Bernie Sanders went on TV. And all hell broke loose because of what he just said

Bernie Sanders is the unquestioned Democrat Party frontrunner for President.

Sanders won a decisive victory in Nevada that put him on a path toward the nomination.

But that’s all backfiring on the Democrats because Bernie Sanders went on TV. And all hell broke loose because of what he just said.

Many Americans believe Bernie Sanders is a communist despite Sanders’ claim that he is a “Democrat Socialist.”

Americans perceptions of Sanders as a communist only grew after Sanders sat for an interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

During the piece Sanders defended the murderous Castro regime in Cuba by noting that Castro instituted a literacy program.

Sanders’ support for Castro and his communist government will take Florida off the table for Democrats.

Many Cubans still living in Florida have long memories of their family fleeing Cuba after Castro came to power in the 1959 revolution.

These Cubans lost friends and family to murder or torture in Castro’s jail cells and they will not vote for any candidate who praises the dictator that stole the lives of people they loved from them.

Florida is always the ultimate swing state.

Whoever wins Florida generally wins the election.

And if Bernie Sanders is going to lead the Democrats in the fall while defending the brutal Castro regime Democrats can write off any chances of winning Florida.

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