Bob Woodward just lobbed a shocking accusation at John Kelly and James Mattis

Bob Woodward is in the middle of a massive PR tour promoting his new book, “Fear.”

But members of the Trump administration, including Generals John Kelly and James Mattis, immediately pushed back against claims he made about them.

And in a recent interview, Woodward just doubled-down by lobbing this shocking accusation at them both.

Bob Woodward claims in his new book that Mattis told “close associates that the president acted like — and had the understanding of — ‘a fifth- or sixth-grader.’” John Kelly, Woodward claims, called the president an “idiot.”

Both men have denied the claims.

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie asked Woodward point blank about their denials.

“Are they lying?” Guthrie asked.

“They are not telling the truth,” Woodward said.

“These are political statements to protect their jobs. Totally understandable,” he continued.


Fox News’ Brit Hume notes that because Woodward doesn’t name his sources, it’s hard to evaluate his work.

In other words, while the claims can never be proven, it’s also hard to disprove them.

It’s basically the same technique he’s used to sell books about numerous administrations based on his Watergate fame as a top-notch journalist.

President Trump has called Woodward’s book a “joke.”

Who do you believe: John Kelly and James Mattis, or Bob Woodward?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. bob woodward is a liar. anyone can write a book and not name people. this is easy. woodward and Bernstein are fraudulent wtiters. did we ever learn who

    bob woodward is a liar. he has lied in all his books. has he ever named ane source. NO. and that goes for his lying oal-bernstein. during the Nixon escapade, these two liars forced Nixon out of power with someone called

    bob woodward is a fraud and a liar. did he ever name any source in any of his books?NO. because he has none. all named are lies. Bernstein and woodward are frauds and liars. they forced pre. Nixon out of office with a fictious character named deep throat. did we ever find out who deep throat is. NO BECAUSE THIS IS A LIE. and i have proof. woodward stated he went to hospital to visit hohn Ashcroft,ag, who lost speech due to stroke. i know because my mother lost speech due to a stroke. woodward claimed he interviewed Ashcroft, who had no speech. how can anyone be interviewed when they have no speech? woodward was only one there in hospital with Ashcroft. woodward is a fraud, congenital liar, who makes money writing books, making up fictious stories, never interviewing any real people and making believe he knows everyone in government. when woodward was in high school, he made up a story that was a lie about the principal and had the principal fired. woodward did the same with pres. nexon; made up a story about deep throat and the break in of the democratic headquarters orchestrated by pres. nexon. when you look in the face of woodward, you are looking at a fraud and a congenital and pathological liar and if you see his books, they are all lies and fairy tales. woodward’s life is a life of lies.

  2. I would believe these two Generals over anything this damn DEM would have to say. Those two men served this GREAT COUNTRY, and what has woodie say. RET ARMY SFC E-7

  3. We need to remember that Mattis and Kelly have served our country and Bob Woodward has never served anything but himself and all he does is sell books or maybe not and he lies and his books are not built on truth. Just falsehoods. I am behind Mattis and Kelly as they have served in wartime and what our President is dealing with is war within our country. We all need to keep the faith that God will give our country what is needed. All the DEMS are not believers of God and they don’t have faith in God so they are lost soles.

  4. Woodward needs to crawl back in the cave he belongs in. He only surfaces once in awhile to spew hate and lies.

  5. INFORMED PPL Will not let ‘this’ Happen.
    the More ppl That KNOW, The Better.
    > Spread the info to whatever Sources you have.

  6. I would never believe anything Bob Woodward says. He is part of the conspiracy to take Trump down and they want to do it soon.

  7. Please people – show some understanding for the losers; they invested large sums of money on gold-plated picture frames featuring Hillary’s smiling portraits. You remember the wife of that disbarred impeached felon and seial rapist Bill Clinton?

  8. Very good point. Bob Woodward only attached two Republican presidents – where was he when Clinton was around or when Obama started attacking the police and splitting this country up into factions – he is one of the main reasons the country is so divided (and nasty) now. Heard Bob Woodward speak at a commencement address back in about ’92 and was appalled at how honest he was about his lack of ethics. He bragged about how he got material to write the Watergate book, also bragged he got into his deceased father’s legal files and accessed very confidential information on father’s clients – was really proud he had done it. He pretty much said that his job was to get dirt any way he could on a anyone no matter how he went about doing it. We were shocked at the type of lesson he was giving young college graduates. He is a piece of scum.

  9. richard, am fully aware of ‘DJT’s selection & Was ‘searching’
    at that time, for sure.
    Is what ‘it’ is now.
    >& Thank you for “venom” remark. Need MORE ‘venom’ to ‘bite’
    the Left & ‘dissenters’. #SAVEUSA ps. find ‘the dots’__
    POTUS ‘knows’ & ‘dealing w/it’. You’ll see – in Time.

  10. zee: Pence was chosen by Trump to be his running mate, because the two share similar views. But, why talk to you – you are as rude, crude and full of venom as always. Not worth wasting my time on you.

  11. Richard, Apparently you know ‘nothing’ re ‘pence’. hmmm
    Better start connecting some ‘dots’ – if you can find them.

  12. Richard, E’one IN DC. ‘knows’ re Woodward & his ‘past'( Ahem.)
    > woodward IS ‘financially compromised’ Now – Henceforth, bookie Book.
    & many suckers take it. $$$. He goes to ‘bank’. Capish,no? Meanwhile,
    ‘Riling’ the PPL. (or at least ‘some’) Not Me.

  13. Somehow i remain skeptical re Kelly. Why, i don’t know.
    Remember McMaster??? = V. Baad & Gone !!! ps Bolton
    IS WORSE & a ‘Disaster to POTUS, Anyway,
    > MATTIS IS The ‘Real Deal’.

  14. Just for a short time, Scott. I guess the libs rushed to purchase something for … a … political reason. Is that right? Just wait and watch the sales result in next quarter.

  15. Dan T., Yes, We seem to be doing with #WalkAway but I’m not liking what I am hearing about losing ground with Independents. Got to find the source of that.

  16. Fifth or sixth grade understanding of certain things is irrelevant. What’s relevant are those we hire or appointed as advisors. No President knows everything. And most know very little. That’s why there are thousands of members of our government. Every President relies on his advisors. So for Woodward or anyone to suggest that a President is childish and unfit because of an elementary understanding of a foreign topic is absurd, underhanded and as wickedly childish as one can get. I swear, isn’t there a single person on the left who can utter the plainest truth? Talk about unfit!

  17. Bob Woodward is trying to regain the fix of his youth but this book is so full horse apples anonymous this said from anonymous X reported to me by anonymous Y. If you are into Leftist Fiction Bob Woodwards book will fit your bill

  18. but he is true that if they did say it they would deny it, but saying it to each other is one thing and having your personal opinion you are still allowed to have even when in the military, but its understandable to have second thoughts because look at how this presidency has been run with lies and a revolving door of people who have quit or been fired. do i think hes a good president no would i defend him, i swore an oath 36 years ago and even though i don’t have anything to do with the government now i am still bound by the word i gave



  21. I believe Generals Mattis and Kelly before I would entertain to believe that lying piece of garbage named Woodward. Woodward wants to bring down our President. Like all Libtards, Woodward can’t stand the fact that the people of this nation voted for Donald Trump for President and he (Woodward) wants to negate that with his book of lies. He has the unmitigated gall to call two great Generals who fought for this country LIARS. HOW DARE HE? He should get down on his knees and thank them for their courage in defending this nation so that misfits like him (Woodward) can sit on his arse and write books filled with “anonymous” lies. Woodward says the people of this nation better wake up. Yes, they better wake up and vote all DemoRats out of office and send malcontents like Woodward back under the rock they crawled out of.

  22. Kathryn and R: No I am not a troll – just an independent thinker, who analyses the situation and is not stampeded by knee-jerk the anti-Democratic rhetoric. I look at each issue on its merits and then judge the merits accordingly.

  23. Dan Tyree: We are talking about the Woodward book – not about Hillary or Obama. Stick to the point. Remember, two wrongs never make a right. Trump has been caught lying. Pence has been truthful and competent when he was in Indiana. Pence would make a better President. That is my point – and I was hoping you would see it – and you, as well as others, would react to that point and not just spew out venom about Democrats.

  24. Something for you liberals to consider when deciding if a book or article containing quotes is true, do the people being quoted want to remain in their job? The people in Woodward’s book are honorable people who would resign if they didn’t want to work, they would not bash their boss in a book so they would get fired! This book is full of lies and innuendos and is a load of crap as are all you garden variety liberals!

  25. As for Bob Woodward, He is a has been. These exhausted rosters need to make their last hurrah before going into the sunset. All his stuff is not fact checked. He is a despicable old fart!!!! I am furious that these gullible Publishers have all this money to front these bad books all the time. It is such a mess to give these bad books such hype! I guess some of these publishers are Hungry for business or hate our President Trump??? They are left radicals i guess!!!!!

  26. Pammy JayKay, Ric B, paid liberal troll, blogging to insult Republicans. Ric B should get a job and work like decent young people instead of living off welfare. You are the dregs of the earth.

  27. Scott27, YEAH , YEAH , YEAH!
    Anything else, you jerk off? Who cares, we don’t care about you or your lying talking points. You make stupid look intelligent.

  28. From the moment President Trump won the election ,the deep state began to assemble to take our president down. They had much money from all their evil partners in crime so they could finacially support taking down a president that won fair and square!
    The democrats and Obama devised this most evil take down . Bob Woodward is just another factor in their deep state attack on
    President Trump! The globalist dream the democrats view as their Eutopia was interrupted and they have been having one fit after another liked a spoiled child that did not get its way! They are pushing against our freedom ,our constitution and could care less what happens to the people in their globalism dream! President Trump cares what happens to this country and it’s peoplè!
    He is not. Perfect but neither are any of us!! He has accomplished more in his short time than any of the figure head past presidents ever did! All the nasty comments about his intellect do not hold water! God bless president Trump and God save America from satans grip on the American people. God bless our children and keep them from being influenced by the rampant evil in this world. Amen and amen.

  29. I did not approve the last President nor any of his policies not do I approve of him coming back to the spotlight. He got rich of the American people and both he and his wife have an inflated view of themselves.

  30. Fred Patton, Welcome home to the GOP!

    #WalkAway to the Republican party,
    we want and need all of you.

  31. JonDarmes, Scot27, Is a rotten egg sucking dog and Troll. His only purpose in life is to blindly march in step to whatever Pelosi and Schumer tell him AND, to write lies and half truths to make Republicans angry so they will lose it AND reply to his liberal total nonsense. He is a creep and lowlife. One realizes he is very young by the way he writes. Folks, this means he is on welfare, living off tax payer money. Most Republicans blogging this time of the day are retired or disabled or independently wealthy. These nasty young liberals are nothing more than leeches living off society. Don’t allow the likes of them bother you in the least. Trolls are the dregs of the earth and should be ignored! 🙂 🙂


  33. I am totally disgusted with this liar do nothing prior president. He can’t let go and is an ego smooth maniac!!! he is so jealous with our new president and can’t stand that he is so successful!! I want to vomit at his latest lies saying he boosted the economy. He did nothing but line his pockets and the squirrels that follow him should be ashamed of themselves. He didn’t even help his own people in Chicago in 8 yrs. He is a smooth talker and crook like his buddy Hillary! If he had any class he would keep his mouth shut and stay in the shadows like the other president Bush did for him even though he made thousands of errors and is RESPONSIBLE with Hillary for Bengahzi and those poor 4 that died begging for help!

  34. I’m in support of that idea. Go Judge Jeanine!!!! Whatever happened to the Sessions of Trump’s campaign, he disappeared?

  35. I hope that Woodbrain makes a lot of money on his book because then the first guy who sues him for slander and defamation of character will get it all.

  36. From Bernstein, I would expect such “journalism”, but this being Woodward’s book caught me off guard, however. My confidence in Woodward’s veracity just dropped BIG TIME!!

  37. Bob Woodward got famous in Watergate where he helped to harass Nixon out of office.
    This was a man who took our troops out of Vietnam when it was time and recognized China for the first time.
    Now he wants to do it again for another Republican president.
    If you give a dog a piece of meat when he barks, he will bark more.

  38. Woody wouldn’t know HOW to cross his t’s and dot his i’s in the snow! But if it’s YELLOW, DON’T EAT IT! And don’t BUY his YELLOW journalism!

  39. “YOUR” President? Trump is OUR President, Scott27! Unless, of course, you count yourself in the MAJOR MINORITY of UN-AMERICANS!

  40. Thank you for your ????????service????????, Mike! I ‘served’ at the heels of a PROUD PATRIOT…my father…Colonel, U.S. Army????????????????????????

  41. Made his point LOUD & CLEAR…all that counts! ‘Sides…who died, Ric B, and put the red grading crayon in YOUR hand?

  42. There is something about accusations being in print or broadcast that will do damage, whether true or un true. Writers, who find a way to avoid responsibility, without revealing their source use this as a license to LIE at will. These divisive political attacks seem to be more fabrications to promote a political agenda. Sueing for mega-bucks is all they will understand. They welcome the jabs in the media, wehich adds to their original publicity plan. I remember some lawyer talk about “here say evidence.” Using only his computer/pen to make an unsupported statement, certainly does not maked it true.

  43. There you go again, Scott27…it’s all about the money…SHOW ME THE MONEY! MONEY…at ANY price! GREED! AVARICE! HUBRIS! D.E.A.D.L.Y.!

  44. N.I.K.E. = N.ot I.n K.aeperDICK’s E.mpty hand on his LITTLE head ‘stead of his ♥…in a COUNTRY that gave him $MILLIONS$ to DISHONOR and DISRESPECT! CHEW ON THAT, Scott27!

  45. You are so right. She would be great and she would not allow Mueller to continue on this corrupt investigation!

  46. Tapes mean nothing…can be doctored…erased…edited for content! Did the taper DISCLOSE to the tapee that said tapee was ON TAPE? Tapee is just a slimy COWARD…FACE ERASED!

  47. you will be going back to hell from whence he came all liars will have there part woodward in fire your there forever standing tall marine

  48. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? FULL STAFF!!!

  49. Obama should stay away from BLUE neckties…brings out his PURPLE moronic tongue that wags I LOVE FARRAKHAN and WORLD WE APOLOGIZE.

  50. 1st Amendment freedom of speech protects those who slander and smear…just another ‘history’ book that attempts to REWRITE characters in a bad light.

  51. One could not say it better than you did. George McGinty Stoneham!
    He is trying to ride a wave of long forgotten fame but once a wave has reached the beach nothing will make it ride-able again! If you listen carefully to his speech you can hear he hasn’t got all his marbles in place any more

  52. Bob Woodward had a Home Run at his first “AT BAT” – the Watergate Saga.
    His biggest FEAR is he has not been able to hit a Home Run ever since.
    See the decline in the quality of his books (did not know he had published books on each administration since then) his biggest FEAR is he may never hit a HOME RUN again.
    Same goes for his partner Carl Bernstein who displays his decline everyday on CNN.

  53. Where there is smoke there is fire. We all know that Trump has not always been truthful – think of the Stormy Davis saga – and all of Trump’s initial denials and later admissions. Even if Bob Woodward erred in a few places, the Trump White House is clearly a snake pit. I pity the people who work there having to deal with such an erratic, unpredictable, impulsive, ill-informed and bad-tempered President who now has launched a witch hunt regarding who wrote the Memo for the NYT. You know what they say “Thou protesteth too much”. It is a case of a thief who screams ‘thief” to deflect attention from himself. The US would be so much better served, if Trump would resign or be impeached and Mike Pence would become President.

  54. I’m not sure what to believe here. If Woodward is slandering or libeling these guys, can’t they take action? Why wouldn’t they?

  55. SNOTT27, Your Kenyan God, (Bath house Barry) has returned, I’m relatively certain that if you show proper reverence he’ll take you back. Then maybe you and Hillary can get back together. Remember, the Fascists that prey together, stay together. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  56. Snott27 your mulatto had to be corrected. The problem was people was afraid the libturds would call them racist. They could have proven he was born in koonya but didn’t have the balls

  57. I agree ????% !! If you don’t have the cajones to name your sources, why should you be believed ? Bernstein is a lousy liberal who thinks we should take what he says at face value !!! Well…..not me !!

  58. Steve, it seems you believe you are an enlightened being, as such and base on your anti Trump statement I would like to send you a few undocumented refugees who would love to share your friendship, your
    home, your food, your job and your income. Don’t forget to let Obama know you still support him.

  59. That is crap. Universally respected by who, liberal slime??? For what, yellow dog journalism??? BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  60. You know if people slander other people it should be law that what they state must be backed up with facts,ie; Names and dates and irrefutable proof.

  61. And you NEVER do for all of YOUR “alternative facts” that are your talking points, of course…. Liberal fools never have more than thin lies to go on. That is what POLITICS is all about. LIE, LIE, AND THEN LIE AGAIN.

  62. What TRUTH. A LIE IS A LIE, the TRUTH is that it WAS a lie. That means the LIAR(s) NEED TO BE PROSECUTED — NEVER accept a proven lie as the truth!

  63. Right Steve, universally respected by by the left. The problem is that doesn’t fit the definition of universal. But, we understand, the left always thinks they’re right. The problem is you guys can’t handle the truth.

  64. Why do people give any credibility to these so-called journalists that only rely on “anonymous source” You only have to look at all the leaks from the FBI and Obama Justice department They leaked lies about Russian Collusion so they could use the media as a source to get FISA warrants. It’s all coming out there is a grand jury investigation going on

  65. You are quoting the liberal mantra. Woodward is one in a long line of liberals who are using every means that they can come up with and have been left with the voters discovering that they the libs are the ones guilty of every thing they have accused him of.

  66. your mom must be so proud. Usually the tack taken by someone who can’t make a coherent point… resort to garbage. Says a alot.

  67. Shirley Ann, you are in a dreamworld, Woodward is universally respected for thoroughness and accuracy, Trump is only thought to be truthful by those in a reality distortion field.

  68. Generals Mattis and Kelly are men of honor. If they had something to say they would say it and stand by it. Woodward on the other hand is not a man of honor. He would do anything, say anything for a buck. He is living off of distant fame. He is trying to extend his 15 minutes. Instead of building a strong legacy, he demeans himself, his country and the Presidency for money.

  69. I think your president should be made to prove 98 percent of what he says. Couldn’t do it. What are the counters up to now… more than 5,000 blatant lies (even his top economic dude had to call him on a grossly fabricated tweet today) or twists of truth?

  70. I believe unconditionally in President Donald J. Trump & in General Mattis & Kelly, all three have a proven
    record of Honoring their Words. However, Little Lord
    Watergate, Woodward, has made his Reputation on Twisting Words to Benefit himself, Professionally &
    Financially. Watergate is Over & so is the career of Little Lord Watergate. It’s 2018, Exit The Stage Please.

  71. Ahh, but he is telling the truth. Something your president is incapable of. And Woodward does not need the money… although pre-sales of his book are through the roof.

  72. No doubt. Because so many will have read it by then. Setting pre-order sales records at Amazon. In an oddly related matter, did you see Nike’s sales jumped 31 percent after their recent ad came out?

  73. Notice with Republicans it’s always lying and with Dems it’s ‘being less than candid’. Now that the Dems and MSM are in Stage 3 TDS look for the ‘no holds barred’ approach to continue. Desperate times call for equally desperate measures. Remember during Monica, once POTUS BJ was caught lying to a Federal judge the MSM jumped to his defense saying that at times ‘white lies’ are necessary and can in some cases actually be theraputic! Stay tuned, the prevarication is going to get worse.

  74. I’ll take General Mattis’s and General Kelly’s word over Woodward’s word any day. Woodward worked for many years for the Washington Post. ‘Nuff Said

  75. You mean besides the hundreds of hours of taped conversations. He’s not stupid. And he believes in accuracy. I stand by his reporting.

  76. Well, Irma, he acquired that wealth by being given millions by his father; then he stiffed and defrauded a whole lot of people (e.g. Trump University); he was such a poor businessman that banks in the country quit having anything to do with him. Funny how his sons talk about all the financial dealings they have with Russia.

  77. ok, because I don’t believe a single thing that comes out of drumpf’s mouth… even his top economics dude today had to correct a gross alternative fact tweeted out this morning.

  78. Shall I remind you of your comrade Mitch McConnell’s famous quote? “Our job is only to be sure he’s (obama) a one-term president.” Nothing about working together toward good for the country. And besides, I may not have agreed with the past administration all the time, but he wasn’t a loose cannon moron.

  79. should mr. trump have to prove his accusations? And most of whatever he says? Saw today even his own top economics person had to correct a gross lie that rump tweeted this morning.

  80. I always voted Republican; until I got tired of being lied to and having my tax dollars so corrupted. Now I’m proudly independent.

  81. hmmm…. seems another source who only went by Deep Throat was instrumental in another similar situation. And like at that time… it’s follow the money.

  82. Woodward is nothing more than “A pimple on the ass of progress”. His writings don’t amount to a peehole in the snow.

  83. Me too Fred. Frm all my life. Voted for Trump and no regrets. He is doing so good, I’ll vote for him again. I’ve Had it with the dems.


  85. Not only is he a scumbag, but he couldn’t carry either of these two highly decorated Marines Jock Strap; also, Bob is like Clinton never served, but highly critical of those that have, Bob, you are FUBAR, go ask any serviceman they will explain it to you; and Journalistic Clown is a better fit for you since you only deal with those that want to Rat out a Administration for money…

  86. I’m 75 and voted Democrat as well as my family as my dad always said, vote democrat and have a job! How president Trump has turned that around, vote republican as I did for President Trump.

  87. Gunny, I’m betting woody was paid by the left TO write it. Any money’s from sales is just gravy.
    this is war,keep ur powder dry.

  88. Cynthia Drockton – I think libel suits should be charged by all injured parties against Woodward which would force him to disclose who the insider rat(s) is. Slandering is also against the law – another lawsuit. Even though it’s harder to prove libel, it shows that once again Woodward’s voracity is in question for the umpteenth time. He must have been running out of money since his last questionable book. Either that or he need to be in the spotlight again. This is Bob’s wife.

  89. Bob Woodward doesn’t know a conservative truth and Mattis and Kelly are not lying. If they said they did not say that then th ey did not say it. I think it’s about time the liberals learn that the rest of the country does not have to agree with them. If they knew it then they would not have to lie to try to convince the rest of the country!


  91. If you really believe what you just said I have 40 acres of land for sale at a real good price. You just need to see it at low tide.

  92. Kelly and Mattis. They’re not selling books. Whoever imagined or leaked those remarks are seeking compens a ton and are not worthy of their positions.

  93. What controls ‘not real’ journalists like Woodward? The person who offers supposed information and also threats to the ‘not real’ journalist’ is the one who runs the life of these people.. IF the ‘not real’ journalist had an ounce of courage they would turn down the supposed information and stand up to the threat by simply coming forth and exposing that person. What are the chances that this could happen? With a
    ‘constitutional ‘ journalist it would be the normal way to move. A ‘not real’ journalist – ZERO.

  94. I hope that Mr. Woodward holds on to the money he received from the Libtards that paid his m to write this slop.
    I have a feeling that he will not make too much on his book sales.

  95. Anonymous should never be used or believed. Thinking Mattis and Kelly would lie to keep their jobs is an inexcusable offense to these men if they did not believe in the President they would not support him. Woodward is the idiot.

  96. Losers often put down the work of those who can do, like Woodward who has written book after book and is considered one of the finest journalists alive today. He has tapes of his interviews so can prove who is lying. If he had written a book praising how smart, stable, great temper, and solidly assesses information, you guys would be stumbling all over yourselves to praise it. Hey, how come no one that has worked with Trump says those things, with most all of them saying, like Kelly and Tillerson, that Trump is an “idiot” and a “moron”?

  97. just a past dead ideas and facts just trying to sell his book no references of hard facts he will be ablow in the wind before long

  98. I have to wonder how much did Soros pay him to write this book. Bob Woodward is part of the democratic swamp that is willing to say anything to see Trump go down. These people who think they are so right are actually enemies of America and many of them are guilty of committing acts of Sedition against the legally elected/legitimate government of the USA.

  99. I also believe both Generals , you want to read a real truthful book grab this one Killing the Deep state , this one is for real , the one this guy published is all part of the Deep States plan . This guy is in bed with the left , period

  100. Bob Woodard wants a name for himself, it’s sad if he can’t prove anything!!! No one is listening. I’m not Trump has done a great job a lot better than Obama!! And about Obama he is making a stupid fool of himself, telling lies about him in office and how great it was and how great the economy was!!? Who is he foolin, not me Doesn’t he know we have records what he did and I tell you it was notGREAT!! He really is a sick puppy and Hillary is sick sick MONSTER!!!

  101. I believe John Kelly and James Mattis, Bob Woodward is just trying to make a few bucks for his retirement, his Watergate fame has died and he is struggling – his book (BS) is like all of the rest negative thing said about Trump. People like the Times and Woodward can’t give the names of the ones that gave them the information because there were none – it is all made up!!!!

  102. Bob Woodward should know better. Read this! Bob Woodward claims in his new book that Mattis told “close associates that the president acted like — and had the understanding of — ‘a fifth- or sixth-grader.’” John Kelly, Woodward claims, called the president an “idiot.” I am judging Bob Woodward and sentencing him to pay double the amount that he receives from the sale of his book, “FEAR”. I am an American and I have spoken. I declare myself judge and jury over this matter. So pay up. Funds to be split up between these two men that you deframed.

  103. Makes me want to write my own book..sure makes it easy to make a wad of green…and…I don’t even need to back my stories with any sort of proof. Dang. Should have known this as a young woman. Foolish broke me did it all the wrong way apparently. I chose Honest hard work instead

  104. I understand Woodward has written other books with allegations and never produced proof. Why would anyone buy is book. I think we are all tired of anonymous tales. I understand he never talked to these people who were supposedly involved. What’s this world coming to with jokers like him and CNN. Two jokers alike.

  105. when you are cursing others, the correct word is “yourselves” not what you wrote. Not have many words in your arsenal, Greg? College grad?

  106. Just another book of BS and lies written by another low life, no class so-called journalist not worth the paper it is written on.

  107. This is the perfect environment for a lying so-called author to jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon and spew his unverified allegations. I won’t be wasting a penny on his book or any of the works of fiction by the other pathetic authors of garbage.
    They just can’t stand that Pres Trump is doing outstanding things for America & Americans. My advice to Woodward & the other hating writers is to crawl back in the swamp with their leftist counterparts & establishment traitors!

  108. Well looks like lit,l bobby woodward the wall writer, has got a new sponsor besides the nyt, it is puppet master soros, now he and obama can be brothers, how nice. TRAITORS

  109. Bob Woodward is nothing but an irrelevant senile fool that wants another 15 minutes of fame….He comes from the deepest dirtiest part of the Washington swamp….

  110. Anyone that believes ANYTHING coming from ANYONE in the mainstream media hasn’t brains enough to pour water out of a boot!

  111. Well looks like lit,l bobby woodward the wall writer, is go a new sponsor besides the nyt, it is puppet master soros, now he and obama can be brothers, how nice. TRAITORS

  112. Woodward is a hack trying to pay the bills. He has always stretched the truth and is now telling total falsehoods.

  113. Fake books and fake news
    Fake remarks outright lies, how can anyone report news without having any facts or evidence the same thing with writing a book no fax or evidence how can people get away with this

  114. When Trump tweeted to fight back, his enemies called him ‘childish’. I think that his enemies are pissed off that Trump can defend himself thru the social media network. Honestly, had not for the social media networks, he would have been impeached and thrown out of the White House in a year ago.

    Most news media are liberal that still refuse to investigate Hillary’s scandals. Maybe it was the higher power that would never permit Hillary to become the president. We are very, very lucky that Hillary lost. Whew. She’s truly a monster.

    By the way, if Trump sound childish but very truthful, I’m okay with it.

    Trump 2020

  115. Bob Woodward just wants to make a few bucks to pad his retirement and bash Republicans just one more time before he rides off into the sunset. It looks as if his book may go by the way of so many
    tell all books full of lies. I hope he is not
    having millions printed because people
    are already saying, Bob Woodward, who
    is that? So Bob, here’s hoping your
    books sit on the shelf until they rot
    while, you ride away into retirement.

  116. The Greed for easy Money by betraying a FRIEND is remarkable! But, how sad and LOWLY it is to sell the Substance of the SELF for a dime! May be there weren’t any to begin with, thus, it is cheaply sold!

  117. I have said it before and I will say it again, I believe Bob Woodward is showing signs of dementia. He is imagining these things he writes and using his far past as credentials and his publisher even pay him for his poop! Speak of a need for a polygraph!

  118. Woodward is just another DUMD ASS!!! JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE TRUMP HATERS. YOU CAN ALL GO F___ YOURSELFS!!!!!!!

  119. I think the book writer is just out to try and say “please buy my book” I am an old man and need a “lime light fix”. When none of this is recorded it is a he said he said However, there are now tow against the remarks of one.

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