Black conservative’s powerful message on Fox News will leave you speechless

Leftist militants in the streets are demanding to defund the police.

American law enforcement is under attack.

But this black conservative’s powerful message on Fox News will leave you speechless.

Conservative commentator Lawrence Jones addressed the racial unrest in America in appearance on Fox News’ The Five.

Jones message to Fox News’ audience was that it was time for conservatives to stop playing defense on matters of police and race.

“We are always on defense when it comes to the issues that the Left talks about the black community,” Jones explained. “The issue is not just police shooting, it’s about what happens on the ground in the police department.”

Jones went on to say that instead of arguing about who is the bigger racist, conservatives need to mobilize voters around the message of how Big Government policies supported by Democrats ravaged black communities.

“Instead of going in to the community like Maj Toure does, a Republican, and says ‘You know what? This is how you defend yourself. These are your rights.’” Jones continued, “We never have a response, so we go back and forth on who’s a bigger racist, and who’s not.”

Jones specifically mentioned how Big Government public employee unions protected bad police officers from accountability.

Conservatives could also counter the Left’s arguments about so-called “systemic racism” with the fact that school choice would expand educational opportunity to black children.

“There is a answer for every single thing,” Jones told Fox News’ viewers, “local level is how you get things done.”

Conservatives too often accept the terms of the Left’s debate.

At that point it doesn’t matter what conservatives argue because they are accepting the terms of the Left’s premise.

Jones sent a powerful message that this needs to end.

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