Bill Clinton had a private dinner with one woman linked to a pedophile ring

Bill Clinton’s reckless personal life continues to haunt the Democrat Party.

After Clinton spoke out against Donald Trump filling Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat, another story about Clinton’s shady conduct surfaced.

And now Americans know that Bill Clinton had a private dinner with one woman linked to a pedophile ring.

Until just yesterday, Americans had no idea that Bill Clinton invited Ghislaine Maxwell and her then husband to a private dinner party at the trendy Los Angeles vegan restaurant Crossroads Kitchen.

Celebrities such as Bruce Willis and Sean Penn were in attendance, but Maxwell was also invited despite the fact that it had been known since 2011 that Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers alleged Maxwell helped the disgraced billionaire sex traffic young girls.

The Daily Beast reported:

According to information obtained by The Daily Beast, Clinton’s advance team secured seating for the invitees and specifically noted Maxwell and someone named “Scott” had RSVP’d for the Thursday gathering.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation say aides had squabbled over Maxwell’s invitation beforehand due to her links to Epstein. Even to this day, Clinton insiders continue to point fingers over who should be blamed for Maxwell’s addition to the event.

Clinton’s extensive travel with Epstein – one of Epstein’s accusers allegedly saw Clinton on Epstein’s private Island – and continued connection with Maxwell long after the allegations against her were public angered many Americans.

A book by authors Daniel Halper and Alana Goodman about Epstein and his mysterious death alleged that Clinton and Maxwell carried on an affair.

Of all the allegations of affairs that swirled around Bill Clinton the rumored affair with Maxwell would be the most appalling because of the disgusting allegations against her.

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