Bill Clinton couldn’t believe this decision came back to bite him

Democrats are on the warpath to erase history.

Liberals around the country are demanding local governments tear down statues honoring Confederate war heroes.

Now the madness has engulfed Bill Clinton and it’s causing him massive problems.

In 1985, Bill Clinton signed a bill combining the birthdays of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert E. Lee into one holiday.

By modern day social justice warrior standards, this was an outrageous act of racism.

So Arkansas’ legislature recently passed new legislation that created a separate holiday for Robert E. Lee’s birthday.

Law Newz reports:

“A new bill, if signed, will establish a new holiday in the State of Arkansas to honor Confederate military leader Robert E. Lee. The bill, SB519, would recognize the commander of forces who fought against the Union in the Civil War on the second Saturday in October. Lee died on October 12, 1870.

While the establishment of a holiday for Robert E. Lee may be shocking to Northerners, the reasoning behind it may be surprising. See, Arkansas currently celebrates Lee on the same day as Martin Luther King Jr. The new bill aims to recognize Dr. King on his own holiday, without Lee sharing it. The bill calls for public schools to develop educational material focusing on African-American history, civil rights leaders, and Dr. King’s “pursuit of justice in civil society.”

Robert E. Lee Day has had a holiday named after him in Arkansas since 1947. Martin Luther King Day became a federal holiday in 1983. In 1985, state lawmakers decided to combine the two, when Bill Clinton was Governor. Lee was born on January 19, 1807, which is just four days after Dr. King’s birthday.”

Since the tragedy at Charlottesville, Robert E. Lee has become public enemy number one for the left.

The statue on the University of Virginia campus was covered with a black tarp.

ESPN ever pulled an Asian announcer named Robert Lee from a broadcast of a University of Virginia game out of fear of triggering a social media meme explosion.

Now the insanity surrounding tearing down statues and eradicating America’s history has struck Bill Clinton.