BREAKING: Jeff Sessions made an announcement that changed everything

Trump supporters have a love-hate relationship with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

President Trump has been openly contemplating firing Sessions.

And Jeff Sessions just made an announcement that ended all the rumors.

Jeff Sessions is resigning as attorney general.

He turned in his letter of resignation in the wake of the election results.

CNBC reports:

Embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned at the “request” of President Donald Trump on Wednesday after more than a year of public criticism from the president.

Sessions’s chief of staff Matthew Whitaker will serve as acting attorney general, Trump announced.

Whitaker also will assume oversight of the ongoing investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, and possible collusion by Trump’s campaign in that meddling. Whitaker by law can serve as acting AG for a maximum of 210 days.

Whitaker will have the power to fire Mueller “for cause” as outlined under rules governing the special counsel’s office, if such cause is found.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein up till now has had oversight over the Mueller probe, as a result of Sessions’ move to recuse himself from the investigation in 2017.

Donald Trump had held off on firing Sessions until now because of the Mueller probe and the Midterm Elections.

Democrats were itching to have another excuse to attack Trump ahead of voters going to the polls.

But Mueller is looking like he is wrapping up his work.

So now the sweepstakes for the next attorney general begins.

Whoever President Trump taps to take over the helm will allow Trump to make good on his promise to drain the swamp by holding rogue Deep State agents accountable.

Are you glad Jeff Sessions resigned as Attorney General?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!



  1. Theres the big plan to drain the swamp of corrupt idiots and you couldn’t tell what sessions was doing half the time! Trump was the one voted in by the American people and has every right to vote in who he wants! Democraps just want to fight everyone because they know there days are numbered! TRUMP has smart plans and it might be part of it! You never know until it’s done! We will see who ends up in Gitmo and who gets tried for treason! Drain the swamp mr. PRESIDENT

  2. He was fired. George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, co-authored a New York Times op-ed published Thursday that called the Whitaker appointment “unconstitutional.”
    The Appointments Clause of the Constitution, Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, Conway wrote, “means Mr. Trump’s installation of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general of the United States after forcing the resignation of Jeff Sessions is unconstitutional. It’s illegal. And it means that anything Mr. Whitaker does, or tries to do, in that position is invalid.”

    • Hey idiot!!! A new AG will go through the senate and be confirmed soon. A temp. is allowed until then. Commiecrat presidents have made temporary appointments pending confirmation. You libturds aren’t fit to spout the constitution. You people are anti federalist , anti freedom fools unless it’s tilted in your direction. Especially freedom of speech. So peddle that bullshit to your own kind.

      • You don’t know the law and don’t realize that according to the rules of the DOJ, this guy is not legally there. Sessions indicated in the FIRST LINE of the letter he was ordered to write, that it was at the request of the president – -Trump initiated it. If or until he is confirmed, he is not legit, and Rosenstein, by law, is in charge. Don’t tell me that others are not to spout the constitution — what is your level of expertise in legal matters?! I THOUGHT so, just a overcompensating person who is trying to make himself feel superior, but is not. Peddle that BS to people without college degrees and some knowledge of the constitution.

        • College people are among the most stupid. You wasn’t educated, you were indoctrinated in communism. Not all colleges are like that, but most are So save your commie bullshit asshole. I detest people whom think they are better than others because of a college degree. By the way. I graduated from college too. But I wasn’t brain washed. I passed my courses and made a damned good living. The government didn’t do that. I was going on my own money.

        • Here is the real Truth: President Trump has not done anything that violates the US Constitution. Mueller has spent over $10M in tax payers money and has found no proof of Russian collusion in the 2016 election. All the indictments Mueller claims had nothing to do with Trump or the 2016 election. They were about things that may have happened long before Trump had any desire to run for President.

          • Why does it cost for Mueller to do an investigation when Mueller already has a salary? This is wasting so much money for nothing. They do a job they get paid for and then it costs millions? This is crazy.

  3. As usual the real democratic party criminals have skated away without indictments, BHO, Clintons, holder, lynch, Rice and many others who lied cheated or stole from the US Treasury for one thing or another. In the cases of BHO and their Clintons certainly MURDER should also be a part of their prosecutions!

    • A minor delay on Whitaker’s appointment. Sessions was afraid to pick a side. I can’t believe so many democrats have escaped prosecution for so many infractions and that points to Sessions. Hopefully Whittaker will balance things out and if he does have a problem being appointed, I feel bad for the attackers. He worked under Sessions and Rosenstein so he shouldn’t have a problem.

  4. Why doesn’t the Justice Dep’t get their act together and prove that the Dossier was the cause of the investigation against Trump? The they can fire Mueller (for cause) and not worry about what the Demorats will do or say. This should have been done months ago, as soon as they found out about the Dossier. Then they should have followed up with an investigation into the ones responsible for the crooked Dossier. DUH.

    • I’ve wondered why DOJ didn’t investigate the DNC on the Dossier incident… Mueller needs to wrap up this investigation and close the case. No evidence of Trump and Russia collusion. Wasting tax payers dollars should be a (for cause) with no evidence.

  5. What is with all the ignorant miss use of grammar on here? In the above comments there are a dozen times when the comment writer uses YOUR when YOU’RE should have been used (as in “you are”. There is nothing more ironic than calling out a commentator DUMB when your grammar clearly demonstrates that you are ignorant yourself!

  6. A “love-hate” relationship? I do not know one single Trump supporter who thought that Sessions was doing a good job. Sessions was the worst appointment ever! In addition to doing nothing as Attorney General, actually not nothing as he facilitated the Mueller investigation, his seat in the Senate was lost to a Democrat. Sessions was a disaster!

  7. Don`t get me wrong I really like Gowdy, but I think he might be to middle of the road , for who needs to be in there at this time . Judge Jeannie , { If she would be as tough as she talks } Would be even better then Gowdy. Gowdy says he wants out anyway so I doubt if he is even being asked . Jeannie and Gowdy would be a pair to draw to

    • Trey Gowdy would be the best choice but I doubt he would accdept since he is a man of integrity and has already said he want’s to go to private life. Haley might be a good choice. She’s got iron in her. Junine is a good choice too as long as she is as tough in action as she is in opinion. She calls it Honest.

  8. Finally the Justice Department will have someone that carry Trumps agenda. Good luck to Jeff Sessions service to the country.

  9. Interesting chapter blotted in Trump presidential history. He recused himself. For whatever reason in his mind is yet to be found out. My best bet is that he was there all along at the time. Perhaps with McCain. Who knows?

    • Sessions, didn’t really “want to do this job”……’BUT”, wanted the “glory”…..Probably, America, will never know what the “Librocrats”, had on Sessions, to make him “perform” the way he did…….Hillary, should have already been in “JAIL”!

  10. It was way over due!!! He betrayed then Candidate Trump!! He betrayed his state, where he should of stayed, now his seat is taken by a Dem! Thanks Mr. Magoo!

  11. Good bye little mouse man,go back into your little hole with that bug piece of cheese that the Democrats paid you. Good riddens and fair well little mouse to bad that big trap hasn’t got you yet but some where down the road just maybe justice are should I say karma will come and visit you! This day didn’t come soon enough! Toodles say hello to Jerry and hope Tom has you for dinner one day! ????

    • Sharon,
      Are you always this stupid; you write like 2nd grader and sound to me like typical Trump supporters…..uneducated and not very bright.

      • poor Richard……”needs an almanac”……..Does everyone need to write to your satisfaction?…….Pretty sharp & rude critisizm, for an ‘adult”!….{ Most Libtrocats, just don’t get it”!…..{ Go “get it” Richard! }………..:O{{{

      • Richard……..
        ‘uneducated and not very bright’? You should apologize to Sharon! Your reply is a couple of fries short of a happy meal, but typical of a democrap!

          • I don’t go out of my way to pester libturds at dinner or at their homes asshole. And I’ve seen plenty of them out and about. So prick b you people are more vile. You are guilty for siding with them shit heads.

      • Typical lib….can’t bust her logic so taunt her over her grammar, call her names, make fun of her….yet YOU say that Trump and conservatives are hate mongers. Evidently, you don’t have mirrors in your house, cause if you did, that man in the mirror would chastise you for being so crude. If you reread, your grammar was also …’not’…perfect.

      • Richard, are you saying Trump supporters are all uneducated and stupid? You sound like a Dumb-O-Crap, full of himself, sarcastic, and just Plain Stupid!! So Sharon misspelled a word or two, missed punctuations here and there, is this an English or Spelling class? Just make your comment without the Sarcastic remarks about someone you don’t even know!!

      • Richard,
        Do you have to belittle people who are way smarter than you to feel good?
        You should apology for misogyny and racism to a Black American Republican Lady.
        What a bunch of Leftist Communist low life you are.
        Is Commie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez smart?
        Is Your psychopath grandma Maxine Water smart?
        Too much MK Ultra In you Eh???

        • By noon, you have one post by Richard and 9 posts giving him crap about it. Why is it so hard to see that you have like zero tolerance for others – – take a look at Sessions – – Trump first pick, certainly did his work on immigrants, but unless you are a complete Trump cult member, you are considered a heretic. Expect many more losses in 2020.

  12. Other than the fact that this needed to happen to bring the Mueller investigation to an end, it also serves notice to the incoming Dems House Majority to not mess with Trump. Simply, if they want to come in and start holding up the progress than Trump will have an AG that, at a moments notice, will start criminal investigations on a myriad of Democrat politicians. It is also why he concentrated and campaigned more on picking up seats in the Senate, because he knew he was making this move, which made the House expendable. The House Dems will fail and the Reps will win it back in 2020. This is, yet another example of how Trump is always several steps ahead of these career politicians.

  13. Good riddance. He is a blight on our constitutional freedom of choice. The war on drugs needs to be ended with prejudice.

  14. It’s about time. About 2 years too late, he’s been sleeping at the switch. This country needs an AG that leads instead of recusal. He should have stepped aside and let President select someone who would clean out corruption abounding in top positions at Justice Dept.& FBI.

    • Don`t get me wrong I really like Gowdy, but I think he might be to middle of the road , for who needs to be in there at this time . Judge Jeannie , { If she would be as tough as she talks } Would be even better then Gowdy. Gowdy says he wants out anyway so I doubt if he is even being asked . Jeannie and Gowdy would be a pair to draw to

    • I totally agree that Trey Gowdy would be a fabulous AG, however, Gowdy already made his decision to return to S.C., to his family, to his constituents, and his law practice. I don’t think he will change his mind. We can hope, but I doubt it. He definitely would take no prisoners!

  15. Yes I am glad that Jeff Sessions has finally resigned, it was long overdue. A lot of the false prosecutions, harassment, and obstructionism could have been properly dealt with, had Mr. Sessions only done his job. I pray that the President will be able to find a qualified person to fill the position of attorney general. Someone that will work with the President and for the American people and not against.

    • Sessions was a useless eunuch! He even cited the wrong law as reason for his recusal with regard to the career criminal Mueller’s witch hunt. I believe Sessions is a part of the deep state swamp. I glad he is gone. About time! I like Judge Jeanine Pirro for the AG job. I hope “The Donald feels” the same way. And may God bless President Trump and his family! MAGA!!

    • Yes, he should have quit a long time ago. After the Corruption in the Obama’s Administration, I want looking for someone to finally do his Job.

    • not hart just has to look for an ass kisser that is as crocked as trump but that might be hard to find someone even more corrupt as all of them the best thing that could happen is congress impeach everyone and after they impeach everyone for the best reason of we don’t need anymore immature idiots in dc and after they impeach all of them then impeach themselves and start fresh with somebody that really wants to do the job and not screw the american citizens while lining there pockets and lying to us while saying this truth not the truth isn’t the truth bs

  16. I was not a fan of Sessions…
    but I believe that Trump FIRED SESSIONS after ducking every time
    anyone attempted to get an answer out of him – just like he did this
    morning with reporters.
    Vietnam era veteran

  17. I doubt the Deep State is done for, lame threats by Trump is all I have heard for 2 years, drain the swamp, yeah right.

    • they are lame threats , but if you can’t get anyone to enforce these things, that includes some of the republicans, the AG, all democrats, what could you get done?

  18. Mr Sessions is probably a very nice man. But he was a lousy AG. Sometimes I felt like he was being played by the Dems.
    I’d like to see Joe Digenoiva (sp?) as AG.

  19. I figured that it was because of the mid-terms and Mueller that he didn’t fire Sessions the day after he recused himself. It is a great day after all, maybe we will see some of the corrupt individuals go to jail, or at the very least be barred from any government job in the future. I hope they all lose their retirement and all benefits too.

  20. There is only one president at a time, the Chief Executive, and all his department heads are suppose to follow his policy : not to form their own. All his appointees that cannot follow the Chief, should resign. Remember General Douglass McAuthor when he planned to invade China in opposition to his orders ? The President fired him !!!!

  21. I’ve been wondering if Sessions was a member of the deep stste or was he just afraid of becoming an involuntary suicide like several dozen others. He did some work on illegal invaders but wouldn’t touch any of the Clinton-Obama crimes.

    • I think Jeffy was in it real deep, along with a lot of the others that are still there , and that he was a plant for the whole dam bunch so nothing would happen to them ,if it came to light ,{ there are so many examples of that , right now } and nothing has been done to any of them . So what does that tell you ????

  22. it was obvious that Rosenstien, Sessions, Comey, all those people are all part of the deep state, all republicans.. just because you are republicans does not mean you are not part of the deep state!!!!!

  23. “Meuller is wrapping up his work,” yeah I guess there has been a little work. If you call intimidation, conspiracy, and blackmail work. For democrats it’s just a game they play.

  24. I AM SO SO HAPPY !



  25. One minute you love him, the next you hate him. Sounds just like the “Donald” he may like that person till they don’t agree with (even 1 time) and your trash to him. Trump obviously was never raised to respect anyone other than himself. As most of us were taught in “elementary” school in order to get respect you need to show respect and unfortunately that’s something the “dictator” was never taught by his “rich” parents. He is a “horrid” human being!!!!!!!!

  26. I knew all along that Jeff Sessions was just another Democrat in Republican clothing. He did what the Democrats wanted him to do by blocking all of the Presidents moves and now that the Democrats took the House he was done doing what the Democrats wanted him to do so now he resigns as Attorney General. A real backstabber.

      • Lol…we see omarosa is still around. She did work for the Clinton white house. Had she written about them there would not have been an omagrossa.

      • Exactly, this would make a great movie if it was`.nt all true As it is ,it`s just gut wrenching . AND what really pisses me off is that we are paying for it all

    • Happy Days are here again. I am from Alabama and have been disapointed in Sessions. I gues it’s Reiirement Timewe have a place waiting for you.

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