Black conservative’s powerful message on Fox News will leave you speechless

Leftist militants in the streets are demanding to defund the police.

American law enforcement is under attack.

But this black conservative’s powerful message on Fox News will leave you speechless.

Conservative commentator Lawrence Jones addressed the racial unrest in America in appearance on Fox News’ The Five.

Jones message to Fox News’ audience was that it was time for conservatives to stop playing defense on matters of police and race.

“We are always on defense when it comes to the issues that the Left talks about the black community,” Jones explained. “The issue is not just police shooting, it’s about what happens on the ground in the police department.”

Jones went on to say that instead of arguing about who is the bigger racist, conservatives need to mobilize voters around the message of how Big Government policies supported by Democrats ravaged black communities.

“Instead of going in to the community like Maj Toure does, a Republican, and says ‘You know what? This is how you defend yourself. These are your rights.’” Jones continued, “We never have a response, so we go back and forth on who’s a bigger racist, and who’s not.”

Jones specifically mentioned how Big Government public employee unions protected bad police officers from accountability.

Conservatives could also counter the Left’s arguments about so-called “systemic racism” with the fact that school choice would expand educational opportunity to black children.

“There is a answer for every single thing,” Jones told Fox News’ viewers, “local level is how you get things done.”

Conservatives too often accept the terms of the Left’s debate.

At that point it doesn’t matter what conservatives argue because they are accepting the terms of the Left’s premise.

Jones sent a powerful message that this needs to end.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I want to comment on Mr. Jones’ narrative. In particular I suspect he is right in his comments about the need to make sure unions in police departments do not have the power to prevent management of the police department from discipline of a “bad cop”. My thought is that the “suspect” in the Minneapolis case must have been well known as a “misfit” in the police department for a long time, just waiting for an unfortunate event – and that management was unable to do it’s job.

  2. The blacks have always been played for fools by the left and even more devastatingly so these days as if they didn’t have a mind of their own.

  3. Scott stop posting stupid websites for us more intelligent people to look at. Are you trying to make us as stupid as you?

  4. Grateful for your astuteness Mr. Jones. But note, it is not fantasy: Communist China has bought this nation via media, politicians, civil servants, lobbyists, Hollywood, and, Biden. Stand for President Trump, for a 2nd term, to restore America and God.

  5. Concur and thank you Mr. Jones. Yes, less government regulation and union involvement. No big brother and bullying political correctness. We all matter. In God We Trust.

  6. Concur and thank you Mr. Jones. Yes, less government regulation and union involvement. No big brother and bullying political correctness. We all matter. In God We Trust.

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  8. JUAN WILLIAMS is an Obama Democrat… racist to the core… hate filled.. hates Christians and Jews and babies and military and conservatives…laws… law officers. He is a diligent soldier of the Obama racists.
    watch him now on THE FIVE where you can see the faces of al the other members of THE FIVE. interesting to watch the looks on their faces you cant see when they are all in 1 room. Juan is a liar and they know it. He does not care as he is so low intellect.
    Lawrence Jones is intelligent and honest and informed.

  9. Every life within any community is equally important! No one should be singuled out as bieing more or less important, nor unimportant! Every LIFE from the womb to the death bed!

  10. This young man is a star and is also being groomed for it. The RIGHT now is doing what the LEFT has always done. How do you think we got OBAMA. The guy has the whole package.

  11. My comment is for Dems and Repubs. I am 71 years old and have heard the lies the Dems have put out for 40 years, ,every election cycle it’s the same thing, Lots of promises until the Oath of office is taken, then you are forgotten. The Repubs are cowards and the Dems want total power over everything you do. Unless you are ultra rich or in the upper positions in Govt, Your SCREWED. They will take everything away from you and give back nothing. I won’t have to spend the next 50 years living like that but you will. The Democratic Mayors and Governors have shown America just how Tyrants lead. Be careful how you vote. The Democrats are dangerous.

  12. The Main sewer Stream fake Media, completely corrupted and controlled by those who wish to do the same to us – complete control- are acting in unison across the planet to advance the cause of their “controllers”. Misery INSISTS on company !!!

  13. Citizens, if you seriously want to make lasting changes in how these Bad Cops are dealt with and weed them out before they can provoke yet another leftist encouraged riot it’s going to require the sort of fundamental change that makes the Police Unions [by whatever name they self label] part of the solution instead of part of the problem.
    Only when the Unions are forced By Statutory Law to assume a significant portion of the financial burden of the 7 or 8 digit settlements of the inevitable lawsuits spawned by the actions of Bad Cops will they decide to become a part of the solution.
    Currently, Police Unions nationwide act to keep Bad Cops who would otherwise be terminated as Unfit on forces such as Milwaukee. Check the records. This latest example of a Bad Cop had more than 15 disciplinary hearings and actions, and you can bet that the Police Union had a heavy hand in keeping him on the force long past his gone rotten date.
    Until the Police Unions are changed from major contributors to the problem to agents for solution we are going to see the same sort of Bad Behavior played out with frequency.

  14. Lawrence Jones is right on topic. He knows what the demoncraps have done to the black American communities for decades. I love it when Mr. Jones talks and juan williams begins to squirm and studder. Williams is so stupid he can not even touch Jones. My message to black America is simple. You have been lied to, used and abused by these demoncrats for almost 70 years and what has it gotten you? Nothing but grief and welfare checks that don’t even begin to feed your families. Give the Republicans and President Trump some more time to make your lives better. Look what he did for you in the first three years, unbelievable numbers and they would have been higher if the Red Chinese hadn’t messed everything up for five months. MAGA GBA KAG

  15. What happened to America that such times have come that you need to have a lot of courage to just tell the truth? And Lawrence Jones is the courageous person who finally told the truth. Why in democratic states 5 times more people died from a pandemic than in republics? Why robbing arson and killing people only in democratic states? Why, in democratic states, the police, instead of protecting people from gangs of ANTIFA, crawl on their knees? The fact is that it is impossible to hear a quiet word of truth through deafening cries of lies from all channels of fake media,

  16. Scott how is Trump the segregator? You damned idiot, he’s done more than any of your commiecrats has done for blacks.

  17. Provide solutions for every community. One of the biggest problems in the black community is that 80% of babies born are born out of wedlock. Quickly approaching 80% of all inmates in prisons and jails did not have their father at home. Remove the government father that the racist Lyndon B. Johnson started and restore the family, using black churches and pastors to mentor. Solutions.

  18. Yes Yes Yes , To Lawrence Jones .Defunding the police is just about the stupidest thing I have ever heard put forth by the extreme liberal leftists .The only people dumb enough to say things like that are the wealthy , be they black or white or otherwise .There needs to be more done about these problems than talk , although talking will lead to a solution if the people listen and demand change . It must be undertaken by the whole of our society , as a free people that value all life including the unborn.

  19. It is true we must be offensive, and not cower with that which we know is right and proper. President Trumps decision for mayors and governors
    To be called tostep up and do the work to protect and defend. We clearly see those and where this just wasn’t effective. Liberal cities with liberal mayors and governors have failed. Esper, and MADD DOG have also showed their true colors. Beware of the military industrial complex, former President Eisenhower warned us. The police unions also work against us
    Unions protect those who are inept and incapable at what they do. We must protect ourselves. Many in politics are corrupt and clearly not working for the good of us all. TRUMP 2020

  20. The right has been setting the terms for debate for years. Most of what he mentioned most people don’t disagree with. It’s just easier for conservatives to believe democrats don’t want to work on things like police reform.

    Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to want those things, because lord forbid a republican, especially in trumps America, agree with what a Democrat wants.

  21. Jesus never mentioned racism as a sin in the bible ….why you ask ? was Jesus a racists’ no ! he said “love your neighbor as you love yourself “…..that covers it all…. I would say.. I guess a lot people don’t love themselves to much.

  22. “Better education for “black” students”…….BS
    I taught in a HS in NYC with a 90% “black” population among our 2400 students. We had a 94% attendance ratio and a 93% four year college admittance. Most of our students were from lower middle class homes.
    Did we do anything different than other schools? NO. Our students just cared more. It is not the schools or the education. It is the students.

  23. The Unions interesting it’s a good plan of action that can be implemented right away, just like when you have rogue teachers your can’t weed them out of the system because of the Unions. So lets see the Unions are powerful they are the back bone of the Dem. Party so they can get away with murder Another thing they can do is no more of their dues going to Dems Money is power, power corrupts, absolute power corrupt absolutely

  24. If Black Lives Matter why are so many Blacks Killing Blacks. More Blacks have been killed by their own race than by any other race. Wake up people and admit the truth,

  25. Supporting the Segregator in chief? Bad actors among white cops so vote for their leader. Doesn’t sound well informed.

  26. If you heard Lawrence Jones on the radio, you wouldn’t know if he was black or white; it would not matter as what he says is the truth. It is also the only way that we can get to the treating each other with respect and equally. Both words mean something different. I respect Mr. Jones and I like him as well. If given the choice between him and Juan Williams, I’d choose Mr. Jones because he talks the talk and walks the walk. Thank you for your voice.

  27. I’m against any kind ofracism. What some people don’t understand is that there is only one race and that is The Human Race different colors, culture, reigon, etc. Show respect for one another.It’s not only Black Lives Matter it’s ALL LIVES MATTER. Those who want to chose to be racist I have no desire to be around. Another thing…The Demos want to hold the people of color down, not because they care about people, it’s to get their votes. They will promise you the Sun, Moon and Stars with promises they don’t intend to keep. I just wish people would recognize this and start thinking for themselves, I don’t care if you are a democrat, Independent, Tea Party or Conservative, Just think for yourselves. It isn’t hard to do so, get your brain working and realize what the Demos are doing to you and yet you get nothing. Thinking for yourselves you will have a better perspective of what is actually what the Demos are doing to you. I, quite frankly don’t like it one bit and I’m white. Some of my best friends are of color, and they are great people. So, please, please know not all white’s are racist, nor are all people of color are not racist in any way. I remember segregation and actually welcomed it. There was one young man that came to our High School, and I could tell he was frightened. I walked up to him, told him my name and said he was welcome. His answer to that was that I would lose friends and my answer was if that’s the case, then they weren’t any kind of friend. I hope this young man went on to make a great life for himself, he deserved that. I was raised to be respectfull of all people. All of this was in the 60’s. I knew I had done the right thing and that, to me, was the right thing to do.

  28. What Jones said is the same old story. The righteous right, Conservative Republicans, against the liberalist left, Democrats. Doing things without beginning or end. Meaning this is a battle that can not be won. It’s exactly like the first 37 chapters of the book of Job. Because Job didn’t address WHO was causing the pain and suffering he was having. Job couldn’t solve the problem. We are experiencing the very same thing. The LEFT is the same EVERYWHERE it comes up. Just as the RIGHT is the same. Always opposites. GOOD v Bad, TRUTH v Lies, GOD v Satan. The RIGHT side of the gulf v the Left side of the gulf. Referring to the two sides of Paridice at this time. In order to solve this race thing. We must address WHO is causing the problem. The WHO would be the same WHO as in the book of JOB in the King James Bible. We learn in chapter 38 after 37 chapters of bickering back and forth. Then Job is told by GOD it was Satan all the time. Just as we, the American people are allowing Satan to have control of our lives, our politics, our schools, and our churches. Now here is how we stop him from causing this turmoil? We put GOD back in charge! We stop electing people that only want personal power. We elect GOOD Christian men to every position. Then we support them. We allow them to find GOOD Christian judges and all the support persons. It all starts with a good Christian President like Donald J Trump and Vice President Pence. Do this and I guarantee we will be blessed like never before. But first, you must know GOD’s Word from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. But you can’t get buy with reading it once. The Word is pregnant. You learn more and GOD grants you more wisdom. Wisdom comes from hearing. And hearing the Word of GOD. GOD teaches us to seak and you will find. Ask and wisdom will be granted. Knock and the door will be opened. Christ Jesus is the LIGHT. He is the door. It’s just this simple. It is so simple a child can do it! I pray that all of you who read this will seek GOD. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. AMEN

  29. Diversity shoveled down the throats of Americans…White people the cause of Covid-19, give me a break. Demorats have been hijacked by Communist and some of them aren’t smart enough to know what’s happening due to Diversity. China will be running this country through tactics these people are brainless too…

  30. We need to retake America from these Racist’s, Communists DEMOCRATES of Pelosi, Newsome and the other Puppets of the Communists Chinese Party Leaders and the Nazi Hitler Youth George Soros, Killery, Slick Willie, Obumers and the Chinese’s comic bums.

  31. Racist means that we disagree with people of color on any issue. It’s a weaponized word to shame people whom don’t share the political beliefs of the left.

  32. Yes sir, the term “racist” has been used (effectively) for years to force people to knuckle under to ridiculous demands. Combined with rampant sycophancy, you have a perfect storm of anarchy.

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