The big Democrat scandal just took a massive turn for the worse

The Democrats are neck deep in a massive scandal.

A staffer for former Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was arrested by the FBI while trying to flee the country to Pakistan.


  1. Wait for it; the IT guys were all working for the Russians, more Russia/Trump collusion!!!!
    When/if MSM is finally forced to confront the story, it will go something like that.

  2. I said it before and will say it again. They will all fall by their own weight. Simple enough, I am enjoying the results. I just hope and wish the demagogues DNC disappear from the face of our Nation.

  3. wasserman/Shultz is as corrupt and crooked as they come she should be indicted for treason and business dealings with the muslim brotherhood plus money laundering for a Pakistani national.

  4. Of course, this is not news with the TV fake news. Right there with the HRC not news. We will see where this goes. Not holding my breath.

  5. It seems as if we are forgetting about all the other Democrat’s that has employed this person. Is this being done in hope’s that we will neglect to bring charge’s.
    We must remember the other Democrat’s, they are as guilty as Shultz, so let’s not forget them !!!!!!!!

  6. She is paying off whoever she needs to,it makes no difference. She has plenty of money. Washington is such corruption it’s pathetic. I could go on and on, but what’s the point?

  7. They may have to do it outside of D.C. Her brother Steven Wasserman – is an assistant D.A. in the Washington D.C district attorney’s office. Probably why she wasn’t charged with threatening the Washington D.C. police when they wouldn’t turn a computer they found wedged between building – that she was desperate to get back. Wasserman, Comey, Lynch, Rice – who will be the first to decide they don’t want to go to prison and start talking? Don’t forget Anthony Wiener is sitting in prison already a laptop seized from him and Huma Abedin’s home is said to contain a trove of derogatory files on the Clintons – and as we all know – all of this garbage will come back to them.

  8. That’s a good question. My guess is that she’s paying some people off. Don’t ask me who. I’m trying to find out. I certainly hope that they will bust her.

  9. Arrest Debbie Washerwoman Schultz now – she has attempted to cover up this whole thing and has attempted to threaten law enforcement for looking into the matter. She is deliberately releasing classified information that endangers national security – automatic felony.

  10. Evil , like rust, sleeps not. The Clingstones sold our Country out {Bill to China –I.C.B.M. tech–for $$$—Hillary to Russia for 45 million — to the Clinton Foundation—for 20% of America’s Uranium. What a pair;but, small potatoes considering what Our 1st Communist President , Obama, did.

  11. Lock these perpetrators up and the people who hired them, paid them and gave the complete access to their passwords and messages to them. If this isn’t treason, than what is???? What the Hellis wrong with Americans giving access to suchscurrilous and criminal agents for a chance at a political edge? Is this what honest Democratic, or for that matter, Republican voters except from the people that work for them? Shame on all of us if we stoop so low for a perceived advantage? What have we become???

  12. I need to reiterate, let’s hope that the FBI nabs Schultz. She has a lot to account for. I really hope that they nail her.

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