Bill O’Reilly sent Democrats ducking for cover by speaking one brutal truth

Democrats do not want to acknowledge this reality.

But it smacked them in the face just the same.

And Bill O’Reilly sent Democrats ducking for cover by speaking one brutal truth.

Illinois Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker pounced after a deranged gunman allegedly murdered seven innocent bystanders and wounded 24 others in a shooting at the Highland Park Fourth of July parade.

Even though Illinois is ranked by the gun grabbers at Everytown USA as having the sixth toughest gun control laws in the country, during a press conference following the tragedy, Pritzker called for more gun bans and confiscation.

“Our Founding Fathers carried muskets, not assault weapons,” Pritzker ranted and raved. “And I don’t think a single one of them would have said ‘you have a Constitutional right to an assault weapon with a high-capacity magazine.”

Pritzker ignored the fact that, even though muskets were considered “weapons of war” in those days, the Founding Fathers still guaranteed a right to carry them in the Constitution.

On the following episode of his No Spin News web show, Bill O’Reilly torched Pritzker for being a phony on the issue.

O’Reilly slammed Pritzker not lifting a finger to stop the violence, murder, and mayhem taking place on the streets of Chicago because Democrats do not care about killing that impacts minorities.

“You, J.B., are not gonna stop loons, and you won’t stop crime, drug crime, drug gangs, because they’re minority gangs! That’s why you won’t stop them! You phony! You aid and abet this murder in Chicago every blankin’ day. You! Don’t be sanctimonious with me!” O’Reilly declared.

And in fact, over the Fourth of July weekend, 68 people were shot in Chicago and eight were killed.

Governor Pritzker did not strut before the cameras and demand action or call for more police to keep the streets safe.

Instead, Governor Pritzker only preened for the media when he thought he could seize political advantage and call for more gun control.

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