Bill Clinton was pictured with this child sex slave and now all hell is breaking loose

Things are about to get very ugly for Bill Clinton and the Democrat Party.

As usual, the crisis involves a sex scandal.

And Bill Clinton was pictured with this child sex slave and now all hell is breaking loose.

Alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein took his true connection to former President Bill Clinton to the grave when Epstein was found dead in a Manhattan jail cell.

But Americans who know about Clinton’s extensive connections to Epstein have major questions for the former President.

Those cries for answers only grew louder when Chauntae Davies – who claimed Epstein treated her as a sex slave and raped her multiple times – provided photographs from a 2002 trip to Africa of Clinton aboard Epstein’s “Lolita Express” private plane.

The U.K. Sun reports:

The former US President is seen smiling on the steps of the plane – dubbed the Lolita Express – next to Maxwell, in astonishing pictures exclusively obtained by The Sun.

In another image he has his arm round Epstein’s personal masseuse and sex slave Chauntae Davies – who had been ordered to wear a ‘pilot’ shirt to look professional.

Other never-seen-before images show Clinton traveling on the infamous Boeing 727 jet while playing cards and chomping on a cigar.

Davies also told the Sun that while Clinton did not do anything wrong on the plane ride his presence raised major questions.

“Looking back at these images now it raises a lot of questions about why Bill Clinton was using the plane and what perhaps Jeffrey may have been trying to accomplish by having him around,” Davies told the Sun.

Many Americans are asking these same questions.

And given Clinton’s highly misleading and false statements and where Clinton first met Epstein and how long they knew each other, the answers could be bad news.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Laughing from the Comments — too funny.

    There is a lot of evidence against Bill Clinton and his association with Epstein who owned a private island staffed with underage sex slaves. Flight logs show that Clinton took 26 trips aboard Epstein’s Boeing 727 “Lolita Express” jet.

    Epstein recorded everything on videotapes. Problem is everything buried, like Epstein and Foster.

    Big money, big names. Corruption at its finest.

  2. It’s about time. There’s been scandal with the before he was in the White House and it’s followed him after he left. The same will to Obama,Pelosi and a bunch of others,just give that time.

  3. So much for avoiding a perception of impropriety. The Clinton’s were bad enough but the complicit MSM is unforgivable and must be chaste for the good of the country.

  4. Without photos of Bill Clinton and the girl in question, you’ve got nothing! I believe the story, based on his personal history, but you need some evidence.

  5. HEY FOLKS , during the Vietnam era the United States Government also provided housing for Sex Slave young girls , they were supplied for the men of high ranking officers or their guests of military positions . All that was to be on the QT. LOL. That was part of the debriefing not to be told about . They will deny all that information if questioned , all political military positions ..

  6. Hey guys I don’t know if y’all caught it but I think we’ve seen proof here tonight that there is life on another planet. scroll back toward the top and read Lydia‘s comment. There’s no way someone from this planet could be that misinformed.

  7. Yea the Clintons, Obamas, hollywood, the Establishment, U.N, and the government are all a part of the sex & drug trafficking. They are all working with big Pharma to charge us and kill every living soul on drugs. They all need to be demolished off the face of the earth freaking pedofiles.

  8. I love our Country the United States of America. I am sick and tired of those who disgrace our country and our allies. This earth and everything on it does not belong to us we are only using it respect the earth and all that is on it. The Lord has been so kind to us let’s give Him thanks and return to him with love.

  9. It is exhausting all the garbage that some media and some people is trying to implied that the Clinton’s are this or that. There has been out of office for years but, instead of focusing on the evil that we do currently have in the oval office, they want to distract attention to something that I suspect it is not even truth. I will definitely focus on being a better human being and pray that we Americans can get back to Democracy.

  10. The Clinton’s are pedophiles, murders, and as corrupt as they come there is no doubt about that and intelligent people knew this a looooong time ago. But if we are to practice “intellectual honesty” to the equation it probably isn’t a good idea to base his guilt on the fact there are pictures of him with Epstein. Epstein “suicide” was the proverbial “Sigh of relief heard around the globe”

  11. Barry,”The Clinton’s have been killing people for years….taking millions of dollars from foreign countries(Russia)included….having sex with minors…and nothing ever happens to them….makes you wonder,don’t it?”…. well Sir, No, It doesn’t make me wonder about the Clintons… It does however make me wonder about those who VOTED for Them, and continue to Support them, Verbally, Financially, Politically, and Legally…. After seeing these Photo’s Of “Semen willy” with his arm around this Obviously Under aged Child…. And a later photo of her in the pilots shirt…. How Anyone can defend this Family of Obviously LOW MORAL CHARACTOR and Sexual Deviation and Perversion, Criminal actors all…. OOPS I just Described All demonRATs didn’t I ?

  12. The Clinton’s have been killing people for years….taking millions of dollars from foreign countries(Russia)included….having sex with minors…and nothing ever happens to them….makes you wonder,don’t it?

  13. If not stopped before, Jesus will put a stop to the dems when He returns. They rejected Him and He will reject them for eternity

  14. “I did not have sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky,” I did not have sex with Paula Jones even though I was ordered to pay 1 million in her civil suite against me, and I did not have sex with any of the hordes of underage women who claim I did. Even my wife said “He is the most wonderful and faithful husband a woman could ever have.” And she should know because I did not have sex with her either.

  15. My daughter, an RN who is the Manager of a moderate-sized nursing home, lives in a trailer in a trailer court. Calling ANYONE trailer-trash is just wrong. Call the Clinton’s what they are – Trash, pure and simple.

  16. Hillary grew up in Chicago where people hire hitmen all the time.
    She didn’t grow up in Arkansas.
    Watch some of the documentaries about the Clintons when they were in Arkansas.

  17. The problem for the Democrats is that Trump doesn’t drink alcohol. Hillary drinks like a fish.
    1/3rd of Americans don’t drink. They are clear-headed all the time.
    They don’t need to apologize for their behavior when drunk or stoned.
    Has anyone figured out how much free rent the Clintons have had since Arkansas?
    They are experts at figuring out how to live off taxpayers and also make millions.
    Arkansas supported Trump two to one over Hillary. About 66,000 votes for Trump to 33,000 for Hillary in the state with people who knew her. What does that tell you?

  18. I think we’re all sick of Billy Bob Clinton – trailer trash. The Democrats call Republicans trailer trash while their most popular (at times) leader was the KING of trailer trash.

  19. NOW there are three “facts” about Slick Willy…#1 “He did not inhale” when smoking the joint…#2 With the semen stains on the blue dress “He did Not have sex with that woman”…..#3 With photographic evidence of him being with the underage on the Lolita Express “he did not have sex with that girl”….lol…lol


  21. One day Hill billy jeff really needs to be arrested UNDER THE DNC ASSERTION that he must PROVE HIS INNOCENCE, as for his Bag hilLIARy Billy, she just needs to be hanged from the nearest Live Oak Tree, with a steel Cable.

  22. WE may never know the evil these men do but there is no escaping view from God. They as well as all of us will answer to Hid judgement.

  23. Butchy, You are a riot and a fun read! I just wish you would tell us how you really feel!

  24. Bernie Sanders”climate change is the cause of terrorism”…creepy joe all over the news for kissing a shocked college girl today..liz Warren”I don’t wash my face”…who are the people that support these goons?how could you?

  25. OH FRED, PLEASE! ??????
    She is a morally corrupt liar as well as all her political misdeeds and probable crimes! Let me show you a picture of Pelosi?….I could never want any part of her, even once!

  26. RenewedRight-Why didn’t you show the pictures???? Your headlines are like bait & switch. If you have something, let us see it.

  27. DaleNess, ???????? Oh how I wish I could “un-see” that vision!
    I can’t imagine either one of them appealing to anyone of any sexual preference! ????????

  28. the corrupt, sleazy, murderous , Clintons
    have a pile of body bags conveniently covered up. and cigar Bill should not be allowed around your daughter, any age.
    if their feet touch the ground while sitting on a curb. that’s enough for cigar bill

  29. Guess even here the left has pull . I just added a post and it didn’t say anything that wasn’t already providen and the post disappeared see if this gets posted if not I’ll add this email as spam why are you afraid to post the truth

  30. Try granny thumb and her 4 daughters. It will be more satisfying than looking at that jug of vinegar Pelosi…

  31. National Security Agencies will modify and falsify documents to hide everything on the Clinton’s at all cost, that’s how corrupt our country has become.They will go to media outlets and gave them the documents and state this is the real story and post it now…MSNBC (Make Society Nothing But Corrupt) & CNN (Clinton News Network) won’t blink a eye to get it on TV and knowing the story is fraudulent… That’s our new nation…

  32. “…she is still a sexually attractive lady…”

    Good grief, Fred, you had a damn good retort going until this, but this one blew your credibility right out of the water. I wouldn’t give this woman — and I’m being kind — the time of day and you’re ready to give her the family jewels, pun most assuredly intended! I presume you still abide by the old saying; “The worst I ever had was great.” I don’t!

  33. Where’s the pic of the child sx slave? what a sham..scru-job….I wanted to hook up with her/him? Whoever he/she is and is in a picture….lites out! dead meat
    32+ deaths are attributed to the Clintons…..SO if I get too nosy its lites out
    fer me….’above the LAW’? many could line up and grab their OSCARS…..Many wondr why why WHY HOW HOW many lives they have…’course Hillary/Dillary is a pussy, I think…..a an and Bill’s brains are behind his zippr…Some day, they’ll meet their MAKER

  34. HUUUM
    THERE N O T !!!

  35. HUUUM
    THERE N O T !!!

  36. I think they ALL have DIRT on each other!! If they don’t get punished in this life, they’ll surely be Judged in the next!!

  37. Perhaps they should move to Outer Mongolia and live in a yurt, learn to ride horses, and live a simple life – anywhere but here – please.

  38. Christine I don’t care for Nancy’s political beliefs or the democratic party at all in their current political beliefs but frankly for a 79 yr old woman to me she is still a sexually attractive lady Of course I am 78 myself but honestly if I had the opportunity, yes I would do her I wouldn’t do Hillary though

  39. nothing new , all democrats are sick and twisted , they prove it every time they open their mouths , oboma almost got away with putting perverts in the ladies bath rooms ,and if you take a close look at the lgbt’s you would find out how they pray on children

  40. When will the law hasn’t these two murdering child molesting, pos? (The Clinton’s) They say no-one is above the law….then why aren’t these two mf’ers in prison,at least for life!? Stand up America! Demand justice!!

  41. This is one aspect of the democratic party. The depravity and corruption is rife amongst them. Never has there been a political party so subverted as the democrats and it is not in South America, Africa or Asia but right here in the USA.

  42. Truthy that’s an interesting story. Are you ok? Perhaps you are joking. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

  43. I found a girl tied to a railroad track. I cut her loose and had sex with her. I didn’t get a bj. I couldn’t find her head.

  44. I don’t believe that this we condemn both Bill and Hillary of anything, Thier money, and their friend’s money will cover this up in no time. I can think of one more recent president and vice president that will pay to cover this up fast. Our Government is full of liars and deceivers. I hope in the coming 2020 election the people will clean the house of these people.

  45. The computer seized by the NYPD from Anthony Wiener/Huma Abedin’s home during Wiener’s pedophilia investigation is said to contain files that indicate Hillary made at least 6 trips down to Epstein’s pedophile island herself – for the orgies with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls. Hillary may even be deeper in the s**t than Bill. That university in Ireland my want to rethink their offer.

  46. I don’t believe that this we condemn both Bill and Hillary of anything, Thier money, and their friend’s money will cover this up in no time. I can think of one more recent president and vice president that will pay to cover this up fast. Our Government is full of liars and deceivers. I hope in the coming 2020 election the people will clean house of these people…

  47. Whether or not the Clinton’s had anything to do with Epstein being killed is up for debate. The problem Bill Clinton has now is that they cannot have all the pilots, stewardesses/hostesses and crew members on those flights killed. Nor can they have all of the girls involved killed. There are too many witnesses out there who may finally get the chance to have their stories told. There are at least 28 women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault/rape going all the way back to 1969 at Oxford University in England when Bill was first publicly accused by Eileen Wellstone. All of these women are LIARS? Please. Not to mention over 80 body bags connected to the Clintons – not including Epstein or Seth Rich.
    The Seth Rich murder investigation – which was closed and deemed unsolvable in less than a month – fell to the jurisdiction of the Washington D.C. District Attorney’s office. Guess who just happened to be an Assistant D.A. in that very office. Steven Wasserman – Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s brother. Just another coincidence?

  48. People on the left don’t care what rapist Bill or kunt killery does or have done. They will circle the wagons around their own

  49. “Things get too hot, ol’ Bill might be committing Arkancide before too long!☠?”
    And Killary might be in the death picture holding the Sword he falls upon and Excused as a dejected wife and pardoned for that, as an shamed wife.

  50. They will bury the story and anyone who tries to tell it, just like they did Epstein. There are to many losers with to much money to pay the price to keep this silent.

  51. yes i have seen the pictures he deserves all that’s coming to him the dmc’s cant free him now, by the way is hillery still taking that chanchlers job in Scotland?

  52. Will the depraved sick evil democrats finally abandon the Clintons or will they continue to defend and bury the story?

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