Border Patrol just revealed the most terrifying part of a Biden presidency

For four years, President Donald Trump has done everything to stop illegal immigration.

And it has shown, with illegal immigration hitting new lows.

But all of that could change after Border Patrol revealed the most terrifying part of a Biden presidency.

Without immigration enforcement, it is impossible to have a country.

Borders are intrinsically tied to national sovereignty, and if there is no protection of that border, it is as if the borders don’t even exist.

President Donald Trump understands this, and made creating a wall on the border a priority in his 2016 campaign.

He made great progress on this, along with other measures to increase border enforcement.

But if Joe Biden gets into the White House, all of this will go down the drain.

Biden has promised to grant the tens of millions of illegal aliens citizenship.

And he has opposed Trump’s efforts to secure the border.

Now, it appears that illegal aliens are celebrating as the media has declared Joe Biden the President-elect.

And they are taking to the southern border in the belief that Joe Biden will be occupying the White House in a few weeks.

Senior Border Patrol officials have confirmed this, stating that recent weeks have seen a surge in illegal migration on the southern border.

Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said that there has been a 21% increase in apprehension levels at the border over both economic circumstances and “perceived and or anticipated shifts in policies” following the election during an interview with The Washington Times.

Border Patrol has intercepted 69,000 illegal aliens at the border in October, which is up from 58,000 in September.

This is after a year of illegal immigration levels declining.

Many factors are at play for that, including the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to the coronavirus, Trump authorized the Border Patrol to use “expedited expulsion” policies to return the illegal aliens quicker.

This is a policy that Biden would never have implemented.

The only people he claims to want to deport are felons convicted of violence crimes while in the United States.

Would-be illegal immigrants see him being in the White House as a welcome mat, where they can come in, get welfare, and vote to change the country.

If Joe Biden is to get into the White House, and tens of millions of illegal aliens get the right to vote, it will make electing somebody who believes in America First policies much more difficult.