Bill and Hillary Clinton got one nasty surprise that told them their lives were over

Bill and Hillary Clinton thought they were plotting a political comeback.

Instead, they got a nasty surprise.

And no one could believe the message they got.

Bill and Hillary Clinton launched a 13 city speaking tour.

Their goals were to line their pockets with high priced speaking fees and to possibly set the stage for a political comeback.

They failed on both counts.

Their tour kicked off in a half-empty arena up in Canada.

And they had to cancel other shows due to poor ticket sales.

The Daily Mail reports:

Bill and Hillary Clinton launched their 13-city paid speaking tour in a Canadian hockey arena Tuesday evening, where there were banks of empty seats and the power couple accused President Trump of joining a Saudi ‘cover-up.’

The Clintons riffed on issues ranging form the U.S. elections to the Iran deal, the killing of Osama bin Laden, and the murder of Saudi dissident Khashoggi, and got a warm reception from the crowd as they jabbed at the Trump administration from north of the border.

‘What makes this so troubling is how much commercial interest both the president’s family and business and his son in law’s family and business have with the kingdom,’ said Hillary Clinton in one of a series of shots at President Trump, who defeated her in 2016.

The Clinton’s are finding out that for their first time in their lives they are yesterday’s news.

The decades of scandals and Hillary’s two disastrous Presidential campaigns, finally convinced the Democrat Party that the Clintons are more trouble than they are worth.

They spent three decades at the center of American politics.

But their corruption and greed have finally done them in.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I sure hope still coming to Detroit! We had 14 MC clubs w 300 bikers roll 8nto Dettoit…to shut Al Sharptons racist puppet Riddle down at the Kid Rock opening concert…& she has zero clue what’s waiting her if she steps a toe here…don’t bring your racist shit to the D!!

    • Why are we, the American people constantly being updated on the antics of these lying, thieving anti American traitors? NEWSFLASH! nobody gives a rats ass what happens to them, just like they don’t care about us ‘deplorables’. Enough of the BULLSHIT!

  2. If Clinton’s even think about making a come back! They need to be raided, picked up and dumped in the middle of ocean in Russia with cement block shoes! Any american that so much as puts a vote in for her should be arrested and charged,,sentanced to a metal ward and brain reworked!! Clinton’s aren’t human beings!! There as corrupt as it gets and dont belong on earth!! The lives that’s been ruined over her worthless ass!! Plant the bitch!!

  3. The Clinton’s are so evil, nasty, dangerous
    and have done so much to so many people that whatever bad happens to them, it won’t be bad enough. It is no wonder that HRC takes “bad” drugs and is an alcoholic. I had a friend who had known Bill all his life and Hillary as long as she has been around Bill, tell me she was worse than he was. I couldn’t imagine it then but I sure can now. I am surprised they have not “done themselves in”, but no, that’s what they do to other people, isn’t?

    • The problem is M that they don’t care what they do to us! I wonder sometimes if they even realize what they have doing and I wish they would not publish their pictures any more! I would like to flush them and the Obummers out of my mine for good!

  4. Oh the arena wasn’t half empty, it was 83% empty! And before the “show” they couldn’t even give the tickets away for $5 a piece! If it weren’t so funny it might be sad. Nope, it’s funny!

    • There is one show for Hillary that might be jam packed and if travel allows i might buy some tickets myself. The corruption trial of Hillary clinton for uranium one. it mibreaking several security laws. ght soon be followed by civi; court proceedings to confiscate their money. And given that some of her killers are geriatrics now and may be dying off perhaps a deathbed confession/affidavit for a few of the 68 suspicious murders. then again there is the clinton server As you may see i am hoping that once the dam starts to crack, the floodwater will break through all over.

    • The idiots who followed the Crime Family for years have finally, figured out that the Clinton’s don’t give a piece of Dog turd for them. While they rack in millions from selling out America, those who thought they would get a piece of the Pie only got a hnd full of shit.

  5. Well it seems that the American people, including the Canadians have finally come to terms with what and who they are! If the courts do not catch up with them then GOD wil make the final judgement and they will have a special spot in HELL.

  6. Their 13 city tour just shows just how greedy these two billionaires are, why would anyone pay money to listen to
    these two blood sucking vampires have to say especially Canadians. Thank god most of them have stopped listening to American Democrats spreading their vile rhetoric about a sitting President. Sending them back to their upstate megamansion in NY. If they even live together which reportedly they don’t. I don’t know how they can even look at each other knowing what each of them has committed in the name of saving the democracy that they have raped.


  8. The Clinton’s have to be the most greedy, self-centered, thieving and ruthless bastards on the planet! One day they will get what they deserve in hell.

    • I vaguely remember hearing about that. That kind of thing gets swept under the carpet. like how many time Bill sexually assaulted a woman.
      These days, the media is too preoccupied with the Red Trees the First Lady decorated with.
      I know these two instances are years a part but we recently have informed how many times Obama use non-lethal chemicals on illegal immigrants.
      Who knows how many atrocities the Democrats have committed.
      We never hear about them from the Clinton News Network

      • Hey, Mundo,

        I THINK that you may have misspoken, above…

        You mean “SATAN-KEEPING”… Right??

        (Well… At least, you got the “666” part right, “Mr. El Chuco”!)



  9. As for the toxic family of Saud every administration for the past 60 years has sucked up to them they are evil and we should not deal with them in any capacity, anyone who believes we need foreign oil is a fool as for the wealthy of our our alleged allies they care no more about the Common Good of this nation anymore than our wealthy do.

    Consider that this nation’s largest automaker will be going completely electric by 2021 greatly lessening the amount of crude oil we need to be refined into Gasoline.

  10. They should live quiet life,taking care of themselves,the money they made from selling our uranium to foreign country is enough to live the whole life,why they don’t satisfy with it.When they die,can they take anything with them?????????????

  11. Hillary would have to pay a lot to get the sailors at a Navy base for her to
    get lucky (Then sailors would want dark room and hoods for them to wear)

  12. Will see how many days they can keep there face off our screens. They do not have the money and people are tired of funding them and getting nothing for it. The DEMS need to lose some of their money as they are nothing but wasteland. I think our President has a lot in store for the DEMS if they mess with him and his administration. I say bring it on.

    • They’d have to break into ours. And as they would be doing it in Florida, Castle Doctrine applies. Because even though Florida law says it is assumed that a person doing so has deadly intent, we know being associated with them can be deadly. cough Vince Foster cough Seth Rich cough

  13. The “Hill and Slick Willy Show” has been a sham from the beginning – where would Hillary be if she was not married to a President – Hillary Smith or Hillary Jones – Please, spare me the details – now that it has been established beyond a doubt that their marriage has been a “show of convenience” – sure, he got himself elected, all the while pursuing his “perverted morally decadent” lifestyle, disgracing and disrespecting the “office of President” in the oval office – while Hillary now thinks she is “entitled and deserving” of the opportunity to sit in the President’s chair – they have engratiated themselves to the “tune of millions $$$$$ – at the “expense of millions”, now left in the wake of their “Programs of Equality”. After forty plus years of their charade, how many still believe that Hillary is the “face of the future” ?

    • You believe the man (I say that very loosely) who is about to be impeached for the asshole he is. YOU bud are the MORON. Tell your orange god good-bye.
      Wow you all seem to think blotus is a saint. I have never seen so many ignorant people in one place before.. Easy to see why he gets away with so much. ITS MUELLER TIME. KISS DUMPYS ASS GOODBY!

  14. Dear Hillary: When you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. For you to make this statement — “What makes this so troubling is how much commercial interest both the president’s family and business and his son in law’s family and business have with the kingdom,’ ” — this is referring to Trump Enterprises. Hillary, who was the largest donor to the Clinton Foundation, you know that money laundering scheme you had going. It was Saudi Arabia. Shouldn’t that be just as troubling, Hillary? Oh by the way, the Clinton Foundation has gone belly up and is being replaced by the Obama Foundation which is now getting all that money that used to come to you, Hillary.

    • Fingers pointing back. Perfect analogy.
      It never ceases to amaze me how the Democrats point out the (alleged) wrongs of Republicans while they the Democrats do the same or worse.
      The Democrats should stop calling President Trump a white supremist Nazi.
      I’ve heard a number of Democrat politicians use the term “Seizing Power”.
      What is more fascist than that?

  15. “Tell a Lie a Hundred Times and it Becomes the Truth” where the words coined by Nazi Minister of Propaganda Paul Joseph Goebbels in 1942…Hillary has LIVED and she will surely die using this vile lack of morality…Hillary and her sexual pervert husband launched their 13-city paid speaking tour in a Canadian hockey arena Tuesday evening, THERE WERE THOUSANDS OF EMPTY SEATS revealing that people no longer give a Rat’s Ass about her or her opinions…GIVE UP THE GHOST HILLARY—A THIRD TIME AT THE PRESIDENCY WILL NOT BE A “CHARM.” But go for it—IT WOULD BE GREAT TELEVISION VIEWING seeing you cry again and watching you drink yourself into oblivion…

  16. if you think highly of the Clinton’s ……think of Bengazie, Iran, Russian deal $150,000,000 and Barack Obama,
    Susan Rice, Eric Holder
    There is only one place for the Clinton’s (Danamora).

    • The Clinton’s have done more damage to America than any Enemy.
      Expanding on another person’s post, the Collusion was Hillary’s insurance policy to win the 2016 election.
      Since it didn’t work, all the Democrats needed to do is throw that lump of mud President Trump’s way. Enter: CNN (The Clinton News Network)

    • Obama will be the one for snowflakes and the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES to worship and praise next in line! No way this recent mid-term elections was without fraud by the anti-American democrats in order to get the majority of the House, yet they will get away with it, thanks to you Americans especially you white people who are your own races worse enemy LOL,LOL!

  17. Do not discount Clinton, Inc. This dastardly duo from Dog Patch USA spent 40+ years building a network that got them where they are. It’s still a formitable operation..Same goes for the rest of the old guard Dems that simply refuse to ‘pass the torch’. Being able to exert control over trillions of dollars is the ultimate addiction. Even with all of their ‘baggage’, none of the other wannbes have the ability to coalesce this ‘Hydra’ that is the modern day Democrat Party. The major factors now are Hillary’s obvious health issues. It’s unreal, but the big show begin in earnest in 12 short months. Cinch that seat belt and tighten the chin strap. It’s going to be a wild ride in 2020.

  18. I can respect a difference of opinion. I like it more when clearly stated. Why do some have to resort to evil name-calling of other posters? If you knew proper words you would not need names. I liked it better in the old says when people just stated opinion.
    Just the facts, please.




    • That’s because in their own troubled tweaked immoral lives, Killary & Slick Willy have done no wrong. They truly are the act and audience of their folly!! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving couple — an adulterer & his clueless lying cold fish wife!

      You’d have to be full of sin to lead their lifestyles! Yes, St. PETER IS GOING TO BE SENDING THEM DOWN BELOW SOON — FOR AN ETERNITY!

  20. Someone please educate me. What does Canada have to do with the United State Political process?
    Do the Clinton’s even know what country they are in?
    I remember, after the 2016 election, Hillary went to India to bitch about loosing.

    • I don’t get that either? Canada? I guess they will speak anywhere that will pay them big bucks! After this Canada will probably not invite them any more. 😯 How sad for them (😏)…maybe they will finally realize their reign is done!?
      India? Killary is losing it. Why would anyone in India be interested in that lying old witch??

      • Well, like another poster wrote. The Clinton’s know what ever happens anywhere, the news will filter to the U.S.
        It’s pure posturing for propaganda purposes.

    • The original sin of all humans is the thirst for power. Most people can keep it in check by understanding what it really is but many have absolutely no control over it. Bill will do anything for ‘sexual power’ and Hillary will do anything for ‘ conomic power’. They know that the USA now knows who they are and how dangerous each is. Therefore they try to go to other Countries to sell their complete untruths for sex and money.

    • It doesn’t seem to be mentioned but Hillary was coughing so much she was not able to answer the host’s question.
      He dragged his question out waiting for Hillary to stop her coughing fit. When it didn’t stop, Bill jumped in and answered for his wife! Speaking to empty chairs along with her coughing jag
      did not seem like a good beginning for the old couple! It was
      more like the beginning of the end! It’s time to give up!
      You’ve had a good run!!!

      • Bill should have done something about her cough.
        Like giving her a tall cool glass of shut up.
        I saw a clip of her at the event. If you turn the sound off, she looks like she was mocking Monica.

        • Oh, Paul956! For just an instant I feared you were about to suggest Ole Slick Willie should have held a pillow over HRC’s face. But only for an hour for so.😀

          • A pillow would be too graphic LOL. But your comment reminds me of a great line in the movie “open Range”. When Kevin Costner says to Robert Duvall, “How about if I hold your head under water, just for a little while”.

  21. The criminal behavior of the Clintons and those of the FBI and DoJ who are their henchmen WILL surface! It may not happen tomorrow, but it will happen! I’m sure our patience is wearing thin, but we will find out!!!

    • HRC is merely a turd on the carpet laid by queen Elizabeth II through the Bush/Rockefeller British freemason/Vatican criminal cabal.HRC’s power does NOT emanate from HRC. It emanates from this criminal syndicate, American British freemasonry and jesuit controlled legal jurisdictions in the U.S..

      • Rite H.III. Too ‘Heavy’ Info for
        ‘normals’ to Understand. Buttt, ‘Could
        Break Thru at some Point’.
        > StillHere, H.

  22. Actually it wasn’t half empty, it was 83% EMPTY! And prior to the show the tickets had dropped in price from $111- $355 per ticket to $5 per ticket and still they couldn’t sell them! But apparently HRC did not disappoint. She had one of her famous coughing fits, to which Slick Willey “lovingly” offered her a cough drop and a bottle of water. And then went on to pontificate for 30 minutes while she had a chance to “rest”! Talk about a great conversation with The Clintons (sarc). I am just thankful that they are canceling. That is the best thing they can do – disappear!

    • Well, their collusion with Russia seems to have turned out pretty well. They managed to turn that around on Trump with help from the mainstream media, dirty FBI and DOJ.

    • That was a great response! Quick thinking. But, did you ever wonder WHY they started their tour in a foreign country? Do they think that the news from Canada doesn’t get back to the USA? Or if their tour failed in Canada, no one would ever know? Dumb Sh@ts! They need to just slink away…forever!

  23. No one has collected more cash from the Saudis than the clintons. No bones about it. The little slut has a lot of nerve bashing anyone in that regard….

  24. If Allah is good he would take the clintons straight to hell to burn for an eternity. Right now Ill settle for her lungs to be filled with tumors.

  25. We hear many times, Banks and corporations are too big to fall. And maybe Billy and Hillery are to corrupt to fall. Well it is one of the surest laws of nature. I’ve never seen this law fell too work 100% of the time. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. And this is not without reason. Life on this earth is preparing us for where our soul will spend eternity. You know, that part of us that tells us what’s good and what’s bad, what’s right and what’s wrong. When we sin against our Creator. Heaven, one of the places we can spend eternity is a PERFECT place. No sin, no evil, no corruption there. If just one, just one sin made it into Heaven, Heaven would no longer be a PERFECT place. Pray for the Clinton’s. They are not so corrupt that they can’t get forgiveness for all their corruption. Have you ever thought about what their corruption has done to our country? Have you ever thought about what a positive effect it would have on our country if they ever confessed their sins and were born again? No they are not so corrupt they cannot fall.

    • John, beautifully written. This is what God does: He forgives sinners who ask for forgiveness; and He damns those that are to arrogant to admit their sins. It is amazing that the worse sinner can be forgiven if, at the last minute, he is truly sorry for his sins.

  26. If we indeed had a rule of law that applied to folks like Hillary and her dopey perverted husband, Hillary would be wearing an orange jumpsuit and occupying a one-person cell at Fort Leavenworth for the next 10 years.

    • How much does Secret Service have to spend following these scumbags around the world . I really believe once out of office their protection with SS should end after a year. They can afford their own after that. Hate to make it a point but just because you held a position of power at one time does not make you special forever. Where in the Constitution does it guarantee lifetime protection. An executive order should stop it.

      • Unfortunately, that is the bitter pill we all have to swallow.
        The former members of the Executive and Legislative branches of Government, for the rest of their miserable lives, not only is the Secret Service assigned to them and their immediate family, they get a pension as well.
        Which makes their self centered town meetings or what ever they call them are actually fund raisers

      • Maybe in that case they wouldn’t be so eager to nullify the 2nd Amendment!

        They would NO LONGER have ARMED body guards!!

        They wold have to get their own CCW/CPL licenses!!

        • That’s some really good food for thought.
          Of course there would be some exemption to them if the 2nd. Amendment was abolished. Then of course only criminals would have guns.
          I would L.M.A.O. if Bill Clinton was denied a CCW.
          Wait, he wouldn’t need a CCW. He would be one of those criminals I spoke of earlier.

  27. No, no, no. It did not take many liberals a long time to figure out. They knew it. Yes, they knew it, but they didn’t care. If the Clinton clan can deliver them what they want, they would go along with these criminals. Simple as that. There are very bad people. They didn’t care if some of their people were involved in voter fraud, as long as it would win them some seats. That’s it.

    Look at the false Russian dossier scandal. Have any of these conspirators gone to prison yet? Why is that Mueller sending the wrong people to prison? He chased after Manafort and Stone instead of Comey, Lynch, Hillary, Obama, Brennan, and so on …

    This sucks! The equivalent of a cesspool stench.

    Disgusting. Our government can be truly dangerous. No respect to true justice.

    • I’ve been asking our good Lord that also Alan.
      He can’t be happy with the innocent little baby murders.
      The gates of hell have opened and evil is running rampant.
      God please help us!!! Bill Clinton was the first President to approve late term abortion. If you’ve carried a baby that far why not put the baby up for adoption?

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