Bill Maher told Jerry Seinfeld one shocking truth about Trump winning

Polls show Donald Trump continuing to lead Joe Biden.

There is mass panic on the Left.

And Bill Maher told Jerry Seinfeld one shocking truth about Trump winning.

Bill Maher is over liberals and their Trump Derangement Syndrome 

On the latest episode of his Club Random podcast, Maher interviewed Jerry Seinfeld.

Seinfeld was promoting his new Netflix movie Unfrosted about the breakfast cereal war between Kellogg’s and Post.

Maher and Seinfeld are two of the leading voices in comedy speaking out against the totalitarian woke regime that’s strangling the ability of comics to tell jokes by putting all sorts of subjects off limits.

Naturally, the conversation turned to the election.

And Maher said he couldn’t take anymore of his liberal friends whining about the world ending if Trump wins.

“With all the bulls*** going on, we live in the most amazing f***ing times,” Maher started. “The climate change is probably going to get us at some point but it hasn’t yet.”

Maher said he told his whiny friends that they lived in a time where no one at the table thought twice about the fact that they were sitting in an expensive restaurant having a dinner that would run near $1,000, so things really can’t be all that bad.

“I’m sitting having dinner with people and they’re like, the world’s ending. I’m like, look around you, you f***, you dumba**,” Maher said. 

“We’re at this f***ing  awesome restaurant, they’re bringing us this food, this dinner’s probably going to cost $700 and I’m not even going to f***ing blink at paying the check. Shut the f*** up about how terrible things are,” Maher continued.

Maher said if Trump wins in November then he won’t “go nuts” over it.

“I’m not going to lose my nervous system about Trump again. If he ends the world, he’s going to end the world. I’m not gonna f***ing go nuts again if he wins another term. I just can’t,” Maher concluded.

Seinfeld agreed, saying he felt the same way.

“I hope you have that wherewithal,” Seinfeld stated, adding that “trying to stay right there” with Maher on accepting the election outcome no matter what.

Maher and Seinfeld tweak millennial snowflakes

It wouldn’t be a Bill Maher bit if he didn’t take at least one shot at the woke Left.

“Or you can get anxious like a millennial,” Maher added, mocking younger liberals tendency to claim that they felt “unsafe” when confronted with other views or if an election didn’t go their way.

“Exactly,” Seinfeld said in agreement.

Seinfeld and Maher represent the classic tradition of comedy, which is to subvert authority and that recognizes no sacred cows.

But the audience for comedy has changed over the last ten years.

Now the more liberal audiences want to know that the comedian is on their side with jokes that reaffirm their worldview.

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