The Boy Scouts have a shocking requirement for their next World Scout Jamboree

First Boy Scouts allowed openly gay troop leaders.

Then Boy Scouts announced it would allow girls to become scouts.

But parents were outraged when they heard what will be required at the next World Scout Jamboree!

Condoms are to be “readily and easily accessible” at their upcoming World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.

The Washington Times reports:

The World Organization of Scouting Movement handbook requires the host organization to “ensure that condoms are readily and easily accessible for all participants and [International Service Team staff] at a number of locations on the site.”

The 2019 World Scout Jamboree will be held in West Virginia from July 21 to Aug. 1. The theme is “Unlock a New World.”
John Stemberger, chairman of the board of Trail Life USA, an alternative scouting organization, said it is “not clear how far down the rabbit hole the Boy Scouts will continue to fall.”

“All of this should be deeply disturbing to the churches that are chartering Boy Scout Troops,” Mr. Stemberger said in a statement posted to the Florida Family Policy Council website. “These policies present a clear youth protection problem that the BSA absolutely refuses to recognize. The fact that they are requiring that condoms be ‘readily accessible’ and are communicating this to everyone — including youth participants — shows that the BSA is both anticipating and facilitating sexual conduct between minors at this event. These policies are both outrageous and completely irresponsible.”

Requiring condoms at the World Scout Jamboree is just the latest shocking announcement that’s beginning to highlight a disturbing trend.

Boy Scouts used to be synonymous with a squeaky clean, reputable lifestyle.

Now that image may be irreparably tarnished.

What are your thoughts on the Boy Scouts handing out condoms at their next event?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. I was an assistant scout master back in the late 60’s/ I am not in any way ashamed to have done that job. That was then. Today is today./ Be ashamed all you want. but me? Not one bit. it is not the same scouting now as then.

  2. Makes me glad I had to work when I was a kid and was never a scout. I have no idea how the BSA are funded, but just how the H did the government get control of them to the point they tell them what to do? We have too much government of the wrong kind. If California can split into three states to pick up four more senate seats, it only seems fair that conservative states should be able to succeed from the union and from our own country. I would contribute to a wall between the conservative and liberal states.

  3. Confirming once again, when looneyeffinliberals get into positions of authority, strange stuff happens.

  4. After twenty seven years being involved in Scouting, I see it as a logical step in keeping the scouting movement in step with the times we live in. That is to say,that if things progress to a point whereby something of a sexual nature is inevitable,despite the moral and physically correct teachings of the BSA,make sure the consequences are minimalized,just like water safety, using an ax, etc.We, the adults, have brought society to this point. Kids are much more greatly influenced by home and school,both places should include similar lines of teachings. The Scout motto is he prepared, this is another example i.e.first aid, disaster preparedness and learning from all 104 merit badges. Two
    points of the Scout law are to keep myself physically fit and morally sraight. If one is impossible, at least, observe the other.

  5. Deep State traitors are everywhere!!The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, Gowdy, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  6. for us who are old it is our great grandchildren that are in the sights of the liberal left today.

  7. Read the 1963 Communist Goals. It is all spelled out in them, and they are the DNC platform for your future

  8. This is what you get America when you let liberals, perverts & pedos run your organization. Now is the time to just close down this group & make the afore mentioned deviates start looking somewhere else to prey on our young.

  9. Sally notwithstanding, the impressionable youth of BSA have their fine example of “leadership” in none other than B.J. Clinton who has interns giving him a “BJ” under George Washington’s desk, no less, in the Oval Office… Then, too, President BJ was copulating with Vice President Walter Mondale’s 22-year old daughter, Eleanor. The Oval Orifice was a really busy place for sex addict Bill since his “wife” didn’t share his sexual proclivities. Fine example to America’s youth…

  10. Yup, when looneyeffin liberals get into positions of authority, strange stuff happens. No doubt about it.

  11. The BSA has now fallen on dark times and has gotten worse over time. This is one of the reasons why the LDS Church is dropping out of the BSA to start their own group. I highly recommend the BSA scouts to drop out and start a scouting organization and take it back to what it was supposed to be in the first place.

  12. My words exactly. I was an Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow. This goes against everything I learned in the scouts in the 60’s and 70’s. Maybe I should mail back the achievements and see if that gets their attention. If enough people stood up to them in the same manner, then maybe that will really get their attention.

    My oldest son is also an Eagle Scout. My youngest is at the age to join Cub Scout, will check into the new group being formed mentioned in this article. Maybe if their numbers drop, a few girls get pregnant, and few Scout Masters are caught malesting kids, they will go back to the way it was originally set up and intended to be.

  13. This proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the left is out to dismantle the fabric of our nation. Like obama said at the beginning, he wanted to
    “Fundamentally Transform the United States of America” It’s happening even now!

  14. Thumbs down on the re-invention of Scouting. Used to be the best of all youth organizations. SAD.

  15. OK, scouters in charge of the former BSA. Elect Barack Obama as your next president. He’ll get the organization back on track!

  16. I will not have anything to do with this “Liberal” organization.
    I guess their motto is now,
    “Upon my honor I will do my best, to help the Girl Scouts get undressed”?

  17. Well, that’s the end of decent parents allowing their kids to be in the scouts. FINISHED!!!!!

  18. Sex Scouts. Learn how to be gay, transgender or even how to get a girl pregnant. Free condoms. pity full. I am glad my children are grown up.

  19. Many traditional organizations put up stiff resistance for a while before they eventually become overwhelmed with constant leftist attacks coming from every direction. Yes, it is unfortunate.

    Why must we always become defensive when we should go offensively instead?

    I was once a scout too.

  20. Thomas right on! I think those we ‘hire’ to represent us in the Federal Government should have 6 year term limits, and include those appointed and hired to serve the American Public, including the Supreme Court judges…everyone on the government payroll. And they should not get automatic pay raises, which they do now if they don’t vote no to the raises. After 6 years, no pensions, insurance, lobbying allowed. Strict…yes, but we need to reign in the crumbs that are discovered after election! What do you think?

  21. This is disgraceful! My son proudly earned the rank of Eagle Scout when it meant something. Now it’s all about progressive culture. I will NEVER donate to this organization again. Who would even want their child to attend this event? It’s time to renew the Scout Oath and the Scout Law and follow what it means.

  22. The end of the BSA……management overrun by radical, anti-Christian, anti-American perverts. Ask me for a donation I DARE YOU!!

  23. How Ken, when Christian Americans allow God to be pushed out of their lives. How many voters ask the politicians are they a Christian and do they support the tenets of the Bible? Elected officials all take an oath with their hands on the BIBLE and swear to support the whatever the oath. But MANY are anti-God and lie when taking the oath, and Americans accept that. Would a Christian citizen support an elected official to steal, rape, lie and cause the death of someone?
    Then why would voting Christians allow a handful of anti-God person to remove God in schools and some public places? Why would voting Christians support elected official and judges that support the LGBTQ’s behaviors because it is their Right? We should not hate the individual but their behavior, and THEIR behavior should NOT conflict with the RIGHTS of Christians. And Americans Christians citizens should say Loud and Clear that these minorities of sinners should not infringe on their Rights.

  24. calling people names doesn’t work. Can’t you try and get your pathetic point across without resorting to name calling. Oh yeah, you cant because you are a liberal and thats what they do when they have no point.

  25. this is what happens when liberals bull shtrs of fairymerica and
    and demo ns run the country we get this and spying on election campaign the bsa does not reflect the consevatives of this great land

  26. What? the liberals are the blame for Satan’s sinful agenda? NO, #45 has been operating and making decisions without the Conservatards in the House. He has been in office 18 months and NOT ONE WORD about the BSA. President Obama Cannot stop this outrages sinful acts in the BSA, but #45 can tweet his displeasure and give an executive order. All I read are negative comments thrown at the past Black President, but NO Demands at #45. The conservatards should create a petition against the BSA and ALL the silent churches. All conservatards and Liberals are not sinners. Don’t give Satan more power than God, speak against the BSA. The pedophiles and homosexuals are going to have the biggest orgy in history, because of the Silent Majority.

  27. It’s not “up to 45” to do anything. He can “suggest” It is “up” to the attorney general to do his damn job.

  28. You summed it up very nicely. I was born in 1938 and my husband in 1936 and both of us were scouts which were wonderful years and learned a lot about survival.

  29. I remember when he said that. Obama’s election verified my contempt for all long term politicians,

  30. Liberals are communists fulfilling Khrushchev promised of taking over America from within. These infiltrators and their descendants have permmiated every facet of American society and need to be rooted out and deported or jailed as terrorists.

  31. SteveLC, you somehow seem to have forgotten that all this gay rights BS was pushed into a piddly election that was for mayors and councilmen, PLUS it was done during the obuma administration. An election that a large number of people don’t even bother to show up for. If the vote for this BS were to be in a national election it would have been voted down by a landslide.

  32. Howrad – – – If you believe Snopes is an honest, honorable, and unbiased site, I have several ocean view properties in Arizona I’d like to sell to you.

  33. THE BSA has fallen to the dark side. The liberals have infiltrated the organization as they have done with many other “American” institutions. They are dismantling the fabric of the country. All part of the plan. Terrible. I loved being a scout and learned a lot of useful life skills and a great appreciation for the outdoors and independence. This is a shame.

  34. I would never let my children join. They have totally lost their moral compass. We can thank the last 16 years of government trying to run lives to thank for this. I don’t care what some people do or believe but the government is forcing any small minority belief on the majority. The supreme court is making law. Not it’s job. They are to interpret as written and all changes need to be done by amendment through the House.

  35. Cynthia, because that’s not their goal. Their real goal is to force their agenda on the people who might disagree with their lifestyle. Same as they say they want equal rights. Which is something they already have. What they really want are special privileges, same as the elderly, handicapped, etc have.

  36. SteveLC, all peoples ‘silence’ is what’s causing all this immoral, illegal crap that is taking this country over. It’s long past the time to stand up and voice OUR opinions.

  37. Totally agree. Shut them down. I would advise parents to not permit their children to join or attend the Jamboree.

  38. In case you haven’t noticed or unaware, the Church of Jesus Christ or Latterday Saints (Mormons), who have sponsored more than 50% of ALL SCOUT TROOPS WORLDWIDE, has announced they are withdrawing all their troops from the BSA effective 12/31/18 and forming their own youth ‘scouting’ organization. Let’s see how the BSA does after the Mormons leave their ranks.

  39. Are you kidding, Stevie? The Homo Lobby went wild with Barry and Biden in D.C. and the queer Communist managed to Fundamentally Change America, and its Corporate culture, so now the majority of them are on board with all this perversion being integrated into every aspect of normal Americans’ lives. Look what they did to Chic-fil-a which is a Christian-owned, and operated Company, not to mention all the private Bakeries, and Florist Shops that did not want to make certain items for Homo and Lesbian weddings. What happened to their rights of association, and Freedom of Religion?

    We are neck deep with all of these perversion-loving Politicians, at every level of Government, from local and County, to State and Federal, these opportunists are all in line to kiss their asses.

  40. I was a scout back in the 50s and I do remember our motto “be prepared”. This is not what I understood from that oath!

  41. You are right Charlie. Now they are trying to get our children to be deplorable like they are. God is not happy about that and they all will pay the price one day.

  42. The BSA is a private organization. The leaders of the BSA make the policies that are put in place. It does not have anything to do with which political party is in the majority, nor who is the President.

  43. Obviously, whoever reported this view of Scouting is not a representative of the organization I supported for years as a Scout and then as a Scout Master.

  44. Yeah. I can just hear you scream bloody murder if there was a pregnancy that came out this Jamboree because no contraception was available. Satan, indeed. Merry Mythology.

  45. Satan is the highest Scout Master that is why the sexual policies are being included. Silent Christians and religious bigots allowed it to happen.

  46. It is sad that he is a 33 and should not ever been awarded it. I would never acknowledge him if I was in his presence.

  47. Close the organization down . Promotion of abnormal sexual acts by adults to convince children that said abnormal sexual act is normal is an unscrupulous , unmoral , dishonorable , despicable , deplorable and surely untrustworthy of adults .

  48. Please do your Due Diligence and check for the truth. The “World Organization of Scouting Movement” referenced at the beginning of this article is in charge of World Jamborees, not the BSA or any other world scouting group. They have had this policy in force since 1992. World Jamborees are held all over the World.

  49. Are you and other conservatards are that confused who is in leadership in the USA?. You have the GOP controlling things in this country. Why haven’t #45 said anything?

  50. No you need to thank the conservatards they are in control RIGHT NOW. You confused conservatives hate to admit the Satanic behavior of the Republican party. How come #45 is so quiet about this?

  51. Oh no!!!Sally is against Trump. Who cares? Much better than the Muslim idiot we had for 8 years. We almost lost our country.

  52. Go ahead, “Unlock a new world” while I lock my girl scout’s chastity belt. Rub your sprouts on trees and make jam/boree scouts!

  53. Clearly demonstrates once again, when looneyeffin liberals get into positions of authority, 8strange stuff happens.

  54. This is incredible! I am so disgusted! I hope my grandkids are pulled out put in a christian scouting troop!

  55. Where can the vulnerable scouts go to now to report rape? They won’t be able to go to their leaders as they will probably be the perverted perpetrators!

  56. As long as the BSA allows this potential depravity to exist within its ranks you can be sure that there will be perverts pushing to be sure that it DOSE take place.
    The BSA once stood for what would be the very best environment for our male youth.
    Given the current path they are on it will not be long before they drive themselves out of business and they will have done to appease the worse perverts to be in leadership positions. Having been a scout myself, I grieve for the loss and valiant history of the BSA

  57. I am Eagle Scout (1953) in Puerto Rico, Troop 6 – Miramar in San Juan.
    No place in Scouting for gay males. They can form their own fairy outfit, right?

  58. My sons are Eagle Scouts and now grown adults and learned much from the scouting program; but the way the program has become, if my sons were youngster now, I’d NEVER allow them to join this group. And further, no longer will I donate to OR support the program in any way whatsoever! A once highly respected organization has now become nothing more than a joke and disgusting. The ignorant gays and the feminists have ruined it all for their own agenda. Hope they are happy when they end up being the only ones as members.

  59. How sad / it was great when i was young, now we really know the good lord is coming, we never even thought of sex when me and my brother was scouts. Thanks Libtards

  60. When this story 1st broke I mentioned this very Problem when it came to Jamboree. They was going to be a Jump in the abortion rate 2 months after or the’er going to have to pass out Condoms. I hate it when I know I’m going to be right on Both Counts.

  61. Once again, the left will pervert everything they touch. I’ll bet Obunghole is laughing his ass off. He said he was going to fundamentally change our country.
    I hope it’s not to late to repair all the damage that has been done.

  62. Well if you are letting both sexes into the organization the least you can do to be responsible is offer them protection when they sleep together.

  63. Glad i’m in my 60’s now. And don’t have to put up with this crap anymore.
    I had a good time when i was a scout. Now. i would not even care to be one.

  64. I am exceedingly thrilled that I was born in 1939. That was a time, (For those that were unfortunate enough to be born later) when kids could leave home after breakfast, play anywhere in their community all day, get home in time for dinner, and very few parents worried. It was, for the most part, a (SAFE) time in America, and we were not only blessed in that way, but also shown “Family Values” that we sometimes didn’t appreciate, but that have held us in good stead all of our lives. To read that the “Powers that be” are promoting promiscuity in our scouting world, kind of reminds me of the HITLER YOUTH, where the young girls were given to the soldiers to inseminate to promote the birth of the future GERMANY. HAVE WE REALLY STOOPED SO LOW???? GOD HELP US, cuz it is apparent that our courts and judges cannot or will not! WANNA KNOW WHAT IS THE FUTURE??? GUESS!!!

  65. I agree Old Geezer. Let’s start the CSA
    Christian Scouts Of America and I agree with James E any Church with a BSA troop
    Kick them out.

  66. I find it weirder that anyone still has their kids in the Scouts. The way to stop the insanity is to stop the flow of their money!

  67. Doesn’t reading all of this,want to put your daughter ,or son in the scouts,and supply all items required ? It’s really to bad the left couldn’t have kept their hands together off,but anything left unperverted just made them that more determined to pervert it

  68. No longer will I be supporting this organization, at least not until the ultra liberal directors have all been dismissed. Too bad, a great organization being ruined by moonbats with an agenda.

  69. And the ABOMINATIONS continue…so I continue to PRAY-PRAY-PRAY! This is what happens when organizations seek the approval of men & the world instead of God. They obviously have forgotten how to stand up for what they believe in.

  70. The stress placed upon things sexual by the leftists is becoming more and more rampant. Anyone allowing their child to attend a love-in jamboree should ditch the label ‘parent’ and replace it with ‘child pornography facilitator’.

  71. Yes Preston and the leader of the country “surely” doesn’t set an example of good values.

  72. No, Ms Foster, it isn’t about being a Liberal or a Conservative. Sinners are in both parties. When Conservatives and Liberals remained quiet and allowed Satan to invoke his agenda and this what happens because it was the about social justice. Even the SCOTUS overrode God’s law and open the door for the outrages agenda of the BSA. Churches across America must unite and stop this sinful agenda. Like you, I will not support this new BSA. It will be a short moment of time when all sinful practices will be exposed. God bless

  73. I totally agree with everything you’ve said. Why doesn’t the LGBTQ community get their own scout program? This has definitely gone too far.

  74. BSA has crossed way over the line. Trust me, my Uncle Rodney, a BSA scout and leader for 50 years is doing a double roll in his grave !!! What the H**L .. I guess the Girl Scouts, Cubs Scouts n Brownies all need to merge together and let’s just call them all Scouts of America … why does the left behave in such an irrational manner ??
    Get a grip left wingers, there are differences between men and women … why do y’all take something good and FRUCK it up ?????

  75. It sounds like I was born sixty years too soon. This is truly crazy, and it sounds like the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket. At least the BSA is.

  76. Shame on the board of directors and those that voted for them. One bad decision after another has taken down this once venerable organization.

    How can anyone respect an organization that does not honor its principles. Now it’s just another club. I will not contribute financially to friends of scouting again.

  77. The deviants have been creeping in for a while and have now taken a hold and have shown themselves shamelessly. The same has been happening in our churches. May God have mercy on us.

  78. Keep the Scout Troop, just dump bsa and join with other likeminded Troops to continue the learning for the You Men of America.

    “BSA” no longer means what it used to mean.

  79. This is absolutely INSANE!!….BSA have lost the purpose it was intended…Here we go again,..SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS….have ruined everything by their ouw selfish reasons. Why do they have to be a part of BSA?..Go start their own damned group. Does not make since at all…..and now girls????..I wonder who came up with that bright idea??

  80. I just told my 2 sons that they are going to have to quit the scouts. They are heartbroken.

  81. We wonder why we have young people shooting up schools? American values have gone down the drain and so called adults are leading the way for a lot of confused and conflicted young people.

  82. I was a Scout in my youth when it was a great organization. If I had a son that has worked hard towards becoming an Eagle Scout
    I would encourage him to direct his talents elsewhere. As for
    me, all my Scout items will be going in the garbage.


  83. join BSA and lose your virginity. make your choice known. hetro or gay. earn your
    badge.. condoms are free.

  84. This is what you get when Liberals run things.. It has run amuck way to long with these liberal democrats.. Never will I support BSA or anything else run by these vile people.

  85. Every church that let a BSA troop to use their church need to stop them from using their church.

  86. The kids will just use the condoms for ballons. I sure as hell would not let any of my children go to this orgy.

  87. Since they’re bringing girls and homosexuals to the jamboree, there’d better be condoms not only available, but REQUIRED or there’ll be STD epidemics and pregnancies. WHY would any sane parent allow his or her child to be attending that and exposed to that???

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