Brett Kavanaugh is about to give Trump a win that will leave Chuck Schumer in tears

Democrats are filing lawsuits left and right to stop Trump’s border wall.

But they have one big problem.

And that’s the fact that Brett Kavanaugh could be about to deliver Trump a massive victory that will leave Chuck Schumer in tears.

16 Democrat State Attorneys General are filing a lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to stop Trump’s declaration of national emergency to build his border wall.

A second lawsuit by landowners along the southern border who are affected by the President using his constitutional eminent domain authority to use land for border wall construction is also making its way in the court system.

But as constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley explained, the Supreme Court – most likely led by Brett Kavanaugh and the other conservative justices – will deliver Trump a final victory in this fight.

Breitbart reports:

“We just heard about one lawsuit being brought against the president by landowners and other stakeholders along the southern border. Do they have a case?” Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked Turley.

“Well, they have a case, but I’m afraid I don’t believe they have a particularly strong case,” Turley responded.

Turley explained that the National Emergencies Act enacted in 1976 “gave a president virtually unfettered authority.”

“In fact, it really doesn’t even define what an emergency is,” Turley said.

There has been huffing and puffing in the fake news media on social media feeds of establishment Republicans that Trump’s move is unconstitutional.

But as Turley points out, Congress granted this power to the President in 1976 through statute.

All Trump is doing is exercising the power Congress gave him.

There is nothing illegal or abusive about that.

And that’s why any court challenge is doomed to fail.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The reason we bring up Obama as you say was because no one said anything when he used executive order. But you sure want to complain when our President Trump does well TOO BAD!!!!! BUILD THE WALL PRESIDENT TRUMP2020. SCREW OBAMA THE TRAITOR!!!!!!

  2. HE SAYS WHAT HE MEANS AND MEANS WHAT HE SAYS. That is why the elites as well as the media HATES him.Mr. President, Stay tough and never surrender because God is with you and we are all standing behind you

  3. President’s Emergency powers supercede any existing law.Past Presidents used this power to implement what they wanted no one questioned them.This demonstrates how hypocritical the democRATS are.Can someone explain to me if President Trump has the powers to override Obama’s EO’S to UNSEAL his own records? What will John Roberts do?

  4. Hatred for the president is not and cannot be the legitimate reason to oppose the emergency funding for the wall.However, John Roberts has already decided that he will join the liberal justices and oppose Trump.He has a very good reason to appoint another conservative jusice to oppose JohnRoberts. Ginsburg knows this very well and so is not resigning or retiring now.

  5. I heard that Justice Roberts has switched sides on SCOTUS. He will be voting with the DemocRatic Justices.

    If we had a legit FBI, we could have them investigate his bank records, to see who paid him off. Probably Soros money.

  6. They made an emergency out of the swine flu when there wasn’t one and won’t let an emergency that does exist be fixed. The dems are trying to kill off our people in favor of illegals. They made the law and now want to buck it because our president needs to enforce it. The dems need to be shot down now and get put in their place.

  7. yes And Amy running for pres was one of them that is a Dem that racked questions an Judge Brett Kavanaugh that I as a minnesota’er so disenchanted with her even Questing The Judge that way . that hole thing should have never happened .That cristana blasey ford shouldbe in Jail for all the lies she had told ? I watched every bit of it and was totalty Pissed what amy and the others did to Judge Brett now on the supreme court Justice I sure hope amy from Minn never gets in she has has not to smart she is a dem all the way

  8. MIKLE, You made a good decision. I am for President Trump all the way.
    The democrats have went to demo-wits. They just act crazy. I was a democrat when the values were there.

  9. These so called democrats are nothing but cry babies Stockton, California. Most do not get educated, they do not work, they refuse to pay taxes, they want welfare and food stamps and as much as they can take off us American Workers free. Then they think they have any right to complain about anything. What they do not tear up, they burn down, what they do not drink down they snort up, what clothes they get given to them to wear, they take off at rally’s while running the streets naked. I do not remember any democratic party that had such little class until obama was in office. The kennedy’s, The Carters were with class ,manners, respect and virtue. These nuts/mental dis-functional degenerates are of little worth and values. I have been to Trump rally’s. They are well organized and, the people are and, were very well behaved. I can honestly say, those demo-wits are totally playing within a devils triangle no doubt in my mind.

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