Brett Kavanaugh got some jaw-dropping news about being replaced on the Supreme Court

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings were the ugliest in recent history.

There was no smear attack too low that Democrats used to stop him from joining the Supreme Court.

But now Kavanaugh just got this jaw-dropping news about being replaced on the bench.

Kavanugh’s promotion to the Supreme Court opened up a vacancy on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

This is seen as the most prestigious appeals court in America and a stepping stone to the Supreme Court.

President Trump nominated Neomi Rao to fill Kavanaugh’s position on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Rao faced opposition from Iowa Senator Joni Ernst (R) over her past writings about the role of alcohol in campus sexual assault.

Ernst, who said she was sexually assaulted in college, wanted clarification.

Once that was received, the Republicans confirmed Rao on a 53-46 vote.

Politico reports:

In a 53-46 vote along party lines, the Senate approved Rao to replace Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) did not vote.

During her confirmation hearing, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) grilled Rao, who is head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, on her views on date rape and gender equality. In an article she wrote during her time as an undergraduate at Yale, Rao said that if a woman “drinks to the point where she can no longer choose, well, getting to that point was part of her choice.”

Ernst, one of two Republican women on the Senate Judiciary Committee, criticized Rao at the time, saying the nominee’s writing gave “her pause.” Ernst had previously said she was raped in college.

But Ernst’s concerns were eased after Rao sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Senate Judiciary Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) that expressed regret for her college writings.

Democrats are afraid of Rao.

Rao has strong support in the conservative legal community and many believe she could be Trump’s next nominee to the Supreme Court should a vacancy occur.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Why is it somehow not right to expect a person to accept responsibility for their own safety? One doesn’t walk down the middle of a highway lane, but walks on the sidewalk. One doesn’t drive a car with no seat belt. One doesn’t jump off tall buildings, or swim in nearly frozen streams, so WHY is it OK for a woman to render herself mentally incompetent to protect herself be imbibing too much alcohol?
    This is just another way in which liberals want to absolve everyone from any aspect of personal responsibility.

  2. Did I kiss something? I didn’t read anything in this article stating judge Kavanaugh would he yanked off the SCOTUS, but was being replaced in the DC CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS, and the demwits are scared she might be appointed to the SCOTUS “if” an opening arises. How does anyone get Kavanaugh being removed from that?

  3. No, hate to say this Ki will never vote for a Democrat ever again, because they continue to have lawyers on call and wasting our money, they could care less. They are evil and the devil has a stronghold on them. Hopefully they will wake up and change their heart.

  4. This is another futile attempt to remove Judge Kavanaugh from the bench and replace him with another communist leaning judge so it can help the left wing communistocrap party get their way because Judge Kavanaugh is the only justice that blocks their agenda.

    • Judge Kavanaugh went through enough and he was proven not guilty. So leave him be as qe need Good judges. Is some one complained like the last one, its another liar.

    • Kavanaugh isn’t really that conservative and one reason why I felt the harassment was so political and nothing to do with Kavanaugh himself. The left is so eat up with Trump hate or TDS, they have lost any sense of rational self, and will likely cost them many elections in 2020.

  5. If it is not the President now is this guy you people dam demoRATS just do not give up PEOPLE YOU NEED TO MOVE ON GET A LIFE THAT THE PRESIDENT AND KAVANAUGH you demoRATS need to move on FOOLS! GO PRESIDENT TRUMP! GO KAVANAUGH! GOD BLESS AMERICA! you fools are listening too people that want to KILL BABIES and people that have NOTHING TO DO BUT COMPLIANT ABOUT THIS AND THAT! GET TO WORK AND MOVE ON

    • awesomely stated – The entire bunch need to be impeached for disrupting the government in such a satantonic ways – if they are so against Americas freedoms,guarded by the Constitution – go to where their abhoring views are accepted.

    • WHY do idiots create fake news headlines? Maybe they think that people will click on them and be happy with the lies and BS that do not justify the headlines? But people remember these fake sites and unsubscribe if they get tricked and suckered into fake news. There are too many of these fake news, one of the more popular ones is the Hitler discovered a cure for cancer that the US has kept secret for the past 70 years.

  6. I suppose it is possible to “regret” a truth you previously recognized with the backing of both statistical data and law enforcement data.

    Professor Jordan Peterson did his doctoral thesis on this very subject and came to the (obvious) conclusion that “alcohol was tied into a direct correlation with campus rape.”

    There comes a TIME when females will actually take agency for their behavior. I guess we have not yet reaches that goal.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  7. evidence is required b 4 blaming DEMOCRATS…please include your sources,( at least 2),
    maybe this post was written by a 400 pound person in their closet.

    put ALL EVIDENCE on line, bots, or FAKE news need not apply

  8. That is bull crap. Judge Kavanaugh can’t be replaced he was sworn in as a supreme court judge. These fare left Democrats are out of their minds CRAZY.

    • Democrats should look on their back yard about all the sex that went on and was covered and paid without anyone knowing and it was millions and they want to oust Kavanaugh for something he didn’t do, give me a brake. These Democratic phonies need salvation and that includes Pelosi.

      • He was replaced in his OLD job not the Supreme Court. Read it again slowly. This is one of those fake news headlines for people who don’t read the whole text!

  9. Judge Neomi Rao was just saying that alcohol goeth before bad choices! This is well known in college and in other places! I like Joni Ernst, but her so-called attack actually helped Neomi Rao by deflecting attacks from the Democrats!

    “Brett Kavanaugh got some jaw-dropping news about being replaced on the Supreme Court”

    The FACT:

    Kavanaugh had NOTHING to do with the story!


  11. This is not news. Headlines to catch readers. we are at a time when we need the truth in the news. I have more important things to do than give my time for commentators to not tell whole truth. What importance does news hold for me absolutely 0%.

  12. If you act,drink and dress like a whore don’t complain when you are treated like one. If you advertise it somebody will take you up on it. You say yes or no by the way you present yourself. There are a lot of women that are raped and are treated badly because they already have 2 strikes against them because of those other women. There is only one thing worse than a drunk man and that is a drunk waman.

    • and don’t forget about the ones that even though severly intoicated, willfully participates where they would have not if sober, then has second thoughts when they sober up and screams foul.

  13. Looks like CNN wrote the head line.
    .Brett Kavanaugh got some jaw-dropping news about being replaced on the Supreme Court.
    We don’t fake head lines.


      • You’re right Patsy, I feel so sorry for Brett Kavanaugh and his family for what this good man has suffered at the hands of our own government. It makes absolutely no sense as to why he is being treated like this. I hope he can resist the insanity and stay where he is in the Supreme Court where he deserves to be. Our government should be ashamed, and you can bet the democrats have something to do with this.

  14. As a woman, I agree wholeheartedly with Ms. Rao – a woman (or a man) is responsible for their own actions; if he/she gets drunk, it is their own fault if their judgement is so impaired. I’d like to add to all those women crying date rape, etc., etc., that if they would behave and DRESS modestly, like a woman with dignity and class, they wouldn’t have these problems. A man is usually just following the cues from the woman. If he goes too far, it’s because she let him. When I was growing up, these problems didn’t exist – men held women in higher regard than today; and there is a REASON!!!

  15. Completely misleading headline. The editor asked: How can we turn any story about SCOTUS against Kavanaugh? Rao may REPLACE someone? Good – let’s set the headline to suggest Kavanaugh may be replaced. That will catch those many thousands (millions?) who only read (and believe) headlines.

  16. I’m anti liberal. Anti dumbocrap .anti facist. Anti queer.anti muslim,and anti stupid shit from bigmouthed snowflakes.but I do love my God and country, and good old AMERICAN values.
    Deal with it.

  17. I’m anti liberal. Anti dumbocrap .anti racist. Anti queer.anti muslim,and anti stupid shit from bigmouthed snowflakes.but I do love my God and country, and good lod AMERICAN values.
    Deal with it.

  18. That was a bait and switch headline. This article had nothing to do with Kavanaugh being replace on the Supreme Court. Shame on you.Truth in reporting is dead.

  19. There was never any truth to what they wanted the Public to believe about Judge K and its time for all the head lines and stupid articles to go the hell away and stop with all the nonsense for goodness sake.. If you read the head lines You were asked to believe he was being replaced on the SC and then when you open the Article it says nothing about him just about the judge Replacing him in his old job so why don’t all you haters leave well enough lone and shut the hell up and that includes people who write articles like this piece of garbage..

  20. Companies seeking to hire are now looking into five years of your social media comments … oops!

    “ … Sin will find you out … “ is a biblical saying from thousands of years ago.

  21. After Kavanaugh OBVIOUSLY, o, b, v, i, o, u, s, l, y, OBVIOUSLY took a dive on the Vince Foster death inquest, he is not even fit to jar cat crap for his personal consumption. Harris The Bloomer, Hazy Mazie, and that other dope did NOT do their homework. Ditch Kavanaugh.

      • Navy PO2. I have more time in working with the military and law enforcement than you do. Do your homework and DO NOT sass back to your superiors, or those not wearing insignia who know better than you. PO2, FAIL.

        • Look Howard T. Lewis, I am 82 years old. I served in the Naval Amphibious Forces early in the Vietnam war. My feet were damaged. I stayed in. You can take your fancy ass name and put it where no body can see least all you. You say you have “more time working with with military and law enforcement” That tells me that you were NOT in the military. I was there. I was on the ship. I went in on the LCVPs. I put my life on the line on the for my ship mates and America. I’d do it again if I could. You are damned liar! You full of crap! You just another fake veteran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You tell it to that stuck up fancy ass named Howard T. Lewis III. He’s a little pecker head.

            Thank YOU for your service sir and I appreciate you sticking it to that jerkoff. I could tell right off the bat that you would fit in well with my Navy family (Dad, uncles and brothers). Respect and admiration to you always.

          • Thank you for your service, Navy PO2. I am 77, retired Army, and wish that I were young enough to do it all over again, too.

  22. Robert’s said he is leaving put her where his seat is. Robert’s is proving to be a weak minded judge who caves in whenever the democracts cry things don’t go their way. We need people who have back bones and who don’t take bribes and does things right

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