Brett Kavanaugh is about to give Trump a victory that he could not believe

Republicans fought hard to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

They withstood all the fake news and smears for this moment.

And it looks like Kavanaugh is on the verge of giving Trump a victory that he could not believe.

At the start, Kansas and the Trump administration successfully convinced the Supreme Court to hear their appeal to reinstate convictions of three illegal aliens convicted of identity theft for using an American citizen’s social security number.

The Kansas Supreme Court vacated the convictions on the grounds that the 1986 amnesty only allowed the federal government to prosecute identity theft.

Bloomberg reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider letting states prosecute undocumented immigrants for identity theft if they use someone else’s Social Security number to apply for a job, agreeing to take up what could be a polarizing fight.

Heeding calls from Kansas and the Trump administration, the justices said they’ll decide whether the Kansas Supreme Court was right to say that only the federal government has the power under U.S. immigration law to press those types of prosecutions.

A victory for Kansas would give states a new tool for battling illegal immigration, letting them be more aggressive on an issue handled primarily at the federal level. The court will hear the case during the nine-month term that starts in October.

If the Trump administration and Kansas win the case, this will give states another tool to crack down on illegal immigration.

And now that Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, there is every expectation that the five conservative justices will vote to overturn the Kansas State Supreme Court’s decision.

This would be another crushing defeat for the open-borders crowd.

But it will also open up another avenue for blue states to resist any immigration enforcement.

If Kavanaugh casts the deciding vote to hand Trump and states that want to crack down on illegal immigration a victory, states like California and New York will race to announce they will not prosecute illegal aliens for identity theft and therefore create a magnet for more illegal immigration.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I agree, prosecute Obama for treason and Hillary too! stop the money going
    to other countries that are not our allies and no money for sanctuary cities!!! stop the illegals from crossing period! move them back with troops or whatever it takes. we need the wall!! electrify the fences and see who’s going to climb! I don’t want to live in a 3rd world country…which I know is where its going with these dumbass democrats.

  2. Hold the press! So right now it’s not illegal for illegal aliens to commit SSN fraud, theft, misrepresentation or whatever the hell you want to call it? Really? Who’s the liberal Baby Killer who came up with that bullshit plan because there’s nobody in their right mind who would think it should be tolerated. Has America really become that big of a pussy? I guess Obami ran off the last set of balls this country had and if we keep it up Canada will invade our country and take over in a week. I can see it now, land of the queers out there trying to slap our invaders in the face with their limp wrist. Pathetic! Embarrassing!

  3. Illegal Aliens are Running from the BAD PEOPLE in their Home Countries. They are Hoping and Praying that America Vets Everyone! If America does NOT vet EVERYONE? Then we will most certainly turn into the “Shit-hole” Countries that everyone is running away from. Make sense to anyone? Prob. not? Attention: To the intelligent people out there. Your VOTES COUNT! President Trump is proof of that. Keep up the GOOD WORK! SECURE OUR BORDERS … TO PROTECT EVERYONE. Us and Them. “United We Stand.”

    • Yes we can count on President Trump he is doing a fine job and he has done nothing wrong. As far as wanting to secure our borders to keep our people safe here at home there are bad criminals amongst those people doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that’s why we need a wall to keep us safe here at home ourselves spiky says they can come in but they got to come in legally and we got a bet him the proper way go get them.

    • Why don’t they stay in their own country and fight for it like we have to. We are having to fight right now to keep America, America, because of the freeloaders. We pay they play.

  4. I know a man from Mexico. I have known him for years. He came as a young single man the legal way. He married and raised his children to be Americans. The other day he said that we had to stop them coming here illegaly any way we can or they would ruin his country like they did Mexico. He called this his country. He said they come here as criminals and never change. I am proud to have this man and his family as friends and fellow Americans.

    • I totally agree with your friend from Mexico. I tutor families that ALL came here legally, some have not become citizens and have no desire to, but they do maintain their legal alien residency cards. Even these people want the illegals to be stopped.

  5. I live in Colorado and now because of our new governor we are a sanctuary state and a whole lot more. Now we have a red flag confiscation law which the dems voted for. I wish there was something we all could do to stand up to all this crap!

    • These mayors and governors should be charged for aiding and abetting and interfering with federal law enforcement. The new AG of the United States can do this. Question is will he. I would in a second.

  6. As a trauma nurse in Arizona, I once took care of a Hispanic male with three Social Security cards (three different names) that were definitely not his. He also had counterfeit $100 bills on him. Just another fine upstanding member of society! Just saying. Since it was a type of violent trauma where we had to notify law enforcement, they were called but probably did nothing about the Social Security cards/identity theft.

    • Some 20 years ago my oldest daughter and youngest son could not collect either their federal or state returns. Some wetbqcks were using their social security numbers. Nothing but problems for the next two years. Had to change numbers and that caused problems with what they had paid into social security 401ks hunting and fishing licences, you name it. All because of some b.s. latino just could not obey our laws. I am all for people bettering their lot in life, and respect those that do so LAWFULLY. As fot the rest, they are entitled lowlifes sucking off our hard work and work ethics. They can K.M.A.

      • I my self got my identity stolen and had to prove to the it’s who I was. They didn’t go after the person who stole my identity it seems they went after me. Now I have a number I have to give with my ira return.. I say built the wall and sent al the dreamers to wherever they’re from. Even anchor babies,

    • Think about it, Everything the left has done in an attempt to remove president Trump from office has exploded in their faces, often times it has had the boomarang effect, think Mueller report. Even with the limited knowledge that we know at this point we know that the only collusion with Russia was between Hillary, DNC, and Barrack Obama’s corrupt to the core appointed intelligence heads and the Russians. We also have learned (James Clapper on CNN) that Barrack Obama KNEW that the dossier was bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign yet told his intelligence heads to push the narrative. We also now know that Obama LIED we he claimed he was unaware of Hillary’s illegal server, there is concrete evidence that he communicated with Hillary on the illegal server using an assumed name. Seeing that we also know that Hillary has SAP information on her server that was hacked by many foreign governments it’s not a stretch to assume that both Obama and Hillary exchanged classified material on the unsecured server. The penalty for treason is still the death sentence !!!!

  7. California and New York are already magnets for illegal immigrants because of their sanctuary madness! How much fuller can a full cup get? Just keep them out of the States that have sane laws and policies!

  8. I’d like to know what RBG thinks and how she’d vote. It’s time she started knitting at home by the window and watch the hummingbirds.

  9. It is absolutely absurd that any state would not prosecute for identity theft. This is going way too far and any state which doesn’t prosecute should be held liable. Rather, make the law that any state that wishes to prosecute will be given permission, but not the other way around.

    • The ones that fight it, we should make it as, if you’re going to steal ss numbers, then start with the top folks in that gov. They won’t mind having their identity stolen.

  10. Are not ALL elected, & appointed government officials, no matter what level (Federal, State, County, &/or municipality) swearing to uphold the US Constitution?? Are not many of them perjuring themselves???? Why are they not locked up???

  11. It should be a crime whenever anyone steals another’s identity no matter which place he is in. The illegals just think they are entitled to whatever they want and it’s time to stop it. Just read another article about the Left and their practice of pushing out anything that is good for us,Soros is using our money,he gets it from Comgress to get someone’s job taken away. He is doing it with Tucker Carlson,using taxpayer money to harass his sponsors so they will drop him. That should be stopped and we should see that it does,he has enough money and does enough damage to this country without getting the money from us.

    • I agree! And Soros is a cancer on our nation and others around the world that must be stopped! He should be put before a judge here in the US and I would pray that justice would prevail. ID theft is something that nobody should have to be a victim of…this needs to end immediately. We will see who our real patriots are. Those who love the nation will support seeing this upheld to prosecute those who do this…illegal or not.

      • There was an attempt to deport Soros back to his native Hungary but that country didn’t want him as he was a big troublemaker there and now we are stuck with that SOB.

    • I would hope that Kavanaugh would sign something that allows Trump to take away Federal Monies from ALL SANCTUARY Cities & States.
      I would also hope the Supreme Court would take away ALL Federal Monies for Planned Parenthood and stop Infantcide
      immediately. They could give Condoms, IUD’s,”the morning after pills”, spermacides, birth control pills, teach the rhythm method, diaphrams & of course abstinence. There are hundreds of thousands of families with one or both parents who want infants and toddlers who aren’t readily available in adoption systems.
      There are plenty of options. IF CONGRESS, DSHS & other State & Federal programs had guts, they would not fund EXTRA WIVES, or all funding for more than 2 children per family that use “welfare” for income. It’s grossly unfair for people on Public Assistance to expect all of us to feed, clothe and pay for the education of your children.


    • I do not believe you understand what you just asked for. NO we do not need that. It is up to us “We the People” to do exactly that.

  13. Once Identity Theft is legalized the printing presses for false IDs,SS Cards, driving licenses, Birth Certificates,Voters ID, ect will run day and night. Actual real documents will become meaningless. Just what the illegal aliens want.

  14. So be it. Let the illegals go to California and NY. Maybe the residents will get fed up from being plagued b all the illegal’s shenanigans. Let’s take away Federal support as well.

  15. If they do that, why not arrest and prosecute OBUNGHOLE the FRAUD for stealing, and using another persons social security numbers?

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