Bill Maher heard four words that made him sick to his stomach

Real Time host Bill Maher keeps finding new ways to make enemies on the Left.

That’s a strange place for a dedicated Democrat like Bill Maher to find himself.

And Bill Maher heard four words that made him sick to his stomach.

Bill Maher spars with comedian Bill Burr over war in Gaza 

Bill Maher is one of the few liberals not siding with Hamas following the terrorist group’s October 7 terrorist attack in Israel.

On the latest episode of his Club Random podcast, Maher debated the matter with popular comedian Bill Burr.

Burr admitted he was on the side of the Palestinians and opposed Israel slaughtering kids.

“I’m on the side of the kids,” Burr stated.

That answer didn’t impress Maher much.

“Yeah, that’s easy to say. You know, no one wants to see kids dead,” Maher responded.

“That was very brave of you to say that,” Burr shot back.

Maher took the remark seriously, saying he was the one standing up the runaway train on the Left, where every major institution decided to sidle up to Hamas.

“No, I’m the one who’s actually brave on this,” Maher replied.

“Oh, pat yourself on the back,” Burr sneered.

Maher and Burr show split on the Left over Gaza

Maher chided Burr for resorting to cheap talking points as no one wants to see children harmed.

“It’s easy to say, ‘I’m for the kids.’ Who’s not for the kids? It comes down to real hard-nosed decisions. Like, a country–“ Maher began to respond before Burr cut him off.

“Oh, stop talking like you’re a general,” Burr snidely interjected.

Maher explained the absurdity of how when Israel gets attacked the entire world spends more energy demanding Israel show restraint and de-escalate than they do condemning the initial onslaught.

If the rest of the world didn’t want Israel to bomb Gaza then the simple solution would be for Hamas to stop attacking Israel.

“They’re the only country in the world that, they get attacked, and then as soon as they counterattack, it’s like, well, we gotta stop this shit now. ‘Don’t attack them’ is a very simple solution to all this problem in the Middle East. Stop attacking Israel,” Maher declared.

“You just solved it,” an exasperated Burr sighed.

Burr then proceeded to attack Maher, claiming he was like someone who plays fantasy football, thinking they could run an NFL team.

“It isn’t your thing. It isn’t. You’re like that guy that has a fantasy football team and thinks he’s a f***ing GM. That’s exactly what it is. Like, why am I f***ing  listening to you like you like you’ve done something? What have you done in Washington? Nothing,” Burr concluded.

But the solution really is that simple.

If Hamas laid down their arms and released all the hostages they took on October 7, the war would end that instant, and there would be a ceasefire.

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