Brett Kavanaugh came back to haunt the Democrats in this election stunner

Democrats thought the damage they inflicted on their party from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings faded.

They were wrong.

Kavanaugh came back to haunt the Democrats in this election stunner.

Four red state Democrats up for-election in 2018 voted no on confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

It turned out to be the last mistake of their career.

Republicans defeated everyone one of them.

Donald Trump pushed this message hard in the final weeks of the campaign when he held rallies in Florida, Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota to help Republicans unseat Democrat incumbents in those states.

The Daily Caller reports:

Every red state Democratic senator who voted against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation in October lost their re-election bids.

Democratic Sens. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Joe Donnelly of Indiana voted against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick – all three lost on Tuesday. The only red state Democrat to support Kavanaugh was rewarded with a re-election victory.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin won Tuesday night against Republican state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. His success allowed the Democratic Party to salvage what was otherwise a lackluster performance up and down Senate races.

Trump campaigned hard against Manchin, but it was all for naught. As it turns out, the West Virginia Democrat’s “yes” vote to confirm Kavanaugh and his support of Trump administration energy policies seemed to stem Morrisey’s surge of support in the polls.

Democrats thought the Kavanaugh bump Republicans saw in the polls had faded.

They bet that a deranged man sending mail bombs to Democrats and an anti-Semite murdering innocents at a Pittsburgh synagogue blunted the Republicans momentum.

They were wrong and they paid a heavy price on Tuesday.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Just saw an analysis, breakdown of the midterms and one conclusion is that almost EVERY subgroup of women in CNN’s national exit polls moved towards the Democratic Party, including white women, Latinas, white college-educated women, white non-college-educated women, Democratic women and independent women. The only groups that are inconclusive or stayed the same on a national level were African-American women and Republican women. A.A. women have been strongly against republicans for years, and it is only the small sliver of a few rep. women who support the GOP.

    • Doc you are speaking of women whom think with their tits instead of their brains. Liberal dumbass sluts. Real women don’t vote like that.

  2. To ‘tit’(truthistruth): ‘new’ Dems >’Pick up’ House Seats BECAUSE
    RINOS RAN 0UT !!! GOOD !!! Now, = ‘Share ‘blame’ ???
    LOL. ‘The ‘PLAN’ Is ‘developing’.

  3. Got to remember folks, women put Bill Clinton back in office after the Monica L oval office scandal. That says a whole bunch about women. Women have been untrustworthy from the their very creation.

      • Dan T., Back in the Clinton “hayday”, before people knew just how corrupt the Clinton’s were, women cried rape, Bill denied and Hillary said it was all a “vast right wing conspiracy” and women believed them. Can you believe how much power those white trash criminals had? Enough to make a corpse throw up! We, conservatives, were standing there saying the rapes were true but women really believed Bill was innocent! Thank the Lord they finally, too late, know the truth about the Clinton Cartel.

        • M that’s true. The Clinton machine is what’s causing all of this election mess today. Trump
          Defeated the wrong one. The sexual misconduct gives ammo o both sides. What a better way to kill someone’s cred.

  4. That’s one way to look at it. But the Dems picking up over 30 seats and control of the house, and doing well in strong Trump districts also is evidence that the Kavanaugh hearing and Trump’s mocking of Dr. Ford, really turned out the women voters against Republicans. It was close to a 30% gap of women preferring Democrats over Republicans, and in 2010, more of the Republican seats held will be up for the election.

    • 2020 is the year. This time 26 democrat Senators were up and only 9 republicans. Next time, twice as many republicans senators up versus half that many democrats. Wait until the Russian probe report comes out soon . . . . and push against all the Trumper denial.

    • The Kavanaugh Spanish inquisition was a classic example of what the democratic party is about. Lie, cheat, steal, accuse,obstruct, and point fingers. If that’s what truth is about then we’re all in trouble. When you choose to believe the lie rather than the truth then you get what you deserve. Ultimately it will turn around and bite you in the butt.

    • > re ‘pick-up US House seats . REASON:
      Rinos ‘Ran’ from ‘chairpositions’. Not
      to remain in ‘lower position’ to defend
      USA sovereign. G00D. Goodbye rinos.
      > SENATE STRONG. ( & ‘that’ WAS ‘the Plan’)
      Capish, no? probably ‘not’ for some. Get
      w/the ‘program’ Already. SAVE USA.

    • To ‘tit’. info % re voting ‘women’ = ‘incorrect’. ___
      ‘tit’ viewing ‘left polls. 0h god, why do i
      respond. gak. (i guess, for the GOOD PPL here)

    • To ‘tit’: ‘new’ Dems >’Pick up’ House Seats BECAUSE
      RINOS RAN 0UT !!! GOOD !!! Now, = ‘Share ‘blame’ ???
      LOL. ‘The ‘PLAN’ Is ‘developing’.

    • Its evidence that the Democrats are padding the elections truthbemder! That’s OK, when you see wrongdoing being rewarded that’s when you know the end is near. Even at your doorstep.

  5. cheaters never prosper they lied and knew ford was was not telling the truth when her lips were moving snakes all of them fienstien should be arrested.

  6. Loose lips sinks ships–there is a reason for this quote…if you cannot work together …then you have the problem…not we the people have a problem

  7. RR, What happened to my nice clean uncontroversial comment? May I please have my first amendment rights guaranteed in The Constitution?

  8. Please INVESTIGATE fully the pipe bomb cases ,the illegal immigrant caravans ,the rape accusers.WE THE PEOPLE need to know the result

    • Have you ever seen an investigation of Democrats before? Don’t think you’ll see it now. Especially with the dems controlling the House.

    • on the “bomber” and the media in general:
      What we know for FACT:

      In the early 1960’s the FCC rule that REQUIRED the news to be presented “TWICE EACH DAY FOR 1/2 HOUR EACH AS A CONDITION OF THEIR BROADCAST LICENSE.” was changed to allow selling advertising during the news.


      Within months they had RACIAL UNREST ACROSS THE NATION within a couple of years THEY HAD RACE RIOTS NATIONWIDE!

      THE MOST virulently ANTI-AMERICAN NEW OUTLET is none other than cnn.


      The only office the ‘bombs’ made into was cnn.

      That means all the rest made it OUT OF THE CNN BOMB MAKING facility in packages to other cnn outlets to be distributed ‘locally’.

      They DID NOT go through the postal system.

      They were shipped from one CNN office, to the nearest CNN office, to be
      HAND CARRIED by a ‘journalist’ into the intended destination WITH THE
      FULL KNOWLEDGE AND CONSENT of the intended ‘victim’, as well designed to be NO DANGER to anybody.


      The bombs were created and delivered by cnn AND the ‘deepstate’ that
      helped design them.

      According to all the news outlets, and the Kavanaugh Hearings,

      I HAVE TO BE BELIEVED !!! because the little person is ALWAYS TELLING THE TRUTH AND MUST BE BELIEVED AND THE “INNOCENT UNTIL proven guilty”no long aplies to those in power.


      prove me wrong, OR… prove yourselves to be innocent!


      I’m betting the ‘victim’ was Singled out and TARGETED AND GROOMED TO BE A “PATSY” before the first bomb was ‘created’.

      White Van.
      Attacked and subdued INSIDE A BUSINESS to make certain he COULD NOT APPEAR TO BE A normal, law abiding citizen, SO THE MEDIA CONTROLS THE IMAGE they want the people to believe!

      The ‘leo’ made the statement that they bombs found inside the van were PVC and delivered through the mail.

      We KNOW THE mail delivery is a LIE, and PVC won’t withstand the pressures needed for the explosion to occur!

    • I also think that there needs to be a complete audit done on the voting in the midterms to find out how much fraudulent voting is taking place. And wherever it is found those votes need to be discarded with action to prosecute the criminals and reverse elections as necessary. If our voting for leaders is not done with 100% registered voters we do not really have a country as people not elected can get into responsible positions and take the country in the wrong direction against the will of the citizens.


    • G. Belo,
      I knew right away when great grandMa NanC Pelepsy said to her little devils “we will win, do whatever we can” that told me right there. I believed these evil demonCrats strike again. They did to Judge Moore in Alabama, I never forgot.
      Well HELL keeps expanding for them.

      Forgive me, LORD, for saying this.

  10. Does anybody else think that pipe bomb guy was a little too fishy? Smells of a Democrat stunt to me. Where is the trial? If he really did this wouldn’t his trial be splashed across the media for added effects?

    • None of the bombs were real bombs.
      You saw the X-ray? I assume you have some mechanical ability?
      They were all FAKE this only a stunt!

    • I would put nothing behind those vicious vile corrupt demoRats who will do anything to win. They threatened Republicans with horrible abuse if they didn’t come out ahead. I can’t believe how blind sited some of our voters are. What a pity!

  11. The DEMS have not seen what President has in store for them but he figured what is happening will take place and he has an army for payback.

  12. So when is there gonna be a investigation on the Cheating by Democrats allowing Illegals to vote, Nobody I know was gonna vote Democrat, Look at all the red vs blue on the map, 80% red, So how did the Democrats get the House without the Cheating, My best guess is Cheating up and down the Coast, East and West in the Cities, The Supreme Court needs to get involved.

    • I agree. I can’t believe how these hateful sick demoRats gained the House. This should have been investigated immediately.

      • Yes. Every one o9f those election races needs to be looked at closely for the fraud that is there, and then reversed if it is found, and the “winners” then prosecuted for their crime against America. It is IMPORTANT to bring an END to ALL ELECTORAL FRAUD.

        • Elections should take several days with each voter proclaiming publicly whom they voted for. After proving to be qualified to vote, of course. That would stop double voting and keep the dead in their graves. But the commiecrats would find a way to screw that up. Every voter should also have to prove state residence for a full year. In my state one must have 1 year residence to obtain a concealed carry permit Why not voting?

          • zee, I saw that Mich. sorta went “blue”, too bad! Got to fix that problem in 2020. Same for the neighboring states.

          • MICH IS NOW ‘set up’ For ‘sanctuary State’.
            Dead CNTR USA ‘surrounded’ by Fresh Water.
            >Nestle has taken billions for ‘cheap’ rights.
            > See big picture. Not Good. 0pen Mi. ‘border’.

          • What you recommended, Dan, is totally illegal and against the model of the “Australian ballot” where how you voted is KEPT SECRET! Since you guys believe in the boogeyman “Deep State” – – if one existed (it doesn’t), would you want them to know how you voted?

  13. Sad. I would love to see the GOP still retaining the HousevofvReps but it didn’t happen. The Dems swore to press for the impeachment charges against Trump and … Kavanaugh.

    The acting AG must close Mueller investigation due to lack of evidence. He must address his reasons to prevent nation-wide civil disobedience.

    Jeff Session failed to act. He did not state a reason to explain his recusal at all. The only thing I could think of is that … was he involved earlier in false Russian dossier scandal? If not, what’s wrong with him?


    • The Democrats in the House may very well impeach Trump come this next term. He would still have to be convicted in the Republican controlled Senate. The only concern there is trusting RINO Senators not to side with the left on conviction. Those who do, do so at their political peril. You can almost guarantee they will lose their seats come next election in 2020. Remember Clinton was impeached and there was no conviction due to the need for a 60 vote determination for that result. No Democrat voted to convict Clinton.

      • First off the House would have to come up with ” Constitutional legitimate charges ” as outlined in the Constitution to bring up impeachment charges. I believe it also would have to be during the time he was President, NOT what he said in the primaries or what he did in his private life except if it was against or breaking the law.
        As far as the simple majority in the House, those who are in office ( Democrats ) in the states won but Trump in the 2016 Presidential election, would more than probably be voted out of office, if the impeachment charges are just a bunch of bullshit

    • You are 100% correct & I often wondered the same thing, ” WHY did Sessions recuse himself from the Russian investigation & all things Hillary”? He NEVER gave an explanation. Now with the new Acting AG taking over, he can direct the Mueller investigation to continue on the ORIGINAL purpose of showing Trump/Russia collusion & NOT going on these fishing expeditions of other bullshit AND after almost 2 years show something conclusive with hard proof or shut the thing down.

  14. If they had voted for Brett Kavanaugh, they could have been like Joe Manchin of West Virginia and save their jobs; but it’s all for the best because the Republicans picked up 3 seats and makes the Republican party in the US Senate stronger which means if President Trump gets another chance to name another Supreme Court Justice, the road will be a lot smoother.

    • These assholes in the Democratic party CAN’T vote their own opinion or conscience because like the “good lemmings ” they are, their TOLD by Up-Chuck Schumer & Nancy ( the pig ) Pelosi who & what to vote for,what to say & when, when to shit, & if they don’t they’ll be treated like lepers who will never get any committee assignments which carries extra money. It’s a power play.

  15. I was talking to a driver today about this very same subject. He actually believed all that crap. When I stated the facts about no one could colaborate the accusations he said, “ I didn’t hear that.” It’s funny how people have selected memory.

    • They never tried to corroborate stories because Trump limited the scope of the FBI background search and numerous people who VOLUNTEERED information were never heard.

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