Bill Clinton gulped in terror with what this marine said about Jeffrey Epstein’s death

Jeffrey Epstein died under shady circumstances in a Manhattan jail.

Americans found the official story the authorities floated of a suicide highly improbable.

And Bill Clinton gulped in terror with what this marine said about Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

James Kilcer is a marine corps veteran who appeared on Fox News to discuss the video that exploded on social media of Kilcer disarming a robber who attempted to hold up a convenience store in Yuma, Arizona.

At the close of his interview with host Dana Perino, Kilcer exclaimed “remember, Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

A clearly amused Perino ended the interview.

Epstein died under a cloud of mystery.

The bedsheet Epstein supposedly hung himself with was not supposed to be that sturdy, precisely to prevent suicides.

The security guards tasked with watching Epstein committed multiple errors while surveilling Epstein in his cell.

Epstein was linked to famous men like Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family and Bill Clinton.

Former Clinton top aide Doug Band added more intrigue to the Clinton-Epstein relationship by telling Vanity Fair that Clinton traveled to Epstein’s private island.

Clinton denied ever setting foot on the island – where Epstein’s worst crimes against underage girls occurred – but Band’s story undercut those denials.

Epstein dying prevented a trial where the truth about Epstein’s involvement with rich and famous men would have come out.

And many Americans believe that – and not suicide – explains Epstein’s mysterious death.

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