Bill Maher made this shocking prediction about who will replace Joe Biden

Every corner of the Democrat Party is in panic mode over Joe Biden’s belly flop at the debate.

The talk now is how to get Biden out of the race so the party can pick a new candidate.

And Bill Maher made this shocking prediction about who will replace Joe Biden.

Bill Maher compares Democrats to cultists 

Bill Maher couldn’t believe the results of a CNN post-debate poll showing 33 percent of Americans thought Biden won the debate after he couldn’t maintain a coherent train of thought and at one point claimed there was a massive problem in America with sisters raping one another.

Maher compared that 33 percent to the Nazis who rode out the bitter end with Hitler in the bunker.

“I mean, that is Mrs. Goebbels in the bunker number,” Maher exclaimed.

Maher then hit the people who thought Biden won the debate with the cruelest insult possible.

Democrats spent eight years smearing Trump supporters as cultists, and Maher claimed anyone who thought Joe Biden won that debate was worse. 

Maher argued these Biden dead enders were forcing Democrats to stick with a candidate doomed to defeat.

“You see it on the right. They used to call them Birchers, birthers, Tea Party, whatever. Imagination, whatever. They never move. And now I feel like that’s a third of the Democrats who, like, they’re going to stick with this guy and they are going to regret it,” Maher concluded.

The alternative to Biden 

Maher – like many other Democrats – would love for Biden to get out of the race.

But the problem for Democrats remains – as former MSNBC host Chris Matthews explained – is that even if a candidate like Gavin Newsom caught fire, it would be difficult for a straight, white man like Newsom to leapfrog Kamala Harris since the party is all about being woke.

“In the real world, outside of the Biden world, it’s clear to me that another candidate like Newsom, the governor of California, could have the dynamic to move from June right now to November and build up support to match Trump’s and maybe overtake him. He could change the whole situation,” Matthews began.

“The problem is, and this is the Democratic Party and the way it is. It’s a party of center left and left. If he does that, Kamala Harris people will go, ‘Wait a minute, I’m next.’ And he’ll say, ‘You’re right, you are next.’ Because that’s what he’s saying right now. And that’s the problem,” Matthews added.

Maher was strongly in favor of Newsom being the nominee because the Constitution says if the President and Vice President are from the same state, their Electoral Votes don’t count.

“But here’s the great thing about Newsom as the candidate, she can’t be his Vice President,” Maher shot back.

Since both Newsom and Harris hail from California, Harris would have to pass on running again since there is no way any Democrat can win the White House without California’s 54 Electoral College votes.

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