Brett Kavanaugh is about to give Trump a win that will leave Chuck Schumer in tears

Democrats are filing lawsuits left and right to stop Trump’s border wall.

But they have one big problem.

And that’s the fact that Brett Kavanaugh could be about to deliver Trump a massive victory that will leave Chuck Schumer in tears.

16 Democrat State Attorneys General are filing a lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to stop Trump’s declaration of national emergency to build his border wall.

A second lawsuit by landowners along the southern border who are affected by the President using his constitutional eminent domain authority to use land for border wall construction is also making its way in the court system.

But as constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley explained, the Supreme Court – most likely led by Brett Kavanaugh and the other conservative justices – will deliver Trump a final victory in this fight.

Breitbart reports:

“We just heard about one lawsuit being brought against the president by landowners and other stakeholders along the southern border. Do they have a case?” Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked Turley.

“Well, they have a case, but I’m afraid I don’t believe they have a particularly strong case,” Turley responded.

Turley explained that the National Emergencies Act enacted in 1976 “gave a president virtually unfettered authority.”

“In fact, it really doesn’t even define what an emergency is,” Turley said.

There has been huffing and puffing in the fake news media on social media feeds of establishment Republicans that Trump’s move is unconstitutional.

But as Turley points out, Congress granted this power to the President in 1976 through statute.

All Trump is doing is exercising the power Congress gave him.

There is nothing illegal or abusive about that.

And that’s why any court challenge is doomed to fail.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The reason we bring up Obama as you say was because no one said anything when he used executive order. But you sure want to complain when our President Trump does well TOO BAD!!!!! BUILD THE WALL PRESIDENT TRUMP2020. SCREW OBAMA THE TRAITOR!!!!!!

  2. HE SAYS WHAT HE MEANS AND MEANS WHAT HE SAYS. That is why the elites as well as the media HATES him.Mr. President, Stay tough and never surrender because God is with you and we are all standing behind you

  3. President’s Emergency powers supercede any existing law.Past Presidents used this power to implement what they wanted no one questioned them.This demonstrates how hypocritical the democRATS are.Can someone explain to me if President Trump has the powers to override Obama’s EO’S to UNSEAL his own records? What will John Roberts do?

  4. Hatred for the president is not and cannot be the legitimate reason to oppose the emergency funding for the wall.However, John Roberts has already decided that he will join the liberal justices and oppose Trump.He has a very good reason to appoint another conservative jusice to oppose JohnRoberts. Ginsburg knows this very well and so is not resigning or retiring now.

  5. I heard that Justice Roberts has switched sides on SCOTUS. He will be voting with the DemocRatic Justices.

    If we had a legit FBI, we could have them investigate his bank records, to see who paid him off. Probably Soros money.

  6. They made an emergency out of the swine flu when there wasn’t one and won’t let an emergency that does exist be fixed. The dems are trying to kill off our people in favor of illegals. They made the law and now want to buck it because our president needs to enforce it. The dems need to be shot down now and get put in their place.

  7. yes And Amy running for pres was one of them that is a Dem that racked questions an Judge Brett Kavanaugh that I as a minnesota’er so disenchanted with her even Questing The Judge that way . that hole thing should have never happened .That cristana blasey ford shouldbe in Jail for all the lies she had told ? I watched every bit of it and was totalty Pissed what amy and the others did to Judge Brett now on the supreme court Justice I sure hope amy from Minn never gets in she has has not to smart she is a dem all the way

  8. MIKLE, You made a good decision. I am for President Trump all the way.
    The democrats have went to demo-wits. They just act crazy. I was a democrat when the values were there.

  9. These so called democrats are nothing but cry babies Stockton, California. Most do not get educated, they do not work, they refuse to pay taxes, they want welfare and food stamps and as much as they can take off us American Workers free. Then they think they have any right to complain about anything. What they do not tear up, they burn down, what they do not drink down they snort up, what clothes they get given to them to wear, they take off at rally’s while running the streets naked. I do not remember any democratic party that had such little class until obama was in office. The kennedy’s, The Carters were with class ,manners, respect and virtue. These nuts/mental dis-functional degenerates are of little worth and values. I have been to Trump rally’s. They are well organized and, the people are and, were very well behaved. I can honestly say, those demo-wits are totally playing within a devils triangle no doubt in my mind.

  10. While in office from 1977-1981 President Jimmy Carter signed a law in regard to ones land. We NEVER own our land and homes anymore, since then. Mineral rights are no longer valid. If. the state or federal government (s) need land that we own they will give us fair market value and take the land. The same will apply to those living on the border. I believe President Trump is correct in fighting for our safety. Voting to block the wall that will be vetoed. And it is fair to say, the wall will be built”. I wonder where all of the money is or, has gone the democrats approved to build the wall over 2 years, ago. There is much to understand and know. Build the wall, President Trump.

  11. nancy, the libs stand unashamed in the presence of the American people, and commit crimes against us and blatantly lie, all the while accusing the republicans of what THEIR doing.
    to say what you did sounds like you are just not aware of whats going on around you, or, you are in agreement with what the libs are all about.

  12. “Democracy is two wolves (democrats) and a lamb (republican) voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.”


  14. I can see my daughter drawing a joke featuring them in depends plus a few other things with the darling Nancy staring. Roflmbo !!

  15. GREAT COMMENT! I agree that the President SHOULD have the right to put the walls up wherever it is needed….and in the end it is exactly what will be done because it is one of the reasons we elected him. To do otherwise would be to say our vote does not matter.

  16. The land owners had to know they had an easement on the property. If they did not that is their own fault. If they are smart they will take the money and run or loose the money on a lengthy court battle and the owe the government more for court cost attorney fees. Let them waste their money and go broke in the process because the government has more money than they do. As far as the government goes they just want to fight with Trump on everything so let them have their day before we kick their butts out of office.GO TRUMP 2020.

  17. Trumphasn’t completely pulled us out of the sewerage yet, but he’s well on the way. Just give him 4 more years and he will have drained the swamp. Then our next problem will to keep the Demorats from refilling it with more greedy garbage!

  18. The demonrats need as many uneducated people that vote Socialsm, and to out number the true Americans at all cost. Our infrastructure can not bare to much more. The price of meat hS sky rocketed and its because they can’t keep up with the consumption. Everything else is going through the roof too. These idiots have no place in government. They are there to get rich not work for us the people. They will doom our country!

  19. Clinton sold fish b/4 putting them into the boat & look where that got here? Peeeelooosie is finding duplicate scenario,u all! God bless “r” POTUS & U S of a!
    “Martini Gannini” former level 3 Seal,Special Op’s,Vietnam,67-70

  20. History, whether good or bad, should be acknowledge. If people learn from it, more power will come to them. Politicians,especially the dems in this case are the ones abusing their power. They are filled with hate and lying. Hate is destructive and lying is obstructive to the growth of the US. WHETHER WE want to admit it or not, there are evil beings and there are truly good humans caring for the USA. TRUMP IS ONE OF THESE HUMANS.

  21. When Jimmy took office then, Democrates could have changed things. Have you noticed when dems want something? If they’re a majority, they’ll pass something and then it’s on the books for good. But Heaven forbid a Repub. uses the same passed law to envoke his/her desire.

  22. Yes Carolyn tyler, he and the nation will never forget the horrible abuse that were such lies and double standards. All those responsible are awful people, just awful for creating what they did against Brett and his family.

  23. Nancy Hill, not really the case as you call it out. We heard Obama blame Bush for eight years. Eight years of blame game as to why he failed so miserably. And Obama was given a green light to anything and everything he chose to do, especially by the democrats from every direction and the news media. Yet everything time the president attempts anything, even if the left agrees, they will verbally disagree instantly and find fault in any way possible. To the point of our nation failing if its at the expense of our people so they can say the president failed. The hypocrisy from the left is despicable!!

  24. You are right George V. When a President takes the Presidential Oath she/he 🙂 shall swear to protect and defend the Constitution which is WE THE PEOPLE. For any who don’t follow that… “We the People…do ordain and establish this Constitution”.

  25. Chrisitie fantasyland always has more influence than reality. Recall: …business as usual; they ate, drank and went their merry way–until the rains came and the fountains of the deep burst forth.

  26. wphamiltin the US Constitution is the law of the land. The Constitution delegates to the Congress the power to make laws. The Congress can under the Constitution grant whatever it so desires to the President, to itself or to the Courts.

  27. Peter Freund liberals are like juvenile delinquents. They despise what’s been in use successfully over the years. They want change for change’s sake with no regard about whether it will work. “God” to liberals is a fantasy object like the Tooth Fairy. To them people of Faith are uneducated bumpkins.

  28. i can remember from school days in early 50’s that everyone always talked about california falling off in the ocean. It was such a serious belief in my neighborhood i can remember the prayer service held for a member of our church because the family was being transferred to california and everyone was in fear they may not return because california was going to fall off in the ocean ??? as a child i began to fear calfornia due to the adult hype over it … then all of a sudden everyone got swept off their feet with movie stars and hollywood and no one ever mentioned it again?? funny how fame and fortune changed minds even back then!!

  29. do you really think Trump would do something so flagrant against his authority? He wants to finish the job that the majority of Americans voted for him to do. By the power of God and as many Americans who can see their way to join the crowd….Trump will deliver what he signed on to do. What a great example if all citizens joined together to get this nation back to ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

  30. Where is our friend Betty Boop on this one? Probably eating her dad’s pussy or sucking her mom’s dick.

  31. How long will it take for Liberals to understand that God is working with Donald Trump because Donald Trump is only thinking of the well being of the US which in turn will bring a blessing to the whole world. This is very clear a fight between good and evil. Ask yourselves who is more powerful, God or satan? Even though satan (evil) attacks first but then, it is defeated by God. Aju Amen

  32. Explain to me why children being used in sex trafficking and organ harvesting, as well as 90% of very dangerous drugs coming from the southern boarder, as well as spending 30 Billion/yr on ILLEGALS is not a Constitutional Crisis? I would love to know!

  33. Actually, Congress CAN cede whatever level of power it wants to a president. I am not sure where you got the idea that it cannot.

    Congress can CHANGE a law that they believe has been too “generous” to the Executive branch. That is the GENIUS of our Constitution. But nothing in the Constitution says that they cannot cede power to the president.

    However, you are correct in that the law that the president uses must ALREADY be on the books. The President cannot simply “invent” a law. My understanding is that the law Trump is using has been on the books for a long time. If not, I agree….it would be unconstitutional.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  34. Except that it’s unconstitutional for Congress to cede that level of power to the President. Previous declarations were within constitutional boundaries, this one is not. Even Kavanaugh may side with the Constitution on this one.

  35. We merely point out the hypocrisy of the left. Those who now mindlessly, irrationally and arbitrarily oppose President Triumph never muttered a syllable of anything by mindless worshipful adoration of ‘The Kenyan’ while he did the same things they now gag uncontrollably about when President Triumph does them. Don’t you think mindless irrational ill-motivated hypocrisy is worth pointing out?

  36. Amen! Excellent comment! Also, their was no negative fake media news about this “village idiot”…they only had thrills up their leg’s and lies, lies, and more lies….

  37. Yes! Just like he is taking all the credit that President Donald Trump has did to pull us out of the sewage….

  38. I agree! Remember snipers arrived to this ranch? Old Obama, took thousands of acres in the Organ Mountain area in Las Cruces, NM, this stopped the border patrol from arresting any illegals on this land….

  39. Why of course…these nuts make the majority of the laws that they are fighting against our President and the USA….

  40. Yea! That wicked state with all of the wicked people/politics,are over due the “BIG ONE”! I pray, that our military and the GOD fearing,BIBLE/gun carriers are spared…that GOD will have mercy on their soul…the rest can be washed out to the sea….

  41. Now, Mueller is finished with his witch hunt…so the lying lucifer Dems are starting their witch hunt…. GOD! Please help the USA and our President Donald Trump?

  42. I’ll drink to that! If California builds a wall around the state, I vote to fill it with water! We all now they “Need IT”!

  43. After our president gets that big beautiful wall built,they need to throw all the Democraps over it and all the illegals too. They will be American demise if they are not stopped TRUMP 2020????

  44. The government’s first DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY is protection of the USA and its citizens. Note; CITIZENS not illegal aliens for whom we have not duty or responsibility other than riding the USA of them.

  45. I fully agree; President Trump is working hard to fulfill his promises he made to his supporters – Thank God for such a time as this;Stay strong President Trump and fulfill the American dream -in-“God we Trust”

  46. This president can multi-task and could get the Clinton’s and others before the wall is built. Wouldn’t that be great!

  47. If by cultural influence and icon you mean race baiter and owner of the title “Americas worst president” you are correct about that

  48. The issue is simply that there is not one set of rules for a republican president and another for democrats. And if, in fact, Trump’s actions are unconditional as alleged, then that means the same actions taken by Obama were as well and should not be allowed to stand.

  49. Look out DEMS, we have a President that’s ready, willing and able to kick your butts! Now, once we get the wall built, Trump can concentrate on tossing the Clintons and Obamas in prison, where they belong. Then, he can continue to drain the swamp!

  50. The land in Wyoming,Montana was ear marked for wind farms which had ranchers concerned. Harry Reid had his hands in that one, citing some turtle would become extinct if the lands were left for grazing cattle. It was denied when the wind farm construction company had ties to Reid and possible kick backs were the motive for kicking the ranchers of the land rather then the safety of the turtle becomming extinct. These turtles have been around for thousands of years and cattle grazing aren’t going to cease there existance. but watch out for the greed and need for money that will kill anything by anyone any time. Democrats (harry reid) wanted wind farm, save the turtle, to hell with the cattlemen and their cattle, possible kick-backs. Trump wants to build a wall to keep drugs, gangs, murderers, terrorist entry and GOD knows what other horrific things yet have safe passage for those who wish to enter LEGALLY. Doesn’t sound difficult, hard or bad. It just sounds/is right. Safer for all us citizens, born here Americans too!

  51. Least you forget Obama was consistantly bad mouthing Bush for years, as a reason things were going so bad.

  52. I want to know why they arn’t doing what there paid to much money to do and quit Messi g around just because they lost the election, bunch of spoiled brats. Why won’t it be published because u r a liberal and don’t like the truth, I haven’t said this before and u know darned good and well I haven’t

  53. I want to know why they arn’t doing what there paid to much money to do and quit Messi g around just because they lost the election, bunch of spoiled brats.

  54. I don’t understand why every time someone – anyone – criticizes Trump, the Right responds by telling us how Obama did the same thing, but his was much worse. Obama is no longer in power in any way (except, of course, as a cultural influencer and icon) and what he did or didn’t do isn’t a valid counter claim. It seems to me to be a terrible waste of any American citizen’s time to rehash things like this. Let us move forward. If your only defense of Trump is that Obama was worse then you, clearly, do NOT have a defense of Trump.

  55. it isn’t just the drug trade CIA and other gov agency protect, the land owners have an unlimited supply of cheap labor for anything, field work, construction, whatever they need. Plus they shop on the other side of the border for everything. Eminent domain authority is unbeatable in court. I would not be surprised Mexican cartels funding the lawsuits.

  56. Pesty historical facts from 1976…….US Senate 61 Dem 38 Rep/ US House 292 Dem 143 Rep. Dems have TOTAL control! Reps can stop NOTHING. Dems assured next POTUS, why not give him this type of power? Turley’s observation is spot on.

  57. You are talking about high-level criminals here. Why do you think they are all millionaires? Many are involved in this drug trade. Your representatives at work!! They care about that green stuff and not you and me.

  58. Many states and the CIA are involved in this drug trade. They do not want closed borders. They will likely pay anyone big bucks to look the other way.

  59. Let me get this straight….you don’t believe that these four Elena Kagan (1960), Sonia Sotomayor(1954), Stephen G. Breyer (1938), and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933) don’t have a liberal non-constitutional political bias, ideology, or agenda? Just the politically maligned, guilty till proven innocent, Justice Kavenaugh?

  60. Question: where was all the lawsuits and media/dems going crazy when Obama declared basically the same eminent domain on all the land up in Oregon. How many ranchers lost homes, land and livestock that had been in their families for decades. And there wasnt any national emergencey-he was just being -well him. Some republican probably ticked him off by not agreeing with him and that was his payback. REALLY! !!!!!!

  61. The people along the border that are filing this lawsuit should invite these criminals to live with them, that is, it seems they want them to cross THEIR LAND. Think they haven’t seen this news? You are really dumb, you are saying to these drug cartels, murders, rapists, and diseased filled people that you are welcoming them to YOUR LAND. Whoever, talked you into doing this is using you my friend? The laugh is on you and your precious land.

  62. Democrats are on wrong track. I guarantee you I want to keep my 2nd amendment rights and I also want a wall built help slow down America drug problem and keep illegals from taking a toll on our system. Democrats seem to be against every America wants

  63. This is to OLD DOG

    NO!!! he follows the Constitution AND the laws…Congress gave this right to the President. He isn’t taking it on his own.
    Liberal Judges try to MAKE the laws as they see fit for their liberal ideology. They want a LIVING Constitution.

  64. NO!!! he follows the Constitution AND the laws…Congress gave this right to the President. He isn’t taking it on his own.
    Liberal Judges try to MAKE the laws as they see fit for their liberal ideology. They want a LIVING Constitution.

  65. The ideology being adhered to is the law as written in the U.S. Constitution. Upholding the Constitution is in no way abuse of the law and by doing so he is not an abuser of the law.

  66. Way to go President Trump we the people stand behind you our borders need to be secure. I want my grandbabies to be safe. All the Dems need to be voted out of power they are traders to this country, and to the American citizens.

  67. Wow I can’t believe it this is awesome hilarious too. The libtards are really delusional they continue to believe their own lies try like hell to suppress the truth. They just don’t understand that nothing will prevail against the truth! God are they stupid and ignorant but alas we must continue to pray for our enemies! Maybe some will repent and get saved?

  68. Probably wont be there by the time it reaches the SCOTUS…or she will not understand the case and will sleep through the proceedings and have to have her aide write her liberal opinion.

  69. Yes the wall we the people want the wall and these that don’t aren’t keeping there oath to serve us. They are only thinking of there little old selves. They are our enemies nothing more or lest.

  70. Just like a vile democrat! Were you there? Did you witness this lying crap?! No?! Then shut your damn mouth! You people are so quick to accuse without any evidence at all!

  71. Thank God we will be able to stop these vile baby killers and nazis from taking over letting those illegal devils in our country for votes to gain power and control us! They get a kickback from human and drug trafficking! These democrats are nothing bit cabal whores!

  72. Yes, I believe, you are right, the only way to stop it would be if something to subvert the constitution was done. That is not the case here, unlike Nancy Pelosi saying a democrat president could declare a firearms emergency to ban guns. That would be a direct violation of 2A in the Bill of Rights.

  73. You are not the old dog, you are an OLD PHART. Brett’s going to stick it to him and also you. It is now payback time for all the demos. Schummer, the dummer politician, you gonna get it sweetie, with a red hot poker. A branding iron would be appropriate. On the buttox.

  74. So thanks for confirming that Brett the abuser was not selected for his judicial acumen but for his ideology.

    Glad you revealed that.

  75. worse than a bunch of looney tune monkeys, they are the predicted Communists that Cleon Skousen, in his book, “The Naked Communists”, said were coming.

  76. May all that thought they would vote for the D’s see what they are capable of and not give them a vote ever again. The enemies of America have turned out to include those that have decided to hate us just because we don’t agree with them. Their agenda is so evil now so let no one with any conscience even think of letting them stay in power,take all their power away by getting them out of office. Biden should not be considered a candidate for the WH because of his remarks against America to foreigners,neither should those with Communist leanings nor muslim sympathizers.

  77. Well, If President Trump is using the authority granted The President in 1976 and is now statute?Hum. Who was President in 1976? Oh, James Earl Carter? OK then.

  78. This is not Trump’s wall. The border wall plus technology and border patrols are the people’s need for security and safety.. Trump is giving the people who live as citizens in America that safety and security.

  79. Dems are looking like a bunch of looney tune monkeys attacking the drive tracks of an M1 tank at full speed. Oh well they get what they deserve….
    “TO LOSE!!!”

  80. Thank you, President Trump! You could have kicked this issue down the road but you did not. Thank you! If you HAD kicked it down the road, I fear it would not have been built until the commies take power, and then the wall would be built high and deep, same for our northern border. And then let the killings begin(of us, the last of the few Patriots).

  81. Just another way for the CORRUPT DEMOCOMMUNISTS to AGAIN waste Taxpayer dollars on frivolous “lawsuits” with the ninth “CIRCUS” (to make a MOOT POINT)
    Suck it up DEMS, and give up, you are “playing” with a person that is always 10 moves ahead of your one. BTW, the WALL IS ALREADY BEING BUILT IN PLACES, no matter HOW MUCH YOU CRY.

  82. Anything to stop the spread of the radical left evil doers, their extreme hatred towards President Trump, his agenda to make America a better and safer place live. The presidents goal is also to protect and serve our law abiding citizens and to honor and help our veterans who fought and died for our freedom.

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