Senate Republicans clear first hurdle to repeal ObamaCare

It’s been a long time coming.

For seven years, Republicans campaigned and were elected on promises to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

With a crucial vote on Tuesday, the effort is underway, though the outcome is far from certain.

Tuesday’s vote was a victory for Senate Republicans who couldn’t previously wrangle together 51 votes to begin debate on the House-passed repeal bill.

Two Republicans opposed the procedural vote on the motion to proceed to take up the House bill.

Susan Collins (Maine) surprised few with her no vote.

Stories came out this morning that Trump hadn’t even wasted his time contacting her in a last-minute lobbying push.

The other no vote came from Lisa Murkowski (Alaska).

Conservatives may remember Murkowski from when she defeated Tea Party Republican Joe Miller in the 2010 general election as a write-in candidate.

The Alaskan Republican Party mobilized the party apparatus to back the incumbent after Miller won a surprise primary victory.

After cruising to re-election safely in 2016 (promising to repeal ObamaCare) she’s flip-flopped on that key issue.

Will voters forget her stabbing them in the back by the time 2022 rolls around? Only time will tell. Though it likely depends on if current Republican efforts to repeal ObamaCare are successful.

So with the Senate beginning debate on efforts to repeal ObamaCare, where will it go from here?

Well, there are a few possibilities.

1) Pass the 2015 repeal of ObamaCare, which passed the Senate 52-47 and was later vetoed by President Obama.

2) Pass a so-called “skinny repeal” and begin negotiations with the House.

The “skinny repeal” seems most likely to get the votes necessary, as the only elements of ObamaCare it would target are the individual and employer mandate and some of the ObamaCare taxes.

What do you think will happen?

Will Republicans get it together and finally repeal ObamaCare?

Or will squishy moderate Republicans sink the bill?

Sound off in the comments!


  1. Interestingly, as I remember, the “cow from Alaska” WAS a democrat, when her Daddy was Gov. of Alaska; he was ousted by Sarah Palin. When this “cow” decided to run for political office, she ran as a Republican, knowing she couldn’t win as a Dimwit- – BUT she has always voted WITH the dimwits. So the people of Alaska need to figure it out and get rid of her.

  2. You want to get rid of the good old boy network? Push your state legislators to sign on to COS (Convention of States) with the 27th Amendments o our Constitution, which puts term limits on all elected officials (3-2 year erms in the house, and 2-3 year terms in the senate)! It also makes them carry the same health-care as the rest of us, and it makes so they can not retire from that office! Do you know how much money that would save the tax payers? Let’s just say several trillion dollars each year! Then it also makes them wait 7 years from the time they leave office before they can lobby for anyone or anything!

  3. I agree! All that’s needed at this point is to repeal it! Then later go in and replace it with something that the people like and will work! If we can at least get Obama-care repealed it will make it look better and will help us pick up more seats in the senate with the 2018 mid-term elections coming up! It will show just how much obstruction the Democrats are and it will cause them to lose even more seats! Let’s face it the health-care system wasn’t in any danger of falling apart before Obama-care, and it won’t fall apart if it’s repealed! How ever if the Republicans sit on their hands and do nothing, and let Obama-care implode taking the whole health-care with it, then both sides will be to blame! And our government can’t handle the single payer system! Both Russia, and China tried it, and both almost went bankrupt! The single payer system only works with small countries! And then just look at how many people come into this country to get operations because their country thinks it unnecessary or has a long wait time to get it done!

  4. In 1955 in San Antonio, Texas, excellent free health care was available to me, my children, and myvery ill husband. No federal government was involved in any way. It was paid for by the estate of Robert B. Green and Bexar county those days, wealthy matrons volunteered on a rotating basis as nurses aids and wealthy doctors did the same. This free care was called what it was; charity health care.There was no insurance nor federal government involverd. Charity was not in any way tied to the insurance business.Insurance companies were free enterprise entities competng for the business of well earning people who wanted to protect themselves from bankruptcy in the event of a serious injury and or illness. Now, we have devolved into an insane morass where insurance and charity are somehow confused together and more and more the government and even theIRS is controlling what should be very personal and private.Doctors, nurses, and hospitals should once again be independent professionals not controlled by insurance companies nor by the government. We must slowly and carefully go back to sanity, safety, and security with a free market and free health care provided by charity.

  5. The squishy repeal, is not a repeal. If it squishes, the 2018 elections could get real interesting.

  6. Pass the 2015 repeal of ObamaCare. Politicians need to wake up and act on the behalf of American Citizens. It seems that no one can fix the program that they approved without reading. As an Independent Voter, I’m tired of obstruction and delay; help our President do what is good for American Citizens. God bless our President Trump and the USA.

  7. It appears that there will be enough time for the Repubs figure out how to payback special interests and therefore there will not be enough votes to continue the bill. Whatever bill that is. Trouble is we do not know all the little (secret?) things that are always in any bill. Sick of this whole rotten mess.

  8. Republican senators & representatives were elected to give President Trump the power to change the Washington establishment. Murkowski & Collins and anyone else who votes against the party will feel the wrath of their constituents and hopefully soon.

  9. The people in your state will vote you OUT if you don’t do 2015 Repeal!!! You people are screwing it up for the republicans!!! Selfish,self serving!!!

  10. Will the GOP bill repeal the Obamacare tax on white people?
    I am referring to the 10% tax on sun tanning booths. How many people of color need to use sun tanning booths? This was likely included as Obama’s black half wanted to screw his white part!

  11. if you put more than 50 people in a bag at least 2 pieces of worthless crap are going to fall out. Hopefully the good people of Alaska and Maine can now see these two for what they are. Liars and failures and trashy low life dirt bags. Drain The Swamp and start with these two traitors!!!!

  12. Republicans should unite to vote Collins and Murkowski out of Congress at the next election where they are candidates. Collins has never acted like a Republican and Murkowski is a liar.

  13. That is a great question and one someone says GREAT QUESTION usually mean they do not know the answer and neither do I. I pray the Republicans do what they have promised to do for seven years but depends who is pulling their strings or if they are honest and keep their promise for the American People. Flip a coin lady luck may know the result.

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