Bill O’Reilly explained the one reason the mafia supports Joe Biden

Joe Biden claims his agenda is supported by a broad cross section of Americans.

But many voters would be horrified to know the truth.

And Bill O’Reilly explained the one reason the mafia supports Joe Biden.

Appearing on Breitbart’s Sirius XM radio show, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly stated that no one was a bigger supporter of Joe Biden than the mafia.

O’Reilly explained that when Joe Biden threw the border open to illegal aliens, it took Border Patrol resources away from intercepting drugs pouring into the country.

“You have 500,000 foreign nationals — at least — [entering the U.S.] since Biden was inaugurated. Five hundred thousand come across the border, to process and feed and house and take care of those people, all the Border Patrol and ICE agents have to deal with it. What suffers? Drug interdiction,” O’Reilly stated.

O’Reilly added that organized crime in America had a deal with the Mexican cartels to import their poisonous products and distribute them into the streets of America.

“They are the distributors of narcotics: fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine. They have an arrangement with the Mexican cartels. The cartels manufacture and smuggle the dope [into America], and then organized crime — Americans — take it over. You don’t see Mexican cartels in any American cities,” O’Reilly added.

O’Reilly expounded on the arrangement as the American mafia merely acted as middle man and outsourced selling the drugs to local street gangs.

“Why wouldn’t [Mexican cartels] be here? They control the whole country of Mexico — nope — the arrangement is you stay down there, we’ll handle it from here. But the mob never sees the drugs. They franchise it out the street gangs, so the people getting gunned down in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and L.A., they’re getting gunned down by drug gangs. Those drug gangs have to pay the organized gangsters who are living in the mansions in the suburbs for the right to sell drugs and shoot each other,” O’Reilly added.

The violence in many American cities is a result of this arrangement that O’Reilly contends Joe Biden facilitated by open borders policies that distract the Border Patrol from preventing massive amounts of drugs from flowing into America.

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