Black Lives Matter radicals are now targeting this Founding Father

After Charlottesville, President Trump made the point that removing Confederate monuments was a slippery slope.

“I wonder is it George Washington next week, and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after?” Trump asked.

Recent actions by Black Lives Matter and other radical leftists are quickly proving that Trump was right.

First, there was a string of vandalism incidents targeting statues of Christopher Columbus in numerous cities, including New York, Boston, and Baltimore.

Then, vandals in Baltimore targeted a century old statue honoring Francis Scott Key, who famously penned the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner.

Along with splattering red paint over much of the monument, the words “racist anthem” were spray painted on the marble.

And that same night, a group reportedly consisting of roughly 100 UVA students, faculty and community members vandalized a statue to Thomas Jefferson on the University of Virginia campus.

The Daily Progress reported:

With some sporting “Black Lives Matter” signs and many others chanting, the crowd cheered as three protesters climbed the Jefferson statue, adorning it with signs that dubbed the former president a “racist” and “rapist.”

In another article they noted the University President condemned the groups’ actions in an email to alumni, stating:

“… as part of this demonstration, they shrouded the Jefferson statue, desecrating ground that many of us consider sacred,” Sullivan wrote.

The Virginia Republican Party Chairman John Whitbeck strongly condemned the actions:

“The vandalism of the Thomas Jefferson statue at the University of Virginia is the next step in the extreme left’s movement to erase our history,” Whitbeck said. “The defacing of our historical monuments is not free speech; it is a criminal offense, plain and simple.”

Tucker Carlson referred to the tarps covering the both the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments and the one protesters placed over Jefferson as “burqas” — a comparison to the shroud women are forced to wear in strict Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia.

Tucker went on to challenge a liberal writer who argued our national anthem is a “Neo-Confederate” symbol because neo-Confederate groups had once petitioned to make the Star Spangled Banner our national anthem.

Watch the idiocracy unfold below:

By forcing Americans to forget or condemn our past, the radical left is seeking to destroy the foundation of the most prosperous republic the world has ever known.

They’ve already succeeded in eroding the moral foundations of our society by eliminating any mention of God in our public schools.

Now they’re targeting the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of our society by re-writing history in order to further push us toward their vision of a European-style liberal “utopia.”

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