Black Trump supporters are in big danger after Antifa declared all-out war on them

It is abundantly clear that Black Lives Matter doesn’t really care about black lives.

This becomes even more clear considering their close relationship with Antifa.

And now black Trump supporters are in big danger after Antifa declared all-out war on them.

All that Antifa cares about is getting rid of President Trump, and eventually shutting down the entire government so they can replace it with a communist system.

Anybody who stands in the way is their enemy.

So while they may claim to be “anti-racist,” they will target anybody who supports President Trump.

This became clearer than ever in recent days when Andrew Duncomb, a black Trump supporter, was stabbed in Portland, Oregon.

Duncomb has long been a vocal Trump supporter, and prior to Trump’s campaign, he was known for his support for Confederate history, being known as the “Black Rebel.”

While in Portland, a white Antifa supporter masquerading as a Black Lives Matter “peaceful protester” targeted him for his support for Trump.

The Portland Police Bureau explained that while they arrested the aggressor, and transported the victim to a hospital, they were unable to create an actual crime scene because the violent crowd pushed them out.

“Police attempted to create a crime scene but were unable to due to the aggressive crowd behavior and lack of community cooperation,” the bureau said in a statement. “The victim was transported to an area hospital with a serious injury, and the suspect was arrested.”

Duncomb could have very easily been killed in this situation.

Rioters already made it very difficult for police to assist him.

And the only crime he committed to be faced with such a violent attack is supporting President Donald Trump and opposing Black Lives Matter.

Duncomb posted an update from the hospital days after the attack.

But while Duncomb was thankfully able to survive, another black Trump supporter wasn’t so lucky.

Bernell “Ras” Trammell was a 60-year-old black Trump supporter in Milwaukee who was shot and killed in recent days outside of his business, where he was known to hang pro-Trump signs.

Police have not found his killer, but many believe he was targeted due to his vocal support of President Trump.

One thing is clear, black Trump supporters are in big danger.

Antifa seems to think that they have some right to every black person’s support, and despise any minority who oppose their extremist agenda.

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