Brett Kavanaugh gave Trump supporters the news that had them jumping for joy

Democrats fought tooth-and-nail to stop Brett Kavanaugh.

Their effort ended up in crushing defeat.

And now Brett Kavanaugh gave Trump and his supporters the news that had them jumping for joy.

The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision – where Kavanaugh provided the deciding vote – to block a lower court ruling that stopped Donald Trump from rescinding Barack Obama’s decision to allow transgenders to enlist in the military.

Breitbart reports:

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 on Tuesday to block lower court orders that had prevented President Donald Trump’s policy on transgender military troops from taking effect. The matter is now expected to go back before the justices for final judgment in the next year.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has been litigating several cases regarding that transgender policy since 2017. Transgender individuals had never been able to serve in the U.S. military, but President Barack Obama declared he would change that policy during his final term. It was set to take effect after the next president – Donald Trump – assumed office.

President Trump decided to reverse Obama’s decision. Liberal groups and transgender individuals sued over that reversal, filing lawsuits in three liberal district courts. When those courts issued preliminary injunctions requiring the military to immediately accept all transgender troops, U.S. Solicitor General Noel Francisco took the rare step of going trying to bypass the appellate courts and go immediately to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Trump supporters cheered this decision.

They turned out in November 2016 because they wanted Trump – and not Hillary Clinton – appointing Supreme Court justices.

And they also wanted to stop Obama’s assault on our military.

Obama allowing transgenders in the army was a cause célèbre for social justice warriors but it had nothing to do with improving America’s ability to defeat its enemies on the battlefield.

And in fact, there are many experts that believe Obama’s transgender troop order harms American military readiness.

Trump wanted to put America first – not PC Culture – and this Supreme Court decision will help him do just that.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. This is what Judge Kavanaugh does best to educate our children and adults with information that puts them in a position to generate there own ideas and thoughts so that others may prosper and live the American dream !!!

  2. Transgender people do NOT belong in the military. Mental stability is a must and these people are not mentally stable and they would put stress on the normal soldiers.

    • That was Obama’s last last slap in the face to All Americans!!! He and his American Hating Friends were probably laughing so hard that they Thought That It Would Never Be Over turned!!!! How’s It Feel To Be Slapped Back ALL OF YOU AMERICAN HATERS!!!!!!!!?

    • That was a wise decision by the Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh.. There are close quarters on a ship, foxholes, combat and it calls for all military personnel to be aware of the situation and their surrounding and they don’t need to worry about trans….

  3. While I am in favor of this SCOTUS decision, I am disappointed in the headline and the writing of the article. Justice Kavanaugh, was not the only person involved in this decision. Four other justices voted with him. Secondly, what are the names of those justices? They are not always who we assume.
    Who voted against this decision? What was their position?

    • Thank you from this Christian Lady Minister of God Almighty, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost! Our Prayers Were Answered Prayer Warriors of America! God bless the Supreme Court who Uphold Gods’ Laws! americans Shout the Glory Down All Across Our Land!

  4. Transgenders should have never been allowed in the military. For one, that means the taxpayers have to pay for their surgery. They should have to pay for it themselves. And two, they will be on hormones the rest of their lives. Taht means medications every day. To begin with, you can only be on hormones for two years before you are at a high cancer risk. And nobody else who is on medications whatever they are can be in the military. That is disrcimination against the rest of the people.

    • Transgenders are free to do everything they want to do but they don’t belong into the Military, period! We don’t care where they want to pursue their careers as long as we don’t have to pay for their change operations and the medications. If they need mental health therapy the private insurance should pay for that.

  5. This is so tedious. For those who are confused by it all, there are two genders: Male and Female. That’s it. We deal in biological facts. If a person can’t quite understand or accept that fact, we don’t need you, or want you, in our military. It’s expensive enough to train soldiers to kill the enemy, but it’s extraordinarily expensive to worry about paying for sexual reassignment surgery costs, recovery time along with the hormones, psychiatric therapy, etc. If one has flat feet or some other minor physical problem, he may be considered physically unfit for military service by a review board. The same is true for transgenders who should in every case be considered unfit for military duty simply because of the outrageous cost of providing for their care and upkeep over and above the regular military service member.

  6. When it comes to our military, I am reminded of when Israel put women on the front lines of battle with the men. Israel realized that men, who by nature defend women, were demoralized when the women fighting next to them were dismembered or killed in battle.
    So, now Israel still uses women in the front lines of battle, but in ways that utilizes the skills of each sex and eliminates the previous problem as much as possible.
    Basically, there are skills that are unique to each sex based on the sex the soldier was born and not on some operation, hormones or steroids. To think that changing one’s sex organ, giving them hormones so some 6′ male with boobs goes into major PMS at the drop of a hat (as we’ve seen on film/TV too many times), or giving a female steroids so she can stomp you while screaming is insane and weakens our military. So please leave the military out of this “I WANT TO CHANGE MY SEX” battle.

  7. The four dissenters are obviously no longer trustful of making right judgments. They naively go about as if science has nothing to say about the matter. Regrettably, trans are mentally disordered and should be precluded from serving in the military. Here are the scientific facts:

    ( — Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

    Dr. McHugh, the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in a recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal, where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically. He also points out that the suicide rate among transgenders is 20 times greater than among non-transgenders (normal people).

    Clearly, there is much wrong with the transgender’s delusional lifestyle.

  8. What happened to Abe Lincoln’s address that said that: “This country is a country that is by and for the people, which will not perish from the earth. NOT for which applies to the Dimwitcrat party only. If we vote for candidates that appose open borders and countries the send people to kill us,we have a god given right to keep them out.

    • Ole Abe never had a thought about a cut and tuck or an artificial penus put on some one and having the people pay for it, Hey if they want to think they can become another sex fine just don’t ask the American people to pay for it. Just get arrested in California and they will gladly pay for it.

      • It is a matter of simple biology,, there are but two sexes, male and female. f one cast rates a bull he is a steer not accept, castrate a dog he remains a dog not a bitch and the last I read biologically if a man is castrated h is eunock not a woman..

      • Those People are Delusionable and think they can fight a battle with Us Patriot and Christians and it will never be their win with God on Our Side!
        Read the First Chapter of Romans in Gods’ Holy Bible..The True and Living Word of God Almighty…….It tells Us All Who will NEVER Be Saved and Make Heaven if they do not Confess, Repent From and Leave those Sins alone never to Pick up Again, and Be Baptized in the Name of Jesus the only way to Salvation! May God Almighty Continue to Bless His Children Called By His Name!

    • Both you and President George Washington are correct. We, as citizens, have a DUTY to defend our nation against the tyranny of leaders who our lives and freedom in danger.

      • NO…NO..NO…Quit using Scripture that does Not apply ….This Love Your Neighbor as Yourself only is for those under Jesus and We are not to be Unequally Yoked together with those who do not serve the only true and living God! Read the First Chapter of Romans and you Get right with God and quit using and quoting the Scriptures wrong!

        • Aren’t we to stay away from those who refuse to believe in Jesus? We who do what we should in His eyes should not put ourselves at risk of being “contaminated”
          I used to be ignorant about the Word, easily misunderstood, until I actually started learning it. I’m definitely not the same person,everything has changed. Wish morw people would also.

  9. Thank GOD, Justice Kavanaugh and President trump for having the fortitude to bring the Justice’s name forward. As an Army vet, this is a national security win, a win for the military, and a win for the American people.

    • I’m so sorry, sir that you are so hateful. That you seem to think you are so much better than some people. I’ll Pray for you because you need it. GOD said to love thy neighbor as thyself. A lot of people seems to miss that part. Thank you for your service, but you really need to be better than that, sir. GOD BLESS, signed a Navy brat.

    • And Veterans and People who never have served in the Military: there is nothing so insulting to Us American Ladies than a man dressing up pretending he is a woman! It is so insulting and degrading…they walk around shaking their hands in the air like idiots when they are talking and strutting their butts with a make believe swing…NO Way..they are Horrid Acting and Looking so Fake and We Women of America sure do not want them in Our Public bathrooms to have to be among Us with their Horrid Actions, Nor do We want them around Our Daughters or Sons!! Red the First Chapter of Romans in the Holy Bible the only True and Living Word of the True God, and You will see who all will not be saved and who will not get to Heaven if they do not change their way in Life and accept Jesus as their Savior,Repent of their Sins and walk away from them permanently, and are baptized!

    • Yes transgenders are certainly people too. But they are not fit to serve in the US military
      and bring too much confusion and division with them! Not to mention their demands for medical treatment paid for by our tax dollars!! They can certainly serve our country in other ways but not the United States military. The military must remain solid and strong !!
      Thank you Brett Kavanaugh. Thank you
      Pres Trump! Trump,2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Ok, so they are people with a MENTAL DISORDER. But they certainly do not belong in the military. There’s plenty of jobs around. Thank you 5 brilliant SCOTUS

    • They really are not people because they’re really not human beings they are a liberal Democrat transvestites very confused not really humans

    • Yes, they need help since it’s a mental disorder. That’s they way we should love them. But dont throw them in the military or in athletics. Already the they are unfairly beating their opponents due to thy heir physique.

  10. And the hits potentially may continue given the poor health of Ruth Bader Ginsburg which will give Donald Trump the opportunity to pick a third Supreme Court Justice.

  11. Having been in the Army (1953 – 1955) and taking group showers daily, I just cannot imagine smoothly integrating anyone with a female body into our barracks. Can you?

    • Aside from the prurient interest or lack thereof, it is insane to put LGBT types with heterosexuals because you MUST have the same values morally, socially and religiously in order to effectively achieve your objectives in the military. One reason we could not win in Vietnam was because we were NOT allowed to when politicians and idiots made us ROE’s that definitively PREVENTED such. Allowing LGBT’s in the overall units of the services would only harm them and make them ineffective. If they serve, they can serve together in units designed to be made up of them. At least their realities will be the same and that is NOT the case otherwise and a detriment and also WHY Obama and his Pentagon appointees extolled this, to WEAKEN our ability to defend ourselves in the name of the Leftist and Globalist New World Order. I am NOT a Republican, I am an unenrolled or Independent voter who thinks for himself and ignores what prevaricating punditry from politicians and a completely biased mass media would have me believe; IF I WAS STUPID ENOUGH TO LISTEN TO THEIR LUNATIC RAVINGS , WHICH I AM NOT AND, I HAVE HAD A DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT FOR 52 YEARS!

    • Bob, My time equals yours , almost. I took Army Basic Training at Camp Chaffe, AR and went to Ft. Sill Oklahoma in 54 and then on to Germany in late 54 and left there in 1956. I can’t even begin to comprehend what it would have been like back in those days, in a Mixed Male and Transgender Barracks. I guess the only word would have been – Unbelievable. Got out of the Army in 56 and enlisted in the Air Force. Went to Scott Air Force Base and into their Barracks. I can only, imagine it and say it would have been the same answer – Unbelievable. TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet. & Systems Analyst.

      • On the way overseas in ’52 we had two gay guys on the troopship who fit Bill Murray’s Stripes ‘do you mean flaming’ answer to the recruiter’s sexual orientation question.

  12. Gender refers to ones biology. For mammals, including human beings (homo sapiens) there are males and females, unless something goes incredibly wrong or there is artificial action (reassignment surgery). There isn’t any “trans” for normal people. Are we going to set up society for all the possible abnormal things that might happen? Maybe what we really need is reassignment surgery for Psychologists who promote “transgenderism”. 😂

  13. I dont supporting any Transgender people in the military service and law enforcement. I am against it. This should be strong and straight for our American country. Yes. I am discriminating against lesbians, and gays sexual activity.

  14. To Whom It May Concern: During the last democratic presidential caucus, the democrats voted, and it passed by voice vote, the removal of GOD from their platform. When they did that they became the party of the godless. Because of that act, instead of being for good and the right, they became the opposite – embrace darkness and evil, that’s why they are called the LEFT, they left the light of the good, which is on the right hand of the Creator, GOD which they removed. What else is there to say.

      • Stephen e Hess, I believe it’s the “primitive beings” which do NOT believe in God. Often their actions reveal this unbelief. I am not considered “primitive”, but thought to be intelligent, with good logic and common sense, by all kinds of well-educated people who know me. Look around you. Open your eyes and heart. Yes. There is evil in the world. I see lots of evidences of it every day, even in our government; but there is also evidence of God everywhere, unless you remain totally closed-minded and blind. He will even guide you and speak to you in many different ways, but unfortunately maybe not, if your heart is too hardened, to hear, if you have a dead soul. You can ask Him to help you change that. To be able to see and hear Him. Talk to God. He is listening, because He loves you. It seems the DNC has chosen whom they will serve.

    • I’m being censored..I figured I would try to reply after 3 times of comment not posting.
      Censorship at work. Wow!!
      Telling me I’m going to fast.. to slow down…Are you kidding?
      This probably won’t make it either.
      All because I don’t agree with transgendered in the military.

  15. Thank God for President Trump and this judge, who endured terrible lies and nonsense and which have been proven to be out and out fraud. Anti-American jurists have ruled the SCOTUS for decades and it shows, one more Constitutional leaning judge will change the direction back to the citizens for decades to come.

  16. WOW! Thank you, Justice Bret Kavanaugh, and thank you, President Donald Trump. May God Bless you Both for taking the side of Heaven and all that is good and not evil.

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