Brett Kavanaugh is about to give Trump a win that will leave Chuck Schumer in tears

Democrats are filing lawsuits left and right to stop Trump’s border wall.

But they have one big problem.

And that’s the fact that Brett Kavanaugh could be about to deliver Trump a massive victory that will leave Chuck Schumer in tears.

16 Democrat State Attorneys General are filing a lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to stop Trump’s declaration of national emergency to build his border wall.

A second lawsuit by landowners along the southern border who are affected by the President using his constitutional eminent domain authority to use land for border wall construction is also making its way in the court system.

But as constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley explained, the Supreme Court – most likely led by Brett Kavanaugh and the other conservative justices – will deliver Trump a final victory in this fight.

Breitbart reports:

“We just heard about one lawsuit being brought against the president by landowners and other stakeholders along the southern border. Do they have a case?” Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked Turley.

“Well, they have a case, but I’m afraid I don’t believe they have a particularly strong case,” Turley responded.

Turley explained that the National Emergencies Act enacted in 1976 “gave a president virtually unfettered authority.”

“In fact, it really doesn’t even define what an emergency is,” Turley said.

There has been huffing and puffing in the fake news media on social media feeds of establishment Republicans that Trump’s move is unconstitutional.

But as Turley points out, Congress granted this power to the President in 1976 through statute.

All Trump is doing is exercising the power Congress gave him.

There is nothing illegal or abusive about that.

And that’s why any court challenge is doomed to fail.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.