Bernie Sanders went on TV. And all hell broke loose because of what he just said

Bernie Sanders is the unquestioned Democrat Party frontrunner for President.

Sanders won a decisive victory in Nevada that put him on a path toward the nomination.

But that’s all backfiring on the Democrats because Bernie Sanders went on TV. And all hell broke loose because of what he just said.

Many Americans believe Bernie Sanders is a communist despite Sanders’ claim that he is a “Democrat Socialist.”

Americans perceptions of Sanders as a communist only grew after Sanders sat for an interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

During the piece Sanders defended the murderous Castro regime in Cuba by noting that Castro instituted a literacy program.

Sanders’ support for Castro and his communist government will take Florida off the table for Democrats.

Many Cubans still living in Florida have long memories of their family fleeing Cuba after Castro came to power in the 1959 revolution.

These Cubans lost friends and family to murder or torture in Castro’s jail cells and they will not vote for any candidate who praises the dictator that stole the lives of people they loved from them.

Florida is always the ultimate swing state.

Whoever wins Florida generally wins the election.

And if Bernie Sanders is going to lead the Democrats in the fall while defending the brutal Castro regime Democrats can write off any chances of winning Florida.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Kkk blackface bum pediatrician govenor Ralph nothing wants to kill living babies!!!!! How can Christians and black people vote for Demon Craps @!!! Demon Craps received the Margaret sanger award Hitlery obummer and others!!!!
    Please look up Margaret sanger and see what she said about black people and started planned parenthood to kill off the black race Demon Craps!!!!!!
    Burn you Sanders and the Demon Craps want to kill America, they hate America and president Trump please get your family friends and neighbors to register and vote the Demon Craps out before it’s too late

  2. How stupid are the democRATs? Bernie is a stone cold communist who praises communist dictators and their murderous regimes. If this is the agenda of the left I will be glad to see them defeated for the next 100 years.

  3. Bernie Sanders’s left wing, Communist identity is not new. He has espoused this for many years. Sanders has long supported Russian and Cuban Communism. A vote for a Democrat is a vote to end American freedoms. Get ready for Beria-type pogroms.

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  5. Nadine Harass, in response to your idiocy, I have to say I pray for a revolution so we can rid the planet of morons like yourself all in the name of self preservation.

  6. harris I agree with wyatt you are just one of the many mindless sheep that they brain wash you believe everything the fake news has to well is you like what the facist left is doing and has done please go to china you will be much happier there or north korea please take all of your anti-American low lifes with you including Hollywood you will all be so much happier there by by

  7. Nadine Harris, I going to call you an atheist! Not a true believer! First you are blaming Trump for things that has been going on since Bill Clinton term! Not so fast now. Everytime we give the CONGRESS TO DEMOCRAT. We have a big deficit GROWING! There is never a budget during Obama term either! Sure the last two years of Obama first term was control by republican. But it was the first two years that Democrat voted themselves a pay raise! And during that time he help ISIS GROW FROM WHAT HE CALL A JV TEAM OF TERRORIST! By ordering our military to leave the equipment behind! Another thing you are not a true believer is because you SUPPORT DEMOCRAT WHO SUPPORT ABORTION! MURDER BABIES is against GOD RULE! If these women don’t want a baby there is plenty of birth control pills for them to take! Even female condoms! So sorry if you believe any Democrat or Media who are just telling LIES!

  8. Every one of these demorats want your guns removed from the people and then they can do what they want with us. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  9. All the democrats running have said they believe the same as Bernie but would do it in another way. That tells me that we have but one choice and that is TRUMP. Trump has done more for this country than any other president and he had to do it alone. All other presidents got rid of all appointed officials immediately when they got in office but Trump gave them the benefit of the doubt and kept them in. Just look at what he got, three years of the Muller probe and impeachment lies and a cost to us taxpayers about $100,000,000 plus what we do not see that is kept from us.

  10. Nadine, when you return to the planet EARTH and cease living as most Democrats do on a nonexistent planet, where Global Warming exists, annd infannticide is considered the norm, it might just be possible to write something that does not show your kindergarten

  11. Joanna Johnson, when you say “withdrawn from important agreements” do you mean the Paris Climate Agreement sham? Only an idiot would believe that agreement has anything to do with climate change, and not know it’s about stealing money from the United States.
    And as for Trump calling Warren “Pocahontas”, she brought that on herself when she lied about her ethnicity to get on the Texas state bar.

  12. Seems like everyone is down on President Trump. Why is that considering the great moves he has made for our country. The list is long but people seem to always concentrate on the negative instead of the positive. Personally, I don’t see much negative. Considering what he was left with after eight years of Obama and his deep state traitors, he has done wonders.

  13. Joanna johnson you’re a disgrace to the Johnson name, the only things the demoncrats had on Trump were proven Lies from proven LIARS!!! Want to about criminals and liars lets start with Obama , Pelosi and Hillary !!! That’s a real fine example of the liars from the left!!

  14. Once again criminals love other criminals , like a communist would love another communist , worthless psychotic sanders just proved it again like he does daily on other subjects .

  15. Last night’s democrat debate winner was; (drum roll please!)

    IF, by some miracle, Sanders receives the nomination, President Trump will be reelected to a second term!

  16. I fought the COMMUNIST CHINESE in the Jungle of Vietnam and now you DEMWITTS expect us to vote for a COMMUNIST now ? What kind of COMMON SENSE do you NOT understand, that I was so overwhelmed by the Communists in the 60’s that I would vote for them NOW !? TRUMP 2020!!!

  17. Trump has alienated our allies, withdrawn from several important agreements with them, insulted others and continues to call Ms. Warren Pocahontas. He demeans public figures and pardons criminals. Faults for president Obama for playing golf too ofter and uses AirForce One to travel to his various properties –
    Costing too much money that the citizens are paying for. Praises the Chinese leader after insulting him . Does he really know what he’s doing?

  18. Be that as it may, through word and deed Trumpty Humpty earned impeachment thousands of times over.Be that as it may, through word and deed Trumpty Humpty earned impeachment thousands of times over.

  19. “And if Bernie Sanders is going to lead the Democrats in the fall while defending the brutal Castro regime Democrats can write off any chances of winning Florida.”

    And that’s as it should be. We’re not going to elect a steeenkin communist to be the President of the United States. He can go to Cuba, China or hell for all I care.

    He’s never worked for private industry, that I know of, just the government and you can’t become a millionaire working for the government, unless you’re a crook. Harry Truman, a President, believed that.

  20. NADINE HARRIS, speaking of Castro and literacy, why don’t you go to school and take an English class. Learn how to write properly, and spell correctly.
    It’s because of idiots like you that our country is in so much trouble.


  22. I will be glad when this election is over with. Saying that I Pray that D. Trump is voted out of office. Too much to ask him to on this way to jail. I’m surprised at Bernie Sanders I didn’t know he was Jewish (doesn’t real matter) I don’t intend to vote for him unless he is the nominee. Now if he is retailing to communist gov’t that is a different story. I for one have put my vote in for TOM STEYER. Sure he has money, but is trying to do good. #1 reducing the terms of people in office ( some of these old fogies have made it their life’s job.) We need new like in office. Young and HONEST people that love our country. We need to save our world before it is gone. Have you watched SEVEN PLANITS ONE WORLD? watch IT you will have your eyes opened. See what is happening in Australia breaks my heart. Have we made God so angry with us?

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