Bombshell book calls out Obama for his worst betrayal

Barack Obama’s two terms in office saw him work to undermine America on the world stage.

But one betrayal stood out above all the rest.

And now a new bombshell book is calling Obama out and no one can believe it.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is the last person anyone expected to be critical of Obama.

But in his new book “Facts and Fears: Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence,” Clapper blasts Obama for giving away too much in the Iran deal.

Clapper writes:

“When the final Iran nuclear deal—the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—was signed on July 14, I knew that Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu was probably furious, and truthfully, I, too, felt we had given away too much for what we’d gotten from Iran, but at the same time, I still believed the world had just become a lot safer. Iran regained access to their $100 billion or so that had been frozen by sanctions. In return, they shipped out all of their uranium that was enriched beyond the 3.67 percent mark that capped “low-enriched uranium,” and 15,000 pounds of their low-enriched uranium, leaving just 660 pounds to be used for nuclear power and medical research.”

The downside of the Iran deal was that it sunset in ten years, which would’ve allowed Iran to restart their nuclear program and acquire a weapon.

This is one of the chief reasons Donald Trump called the Iran deal the worst in history when he was campaigning for President.

As a candidate, Trump promised to tear up the deal.

And the President made good on his word when he announced last month that the United States was withdrawing from the agreement.

Obama and his defenders in the media protested, but even Obama’s own Director of National Intelligence thinks the deal was far too favorable to the Iranians.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. ABSOLUTLEY agree with Trump. Bamaloo was an idiot, traitor and the antichrist.
    TRUMPET 2020🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. The Iranian deal is a bust. However, it is not the Iranian people who are at Fault, it is John Kerry, the negotiators, and the Mullahs who are at fault. Do not blame the -people who have been trying to overthrow the regime, blame the Mullahs.

  3. By the way, does anyone remember when at the beginning of obuma’s second term the FBI went so far as to call the ‘Kenyan King’ a domestic terrorist?

  4. Damn, was I ever wrong! I really thought this was a public forum where all people could express their feelings about the current screwed up situation this country is in, instead it seems like a shout at the devil contest where everyone tries to make everyone else believe how freaking great and intelligent they are, or not.

  5. The very fact that James Clapper includes the bad Iran deal in his book, shows his guilt. He knew he was on the wrong side of this deal. He chose to not acknowledge this at the time. Silence propels the truth to surface when a person internalizes, but does not express the truth when he should have done so. That is my opinion.

  6. Barry Sotero did not care how much anything cost he just liked the idea of wasting tax monies and rerouting them back to his party coffers and then use bankrupt crony schemes to do the very same thing…this malicious Fraud of a man is still unaccountable for untold billions…It will be a pleasure seeing this obnoxious clown live in the confines of GITMO….and I hope they water board the SOB….

    • He should have to pay back the billions, by selling his homes and fancy vehicles, and forego having a presidential library. He is pure muslim $hitbird. Then he should be imprisoned in Gitmo.

    • Clapper was wrong doing what he did but glad to see he is rolling on the treasonous Obama! Hope he can testify against him and have him stripped of any presidential rights or benefits and help send him to prison where he belongs!

  7. Do any of you people remember Obama standing before a camera, and making this remark,:If push comes to shove, then I will be on the side of the Muslems:. Does this sound like a remark anyone who loves America would make? For some strange reason, I cannot make myself believe that this the case!

  8. well if you don’t know why the kenyan freak did it , your stupid , his iranian ice queen was pulling his strings,if he had his way the iatola would be running the u.s. now,8 years and you still don’t see the kenyan freak is a radical muslum terrorist,

  9. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  10. Obuma should be tried for treason however he can’t be because he is not an American Citizen! However we could charge him as a foreign agent!

  11. Apparently everyone on this site lives in a fantasy world or just too stupid to see what the hell really goes on in this country. The only reason Obama didn’t get anything done is because the piece of shit Republicans screwed up everything he tried to do to make your lives better. I bet none of you Assholes are any better off with this Asshole in office then you were before. When all your family members start dying because they have no health insurance because your Asshole in charge takes away, then you won’t be so damn smug. And when you start dying from starvation because your Asshole in charge finds more ways to take your money and give it to his rich friends, then what the hell are you going to do. If any of you had any damn brains then you would look at the voting record of the Republicans that just think of you as slaves to keep them rich and living in luxury while you have no money to buy anything. You racist pukes don’t care how deep in the gutter you live as long as you think it is screwing over the minorities that you hate. As long as we have people like you in this country then it will never be great. You and your piece of shit president will be the downfall of America and then Putin will sweep right in and make you worse slaves then the way he treats his own people. Right now Trump is Putin’s bitch and you are all his bitches.

      • That is 2 more brain cells then you have. If you even had one then you would see how he is screwing this country into a cesspool of shit.

    • health wasn’t great when obama was in office it was expensive all my friends cried at the price it cost them…now low income got it cheap for a yr or so after that it went up for them toooo….so health care is ok again for low income for those under 17,000…above that your paying for those that got it cheap…it appears robert wood that you hate the whole world so trump shouldn’t feel special with all your hate , its for all of us it seems…..

      • Healthcare is screwed up because the rich bastards who own the companies are so damn greedy that the dollar is more important than your life. Obama tried to get better healthcare but the piece of shit Republicans were more interested in keeping their friend rich then whether you die from lack of healthcare. Prices are going up because your piece of shit president is taking away everything that was fought so hard to get. Try and blame that on Obama. He isn’t in office now so you won’t be able to blame him when you are left without insurance or end up spending half your check on insurance that won’t cover anything. Pretty soon these bastards are going to start calling birth a preexisting condition and won’t give you healthcare at all.

    • I would like to give a calm well reasoned response but I’m not quite sure what you said. For whatever reason you feel the need attack people in a vulgar way then try to make your points as feeble as they are. Clean up your act buddy then try to give logical well thought out responses and we can have a conversation. I pity you.

      • The truth shall set you free. The problem is that most people on this site wouldn’t know the truth if it stood in front of them and slapped them in the head. You know how to tell if trump is lying? His lips are moving.

        • Wolfe everyone knows your thoughts are right out of your ass. I’ll bet you were a butt hole baby. Go find bill Clinton He could probably use another intern. You have the mouth for it. Just don’t forget to swallow. We don’t need another stained garment.

          • At least I have my own thoughts. I don’t regurgitate the shit that comes out of the mouth of your Asshole in charge that you swallow day after day. If you ever had your own original thought then your head would explode.

    • When you get done sucking the traitors dangling parts…do like the rest of you liberals do….find something to off yourself with. You idiots really do give humans a bad rap for being so stupid.

    • …hey…this must be the impotent, low IQ, overrated, punchy dezero talking out of his anus …as usual…ohbummer and his entire soros-owned sewer was second only to the other muslim-loving, mentally-defective fascistcrat, the traitorous peanut-farmer from Georgia…as the worst ‘president’ in the history of ANY country…but ohbummer DID have a reasonable excuse, he’s a drug addict and a homosexual deviant, probably suffering from some STD…but he still deserves the electric chair for what he did to the country…

      • He will be in line right behind your twisted rapist trump. It never ceases to amaze me that you ignorant Assholes whine about Obama but kiss the ass of someone who is stealing you blind right in front of your face and turning back society into the dark ages of the game of thrones.

      • Apparently you have had one of your own and you need to wipe the shit off the glass. Your Asshole in chief is not making America Great again. America has gone to hell since the white man landed here and started their ignorant destruction of this country. It has been people like your puke that is ruining this country and no brain individuals like you that suck his ass that are keeping this country from ever being great. He is the downfall of his country and those that follow him are only helping America to its inevitable fall to his tyranny. You won’t be talking such shit in a couple years when he takes away everything you own and turns you into the slaves his rich friends want you to be.

    • Damn, you really drank a shit load of that cool-aid. Everything you stated that Trump will do, obama already did, so just crawl back under your rock or go back to your safe space, flake!M

  12. By the end of his 1st term he had passed Carter, to become the worst ” modern” President. By a year into his second term he passed Andrew Johnson to become the worst President in the history of the country.

  13. I agree with you that Obama is not a true American citizen. As you know, it had been documented that he even registered himself as a foreign student for the admission to Columbia University.

    Well, the Koran teach the Muslims that it is okay to lie to the infidels (that’s us).

    There is a need of an investigation whether he was actually born in a Kenya hospital. His relatives boasted this claim. If this is true, that is a stomach churning experience for all the true American citizens.


    • We should never, never again to allow anyone who is NOT NATIVE BORN to run for the HIGHEST, the Second Highest Offices nor as the Speaker of the House in our Beloved America! Never, never AGAIN!

    • Man from Grey,,,,, You are thinking as most of us have. Miserable 8 years of this muslim in our white house,,,,,, He was nothing but a student from Indonesia who overstayed his visa !

  14. And is ANYTHING going to be done to OBAMA?? We all know the answer to that and the answer is HELL NO!! He is LORD OBAMA and he is like Hillary, above the law. He and Hillary should have been locked up years ago. How about you and I do what they have done and see what happens to you or I. JAIL TIME 1, 2, 3!!

    • Finally someone is calling him Lord. Like I do. He is right up there with the Hindi Gods The Buddhist and of course Jesus He is the greatest single force the World has ever known. Just ask him

  15. No dearhearts, Obama gave to much in the Iran Deal and received too little back, BECAUSE THE SON OF A BITCH IS NOT AMERICAN. HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE, IT’S BEEN PROVEN BUT “THE DEEP STATE”, THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT THE COMMUNISTS AND THE FAKE NEWS WILL NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT. So wake up and do some research on your own and draw your own conclusions, you’ll really be surprised. Everything he did he did to bring down the USA or to apologize for our actions or to put us down. Did you ever wonder why all those entities that he was so buddy, buddy with don’t BELIEVE IN GOD? Let that sink in for a while. If I’m not wrong he is a self proclaimed muslim.


  16. You’re president has done much worse for Americans than any other president ever has. I suggest you take up learning Russian because he is kissing Putin’s ass and you will soon see how much he cares about you idiots that think he is doing so great when he allows Russians to start taking over this country. He is already owned by Putin.

    • You are not even a good gag joke moron. But I have a wonderful idea. Give me ALL YOUR MONEY AND BELONGINGS so that I can redistribute it to the poor. You know the ones that obomee screwed with the money give away

    • You are a asshole!! TRUMP is the best President we have had in at least 15 years. You must be a DEM for only assholes like them would say what you did!!

    • You know, even if that were true, it woild be better than bowing down to islamist regimes. Obama weakened this country like no one ever has. He put down our military, or police forces, even tho they may not have been right all the time, he “appologized” for what America has “done”. He sold this country out, to its people, and our God. He said “America is not a Christian country”, has proclaimed his faith to islam, has bowed down to their “religious” leaders, and islam is not a religion of peace like the proclaim. They’re not even a religion, they’re a sadistic group that harm and mutilates children, they treat women worse than dogs, i could go on. And this is all fact, not hearsay or American/Christian propaganda. You will deny all of this, but it is fact, but youre so afraid to think for your self that you let others do it for you and you do it blindly.
      You and yours like you will be driven from this country just like islam and its followers will be when islamist terrorists stop hiding behind cowardly actions and the truth of their agenda comes to the world spot light. You will find no friends willing to help when islamist come for you and your daughters and sons, because you have betrayed your country and its people.
      Goodnight sir, I hope you sleep well knowing that people like you and obama will have the will of the free people brought to your door step, and tru justice will be served. Expect no leniency when jusdgment come from the people and “their GOD”

    • so trump kisses russian ass and obama kissed iranian ass….so no one is great here…it gets worse everytime someone new comes in cause they can’t clean up the do do fast enough of what was left behind

      • Sorry, but that is the Asshole you worship. If you weren’t so stupid then you might have a thought of your own and not swallow the bullshit that constantly is barfed out of his mouth.

        • Hey wolfie. You need to move to Cuba. We don’t want your kind in America. Or go buy yourself an ar15 and move to a mountain somewhere. I recommend the bushmaster. My favorite. Then your liberal commie friends would disown you.

          • With the way your stump of a president is ruining this country, Cuba will be a better place to live in a matter of months. Maybe I should make reservations before your stump turns into the tyrant he is trying to become and stops allowing Americans the right to travel.

    • You Are So Phucking Brain Washed By The Communist Left And The Arm Of The Communist DemonRAT Party CNN Communist News Network, MSNBC.. Lies 24/7, The Real Threat Was Muslime Obama And The DemonRAT Party… And Our Real President NOT Dictator Obama.. Saved Us From Communism, HRC Was Obama 2.0.. Do Your Research About The Communism Of Obama And The Democrats…
      The Communist Left >>>>>> Transforming USA into a COMMUNIST country (FULL video)

    • Really, show us some proof of that.your just spewing the same crap from CNN, that you see inbetween your video games you play in Mommy’s basement.

  17. PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP IS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPEN TO AMERICA compared to failed, corrupt, pathological serial liar above the law, hater and obstructionist Obama, who is the most disgrace president of the US. Now much richer than Mitt Romney. Failed Obama is trying so hard, colluding with PM Tradeau and Merket and other country. The Iran deal is the worst deal, Obama gave Iran who wants to kill American Billions of dollars and all the priveleges. Congress should have acted on Obama’s bad behavior, he is not above the law. What’s going on in this country.

    • You’re president has done much worse for Americans than any other president ever has. I suggest you take up learning Russian because he is kissing Putin’s ass and you will soon see how much he cares about you idiots that think he is doing so great when he allows Russians to start taking over this country. He is already owned by Putin.

      • We guess you forgot that OBUMMER almost made our country a 3 world country. We were one of the GREATEST prior to your Lord Obummer!! This is why you are a ASSHOLE!!

  18. I do believe President Trump will be considered one of our best Presidents. I hope he will not be our last great President. We have a problem in this country with the sheep who blindly follow, not unlike the Nazis. These people think they are doing good, when they are really undermining our foundation. Our press is no longer free, but paid off. The lack of accountability is at the bottom of all this. Something must be done. Obama et. al must be brought to justice for the harm they did this country.

  19. I could tell Obama’s feeling about America the day he removed the flag from Air Force one and created his own symbol. He did everything he could, along with the Clintons and Soros, to bring America to its knees. Apparently they had aspirations of world domination. That’s why they tried so hard to get rid of the second amendment. He couldn’t bring America down if its citizens were armed.

  20. Obama in my opinion despises America and what we stand for and he set out to bring America down to the level of a third world country.


  21. He was incompetent, he focused on things that always benefited Muslims and blacks, not everyone that was was a USA citizen.

    He tried to ruin our country.

  22. Obama put stupid deals together not for America, but for his stupid legacy. How moronic can you be. He put himself ahead of the American people much like Democrats are doing every day that Trump is in office. The media, who is supposed to be unbiased, bash’s Trump hourly over small things that amount to nothing including the Robert Mueller witch hunt!

  23. Yes, Obama gave away too much and received less for the U.S. in the Iran deal. Neither entity signed “The deal.” Obama was willing to let Iran get billions of dollars back to continue its terrorism, and he did it under cover of secrecy. He also was willing secretly to let Iran use our financial banking system to exchange Iranian monies held in Mid-Eastern banks. Thankfully, our banks declined. Obama set out to weaken the U.S. Thankfully, he was thwarted!

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