Beto O’Rourke just dropped this huge hint about his 2020 plans

Many Democrats consider Beto O’Rourke to be the strongest candidate to take on Donald Trump.

And the Texas Democrat has openly flirted with a Presidential bid.

Now O’Rourke just dropped this big hint about his 2020 plans to challenge President Trump.

Donald Trump traveled to El Paso, Texas on Monday to hold a rally designed to ratchet up pressure on Democrats to vote to fund construction of new barrier fencing as part of a border security package.

Beto O’Rourke used to represent El Paso when he was in Congress and announced he will deliver a response to the President’s remarks.

Breitbart reports:

Failed Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke will rally Monday against President Donald Trump in El Paso, Texas.

O’Rourke is joining the “March for Truth” campaign sponsored by several leftist groups protesting the wall and Trump’s political rally also scheduled for El Paso, Texas on Monday. More than 60 local musicians plan to also join the event.

“We will meet lies and hate with the truth and a vision for the future from the U.S.-Mexico border,” O’Rourke said in a Facebook video on Saturday.

As he explores a run for president in 2020, O’Rourke has condemned Trump’s demand for a wall on the southern border.

O’Rourke already blasted the wall as “racist.”

And his answer to the crisis of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens trying to enter America each year is a mass amnesty that could create up to 10 million new citizens.

That is not a serious solution.

Going back to 1986, every time amnesty is tried it only results in higher levels of illegal immigration.

That doesn’t matter to O’Rourke.

O’Rourke staking out such radical left-wing positions on immigration only means one thing.

He is running for the Democrat Party Presidential nomination.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Democrats all want to follow. AGENDA 21
    Thank God Trump pulled out of the UN
    What is going on rite now is dems are
    Trying to follow this agenda. “Ie” earth summit.
    Chief Maurice strong from Canada
    This is totally frightening.

  2. I don’t believe anything you say, never did, never will. The Green New Deal will cost every American $600,000. You need to start saving up. No more Starbucks latte’s for you or your friend Jussie. MAGA

  3. People in Elpaso don’t think very good about him at all. Trump wiped out the town with people who came to see him, an people who came from all over Texas to hear him. O’Rourke had not even a thousand. Just a few hundred.

  4. Beto O’Rourke is the last person I would ever vote for in my lifetime. He is rude, crude, disgusting, liar, an caters to the disgusting. He is on Elchapo payroll to keep the borders an probably on drugs to as Pelosi. Pelosi is also on Elchapos payroll.

  5. You have no idea what your e en speaking about. I live in Texas, and 79 percent of the people want a wall. Since they put up the wall El Pasos crime went down. Do not even speak for any of us in Texas. You get your BS from your lying media and you believe their every word!

  6. The dumb azz couldn’t even beat Ted Cruise. He has no chance, he sure don’t have our state Texas. We want a wall, and he’s nothing but a drunk, that uses the F word fluently.

  7. Go Beto! Oh, and while Beto is at it, that open border lie the Dems like to try to keep upholding because you want the votes, ask Arizona how that lazy border enforcement is working out for them. Fentanyl enough to kill millions just apprehended. It’s spreading like fire and will kill, kill, kill. Thank you Dems, you are going to work out our problems for us. We bring in the cheap labor Latino’s packing the Fentanyl and we kill off our dooeheads. Good plan!

  8. Really?? Looks to me like the reasoning behind a younger is that they will promise to hand you snowflakes everything so you will stop whining for a short while. All you pansies want is to get everything handed to you on a silver platter just because you are taking up space and taking in oxygen. GET A GRIP YOU WHINEY SNOWFLAKES!!! Contrary to what you believe, NOBODY OWES YOU ANYTHING!! So, now that I stressed your wimpy butt out, go cry in your room and have your momma burp you.

  9. Delores Adams, President Trump out thinks every Democrat every day with half his brain tied behind his back, as Rush Limbaugh says! SMILE!
    Now Beto, he doesn’t have half a brain to begin with!

  10. I see you are just another Libtard with your head up your ass! Robert Francis O’Rourke is a Communist Joke just like Barry Soetoro was! 2 frauds trying to be someone they are not! The Democrats are now the Full Blown Communist Party of the United States of America! A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism!

  11. Real M it’s Tom who is losing his mind. It takes a lot of smarts to be standing after all the crap thrown at him by the unhinged left.

  12. Look out EVERYBODY the rumor is true! Tom escaped from the mental institution and is out spreading liberal lies and propaganda. He won’t be dangerous until he runs out of his meds so we are safe for the time being!
    Tom, like all the liberals I know, you are full of “Adam Schitt”!

  13. Might be time for a younger person to be president because Trump is showing clear signs of dementia. On Feb. 12 interview with reporters, he said: “”We’re thinking about doing, on the 4th of July or thereabouts, a parade, a ‘Salute to America’ parade. I guess it’d be really more of a gathering than a parade. Perhaps at the Lincoln Memorial. We’re looking at sites. But we’re thinking about doing something that would, perhaps, become a tradition,” Trump said. The only hitch? The “tradition” he says he wants to start in the nation’s capital already exists.
    This same week, Trump renewed his statement that El Paso was one of the most crime ridden cities before the wall, which was totally not true it was a low crime area, even for Texas. The addition of the wall did not decrease crime in El Paso.

  14. Vicky:
    He’s still hanging, with the help of the complicit press,to the assumed name of “Bobbo”, er, bitto, er Beto ! I’ve been satisfied all my life wth the name “Bob”. Of course, I never sought to have people think of me as somthing I wasn’t.
    So, I think old “Bobbo” ought to stay with the name his momma gave him. It has a certain down home, honest quality that you find it hard to swallow in nicknames that are self applied. But then again, with the addition of a single “e” the name would surely attract Vegans. Y’know, that red veggie, the beet. He could be the “Sugar Beet” too. Or he could add a “t” instead, and become a horse player. Betto, ? Or add an “a” and jump in on the “Mee Too” play as an abused lover. Beato, ? Wow ! Limitless possibilities, eh ?

  15. Complete Bafoon… Probably a nose picker… No one hardly showed up at his pitiful rally… but blocks away, Trump’s rally was a complete sell out lol

  16. This idoit thinks that the reason that we want to keep Hispanics out of this country is that we are racist I must remind that Dorkocrat that more than 99% of them are of Hispanic,so I guess what we should do is only deport people of European and Arian decent back to their home countries so as not to be called racists which make up less than .1% of the illegals that sneak across the border

  17. Ok I guess one can not use strong language or get censored?

    So Trump today had the Entire Sheriffs Association at the WH today and to a man they all agreed that a wall was a must do! Border Patrol Agents are just overwhelmed and a barrier must be built

    Dems say no to the safety of citizens and the drug epidemic killing thousands – but say yes yes to all Illegals – these are the same Demons that say yes yes to doing away with a newborn – Demons Indeed

  18. Beto says the wall is racist but its anti-American to subject our country to hoards of people crossing illegally, reaping our benefits, and cartels bringing drugs and crime. I live on the border…while much happens at the ports of entry, much happens at more secluded areas along the river. Veto is playing the Hispanic vote but even many Hispanics want a wall. By the way, Hispanics are considered the White race..put that in your pipe and smoke it Beto!

  19. Ol’ Beto, in his own home town, couldn’t even outdraw Trump last night, head-to-head! I’m sure the interests of those who know him best should be heeded! Looks like, with the border effectively closed off in ElPaso, Beto’s voter base is being kept out of the country! Awww, poor Beto!

  20. ROBERT O’Rourke is after the media attention. He seems to be trying to lure Trump into a political debate. We need to leave Robert in the dark. The darker, the better.

    Robert was nothing. Just a musician that knows nothing how a business works. He was nothing until he married his billionaire father-in-law. He got the financial help from Hollywood and voter fraud.

    I could not possibly see how he can be a great president. Bad for our country. Yep.

    Trump 2020.

  21. O’Rourke’s ONLY asset is that he has a physical resemblance to Robert Kennedy, brother to JFK. After that, its complete burnout and a lost cause. As MLK said: “We should judge men by the content of their character…”. On that count, Beto comes up completely empty.

  22. Many Democrats think he will have the best chance against TRUMP…. Are those the same Democrats that figured Hilary was a shoe in? I said figured because it is obvious they don’t think.

  23. This beaver-toothed, half baked beaner couldn’t even win in his home state for US Senate, LOL! It’s very telling when these clowns throw the race card, means they don’t have one f***ing reply to refute the validity of what they’re opposing.

  24. This first class jerk does NOT have any chance of defeating our president. He just might as well stick his head in the sand and kiss his political life GOOD-BYE.

  25. Hey Bonehead O’rotte, take yourself and that dumprat loser from Georgia and go away. Just because Fatfra Whinefry supports you two losers, doesn’t mean the rest of the country gives a flying sh!t about either one of you.

  26. Dan Tyree you must be a meat gazer. You seem to know everything about President Trump’s private partsso you have to be a meat gazer.

  27. Amen Randall. I believe that PresidentTrump does have the 2020 election in the bag. These moronic Dems are trying to use every ruse in the book to make themselves a good Dem. There is no such animal in this world. Maybe a Good Dem exists on a distant planet where all people are good.

  28. Beto O’Rourke’s positions on the issues are not well thought out. He has physical attractiveness and can bray convincingly, but is merely part of the Democrats’rush to the left. His ideas for the economy are unintelligent and his call for 10 million illegal immigrants to receive amnesty is designed to permanently alter the demographic makeup of the U.S. and guarantee a massive pool of poorly educated, semiliterate Democratic voters. Statistics show that 1st generation immigrants vote Democratic, & 2nd generation immigrants vote more conservatively.
    Clearly the Democratic strategy is to continully flood the U.S. with illegal immigrants to make uo for all the babies mercilessly aborted by pathetic, liberated Democratic women.

  29. Amen Randall. I believe that PresidentTrump does have the 2020 election in the bag. These moronic Dems are trying to use every ruse in the book to make themselves a good Dem. There is no such animal in this world. Maybe a Good Dem exists on a distant planet where all people are good.

  30. Excellent assesment of the situation within the Crazy Tribe (Demos). They would know the truth if it slapped their stupid faces with chicke crap.

  31. The Democrats no longer have any credit ability. No one with any sense should NOT vote for any of them. I hate to admit it, but I used to be one and saw what was happening.

  32. “March for Truth”?.. what truth? they are the ones who lie, should be the “March for Lies and Corruption”. They always accuse the president of lying, always, including Hollywood, because they don’t like the truths he says. There’s so much evil in them.

  33. This is a radical white version of Obama,there’s a lot of similarities.this would be the end of America as patriots know it if beto Harris or any radical ever get the presidency, imagine him calling the shots on Russia Korea Turkey Iran Israel? This is a turd in we the peoples punch bowl.

  34. You little pissantTrump is 20 times the man tB2 could ever think of being, With only 0ne tenth 0f biased news against him he would wilt like a winter flower on a summer day

  35. I hope he does along with several other clueless Dems.
    They don’t stand a chance against one of the best Presidents we’ve ever had!

  36. NorthPort_Nurse, If memory serves me correctly, to belong to this new brand of Democrat, “fake” is mandatory!

  37. You should know about a little sausage you can’t stop jerking – hoping against all hope you can make it just a tiny bit bigger. Your mother said to stop playing with her ding-a-ling and she meant you of course. You must be the one with the irish curse. You probably still wet the bed.

  38. After the election he would still be running because he is a nut and a Obama a Obama pick, so that should tell you a lot about this fruit cake. What is he doing for a living, Oh I forgot I guess the Democrats are paying him. This is the kind of fruit cake the Denocrats would want in office.

  39. Another cultural appropriation insult by the left. Does he really think going by the Hispanic nickname “Beto” is appropriate for an Irish “white male.” Hasn’t he been listening to the Elizabeth Warren fiasco? Does he really think that riding a skateboard fools millennials into thinking he’s one of them? I tell you what Robert O’Rourke is….FAKE !

  40. You people do not understand Did not GOD say u can not kick against the prick It was GOD who put TRUMP IN office and no one has ever won against GOD get a clue

  41. NO, not Trump, as he had about 35,000 attendees.
    That was a valid statement about “Beto”
    …who only drew about 200 people, and
    ……that was populated by Mexican flags, etc.
    BIG SUGGESTION…quit following the LYING MSM
    …..because your post reflects their propaganda.

  42. No matter who the demonrats put in to run in 2020, they will be SO DISAPPOINTED, because the president WILL win again in 2020!!!

  43. Doe’s B2 have a platform? Besides stupidity , abolishing the constitution, & becoming 1 of the politburo chiefs , what has B2 got 2 offer?

  44. Who Trump?????? He “jerks off” by himself anyway, he doesn’t want anyone to see his “little sausage”

  45. This empty suit has nothing to offer but the same stale liberal pro-communist utopia balderdash.”Beano”keeps pandering to Hispanics in hopes they Will put him in the White House.Not so,refried, beans anyone ??

  46. Remember the old adage, : DEEDS NOT WORDS” ?
    Robert Frances O’Rourke has a million words but where are his deeds?
    I don’t think he was even a ” community organizer” like O.
    He should get a truck and stand on the bed and sell New snake oil which cures every ailment. Oh..that’s right. That is his message. Snake Oil for all.

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