Black Lives Matter just saw the one video that handed them the victory they had been pushing for

Black Lives Matter rioters are driving the political discussion in America.

Politicians, police, heads of major companies and other American institutions bow before them.

And now Black Lives Matter just saw the one video that handed them the victory they had been pushing for.

Black Lives Matter is now taking over the world of sports.

The latest example was when some fake news hack tweeted out a picture of Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy on a fishing trip wearing a t-shirt bearing the logo of One America News Network, which is known to challenge the Fake News Media narrative surrounding Black Lives Matter and other left-wing issues.

Oklahoma State’s star running back Chuba Hubbard – who led the nation in rushing last season – announced he would boycott Oklahoma State athletics unless “changes” were made.

The following day, Gundy tweeted out a video where his demeanor and manner of speaking gave the impressions Gundy confessed to thought crimes after being sent to a re-education camp.

“I had a great meeting with our team today,” Gundy began. “Our players expressed their feelings as individuals and as team members. They helped me see through their eyes how the T-shirt affected their hearts. Once I learned how that network felt about Black Lives Matter, I was disgusted, and knew it was completely unacceptable to me.”

Gundy then apologized for the “pain” he caused by wearing a t-shirt and swore allegiance to Black Lives Matter and its far-left political agenda.

“I want to apologize to all members of our team, former players, and their families for the pain and discomfort that has been caused over the last two days. Black lives matter to me. Our players matter to me. These meetings with our team have been eye opening and will result in positive changes for Oklahoma State football. I sincerely hope the Oklahoma State near and far will accept my humble apology as we move forward.”

Americans have been shocked these last several weeks to see the rapid speed with which sports have turned into Hollywood, meaning it is totally run and controlled by the Left and any dissenting opinion is silenced out of fear of losing the ability to continue working in the industry.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. To put an end to White police brutality accusations, there needs to be separate policing along racial lines. Black officers for Blacks, White officers for Whites and Asian officers for Asians.

    Basically, they would have to patrol in three separate groups but close together so that when incidents arise, the culprits can be arrested by the appropriate law enforcement officers.

  2. Yes, black lives matter,BUT.. don’t All lives matter? Yes we ALL have different cultures and want to fit in. I am native american and my ancestors also were used and abused. Very few out there have no idea the truth of it all,the suffering and pain they endured. But, they did it all for future generations to learn and improve for the next generation! But This Rioting,vandalism and self righteous attitude is only going to shame their future generations.

  3. And to think that these White people are descended from the Vikings, Roman Legionaries, Celtic Warriors, Anglo-Saxon Empire builders, German Teutonic Knights, through to the Prussian Military Class, Spanish Conquistadors, Spartans, and all courageous Explorers, and Inventors, Road, and Canal Builders, and who Colonized the untamed land of North and South America, Africa, Australia, and both North and South Poles. The people that went before all of you are disgusted with your very existence, for being cowed, defiled, and beaten down by the lower Savages of the world, today. Grow a set of balls, and a spine, and put an end to this crap,now.

  4. The coach is a gelding. In the words of Isuro Tanaka – “you have no marbles”.
    He was on a fishing trip off the university grounds wearing a t-shirt that a player found offensive? SERIOUSLY? It is too bad that he doesn’t like OAN.
    Another spoiled child that has been catered to. Talk about something totally out of hand. Hubbard should spend his time riding the bench.

  5. when people finally get that black people are a different culture and don’t fit in to a developed society then we will know what to do with them

  6. Disgusted with self-entitled lazy victims. Stop relying on WELFARE. Stop replicating “slave mentality” to justify government handouts. Be alive, strong, and, live to your individual potential. Stop being a coward. We ALL matter.

  7. I guess the only solution to this problem is to only allow blacks to be cops so the left and BLM can’t accuse them of being racist when they shoot black criminals.
    The left, and BLM have no problem with black killing each other in Chicago because they never riot when it happens. BLM only comes out of hiding when a white cop kills a black man so only allow blacks to be cops. Problem solved.

  8. Stop the free ride for these jerks with an IQ less than a turnip and make room for serious students. But do it after weeding out the leftist trash teaching in colleges.

  9. Sad Gundy…
    Coaches use to teach the young men under them what it was to be a man if honor, to stand your ground if you’re right & if you are given special treatment because of who or what you are you’ve earned nothing and what you don’t earn can be taken away as fast as it was given…
    You are an embarrassment to those strong Coaches who came before you, you are an embarrassment to leaders of Young Men and any parent who allows their child to be guided by you should be embarrassed as a parent…

  10. Screw the NFL!! Overpaid knuckleheads! Let’s see how far no fans and no television viewership get you with those wonderful salaries you don’t deserve! Disband the NFL!! I don’t think you have been treated poorly! You are in all of the sports, every TV show, commercial, movie and most jobs in this country! You get free money from the government, free schooling – more opportunity than most people. Just obey the law and you won’t have to worry about police! Yes, there are bad white cops – but guess what – there are bad black cops too!

  11. Used to believe in BLM, but the way they are acting, now I don’t. Bet some of the other black people don’t either.

  12. Renewed right what a bunch of miserable cowards you are for not posting my comments. You are as bad as Bundy…

  13. You need to have common sense to be a Model Citizen…If you lay down on the carpet with people who have the IQ of a spider monkey, guess what your slanging sh_t and picking fleas too…

  14. I would never have guessed we had so many COWARDS, God help us if we should have to go to war with today’s spineless bunch. Now even the SCOTUS is toeing the liberal line.

  15. I wonder if any of this coach’s players are willing to listen to other facts about Black Lives Matter, especially the black folks who are complaining about the fact that the organization donates all their money to Democrats only. Will they listen to the fact that every major city that screams about racism keeping them suppressed is run by Democrats; for example, Minneapolis has had Democratic mayors for over 50 years non-stop, and what have they done for black people? If black lives really mattered to Democrats, beyond getting them votes, then why haven’t they fixed their cities problems already?

  16. I have given up on all sports. They’re all a bunch of pu–ies. they can all go join what’s her name from soccer. They deserve each other.As far as I am concerned they can watch each other and pay each other’s salary.

  17. And I have to be glad of my new education. I always thought that BLM was the abbreviation for Bowel Movement. And I never understood the female movement that goes by pound me too(#metoo). Why would you name a womens movement that?

  18. He is sounding like Drew Brees of the NO Saints who did a double take (Quick Opinion Change) about kneeling for the Anthem and sided with his black team members. He sure screwed the NO Saints fans.

  19. Way to go coach….Black Lies Matter. What about the relatives of blacks that owned slaves I guess they get reparations too!

  20. I don’t know who told these people that you’re going to go thru life and never have to look at things you don’t agree with or that your feeling won’t be hurt. This guy should just stay on Canada I’m sure there are others who would like this opportunity. Not everyone has to agree with these people, they’re the ones with the problems. All Lives Matter stop giving into their bs no matter what you say or do it’s never enough. They don’t want equal rights they want more rights, they disgust me.

  21. WTF guess there is now freedom of speach to say or wear what you feel,these people are bulling people for speeaking what there feelings are look at drew brees was bullied to apoligze for saying no kneeling in front of flag a disgrase is right you kneel for god nothing else.nascar take away right to bring a conferadte flag to races is wrong it history of our country deal with it but to have a offical and raising a fist with black glove on is wrong is a 60’sblack power movement symbol so thats ok no no no .wake up its history of our nation .so i guess you dont like things then burn down bussiness loot rob steal all you want in the name of it a ok you dont agree with history just protest to take it away come on get real people dont back down defend your right to your voice in the usa

  22. Grow a pair, Coach!! Are you such a wuss that you’re afraid you’ll lose your job if you speak the truth?Do you realize now that you’ve totally lost control of the team? It’s you who will be jumping through hoops to please them and not the other way around. Stand up for AON, Next News Network, & Fox News. At least from them you’ll always know that you’re getting the truth- not some left-wing BS!!

  23. Just call him “Gundy No Guts”. Who needs creeps like him. Heaven knows we have too many in the professional sports as it is. It would seem all of the football players have signed up with Satan and a big majority of the basketball players. I don’t see that much in the MLB, but it could be they just know to keep their mouths shut. What gets me is the majority of these millionaire “sports” players are BLACK. It just goes to show no matter how rich they are, they never know they should show appreciation and keep their mouths shut. Who cares about their opinions? I sure don’t. They certainly would never make me change my mind about what I believe in.

  24. Allow life’s do matter but everyone seems to forget how our native Americans were treated they were killed for trying to keep their land to only be made promises and treaty’s which were always broken also how about the Jewish people who were taken from their homes put into concentration camps starved and when they died they were put into the ground on top of. Each other before and after if they had golden teeth and wedding rings they were taken they are still being abused today people should be happy here not every thing is great it needs to be better if you think things are so bad here you all should buy
    a island some where and leave this country they can rule over it without any complaints also if you dont respect our. flag leave here and make your oun

  25. Now if you could just get it through your heads that all lives matter we would certainly get some place. As it stands you aren’t doing much to help anything by this constant intimidation. You can try all you want but some of us are madder than h*’ll at the way you are going about it.

    1. Save the historical monuments… or
    2. Donate to the bikers to keep trouble out of your neighborhood…
    3. When going to the grocery, ask for Aunt Jemima syrup and Uncle Ben’s rice (each time you go and encourage friends to do same!)
    4. Trump 2020

  27. I’ll tell you one thing. If they disband or defund police there will be allot more of killing BLM and Antifa by white and black civilians. People are about to start, because they are sick and tired of this crap by BLM, and Antifa. Wake up politicians GET A DAMN BACK BONE AND STOP THIS BEFORE IT IS TO LATE. SEND IN THE MILITARY.

  28. BLM was founded by white liberal lesbians.
    It’s a Democrat Front Group. Every penny raised for them goes to the DNC.
    Hey, no one will waste money on Cellar Joe.

  29. Gundy sold his soul to the Devil. He is only trying to save his job and his lucrative salary. Disgraceful, man has no backbone. Nothing but a Creep.

  30. Hey Coach… All Lives Matter…and OAN is the least biased station on the air today…here’s to an unsuccessful season…you have earned it…

  31. I know if I get any type of any pressure to change my opinion, isn’t going to happen!! I will help anyone who needs help! This will come back to haunt them and they will wish they were not as ass***** !! A chef told me that don’t piss or step on someone as you climb the latter, because on the way down you will wish you treated them differently

  32. Russia before revolution was reach full of art , cultures and beautiful country. Reds fought against whites. Whites wake up to late. Over 100 years they still can not recover
    Looks like America is going the same direction, if they will not react now. The disease spreads very fast.


  34. There is no Reply!!! You can,t Fix Stupidity of what some people are willing to do to are great Country!!!!. I thank they all should be rounded up and shipped out to a Country where they have no RIGHTS AND NO VICE and lets see how they like their live,s then!!! i,d be willing to bet the,ll be singing a different TUNE!!!!.

  35. This is just a back door to donate more money to the democrats running for office they are getting the money not poor black people most rich people giving them money are libs sane with the bail out fund pretty soon the whole country will be like CHOP

  36. 1) What went wrong with coach Mike Gundy? Why did he cave? Was he threatened by BLM?

    2) I am not a black lives matter fan. I believe all lives matter. BLM is a political control gang. It’s all about them. Where is the outrage over 38-year-old Randy Lewis, a BLACK Man, stabbing a defenseless 80-year old woman at a Houston Walgreens in May???? He was a career criminal!

  37. I hope they lose every game and the running back is a complete failure. Enough of this Black Lives Matter BS. All lives matter and the blacks need to get their acts together and act like Americans or get their asses back to Africa.

  38. good luck with the reparation payment waiting for the hell freeze over. start off, the exusurper blackyOB and his faggie michael moos tranny snatched a poor Kenya farm family, two female infants, as their own. two faggies can not copulate to have offspring. someone needs to let these two beautiful black girls know who their real parents and how they were robbed of their true Identity. this would be much easier to find than to pay reparation the white and black slaves from the black slave masters over three hundred years ago.

  39. Just another CHICKEN POS who values his position and money over TRUTH. He is an ass kisser and a disgrace to the whole country.

  40. “Gundy tweeted out a video where his demeanor and manner of speaking gave the impressions Gundy confessed to thought crimes after being sent to a re-education camp”. He was most likely given an ultimatum from the leftist college. Apologize or tender your resignation. Another spineless individual bullied from people who are racists and insane.

  41. Really, really tired of politics and the top of my list is BLM, not Bureau of Land Management, but black lives matter(blm), television has turned to garbage with blm and the news media. Nice blacks I knew have turned into donkeys (slang). Most of these white and black blm donkeys belong in JAIL! The law is scared, friggin’ scared, America needs to stand up and against terror!

  42. Yeah… Basically every news site or network trump doesn’t claim to be fake news is, and vice versa…

  43. So sad….he should have stated that ALL lives matter. I feel as if the Lord God looks at us as all beings created in His image…He loves each one of us no matter the race…we are all His children. If only we could love the Lord back and fellowship with Him and His creation in peace….the world would be a much better place.

  44. Face it. Nothing will appease these morons. Stop worrying about what BLM. I don’t go around shooting blacks so they can kiss my ass. It’s time for them to stfu.

  45. What a load of crap. It was a freakin’ t-shirt for a radio station, for Pete’s sake, not a pic of a KKK member in a robe carrying a torch. When will somebody get some cojones and stand up to these bullies??? You can bet your sweet bippie that if he’d had on a Black Lives Matter t-shirt, he’d be nominated for sainthood.

  46. Only white lives matter. If black lives matter they would clean up their actions and quit committing most of the crimes. And the pappys would stay home and raise the kids. The mammy’s wouldn’t have to raise them alone. And they get an attitude with the police. That DA in Atlanta should be stopped by the police every time that he dives. Just to tell him that they appreciate his looking after the county, and to tell him to have a good day.

  47. Most Jews are democrat. That’s strange because the Jews were slaves to Egypt for 400 years, and now they vote for the party of plantation slave owners.

  48. In God’s eyes all lives matter. To say it otherwise is to add a racial overtones (is that not “racist)?” I truly pity those well-meaning” blacks who sign up for this false flag event, as they just may be signing their own death warrant.
    Those who actually have control and make all this happen consider us all expendable.

  49. Wyatt Earp, I forgot to mention that many of those “Negroes” sold by other African “Negroes” were all “Moonie Muslimes” of 1 tribe of a specific sect selling those they had conquered in battle from another tribe of another sect.

    The founding fathers were not very enlightened at all when it came to the evil islam ideology they should have sought out all who were Moonie Muslimes and at the very least sent them back to Africa if need be and possible selling them back to the seller’s, after all they must have had use for them other than selling them off to elitist White kaffirs.

  50. Wyatt the fact of the matter is that like my family very few Whites ever had slaves yet we are all expected to make reparations to the “Negroes,” who were in fact sold into slavery by other “Negroes” and apologize for all time for the few Whites who did use slave labor.

    In essence is that not what the wealthy of the world have been doing since at least the 1st 1/3rd of the 20th century using people of uncivilized/uncultured nations as slave labor, Covid-19 did not spread outside of China on it’s own, corporate representatives there doing business on behalf of the wealthy got infected and spread it to the rest of the world.

  51. Gundy, now get down and low and suck the black players penises, you know like the foreign enemy Kenyan tyrant “Butt Pirate Bathhouse Barry the Osamanator” and the former 1st Transsexual Michael do for each other and others like Rahm Emanuel and Jussy Smollett quite often.

  52. BLM may have won their victory, but because they have managed to have the sports hierarchy cave to demands, I have sworn off watching or supporting sports. Gundy et al, you can pander to these fools, but I never will.

  53. These POLITICAN and governor and MAYOR are COWARD of the country! BLACK PEOPLE are Not the only race in this country! So there is no need to cater to them! If you can’t treat everyone equal then you need to RESIGN or get the hell out of AMERICA! There is no sense living in the past. Nobody living today was living back then! We all learn from mistake. But the BIGGEST mistake was THESE PEOPLE WERE SOLD OUT OF AFRICA!

  54. They don’t seem to see they’re setting themselves up as laughing stocks. This is America. Who cares what you do? Just don’t get caught. I thought everyone knew that.

  55. I hope suckass grundy likes what he did. I predict it’s going to bite him in the ass. I haven’t watched the fake ass news ch. cnn for almost a year and now I can add this whimpy ass nfl to that list. None of these assholes realize how and the freedom to play these games came to be.
    TRUMP !!2020!!

  56. Black lives only matter when democrats, and BLM can use it to race bait.
    100s of blacks are murdered every year in Chicago, and BLM doesn’t care, nor do the democrat politicians that control Illinois.
    Anybody that supports BLM or donates to them is a useful idiot, too stupid to know they’re are being conned.

  57. When people get tired of being bullied over things that we didn’t do hopefully we’ll take our country back. All lives matter and all people deserve to be treated right, but the people in Seattle needs to grow a pair and kick them bastards out of town. Or they can stand by and let thugs hold their city hostage. I’m not a lawyer, but laws are probably being broken. Their message has been received and changes are coming. Enough is enough.

  58. NASCAR made a big mistake! So if you white people think the France family care about the SPORT THAT WAS STARTED IN THE SOUTH! YOU ARE A DAM FOOL!

  59. What a bunch of crap. sounds like some got to coach and explained the facts of life to him, as terms of MONETARY VALUES …

  60. This is a racest thing to say ‘Black Lives Matter” ALL LIFE’S MATTER..Not just one race…Get that you out there pushing for advancing one race over the other. We ALL matter. We are to LOVE one another!!!

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