanders to ask Mr Vought inappropiate questions for his confirmation.

  4. Are marketable statement for Sanders a Jew given the history of Jewish traitors to the United States!

  5. Bernie is supposedly from the Democratic Party. They took God out of their platform a long time ago, so what does it matter?? Bernie is a Socialist anyway, so who knows what he believes anymore??? Lately his beliefs have spurned hateful people, who are acting out on his words!! Apologies aren’t going to help. His words have caused people to be clinging to life in the Hospital!! His wife is also under investigation for lying on a loan application when she was the head of a college in Vermont. I heard she doesn’t have a leg to stand on — and she thinks of herself as some type of activist, too!! The best thing that Bernie could do, would be to drop out of all the positions he might have on any committees, and leave the Senate. He has created a following of monsters, and it needs to stop from the top!! If he doesn’t stop, he’ll end up being stopped by the Courts!!

  6. Michael, you are absolutely right. Those of the radical left, in their delusional state, believe they are the apex of humankind, the intelligentsia; the elite of humanity. Others of their species are the lowly masses, mythological true-believers. Principles or morality are solely for the latter, followers of God. They perceive that their radical, godless ilk is above our Constitution and everyday law, and order; hence, a God of any kind holds no place in a godless Marxist totalitarian state.

    The far-left deem the Christian God as utter mythology. Their alleged so-called mythological God holds no worth within their political mandate. God is only pertinent to those non-believers if and when it serves their political ambitions or political expediency.

    If the radical-left deem themselves as the apex of humankind, this nation, and the world are ill-fated.

  7. Bernie Sanders needs to go. Should he apologize? I don’t think it matters because it will never happen. Sanders should be dismissed, impeached or whatever is in place to get rid of people who ask inappropriate questions. Had he asked a Muslim if belief in Allah and Mohammed was necessary for salvation, the honest response from said Muslim would be,”Yes and if you disagree with me, Mohammed tells me it’s okay to kill you.”

  8. Yes you are right I think he should do both and then retire he has lost it as well as all the Democrats have. They are so sick .

  9. I will bet you that if a Muslim was running for that same office, Bernie would not have asked “Do you believe people in the Christian Religion stand condemned, is that your view ?” No way would he ask that but if he did, the Muslim candidate would probably lie to foster their agenda. Here is what bothers me, Christians by their very nature and what is taught them should uphold good principles, morals and ethics. What is wrong with that ? Bernie needs to resign if he can`t handle the truth !!!

  10. A forced apology means nothing! The reason why voters should read the voters pamphlet to find who the person really is and what they stand for not what they will do for you.Herbert

  11. Bernie speaks his mind. Calls to mind a quote from Hamlet “A poor player who struts and fret his hour upon the stage…” – And you’re familiar with the rest of it. Of what value would be an apology? Bernie’s a Communist. If Bernie delivered an apology, its motivation would be to further the implementation of his ideology – and nothing more.

  12. I personally don’t care what Bernie Sanders thinks about Christians as he does not represent me. I do think though that it shows how truly out of touch he is. Along with the Democrats who said there is no room at their table for anyone who is not pro-abortion. They don’t seem to realize just how many Democrats and Independents are Christians. They also don’t seem to realize how many people in those groups – especially Democrats are LEGAL gun owners and members of the NRA. They spent the past 8 years dividing the country and now it seems they are in a race to divide themselves. I guess we can all watch them crash and burn.

  13. We are not the judge , Christ tells us that he does not condemn us ,but His word will condemn us. When you read carefully through the bible you will find a statement in one of the letters that Paul has written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that proclaims that those who do not accept Christ as the son of God who died and rose again and is seated at the right had of God are infidels. The Bible itself condemns those persons. Without a repentant heart and the belief that Christ is the only way to come to God you can not be saved nor can you be a part of God’s kingdom. Our righteousness is as filthy rags in God’s sight. Only the righteousness of Christ being in ones life make one acceptable before God . We are all sinners in God’s sight it does not matter Muslim , Jew, Jehovah Witness , Mormon, Buddhist , or any other religion . Until we believe that Christ has died for all mankind and is God’s only son and part of the Godhead . We can never be a part of the kingdom of God. God is a jealous God and we are to have no other God before him. That means that all false religions are condemned by God’s word. Christ is a living being and He is part of the Godhead from the beginning of creation. As far as Bernie goes even an orthodox Jew knows that there is only one God. If he would read Genesis carefully he would realize that Christ has always existed. Genesis shows the that God spoke and The spirit of God walked upon the face of the deep and later you discover that God says let us make man in our own image.
    The plural is used. Not only should Bernie be convicted by his own statement in his Own Jewish belief , But he should be convicted by the very word of God . His resignation should follow very close behind.

  14. Bernie Sanders needs to resign. He has appointed himself judge and jury against anyone who doesn’t support his shifting viewpoint. He is “as the waves in the wind, tossed to and fro”. He has shown repeatedly that he is not fit to serve on a committee that is in charge of vetting nominees based on their professional experience and qualifications. Who is the Nazi?!!

  15. Yes,Bernie Sanders should apologize. We are supposed to be able to exercise freedom of religion in this country, soit is out of order to make that a litmus test for office.

  16. I hope you will post my comments. If so, thank you very much. Because God clearly states in his Holy Word that Jesus is the only way to salvation and heaven, all born again believers in Jesus Christ accept that statement of God as absolute truth. We need to know that Christianity is not a religion. Religious doctrines are written by men.Even those who call themselves Christians are truly Christians only if they have repented of their sins and asked Jesus to be their Savior and Lord.No Christian politician can or would want to condemn anyone. Only God can or will do that. No christian should ever be deemed unworthy to serve because he believes God’s Holy Word. No muslim nor Jew should be prohibited from serving either. Only a person espousing Sharia law or some other anti constitutional government should be prohibited from serving. I am certain no Jew would oppose U. S. constitutional law. I am certain no Christian would either. Muslims we cannot be sure about. However, I would like to believ that at least some of them support our constitution. May God have mercy!

  17. Sen. Sanders should not have to apologize. He should however be forced to resign his position in the Senate. He is a hateful old man who dispises anyone who doesn’t agree with his twisted position on any issue.

  18. The left (and especially this far-left pos) cannot accept God because they desire to replace Him with THEMSELVES. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Light. No one comes to the Father except through me”. It’s hard to misinterpret such words. God with determine who accepts His Son and who does not. Those who do not are condemned no what their religion might have been.

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