Bill Clinton admitted his guilt in a scandal that the media can’t ignore

Bill Clinton has made a career out of escaping accountability in one scandal after another.

That just came to an end.

Clinton admitted his guilt in a scandal the media can’t ignore.

Bill and Hillary Clinton kicked off the Russian collusion narrative right after the election to distract from Hillary’s defeat.

The media followed suit and spent countless hours harping on supposed Russian election meddling.

Establishment politicians have joined journalists in calling Russia activities a supposed “attack” on America that warrants a harsh response from President Trump.

Of course all they really care about is discrediting Trump’s victory.

But now Bill Clinton has confessed to meddling in the 1996 Israel election to assist Shimon Peres in his campaign against Bibi Netanyahu.

Breitbart reports:

“In an interview on Channel 10 news that aired Tuesday, Clinton admitted that he tried to help Peres win the election in a way that didn’t “overtly” implicate him, and that he did so because Peres was more committed than Netanyahu to the so-called peace process, which had suffered a huge blow with the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin six months earlier.

“I tried to do it in a way that didn’t overtly involve me,” he said, without expanding on exactly how he intervened.

“I did try to be helpful to him [Peres] because I thought he was more supportive of the peace process. And I tried to do it in a way that was consistent with what I believed to be in Israel’s interest, without saying anything about the difference in domestic polices, without anything else.”

If the liberal media had any standards or sense of decency they would call Clinton to account for this behavior.

This is the type of election meddling they have labeled as “an assault on democracy.”

Will journalists follow through and condemn Clinton for interfering in the Israeli election?

Let us know your thought in the comment section.




  2. This article is similar to Obama administration attempt to sabotage Trump presidential race.

    We need to expose every liberal attempt to sabotage not only the next presidential election, but also all the state and local elections. Registering dead people votes, illegal aliens, etc. The radical leftists obviously do not respect fair election. Very dirty.

  3. Oh hell, what could possibly happen to the shameful fool, he has special privileges that allow him & his ding bat wife to get away with murder….really

    • BUTCHY, I wonder how many of us walk around beating our heads on the wall, wondering why, “..why the Hubris like Soros”, is not in Jail or terminated in some manner? We have taken it from the Kennedy’s, the Clintons’s and the eight years of a failed obama lark and he is still creating havoc with his minions. I guess we are into pain, without the whip, but with spineless politicians that don’t want to rock their power, over us.

      • From what i understand, Soros lives in Long Island.( & don’t you know w/ Major League Protection.) N0 ‘other’ Country will Allow him . Russia has Warrant for Arrest (from what i understand) Best Russia could D0 for USA/WORLD IS Assisting in this man’s Arrest.
        At that point, the ‘house of cards’ falls down. Including You Know Who et al.

    • Who in the hell does Clinton think he is. Everyone has an opinion and he does something mean, illegal and ugly because he thinks his opinion is worth something. He is a crook and I will celebrate the Clintons death with laughter and song.

    • Sure, draftdodger bill and crooked hillary should be in jail. No one has the balls to touch them. Afraid it would get them or their family killed. I would not mind a woman president if she were a conservative. Not this commie bitch.

  4. I saw an old movie this weekend that rings so true. The Swamp President Trump is cleaning up has been around a long time. The first time I saw the movie I thought is was against me. But I saw it the this weekend and I got a new view. The democrats have been bringing corruption to DC for a long time. The move is ” Billy Jack Goes To Washington”. Filmed in the 80’s, it has meaning still.

  5. A scandal “media can”t ignore”. Would you care to make a small wager on that? Say the nominal amount of $1, U.S. being unlikely to bring the forces of Law and Order down upon us.

  6. ” Bill and Hillary Clinton kicked off the Russian collusion narrative right after the election to distract from Hillary’s defeat. ”
    And the biased hypocritical MSM jumped all over it – but you will notice they all but ignored it when Bill and Hillary called Barry – whoever the hell he really is – the “foreigner” and questioned the legality of his presidential run back in 2007-08. Many choose to forget or rather re-write the history about who it was that actually started the “birther” movement. Regardless of what or how many birth certificate can be produced – the fact remains when Stanley Ann Dunham moved herself and Barry to Indonesia and she became an Indonesian citizen – Barry as a minor dependent by default also became an Indonesian citizen. When Dunham married Lolo Soetoro and Soetoro legally adopted Barry – in the eyes of the world he LEGALLY became Barack Soetoro and compounded his Indonesian citizenship. Has anyone ever produced any proof of that having ever been legally changed again?

      • And investigate why Barack Hussein gave millions of taxpayer dollars to the evil George Soros who then turned it into campaign contributions back to Hussein and crooked Hillary. Soros hs also funded the caravan of illegals from Honduras to Mexico to the USA. Can’t beleive this can happen here. Question is WHY. Is nobody in the DC swamp above reproach?

    • They go after President Trump for nothing more than fake news, while overlooking the obvious scandals of the Obamas and the Clintons and all their enablers.

  7. He must be trying to cleanse his rotten soul. It’s TOO late Bubba! You’ve got a one way ticket, bought and paid for, to the pedophiles country club in hell. Have a nice trip….

    • The Clintons are two criminal con artist from Arkansas who conned their way into the White House the first time ! The Clintons were one of the first SO CALLED BIRTHERS . They knew that the fraud and usurper barack hussien obama did not meet US Constitutional law to hold the office of US President before the 2008 presidential election . Why did they keep it to themselves when hillary rotten clinton was running of US President at the same time as the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama ? There can be only one answer , the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama had the goods on the Clintons criminal activities and was black mailing them with it . Google Clinton Body count !

      • Absolutely. What I’ve been saying all along. the only reason the Clintons escape prosecuiton for all their evil deeds and scandals is that they have the goods to blackmail anyone who standsin their way. Their first order of business back in the 90s and even when they were in Arkansas was to get their hands on everything their was against their opponents, present and future.

  8. Trump’s meddling and conspiracy with the Russians has nothing to do with 1996 Clinton issues. Also, Clinton’s actions do not excuse Trump (if they are true). Moreover, Clinton used his rhetoric or speech to influence the election in favor his chosen candidate, nothing more. Finally, not that it matters as this example is a rationalization for Trump supporters (someone else was just as bad so his conduct is OK), but you should be equating Putin’s conduct in the 2016 election with Clinton’s, not Trump. Trump willingly accepted the assistance in the form of donations and technical support (and dirt). They are not the same.

  9. Clinton’s admission of interfering in Israeli election is not anything new. Everything the democrats accuse Donald Trump of doing is exactly what they have committed. All along it has just been a distraction to keep Clinton and Obama from going to jail.

  10. One time, I saw the Birth Certificate of Barry that he was born in Kenya which was under the British Colony. It has fancy and elaborate certificate. I wished I copy it. The story goes, that the mother took the baby right away and flew to Hawaii. Whoever who put up that story should published it again and settled this question of the legality of President Obama’s birth place. The Truth Shall Make You Free.

    • I recall that birth certificate mentioned Kenya, but at that date there was NO country called Kenya.
      It was called British East Africa!
      Knock, knock, anybody Home?

  11. At this point in time why do we give a rat’s ass about the Clintons? They are going to skate by all the crap they have done, as will Barry. Maybe if we stop writing about them they will go away. We can only hope and dream. We need to move forward in this country with President Trump and stop wasting time with the crap that thaw will NEVER be dealt with. It is the same thing with the Kennedys. They did so much crap, including murder. Talking about it will not make any of it go away and none of it will be dealt with, as the Kennedys are gone and that is that. And, Hiliary may be not that far from death, as she appears to be very ill at this time. She and Bill are pathetic liars and that does not change anything they did to our country and never will.

    • It`S sad and disgusting with the Clintons have gotten away with all these years and still do. When will the Clinton Global Initiative funding be investigated? T think you are right.

    • When she dies and I hope that is soon l will not lower my flag because she only did disservice to this country and illegally made millions for her entire traitorous family

    • Nick2391 , You are missing the point ! With the election the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama to the US Presidency in 2008 and again 2012 our US Constitutional Republic was overthrown ! Which would mean the entire obama administration was ILLEGAL and that includes hillary rotten clinton as US Secretary Of State . Which brings into question weather or not the current Trump Administration is LEGAL if the administration before it was ILLEGAL ? Can you get edible fruit from a poisonous tree ? The overthrow of our Constitutional Republic took more then one fraud going by the name of barack hussein obama ! Think about the SWAMP President Donald J. Trump is trying to drain and you have your answer of the co-conspirators in the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic .

  12. The only time the left wing loons did not listen to Bill Clinton and believe everything he said was when he called Barry – whoever the hell he really is – a “foreigner” and questions the legality of Barry’s presidential run.

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