Bill Maher went on The View and caused chaos on the set with one wakeup call

Liberal comedian Bill Maher wasn’t making any friends on the Left.

Maher is telling the hard truth liberals don’t want to hear.

And Bill Maher went on The View and caused chaos on the set with one wakeup call.

The war over woke

Maher is among the group of comedians – Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chappelle are among the others – who refuse to bend the knee to the woke-thought police regime.

Maher took his war on woke to The View where the co-hosts were predictably aghast.

Co-host Sunny Hostin told Maher “You’ve changed, though.” 

Maher said he really hadn’t but that American politics really splintered into four tribes, two on the Right and two on the Left.

Calling himself an “old-school liberal,” Maher said they needed to come up with a new word for “woke” because it doesn’t mean the same thing it meant in the past.

“Well, that’s what I was trying to find out in this book. I don’t think I have. And, you know, we were saying in the break, we have to come up with a new word for ‘woke.’ Let’s have a contest, because this is a word that’s triggering. But, I mean, those concepts that are different than they were five years ago. I mean, we used to do . . . Well, you did it. I was a guest on, what was the homeless show?” Maher stated.

How the Left lost its mind 

As an example, Maher used the HBO comedy special co-host Whoopie Goldberg and the late Robin Williams used to run to benefit homelessness, called “Comic Relief.”

Maher was one of the stand-up comics who performed on that show.

At the time, Maher thought “homelessness” was the politically correct words the Left came up with to replace more pejorative terms.

“Remember that? Great show. And ‘homeless’ was a term that I thought we kind of came up with because people were calling them bums and vagrants and hobos. Homeless, now, no!” Maher exclaimed.

“It’s ‘unhoused,’” Hostin interjected.

Maher explained that back in the day, liberals thought compassion meant getting the homeless off the streets.

Now, Maher said liberals think the compassionate thing to do is destroy the quality of life in big cities by allowing homeless encampments to flourish because it would be mean to deprive the homeless of their right to sleep where they see fit, even if it inconveniences the rest of the city’s population.

“Well, it’s people experiencing homelessness. But they’re experiencing it on the street. Okay, the liberal view of that was, for compassion’s sake, we’re the liberals, we’re compassionate. Let’s get these people off the street. That’s not the view of the whatever-word-we’re-going-to-come-up-with-for-this. Their view of the homeless is, they’re an endangered species that needs to be protected in their natural habitat, living their best life under a bridge. You know, that, to me, is crazy. That’s the kind of things… I haven’t changed on that. I still think we should get these people off the street. That’s the compassion’s sake. So I didn’t They changed. And there’s lots of examples of that,” an exasperated Maher stated.

Maher’s point in action

A judge out in San Francisco blocked the city’s attempt to clear homeless encampments off the streets after the widespread drug use and defecation in public got too much for the city’s liberal leadership to bear.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is at his wits end and is now begging the conservative majority on the Supreme Court for help.

“I hope this goes to the Supreme Court,” Newsom declared. “And that’s a hell of a statement coming from a progressive Democrat.”

The question remains if this is a one-off or if Maher is speaking for a broader movement inside the Democrat Party that’s tired of the woke Left.

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