Bill O’Reilly is making a return to TV that no one ever thought they would see

The left thought they finished Bill O’Reilly for good when a smear campaign forced him off the air this spring.

Liberals had succeeded in muzzling the number one voice on Fox News.

Or so they thought. O’Reilly just announced a return to TV that no one saw coming.

Recently, O’Reilly appeared as a guest on Sean Hannity’s radio show.

Hannity made a big splash when it was announced he was moving his show back its original time slot of 9PM.

In order to increase the buzz – and help out a friend – Hannity asked O’Reilly if he would appear as a guest on his TV program.

O’Reilly quickly agreed.

The New York Daily News reports:

“Last week, Hannity, whose show has moved back to the 9 p.m. slot, asked O’Reilly to return to the network during an interview on his radio show.

“Do you want to come back? I think you should come back,” Hannity asked.

O’Reilly, however, said he was enjoying relaxing at the beach.

A day later, the former host insisted during an appearance on NBC News’ “Today” that he “never mistreated anyone under my watch over 42 years.”

“This was a hit job,” O’Reilly said. “A political and financial hit job.”

Hannity’s other guests for the week include Paul Ryan and Rush Limbaugh.”

O’Reilly was one of a number of prominent pro-Trump broadcasters targeted by the left before and after Trump’s election.

Left-wing pressure campaigns succeeded in forcing Fox to fire him and others, but O’Reilly always maintained his innocence.

He contested he was the victim of a political smear campaign because he was a Trump supporter.

And evidence surfaced to bolster his case when one of his accusers was arrested after it was alleged she made a false report of a crime.

Are you glad to see O’Reilly back in the air? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Bill O’Reily should never have left. Fox News needs to make amends with him and bring him back. fox News let Democratic smear campaign frighten them into a bad decision. Man Up Fox

  2. Yes bring bill O back I mostly quit watching fox after he was let go onlywatched hannity also Boling needs to come back too

  3. Yes .please bring back Mr.Oreilly .He always told the truth ,and defended the topic .marvelously, His books have made me more knowledeable. He was what we westsiders in Indy call RAILROADED !

  4. He should never have been forced to leave. We stood buy and let it happen. We should have just turned Fox off until they got the message.

  5. Hell yes I want Bill back! I never missed his shows before and I damn sure won’t when he comes back! CNN is probably crying like a baby hearing this lol!

  6. Please come back Bill… this world and the media thrive on lies . This world is hungry for the truth. The only education that the average American citizen receives is the leftist lies and propaganda fed to them by the liberal media. All we want is the truth and someone brave enough to proclaim it.

  7. CPPB.. I’m sure that you don’t now this, but OAN offer him a contract immediately after leaving FOX, but he refused, saying that he wanted to rest and relax for awhile, and to continue working on the book series ” Killing”… So…
    I’m watching right now OAN and a show called ” America Under Siege : ANTIFA ” is on air right know, but maybe you and everybody else here can watch it On Demand…EXCELLENT!!
    When GRAHAM LEDGER use the phrase “”Even when I’m wrong I am right!”…. remind me
    of Hillary and the Democrats… because apply to them in reverse…


  8. Mr. O’Reilly absence left a void when he his broadcast ceased. I look forward to his once again giving listeners his take on current events. He’ll be welcomed by a multitude of listeners.

  9. Hannity & O’Reilly & local news were & are the only reasons I have to even turn the TV on. I don’t know how to find Rush, but I would like to see him also.

  10. Bill O’Reilly is “old school” and THAT is the answer and definitely common sense thus, “fair and balanced”.
    The epitome of telling people when they are out of line on his show. He is a man of real integrity, honesty and integrity. I miss the “Bill and Dennis” segment. So funny. Though a lot of those back and forth stuff went completely over some folks heads.
    Welcome back! Never gave up on you!

  11. Bring him back immediately!
    He will eat up those liberal/progressive/fascist dogs & FAKE MEDIA AND SPIT THEM OUT IN A HEART BEAT.

  12. If Fox won’t rehire Bill, then Hannity, Glenn Beck, Watters, etc. should continue to have him as a guest often! More than one way to skin those liberal cats!

  13. Just fabulous to hear Bill back on TV. Kudos for Hannity in persuading him to come. Hope he reconsiders And comes back! We need him.

  14. simply put, yes/ he’s brought me happiness and some laughter. and Miller time, well there you go.his word of the day showed he was into teaching as well. a very good man. Thank you

  15. Absolutely yes!! We want Bill back!!! We always knew it was a political smear by the left, that got him fired! We (the silent majority) are not that stupid!!

  16. Yes we need him back to bring another voice to fight the radical left anti Trump efforts. Look at the disgraceful NFL players disrespecting the flag and country.
    In the NFL embarrassment they have two things in common, there mostly black and always all democrat. Republicans would never do these things..

  17. I agree with you Mario since Bill O Reilly left , I only watch Tucker Carlson and Hannity the rest is OAN 24/7 few commercials .. Honest , sincere news …”Even when I’m wrong I am right!”… Tipping Point … I was hoping that Bill O Reilly will go to OAN ????☹️

  18. Yes, PLEASE bring him back. Was so nice to see him on Hannity. Need more conservative views. He tells it like it is!!!

  19. Yes- if O’Reilly comes back I will be a viewer as will my wife. All we watch noe is Hannity and Lew Donna. Nothing on wk end any more. Fox messed up believing all the BS about Bill O

  20. Please bring our Bill back to Fox. We never missed his show, loved to hear his enlightening banter every night. We learned so much from listening to him. Love O’Reilly – let’s have him BACK on FOX.

  21. Please bring O’Reilly back to TV. Carlson is so boring. I can’t watch him. I only watch Hannity for the same reason I want O’Reilly back.

  22. Yes, I would love to see Bill O’Reilly back on the air, full-time. We need him. He can and does cut through the liberal dung, and doesn’t worry about offending these snowflakes. The charges against him were untrue. It is scary that in a country that proclaims equal justice for all, something like this can happen!

  23. I always liked Bill and thought he got screwed.He says it as it is and doesn’t take any bs from anyone. I was glad to c him on Hannity another good conservative.I would like to c the two of them take over fox.They r putting to many liberal guests on and u don’t c them putting conservatives on shows like abc,cbs,CNN,and when they do they just throw all kind of shots at them.All the things Hillary has done to this country,these far left liberals r still kissing her butt.We need u back Bill,u r the guy.

  24. It’s not that we need a Conservative voice…IMHO…because O’Reilly was fair and balanced. His primary strength is his ability to address the issue through all the smoke and emotion. He did a great job training Watters and McCallum. I think he’s the only one everyone fears because he never let’s anyone get away with anything. Hannity is good but too emotional at times. O’Reilly isn’t a salesman…he’s a solid reporter. No one knows how to call out those who talk garbage and stupidity like Bill. Watters comes close. Oh, I shouldn’t leave out Tucker but Bill is the best.

  25. I like to have Mr. O’Reilly back on the air. As a naturalized American I have learned more about this country reading his books and watching his movies. Single handedly he managed to educate this nation. I also respected what he did for the insured soldiers who are now able to get around again with a special motorized wheelchair. Many people did him wrong but he has a higher power on his side and viewers who have taken advantage of his knowledge. I call him my rock of sanity.

  26. Sorry… but I not agree with you that Fox is the only station. May be you don’t know, but is an excellent network,
    conservative republican, that is getting traction very fast… Is called OAN network.
    Is in the channel 347 of Direct TV nationally… for others markets and providers I let you here the link:

    That programs that I watch and recommend: The Daily Ledger and Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler…
    They are shows that call ting by the name…. noting politically correct on them..

  27. Absolutely…Bring him back. I may even start watching Fox news again. It’s been turned off since the management started following the liberal pressure.

  28. I’m so glad to see Bill back on Fox, I really missed him and his honest new’s reporting. Fox is the only news station I watch and his input was honest and to the point. I hope to see him a regular back on Fox news!

  29. I think that would be a great move FOX made a mistake and they realize it now. Really FOX is the only good station to listen to anymore but without O,RIELLY I have not been a follower lately.

  30. I agree 100% with Mario. The only thing I would add is I wish Bill would tone it down a little and not appear to be so rude during personal interviews. In doing so I think Bill would be so much more effective. There’s no doubt Bill has done his homework and knows his stuff. He asks very hard questions to get to the truth and that’s what I like about him. We need more Bills but with a little less rude aggressiveness.

  31. We’re absolutely delighted he’s back!! This is what ‘freedom of speech’ is ‘really’ about!! The freedom to exchange information and ideas. The freedom to choose your beliefs without being censored. As stated above, perhaps we don’t ‘always’ agree but that is part of that freedom. We aren’t ‘required’ to always agree! We’re individuals with the right to have individual opinions and thought. To ‘force’ others to ‘think’ as one group or one individual thinks–is the loss of that freedom. It’s been ‘done’ time and again and every time, it’s failed!! Welcome Back O’Reilly!

  32. He gave his viewpoints and left room for you to decide your conscience.
    Definitely an influence that should return to TV.

  33. Bill was the reason I started watching Fox. They should “right a wrong” and bring him back. Fox needs to now do the right thing.

  34. Of course Bill should be back on fox we all know it was a hit job. I am a 65 year old female and I seen it coming. I felt we had a voice, I felt he was watching out for us. It was a sad day for our way of life when foc did what it did. I always loved fox til then. Hope they right their wrong.

  35. Absolutely yes. Sean was brilliant in bringing back Bill. This country needs people who tell the truth, and stand up to these liberal thugs.

  36. Absolutely want O’Reilly back on the air. Really miss his show since he was forced off, guilty till proven innocent. Wish him luck and hope to see him soon.

  37. Bill was the common sense voice for America in a country that is overrun with idiots that push their agenda down the throats of senseable hard working honest people. Just look around, we must get back to what is right for America.

  38. If you haven’t read his “Killing” series, do yourself a huge favor and start. These books are unbelievable….have read 4 and moving on to number 5 very shortly. Patton, The Rising Sun, Kennedy, Jesus and next Reagan…cannot wait to read them all.

  39. We must continue to fight the false narrative of the left; so far all I have seen that is tawdry are the dumocraps getting arrested for child pornography and sexually explicit cyber-posts.

  40. I was extremely excited and made sure I was front and center for Hannity Tuesday night. I hope he dies the RIGHT thing and returns to TV. The right surely needs another voice! He was always fair and balanced with zero spin! We always got the truth whether we agreed or not. Don’t let anyone, especially the unbalanced left to hold you down Nymore! Come back with all that fire that made you who you are! Love ya Bill

  41. I’d be happy to see him back. He was the one TV host that I would stay up to watch. Id like to see him back. I’ve read ever book he ever wrote and am looking forward to “Killing England”.



  44. Bill O’ is the voice of reason. Sometimes he is too soft on the left, esp. when it comes to Ocrummer, but perhaps that is the ” fair and balanced ” aspect of the Bill character! His dimmed spotlight needs to be re illuminated. He is not a conservative, but mostly supports our President which is so very important! Bring him back!

  45. Hope Bill will reconsider and come back on tv. This country and conservatism in general need the voice and wisdom of Bill O’Reilly. COME BACK BILL, pretty please

  46. YES, I miss Bill O’Rielly’s NO SPIN ZONE approach, Too many of the now FOX
    HOSTS- give far too much time to Left Leaning “guests” who spread their media lies non-stop. FOX made an error – big time, letting him go the way they did.
    No wonder their ratings have sunk – Bring Bill Back on Cable News…please!!.

  47. I miss Bill, and hope he ones back, I e moved his show and like others didn’t always agree with him, but felt he was honest and forthright.

  48. Bill is more often then not a voice of reason and clarity. Though, like others I disagree with him from time to tome I find his reasoning sound.

  49. O’Reilly is another voice of truth for the American people without all of the spin and drama — He should have never left. Hurry back Bill.

  50. Of course I want Bill again on the air. I’m not always agree with him, like with my wife of 43 years, but we need to have many Conservatives voices is possible on the air…
    We must support those voices… unless of course if you belong to the Dark Side….

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