Bill Maher made a retirement announcement that left everyone stunned

Bill Maher’s had enough and is throwing in the towel.

The liberal comedian reached his breaking point.

And Bill Maher made a retirement announcement that left everyone stunned.

Bill Maher retires from performing stand-up on college campuses 

Maher continues to have nothing but bad things to say about today’s liberal youth.

In the latest episode of his Club Random podcast, Maher told Everybody Loves Raymond star Ray Romano that he’s given up on performing stand-up on college campuses because of the intolerance of today’s Left.

“They don’t want to hear anything they don’t already agree with,” Maher stated.

Maher echoed complaints made by many of today’s comedians that audiences – particularly young liberals – see comedy as something they should clap along to because it affirms their world view as opposed to making them laugh at the absurdity of society even if that means challenging their beliefs. 

“They don’t want their minds pried open, and you know what? Let somebody else do it,” Maher added.

Romano told Maher that his politics – Maher’s criticism of open borders, transgenderism for children – would divide the crowd.

“You would have half this way and half this way, maybe,” Romano stated.

Maher decries cancel culture 

Maher told Romano he wouldn’t even get the chance to divide the audience because the woke mob would try to cancel him before he even stepped foot on campus.

“First of all, they would protest before I even got on the campus,” Maher stated.

Maher recalled how in 2014 liberals at the University of California at Berkeley – ground zero for campus insanity dating back to the 1960s – got him disinvited from delivering a commencement speech before the school backed down and reinvited him.

Maher told Romano that in today’s environment the school would have caved in to the cancel mob’s demands.

“I was uninvited when I was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Berkeley graduation and then re-invited, but today, are you kidding?” Maher declared.

The intolerance of today’s Left

The modern Left is the most authoritarian and intolerant political movement in existence today.

Maher decried the fact that today’s liberals see speech they disagree with as violence.

“These kids?” Maher said. “That would be the first thing they would do. They don’t want to hear anything they don’t already agree with,” Maher added.

Maher explained that campus liberals always take the shortcut of slamming anyone they disagree with as being an old head, but that’s just a defense mechanism they use to avoid engaging with the argument presented to them.

“I’m not going to hold my tongue when they embrace stupid ideas,” Maher continued. “And of course, then they’ll just say the tritest, easiest, most erroneous thing lobbed at people like us is: ‘you’re old, now it’s about just get off my lawn.'”

“You put zero amount of thinking into the actual point I’m making,” Maher remarked. “You didn’t engage with the actual idea.” 

Maher used the modern Left’s embrace of communism as an example, saying he lived through the Cold War and understood what a dangerous ideology it was, and so he doesn’t care that the youth of today embrace Marxism because all it means is that they’re stupid.

“What about the idea?” the comedian concluded. “Am I right? Should we bring communism back because I think it’s a bad idea? Maybe because I remember what happened the first time and you don’t, and you don’t care to learn.” 

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