Brett Kavanaugh handed down one decision that will leave you floored

Donald Trump won the 2016 election in large part because he promised to put conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

The President fulfilled that promise with the nominations of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

And Brett Kavanaugh just handed down one ruling that will leave you floored.

The Supreme Court made a major announcement when they lifted a lower court order forcing Christian baker Melissa Klein to pay a $135,000 fine.

The lower court ordered the fine because she declined to make a cake for a homosexual wedding due to her deeply held Christian belief in marriage being between a man and a woman.

Brett Kavanaugh and the other Justices ordered the lower court to reconsider the case in light of a 2018 Supreme Court ruling holding that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission allowed hostility toward a Christian baker by wrongly interpreting a state anti-discrimination law.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Supreme Court lifted an order Monday punishing a Christian baker in Oregon who refused to produce a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, telling a lower court to reconsider the dispute in light of the 2018 Masterpiece Cakeshop decision.

The decision keeps a contentious social dispute over the rights of religious dissenters and LGBT patrons off the high court’s docket in the near term.

“This is a victory for Aaron and Melissa Klein and for religious liberty for all Americans,” said Kelly Shackelford, president of First Liberty Institute, a cause lawyering firm that represents the Klein family. “The Constitution protects speech, popular or not, from condemnation by the government. The message from the Court is clear, government hostility toward religious Americans will not be tolerated.”

The Oregon case is in many respects a redux of the 2018 Masterpiece Cakeshop decision, which pertained to an Evangelical baker in Colorado. Though the justices found for the Colorado baker because a state panel displayed hostility toward his religious beliefs, the Court did not say whether conservative religious believers can cite the First Amendment in refusing to accommodate a same-sex wedding.

The Court’s decision did not address the First Amendment argument that Christians cannot be compelled to participate in homosexual weddings that violate their religious beliefs.

But it was a significant victory for the Oregon baker as the threat of financial ruin was lifted.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  2. I despise conservatism; it is a cancer on America and Americans. But, at the end of the day, if you need a service, find a business that will give you what you need. Forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do is a non-starter. Agreed?

    • Eric:
      What has concervatism done to give people people something they don’t want? it’s a belief that no one should live off of other people’s money unless denying people money who are too lazy to work with lifelong promises of getting government paychecks at taxpayers expense is that is what you’re talking about? The founding fathers of this country were concervatives and not cheap liberals such as yourself.

    • I disagree with your view of conservatism. Conservatism has been the stable base for our Nation since day one. You have a right to believe that as I have a right to believe in my view. I agree with what you said about “at the end of the day”.

    • This is the document that gives you the right to hate that document Eric? The general context of Conservatism is holding to and preserving the original Law of the Land, the Constitution. What do you hate this preservation movement?
      protect (something, especially an environmentally or culturally important place or thing) from harm or destruction.
      “the funds raised will help conserve endangered meadowlands”

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  5. There are people that likens this to the old “Jim Crow” days years ago where a black couple wanted a marriage cake for them but were refused to give them a cake simply because they were black, which is trying to compare apples with oranges, As homosexuality is not a legitimate minority as they are a minority by choice and not one by chance as blacks are a legitimate minority by chance. Liberal idiots who think that homosexuals are a minority which is a stupid and ignorant way of thinking.

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    • Choice or born that way, it’s bullshit either way! Why don’t these gay agitators go to Muslim wedding service outfits and ask for that same cake? That’s because they only embrace terrorists’ religious views, not decent Christians.

  6. This imbecile “redman” is an illiterate 10 year old that is playing on his mommies computer…please dont give him any attention because clearly that’s his only reason for putting non-sensible comments up in here. Eventually hell get bored with being ignored & scamper off to romper-room.

  7. Mamajoe:
    Homosexuals are a minority by choice and should not be treated as a minority so anyone who thinks otherwise is very ignorant, as there is no “gay” gene. Those bakers should not be forced against there will to violate their own religious beliefs. That lesbian couple did this as a publicity stunt to demonise anyone who who doesn’t accept their sick lifestyle. They could’ve gone to another bakery and got that cake. I think they singled out that particular bakery because they knew the owners there will probably refuse to serve them. How low down can you get?

  8. You people do not get it We are all God’s Children if they are gay that is not your business they are people too. if you ugly people have nothing nice to say DON”T. This is between them and GOD. PEOPLE YOU NEED TO LET IT GO! MOVE ON! THE GO LORD WILL DEAL WITH IT!

    • Ellie
      You are the one that don’t undestand what we are saying. The gays can screw whoever they want. All we are saying, is don’t try to force your choices down our throats, & this being America, businesses do have the right to refuse service to people if the service requested goes against ones religious beliefs. What is so hard to understand about that Ellie?

    • Then shouldn’t a person in Business be able to refuse to make a special request item if it is an item that the person feels that to do so would be against their “Creative Integrity”

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    • Tell that to the gays who are still trying to force their way of life on everyone else.

      No one give a shite what they do in the privacy of their own home. No one has the right to force their sexuality on others. They couldn’t be happy with a Civil Union that pretty much gave them all the right of a heterosexual married couple. They continue to force the issue as marriage. Take what you get and be happy. Marriage is between a man and a woman, let it be. They, the LGBT community, are their own worse enemy. THEY have turned people against them because they can’t shut up and just be happy.

    • Ellie:
      If the lesbian couple did not sue the bakers then there is no such discussion here. We do let them go, but they do not let us go and that is the problem.

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  10. I certainly wouldn’t say that this decision left me “slack-jawed.” It’s the kind of decision that any free-market judge (or person) would make. Hey, man! I got rights!!

  11. This is just another attempt to ram homosexuality down our throats as I for one will never ever accept those mentally disturbed people. If is a sick and perverted lifestyle.

    • Gregory, I believe a person should have certain rights against discrimination. Be it skin color, religious affiliation or sexual preference. I am a white Catholic woman and while I may not agree with someone’s preferences, I’m not judging them. Live and let live… To each his own. “Be excellent to each other.”

      • Would you tell where in God’s word that HE says to each their own? What would be the point in following Him?

        • Actually, I live by “Judge not, lest ye be judged”. I do not make final decisions on anyone’s ability to pass on to the Promised Land. All I can do is pray for them.

        • Your just a trouble maker I’ve watched your posts.I do not know what your color or sexual preference a trouble maker is a trouble maker!!! See real name.

  12. The refusal to bake the cake for a gay wedding has nothing to do with discrimination against the people requesting said cake. I am sure that if a straight couple had asked for a cake for a gay wedding, they would have also been denied service.
    To those implying that refusal to bake a cake for a gay wedding is discrimination, it is noteworthy that gays have been served at these establishments in the past and will continue to be served in the future. This cake was requested simply as a publicity stunt, with potential financial gain.

  13. I think we are going thru the process of a societal recycle, probably already reaching the peak of the empire that often inaugurate the dreaded homo era that will eventually dismantle our great empire, as it did to past empires. History repeat. Unfortunately.

    Should “the cup runneth over”, game’s over for the great Pax American era. What can we do to avert this historical mistake?

    • Religious freedom means anyone has the right to practice the religion of their choice it does not mean that any person has the right to restrict the religious practice of any other person. I suggest the courts take a better look at the Constitution.

      • Isn’t that what the homosexual couple was trying to do, restrict the religious practice of the Aaron and Melissa Klein by compelling them, through the auspices of an Oregon commission? Looks that way to me. The Kleins weren’t trying to do that to that same-sex couple, that could have gone to any number of other places to get their cake.

        • The gay couple should have just gone to another bakery. They chose to sue because they are trouble makers and wanted to put the bakery out of business. Gays would be liked more if they would just live their lives and quit looking for publicity and trying to show how “bad” straight people are. They cause their own problems and then wonder why they aren’t liked. Quit pushing yourselves and your lifestyle into our faces. You are accepted. Now go live your lives without all this unnecessary drama.

        • I have a great respect for “”ALL”” humans on this earth,why am I going to be forced by my government to pay reparations with my tax money for something “I”,my parents,& my grandparents did not create??? Tax money has been given to be used for the betterment of people who deserved to have it,what happened to the billions of tax dollars that were to be used to BETTER the lives of the misused humans ??????????

      • You are assuming of Course the liberal courts fellow the US Constitution ? They haven’t fellowed the US Constitution for years why should they start now ? Also the US Supreme Court is suppose to interpret the US Constitution and not make law ! They’ve been making law from the bench for years when it is the Legislature’s job to make law. It is the reason we have liberal judges overriding a US President and getting away with it .

  14. No…. all it did was kick it back to the Federal Court in Oregon to ‘consider’ the fine…. but the baker still has to comply with state law.

  15. I do believe they will be forcing lower courts to act like they make decisions based on the Constitution rather than the whim of the moment. If we try to make SCOTUS decide every issue, they will and we won’t like it.

  16. justice feels good. but to stay out of trouble use your right to refuse service to anyone that all business has. to stay out of trouble never give a reason other no please leave

  17. This is like a drunkard forcing a Christian church to admit him and taking it to court to try and force the members to do so.

  18. Some conservatives argue a Christian business should not be forced to engage in business practices which violate the tenets of their faith (e.g., bake a cake for a same-sex wedding). “Should a kosher delicatessen be forced to serve non-kosher food,” they argue. A kosher delicatessen is set up for a specific purpose, so, no, they shouldn’t be force to serve non-kosher food. Nor should an Italian restaurant be forced to serve Chinese food. Nor should a Christian bookstore be forced to carry non-Christian literature. The business is not a “Christian” bakery if they bake cakes for secular birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc. If they’re open to the public, and not merely serving Christians, then not serving LGBTs IS discrimination.

    • One tenant of owning a business is the RIGHT to refuse service to someone. If baking a cake for a homosexual wedding is against the baker’s beliefs, he/she is within their rights to refuse to do so. There are surely other bakers in the area that will bake the cake. This action was merely a publicity stunt and should not have gone beyond the state. Just saying that it’s “not a Christian bakery” and can’t refuse service it totally nuts.

    • …..and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. LGBT is not a class of people, it is a Mental Disorder. Look it up!DSM-IV.

      • We are slowly loosing our rights in this country to minorities. Anytime someone is forced to complete a job of any kind their freedom is gone. To refuse service to anyone is not necessarily discrimination. If one owns a business of ANY kind they should not be forced to sell to anyone And I don’t remember reading in the constitution where it says they have to only that they can’t discriminate. If one owns any kind of business they should have the right to refuse service to anyone they choose regardless of race religion or any other reason. In the cases we are familiar with It is my opinion their actions were pre planned knowing in advance they would probably be refused so they could file a law suit period instead of doing what most of us would do and that is simply go to another store.

    • They don’t need to advertise their personal life. Your also saying shoe is law is okay because they dress covered so men don’t look at their group of woman. Do we wear pins saying we are against something or for something or do we just go with it and watch 40 year old gross pigs marry 12 year olds and screw them literally to death?

    • Once again Vasu, your stupidity shines. They have baked cakes for gays many times as they have said, but they wouldn’t do a special “wedding cake” because gay marriage is against they’re beliefs. Gay marriage, not just being gay! They have said many times they have baked for the same couple many times, just not a wedding cake dumb ass.

      • Randy L. Humphries:Again and again Christians are being attacked for honoring their faith. Shameful!!
        And as far as Vasu, well at least his comment is shorter….

    • Jesus commands us to hate all sin and not participate in it. So NO, they should NOT serve homosexuals who want something that is AGAINST what God says is right. They DO serve homosexuals everything else, but should NOT be forced to bake them a “wedding” cake. You have no clue what Christianity is or who God is.

    • Had the gay couple kept their sexual preferences to themselves, here’s you cake. Too many people seeking no cause issues for .money.

  19. I remember in San Diego, a lesbian couple who wanted to get artificially inseminated by a Christian doctor who refused to do so. The couple took it to court and a liberal judge ordered her to give them what they wanted. She decided to quit her practice rather than comply with that order as she felt very strongly about her faith. How sad.

  20. Gay wedding – Gay baker –
    Christian wedding – Christian baker! ]
    Not too difficult for me to figure out. Someone refuses service to me, I go somewhere else. I would NEVER sue someone for what they bake or serve in accordance to what they believe *unless* I was *wanting* press coverage and opportunity to slander, someone. Pretty low, imo.

  21. So nice this poor family is finally getting some good news after all the crap they’ve been through, but the Supreme Court should quit goofing around already and start protecting other people from getting sued into oblivion by butthurt LGBratties.

    • Well, that’s a new one, I never heard the phrase and/or statement “sued into oblivion by butthurt LGBratties”. I’m thoroughly tired of our government catering to Sexual deviates that are obviously mentally deranged. Instead of forcing people to serve them, our government should be committing them to Mental Institutions

  22. For a long time, a phrase, “separation of church and state”, a phrase that is NOT to be found in our Constitution, has been “interpreted” to mean that the state can do anything it d=#!;:mnemonic well pleases and the church has no rights whatsoever.

    Perhaps these court decisions are the start of a return to sanity. One can only hope.

  23. This whole thing is stupid. Why can’t a baker refuse to bake for anyone, overbooked, sick, family event or whatever. If they can’t do it, they can’t do it. If I were having a cake made for any occasion and the baker couldn’t do it for that day,YOU FIND ANOTHER BAKER….. These people just want to cause a stink because they are Transgender. Quit trying to shove this down our throats because you want to be a Transgender. Maybe see a doctor instead of a baker.

  24. IF the bakery shop had been a PUBLICLY HELD LARGE BUSINESS, maybe they would be open to forced labor for the homos. It’s not. It is a mom and pop shop and more of a personal service business. It absolutely right that they should have the right to serve or not serve anyone.

    IMHO, it was likely a setup deal from the getgo. Customers demand service knowing it’s highly unlikely and therefore an OPPORTUNITY TO WIN BIG BUCKS

    Good for the judges.

    Didja notice the totally neutral mindset of the author of this article? Likely not.

  25. Besides Religious Liberty a business has the right to refuse anyone at their business. These people that are trying to sue are going out of their way to find and try to force business so they can sue.

    • I’m thinking, “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service”. We should add, “No Shoes, No Shirt, Not Heterosexual, No Service”! Business Owners don’t have to give a reason for refusing to serve someone, other than, “I’m sorry but we’re all booked up for that time period”. If you want to be, at least polite, you might suggest another business close by.

      It pisses me off when our government defends sexually deviant(mentally challenged) individuals, instead of defending business owners! Perhaps, the reason is, that our government is loaded down with Sexual Deviants……

    • Absolutely. That is ALL they want…to FORCE us to accept their perversion. We do not have to and I never will. God is very clear that it is a sin

  26. It comes under Religious Liberty. We have the right to practice our Faith in accordance with our beliefs, and when Homosexuals approach bakers to make them cakes which they know are against their consciences, they shouldn’t be forced to comply. Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are discrimating due to a persons Political and Religious beliefs and are not fined, or taken to court. Either we have a right to bring the High Tech’s to court, or we don’t. We can fight fire with fire.

    • Agree with you completely. The techs are already out of hand and becoming bolder in their discrimination of conservatives.

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