Bill Maher took the gloves off and spoke one gruesome truth about the woke mob

Comedian Bill Maher never imagined that he would ever become an outcast on the Left.

But the more Maher keeps talking sense, the crazier he drives the Left.

And Bill Maher took the gloves off and spoke one gruesome truth about the woke mob.

Bill Maher blasts pro-Palestinian campus protests 

In the latest episode of Club Random podcast, Maher interviewed Ultimate Fighting Championships President Dana White.

Maher used the interview as another chance to tee off on one of his favorite targets.

And that’s the woke lunatics running wild on college campuses.

Maher couldn’t believe these leftists that love tolerance and diversity so much were head over heels in love with an Islamic culture that promoted pedophilia.

“The Afghanistan culture — part of it — is we found out when we invaded and stayed there for 20 years,” Maher stated.

Maher ridiculed the pro-Palestinian protesters setting up encampments at colleges and universities where they pledged their loyalty to the cause of Hamas.

“There are rich men who have like 10-year-old boys. That’s just a thing you can get when you’re a rich guy; so keep marching for Hamas kids. You really got your liberal eyes on the right prize here,” Maher added.

Maher warms Democrats 

Maher told White – a well known supporter of Donald Trump – that the violent and anti-Semitic pro-Palestinian protesters were diving into the deep end of the crazy pool by cheering on Iran for firing rockets at Israel.

“Now they’re cheering for Iran because they just fired all the missiles at Israel,” Maher told White. “So Iran is the good guys? You mean the Ayatollah, the f***ing black-hearted, black-eyed, bomb-planting dude that captured our people?”

But Maher said this foolhardy behavior was only going to alienate moderates and cause them to vote Republican.

“I keep trying to tell the Left this every week. The more you do crazy s***, the more you push the people in the middle to the Right,” Maher concluded.

College administrators get fed up 

It’s not just moderates and Bill Maher having all they can take of these pro-Palestinian activists.

Woke college administrators coddled and tolerated the pro-Palestinian mobs on their campuses.

That’s starting to change.

UCLA held classes remotely for three straight days, May 1-3.

“Per Academic Senate guidance on instruction, all in-person classes are authorized and required to pivot to remote tomorrow and Friday,” a message the administration read.

“Please continue to avoid campus and the Royce Quad area,” the message added.

“Employees are encouraged to work remotely wherever possible and should consult with their supervisors. Events and research activities are encouraged to go remote or be rescheduled wherever possible,” the statement continued.

Enough was finally enough.

And police came in and cleared out the pro-Palestinian encampment on campus.

“Police removed barricades and began to detain some protesters at the anti-Israel encampment on UCLA’s campus Thursday morning,” Fox News reported.

*Renewed Right Official Polling*

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