Beto O’Rourke gave one interview that was the most direct threat to Trump yet

Beto O’Rourke is the darling of the left.

The Texas Democrat turned into a media sensation during the 2018 campaign.

And now he gave one interview that was the most direct threat to Trump yet.

O’Rourke appeared in New York to be blessed by Oprah Winfrey as part of building his brand toward a 2020 Presidential campaign.

Liberals across the country are dying for O’Rourke to jump into the race because they see him as the next John Kennedy.

Winfrey asked him about his 2020 prospects and while he did not give a direct answer he strongly hinted that a 2020 run was in the cards.

While liberals were hoping for an announcement, O’Rourke’s comment only whetted their appetite.

O’Rourke did concede that he had a deadline for the end of this month to jump into the race.

Given the fact that O’Rourke raised an unheard of 70 million dollars for his failed Senate campaign he would immediately shoot to the top of the polls if he announced his candidacy.

But O’Rourke is a down-the-line leftist – he favors amnesty, abortion-on-demand, and gun bans.

He would be trapped in the same box any other Democrat would be in if they ran against Donald Trump.

Democrats think Trump is beatable in 2020.

However, their far left base will demand candidates take such extreme positions on immigration, race, abortion, and global warming that their eventual nominee will be running on a platform foreign to millions of Americans.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. He is being paid by the cartels . Why do you think he says there is NO border problem . How do you think he raised all that money, like Bernie 6 Mil in one day VERY suspicious I’d say .

  2. Bozo is scum bag POS this guy will say anything
    To get elected thank god we got trump
    2024 TRUMP JR

  3. I’m amazed that anyone thinks JFK was such a great President. I think he sucked. He almost got us into a nuclear conflict with Russia. He screwed the Cubans when he pulled back from the Bay of Pigs leaving Castro and now his brother in control of Cuba to this day. He had the morals of an alley cat which seems to run in the family. A family of drunks, rapists and killers. For a family that traded on the ideal of being such holy roller Catholics, Brother Ted was denied communion for his stance on abortion and wot buried in the Church.

  4. Willie, I’m still a free man!!! It’s you who should be waking up to what these Demoncrats and MSM are doing to our country now!!! Look back at the Demoncrats history and agenda cuz it’s being currently repeated now(divisive agenda,lies, hypocrisy, power grabbing, false accusations which they are the ones doing it, etc.. that’s to name a few.)!!!! WAKE UP before it’s too late for a Demoncrats president tells you what to eat, how much money and children you can have,who to vote in an election, who your doctor will be (Obamacare),etc.. .

  5. You know what I find incredible is the amount of lunacy that the media and the liberals use for logic. The phrase they are using for O’Roach is ” most promising” opponent to challenge President Trump for reelection. What my logical mind can’t comprehend is, he ran for Senator against Ted Cruz and LOST. Ted Cruz ran against Trump and LOST! Now in my mind, logic dictates that if Trump beat Cruz and Cruz beat O’Roach, then it stands to reason that O’Roach will also lose to Trump. Logic is so cool, gets rid of all the hypocrisy and inuendos caused by left wing mind control policies. @realdonakdtrump

  6. Beto Beaner is no threat to Trump, only to the nation, which is why he’d lose big to Trump, wouldn’t even carry TX!

  7. If this clown wants to be President, he has to grow enormously in stature as do most of his cohorts. It was bad enough to have to listen to Stacey Abrams make he propaganda reply to our President. I feel like the circus has really come to town and is not leaving until voted out. MAGA RVN 68-69

  8. Whoops ! Just checked. Beto is a nicknam given to a list of hispanic first names, one of which is Roberto.
    I wonder why he didn’t use that one. Roberto O’Rourke has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it ? Or maybe it’s not a ring.
    Maybe it’s a ding. As in “Dingy”. Dingy, dingy, dingy, dingy, dingy, dingy, etc.

  9. Bob O’Rourke is not looking tochampion anyone’s rights or correct any wrongs or to brig “fairness” to anything. He is trying for protective coloration, and looking for a job.
    Whatta Spoof !

  10. Willie… A dictator? Really? Please tell us all where, in the entire history of humankind that a dictator has refused their salary while in office, supported religious freedom, supported their citizens right to protect themselves from their government, decreased government intrusion into their citizens lives by decreasing old regulations by 2 for every new 1 approved and allowed their citizens to keep more of the money that they’ve earned? By your many uninformed and quite foolish comments on posts here, I’m guessing that critical thinking and rational thought have never been your strong suits… What flavor is that Kool-Aid you’ve been drinking and did it come in gallons or just quarts?

  11. Hey Media ! Knock it off ! This jerk’s name is ROBERT !
    You know, good old Bob O’Rourke ! If everybody was called by the name they wanted, even though it was obviously wrong, you may call me Confucious. I’m “velly good” at seeing scams.
    No one ever called him “Beated”, or whatever, until he decided it made him sound like an immigrant.
    Don’t help him carry on the lie.


  13. Beto is more like Teddy Kennedy given the accident he was in that was covered up by his rich, influential daddy. Only difference is that the woman was only injured, not killed, like Mary Jo Kopechne. If Beto becomes POTUS (sign of our country’s imminent collapse) or even VPOTUS, it is a terrible harbinger for our country.

  14. Beto is no JFK. He is not even a good politician given he lost his race. I mean were he in an office he would have a record to run on but he has NOTHING but the sans worn out LIES the other Democraps have used since LBJ took over from JFK. The only thing is all the Democraps are using those same LIES.

  15. Beat-o is so cool. He skateboards at 40+ and is in search of “self.” What’s not to like about that? He has lived in the red-zone, but is still trying to figure this whole immigration thing out. I spect he’ll do some shrooms and figure it all out when he does his 40 days/nights in the desert.

  16. I think deep down inside you just might
    be a closet Republican. It is okay Willie
    Donnie loves you anyway.
    The only person capable of holding this
    country up and free of the POS DemoRats.

  17. You must hate America as much as trump does. Look at what he has done to this country whose citizens are asleep as he is becoming a dictator whose dream is not to make America great but to make it sink to its knees. Open your eyes and see the truth.

  18. We don’t need another Obama. He just about ruined our America. He was the sorriest President we ever had. He was a disgrace. We don’need that. We need President Trump,
    who will make America Great again.

  19. That is not a very smart thing to post. That makes you sound very sexist which is what Demwits accuse us Deplorables of. Women were given the right to vote.

  20. Don’t be too surprised if BETO and his family don’t have connections with the Mexican’s and others…Maybe that’s why he wants the Border open so badly..

  21. They have to be in complete opposition to the truth. Up is down, black is white…oh wait that is the definition of the left anyway.

    Ecclesiastes 10-2 A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.

    God spoke that in the Bible. There is some wisdom for you.

  22. The Founders, in their wisdom saw fit to deny women the vote. Maybe there was a good reason to do so, since women, lacking a critical mental faculty- only vote emotionally, based on “looks” and the sex appeal of the candidate. Or some candidates and their handlers seem to believe.

  23. Look at the picture of ORourke at the head of this article- he’s got the “Kennedy Look” carefully groomed… sickening but it sold once before, so who knows.
    I remember Jack and Robert, and you sir are no Kennedy, Irish or not. No real business, political or governing experience- just “playing Mexican” thinking to fool Hispanic voters? What bloody gall! An embarrassment to Americans of Irish descent or heritage.

  24. Folks have to understand Democrats don’t require success in executive level experience for their candidates, only that they are to the extreme left, and O’Rourke meets that requirement. Where he falls short is being white and being a man. The Democrats will pick a black woman, then starting six months out tell the country if you don’t vote for their candidate you are a racist, sexist, or both. Again they will lose and go through the burning and breaking stuff that Democrats do.

  25. Tell this phony nick-named quasi-commie to read Article 1, section 9, clause 3 of the Constitution regarding his gun ban crap.

  26. Great strategy from the Baby Killing Party. American voting women are so up to date with things America needs and their mathematical formula for voting especially when two males are on the ticket, 78% vote for the best looking of the two. That has got to be a great system.

  27. Veto Batty Beto! – – He’s only a wannabe Hispanic. His given name is Robert, he adopted the name Beto because it’s a Hispanic nickname for Robert – – and many voters in his area(El Paso,TX) are Mexican. This name strategy was his fake to get elected, avoid being identified with his Caucasian family’s moneyed past and also dodge criminal acts he did in his 20’s. Furthermore he’s not qualified or smart enough to be President – – and absolutely no comparison to JFK.

  28. We do not need that type of man in our Government, not even at the lowest level. There are some people that is so screwed up they would vote for anything.

  29. Lunchladie – The Democratic party died with the murder/assasination of JFK. They no longer represent what the Dem party used to represent.

  30. Be scared people. Doprah gave us Obummer. She had both he and his wife on her show, they even spoke about how he has to come home from work, and take out the garbage [humble guy]. At least he didn’t show us his visit and dental work at his Dentist. She promoted Obummer, then she campaigned for him.Then he won two terms! Now she’s pushing this guy! Sound familiar?

  31. He’s closer to being a Beano Gaser relief then anything else! What a sack of former California poop, that decided to move to Texas!!! Send him back to the nuts, flakes and granola crud.

  32. When are we in America going to wake up? He another one of no values but “me” and looking at the Democrats at the State of Union I was amazing those dressed in all white. It was the KKK of 2019 of Women against men or whoever oppose their views. What is the difference between them and the KKK that existed in the 30’s beside one was black and they against men and whoever doesn’t agree with them. This is where this character is.

  33. Let’s not forget that O’Rourke has a hit-and-run on his driving record, and he conveniently “forgot” to include it on his resume when he was running for the Senate last year! He LEFT THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT, mind you – but this is just overlooked by the Drive-by Media! It is TOTALLY astounding how the media will bend over backwards to promote any lefty! (and I don’t mean his dominant hand.)

  34. If he happens to rig the election he will get it in his head that he isn’t wanted in Texas just like JFK did.

  35. Oh Robert Francis” Catfish” O’Rourke, because He is a ,Bottom Dwelling Scumsuccer” of the first degree! What a horses Ass! Can he at least stop cussin around children!!!!!!!

  36. Beto will never be another John Kennedy, as Mr. Kennedy believed in not only helping the poor and the downtrodden, but also to do this, he needed to also help businesses and the private sector to give them incentives to hire more people. Mr.O’Rourk doesn’t believe in this at all as he is another Marxist who believes in class warfare as the only tool to make the economy grow. He is a stupid buffoon and should never be allowed to run for anything, and that includes city dog catcher.

  37. I would speculate to say that Batty Beto got most of his money from south of the border since he is from El Paso and very close to the line !!

  38. Bragged about being the only person that ran a business in the Tex Senate race. Too ad he did not also tell you it was his mothers business. He worked for his mommy ..And they had a problem actually reporting their taxable sales. Under reported by $600000.

  39. Well said Bob. This guy is a loser. In a gambling or in sport, you don’t put your bet in a loser. He lose already in local election, so how much in all States? But if he is the standard bearer, good for president Trump.

  40. First and formost people should demand to know where the original $85 mill. came from . And if you think this came from small donors… I have a bridge to sell you. This is a do nothing. Know nothing. Never had a regular job till he was mid 40’s. Always involved in shady deals. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ came from out of the country donors, Big East and West coast far left Dem donors. Open borders. Drugs????? A media created know nothing. Done nothing. Opps… yes he can stay a a skate board.

  41. People are so shallow when they base their vote on looks….but now days, seems to be it. Never mind wisdom or values or a great political platform….it’s all about the looks. Please America, be more educated when you vote!!! Forget the looks…vote for the person most suitable to be a good leader for this nation.

  42. Exactly! He’s just a pandering fool trying to get the Latino vote… He’s as Hispanic as I am and my ancestors came here from Germany and Scotland. Killary raised the highest amount of $$$ in a Presidential campaign and she’s not in the White House.

  43. Nor was Hilary legally allowed to run in 2016, according to Title 18, USC, section 2071.. Cornell Univ. has a good write-up/explanation if you do a search for it.

  44. His name is ROBERT O’Rourke. His agenda is nothing new under the sun. He will return everything back to Obama era that produced zero accomplishments.

    There is no significant success on his part except he only got the JFK looks that wooed the Hollywood celebrities. Hollywood can be strange. They are looking for a real charmer that would please everyone.

    Even the liberal media are swirling around Alexandria “why she’s a thing” Ocasio-Cortez. Robert O’Rourke received the largest campaign donation in the US history for a seat in the US Senate, not mentioning the voter fraud help. Just all for the looks. Gee.

  45. Oprah, you need to stay out of politics. You backed Obummer and he wasn’t even legally able to run for president, he wasn’t born in the USA. He bowed to muslins. So apparently I am guessing there is also problems with O’Rourke.

  46. Nice going Oprah you gave America Obama… Now you want to give America another Anti-America person!!! You know where you can shove this worthless POS!!!!!

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