Brett Kavanaugh handed Nancy Pelosi the one defeat that could end her career

One of the biggest Supreme Court decisions of the last generation finally came down.

It promises to have a major impact on American politics.

And Brett Kavanaugh handed Nancy Pelosi the one defeat that could end her career.

Democrats suffered a massive defeat at the Supreme Court.

By a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the judiciary had no place in throwing out state legislative and congressional district maps.

This dealt a blow to the Left’s plans to use the court to throw out maps in red states and have liberal judges redraw district maps that allowed for the election of more Democrats.

Bloomberg Politics reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution doesn’t let judges throw out voting maps for being too partisan, dividing along ideological lines in a decision that could bolster Republicans in the 2020 elections.

The justices, voting 5-4, upheld congressional voting maps drawn by legislators in North Carolina and Maryland. The court’s five Republican appointees, including Chief Justice John Roberts and new Justice Brett Kavanaugh, formed the majority.

“The expansion of judicial authority would not be into just any area of controversy, but into one of the most intensely partisan aspects of American political life,” Roberts said for the majority.

Pending cases about the maps in Ohio and Michigan are now dead.

And this is a serious blow to Nancy Pelosi’s career outlook.

With Trump at the top of the ticket in 2020, Republicans have a realistic chance of winning back the House of Representatives.

That’s why Democrats were counting on the courts to throw out Congressional maps in select states to allow the Democrats to rig the election by having left-wing Judges redraw the maps to favor Democrats.

If Republicans win back the House, there is a good chance Pelosi will retire.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I agree with that especially when Bill said “Hillary has been with more women than I have” Then there was that lesbian cruise that she went on. That is what I heard. I wasn’t on i so I can’t say for sure but Bill did say what he said about her being with more women than he had!

  2. I agree that Nancy Pelosi seems to have sone dementia….She really should be made to step down before she really gets bogged down with it for the sake of the country”’She should undergo a session or 2 with a qualified Psychiatrist

  3. Vasu, living in Va has made you crazy. Get out now while you still have two brain cells to rub together. Have Planned Parent Hood do a late, late, abortion on you.

  4. Does this mean that you are an idiot democrat as well? Time to wake up, while you still have a free couyntry.

  5. Since you republicans only know how to call people derogatory names, let me help you out Allan. Idiot republicans are trying to put the question on the ballot.

  6. That is why we must never abandon the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote election of presidents! Dems have a stranglehold on most large cities and they manipulate voting results in their favor by miscounts, intentional delays, voting in multiple precincts, deceased voters, and illegal aliens voting. Why else would they oppose voter ID laws and a border wall? Currently, voter fraud can’t get their states any more Representatives to Congress. Their new tactic is removing the “Are you a U.S. Citizen?” question from the 2020 Census. Only an idiot can’t see an attempt to fraudulently gain more Dem Reps. for their states!

  7. Pelosi was the screw ball who gave Illegals drivers license and DMV has documents for voting. DMV not allowed to ask if Illegal.
    They make sure they buy a vehicle that has current tags. They don’t register it in their name. That is how they can go back across the border and haul drugs. They vehicle is still in original owner name.
    If you sell a vehicle to anyone make sure you go to DMV and advise them of new owners name.
    Just another fraud issue.
    Trump 2020

  8. True, however, we DO NOT want her falling when she trips on her UNpushed up Drapery cleavage!

  9. Nancy Pelosi wearing a push up bra is overkill. She already almost falls out of the ones she wears.

  10. Nancy Pelosi is a brain dead criminal who is doing nothing more than trying to sell our country to the highest bidder! Hillary is as crooked as a snake and would sell her own mother (or maybe she already has) to the highest bidder! She is also a criminal and has stolen everything she can get her hands on ever since her “husband” was in the Whitehouse (that marriage was a joke)!

  11. Horrible people like Pelosi live forever, unfortunately. Or, maybe they are demons (that don’t die) instead of real people. Democrats certainly seem to be evil.

  12. Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve moves to Summerfield to oversee his late brother-in-law’s estate and raise his orphaned niece and nephew.
    First episode date: 1955

    You must be about my “vintage”, lol.

  13. Geez! When did a pushed up bra become a qualification one desires in a congressional memnber. Sanity makes much more sense to me than a pushed up bra!

  14. As the old saying goes, the government that governs least, governs best. That sure fits with the Dems in control of the House.

  15. Vasu, don’t you mean that Democrats can continue their redistricting? You do know that no matter what you call it, it still is the same thing. And that is why it affected both NC AND MD. Better solution, all districts should be either squares or rectangles and have an equal number of people. Redistricting is the only way some Dems have been able to stay in office so long.

  16. Do you think that gerrymandering only applies to Republicans?? Democrats do the same thing when they have control.

  17. Jean, The Dems want post-birth abortion made legal. We should do so. Then we could eliminate (kill) any Demonrat we see fit with no repercussions. After all the only thing one did was abort the fools, using their own law.

  18. I live in Michigan and so I am happy to hear this idea was thrown out. I and my husband both voted against it. We were so frustrated to see our state turn blue with the election of the governor & company. But only 13 counties were blue and the entire state was practically red. So sad and frustrating that the big cities had the upper hand over the rest of the state. This is why we need to maintain the Electoral college…I say, for ALL elections!

  19. Or under it most usually person on earth she been getting her way now she unable all she does is cry because since trump in office no one kisses her ass all she doing is helping trump win thanks for being his secret campaign manager trump will win so retire to yhe ole folks home

  20. It appears that both red and blue states will be able to gerrymander their states. The Court just said they aren’t going to interfere with internal states politics … not their purview.

  21. Jean decent people don’t vote for commiecrats. Those that do are worse than deplorable Including some of my kin.

  22. She’s a senile of tw@t, who should have been out of office decades ago! Cripe, ninny peolosi can barely remember her own name, she has NO business being in office.

  23. Scientists don’t do consensus. True science relies on facts. Switch the research funding and see if the climate change proponents align with the funding. Most people are oblivious to de-growth economics. In the end it is designed to empower the ruling class & dominate the subjects. How is it politicians by and large are not millionaires when entering b it amass obscene wealth by the time they leave the game. If you wonder if you can trust the government…ask an Indian

  24. Any person with a conscience could not declare them selves to be a Democrat.To qualify fully, you must be in favor of infanticide,in favor of confiscating the
    fruits of the labor of the citizens and distributing it back to those you favor.Promoting all deviant behavior,opposing Christianity, being anti-American. Doing criminal acts and then blaming the opposing side for the very
    thing the Democrats actually did, (Russia gate).Demoncrap more aptly describes them.

  25. Asu, you’re still pushing the same delusional rhetoric. It looks like you cut and paste from other blogs. Give it a rest!

  26. BLAH BLAH I thing that we Republicans have to get out the vote. I have a friend in Minnesota and she the voter turn out was terrible. The Somalians got their vote out and now the true Americans live with that

  27. Vasu, you should take time to read our Constitution. Nowhere does it give guvco the right to force Americans to buy health insurance, period, and certainly does not give guvco the right to decide where we buy our insurance and what policies we must buy. On “gun control” what part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand? There are no “pro life” democrats. At least none I have ever met or heard from. I could go on, but you are not woth any more of my time.

  28. Fancy HATCHET FACE Pelosi can choke and die on a chicken bone so America has another reason to celebrate

  29. Hmmm…..facts made by “scientific consensus”. You mean just like the “consensus” that exclaimed that the world was FLAT in Columbus’ time only to be proven WRONG ??!!??…..

    Methinks you need to get back to EMPHERICAL EVIDENCE to decide what is truly FACT and FICTION….

    Oh, I FORGOT, you are a democrat which means that FACTS don’t matter….silly me…

    BONUS: Facts like the falling apart “affordable” care act…Just what part of THAT is ‘affordable’ ?? BTW I am an insurance agent, so I am on the front line of that train wreck…..

  30. Vasu, where are the other causes? Say it. It’s all Marxist-radical Islamic-anti freedom of speech political correctness- unlimited open borders-etc-etc …

    You suck.

  31. The Supreme Court decision merely allows Republican gerrymandering to continue — it allows Republicans to rig election maps.

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  32. Let’s hope San Fran Feces Nan remains occupied trying to ride herd on the fractured Dem caucus. They have accomplished nothing so far this year and that trend looks to continue into 2020. Not much to campaign uon but hate Trump.

  33. Naw, she’ll be there until The Second Coming or she gets a better offer. None of her challengers have the goods on the other fools to whip them into line. Pelosi will leave only when she wants to leave. Just remember, before she moved to California and married a rich man she was out of an east coast crime family.

  34. Terry, Amen! We want instant judgment, but God has a plan that we don’t know yet. I can’t believe she had the nerve to say she was doing the Lord’s work by being FOR abortions.

  35. They tend to forget that old saying, Don’t count your chickens before they hatch! In this case it serves them right. I don’t know if I’d rather get rid of them, & let the AOCs take over, or keep Pelosi, & Waters & the rest of the oldies,& let them run things. I vote we get rid of all of them!!

  36. Nasty Peelousy OR NOSFERATU has been in office for 50 years in CALIPORNIA and the CONGRESS! She IS the glass of water with a D(emon rat) she was talking about when she was TRYING to dis AOC (Always Openly CRAZY)a few months ago!!

  37. A sloooow death for a terrorist, and a traitor to the United States as well as a BIG TIME RICO GANGSTA

  38. One way or another there will be consequences.
    God knows what she did and what’s
    In her heart. She sold her soul to the
    devil .

  39. All this time breaking President Trump’s Balls and now to try to make these low life Democrats look good during these Democrat Debates she now gives in to President Trump’s Border wall funding. Nancy Pelosi your still an evil person.

  40. If that’s true she should be gone very soon. The liberal media has no credibility left at all. She wouldn’t survive long at Gitmo. Having to wear an orange jumpsuit instead of her designer outfits would be the end of her.

  41. Jesse, same thing with loud mouth Waters , she should be in prison now for her stirring up the crowds to pick on conservative !

  42. Gitmo would not be a strong enough punishment for her maybe a hangman’s noose would be more appropriate.

  43. I have to agree with Dan. The News media isn’t about to allow anything bad to happen to Pelosi. She is their Bread and Butter for next several elections and they will protect her with their lives. Indeed, they will protect her with whatever credibility they have left. Its all they have left!!!

  44. The thing NUTSY needs is tossed out and stripped of everything Congress has allowed her to get. After that her next place of residence should be GITMO to await a noose.

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