Bombshell: Paul Ryan About to Throw in the Towel

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is no favorite of conservatives.

He’s collaborated with Democrats to fund 100% of Obama’s agenda.

And most recently he’s worked tirelessly to undermine Donald Trump’s campaign to clear the path for Hillary Clinton.

But his constant betrayals of grassroots conservatives are starting to catch up to him.

And new reports reveal he may just walk away from the position of Speaker of the House.

The Hill reports:

“Speculation is growing that Paul will not return,” said one senior GOP lawmaker close to leadership.

The lawmaker noted that if the GOP majority shrinks, Ryan could lose next year’s floor vote to remain Speaker with a relatively small number of GOP defections.

“Why would he put himself in a situation where as few as 10 dissident members or one ill-timed quote from Trump could put his future in jeopardy?”

“The outcome of the presidential race is a major factor for Ryan.

“If Trump loses narrowly to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, he and his die-hard loyalists will almost certainly try to pin some of the blame on Ryan.

“Those who talk to Paul say he is all in to stay Speaker,” the lawmaker continued. “But if you talk to members from the South, many will struggle to vote for him — even though they like him — because their constituents are furious” over his treatment of Trump.”

“One conservative GOP lawmaker told The Hill last week that a “fresh start” might be needed in the House and that Ryan would probably “”tep aside.”

Ryan supports amnesty, global trade deals and unending foreign wars.

Trump won the GOP nomination campaigning against all three.

Some conservatives speculate Ryan is sabotaging Trump to clear the way for his own White House bid in 2020.

But did Ryan misplay his hand?

By working toward defeating Trump, did Ryan erode enough support in his own caucus that he would lose a vote on the House floor to be speaker?

If so, many believe he would resign as Speaker before suffering the embarrassment of a contested floor vote.


  1. Plain and simple – Ryan refuses to LOOK IN THE MIRROR to find a major “Swamp Occupier.” Another simple truth – if you are not part of the solution to solve problems, YOU are part of the problem. Get real – Go Home !

  2. He needs to go today. He is a turn coat for the
    Republician party and is against Presidemt
    Trump. Throw him out this
    Morning. He needs to be gone and get someone who can help the Presidemt get things done not work against him.

  3. Yes I totally agree. Seems that Paul Ryan has not stood up to his original plan when he was first elected to the speaker office. At first he was unsure of himself, and even backpedaled quite a bit, but reluctantly took the office. Quiet frankly, I feel he is unqualified for this office, and needs to be let go sooner than later. A person that is unsure of himself will follow what old indian saying is….”undecided man speak with forked tongue.” He cannot be an appeaser for the democrats, and the conservatives at the same time. We need leaders that have “absolutes” they live and lead by.

  4. Don’t we all remember that it was Paul Ryan himself that balked at first of becoming the speaker, then when all his comrads and the general populice pushed him, then he relented and took over that office. NOW…..he has switched his shoes, and actually is standing partially clothed. You know…as in…”the Emperor has no clothes.” Mr Ryan is courting that stance now with the American people. He has dithered and dally around and flip/flopped so much and mostly in the direction of the liberals. Yes…It is time for him to go. Congress should be way ahead of where they are at now. And to top it all off….He was going to allow congress to leave for vacation until McConnell stepped in and had them all to stay during two weeks of their recess. (think it was McConnell) Point is…he is not adhering to the Presidents agenda, and has gone off on his own tangent. Bye—bye Mr. Ryan….”ta-tahhhh”

  5. I would be wonderful to have him gone, both as Speaker and also from politics entirely.

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