Brett Kavanaugh came back to haunt the Democrats in this election stunner

Democrats thought the damage they inflicted on their party from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings faded.

They were wrong.

Kavanaugh came back to haunt the Democrats in this election stunner.

Four red state Democrats up for-election in 2018 voted no on confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

It turned out to be the last mistake of their career.

Republicans defeated everyone one of them.

Donald Trump pushed this message hard in the final weeks of the campaign when he held rallies in Florida, Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota to help Republicans unseat Democrat incumbents in those states.

The Daily Caller reports:

Every red state Democratic senator who voted against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation in October lost their re-election bids.

Democratic Sens. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Joe Donnelly of Indiana voted against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick – all three lost on Tuesday. The only red state Democrat to support Kavanaugh was rewarded with a re-election victory.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin won Tuesday night against Republican state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. His success allowed the Democratic Party to salvage what was otherwise a lackluster performance up and down Senate races.

Trump campaigned hard against Manchin, but it was all for naught. As it turns out, the West Virginia Democrat’s “yes” vote to confirm Kavanaugh and his support of Trump administration energy policies seemed to stem Morrisey’s surge of support in the polls.

Democrats thought the Kavanaugh bump Republicans saw in the polls had faded.

They bet that a deranged man sending mail bombs to Democrats and an anti-Semite murdering innocents at a Pittsburgh synagogue blunted the Republicans momentum.

They were wrong and they paid a heavy price on Tuesday.

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