Brett Kavanaugh just got hit with the one letter that could end his career

The Democrats will not give up on their crusade to destroy Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

With the momentum to impeach President Donald Trump stalled, the Left has refocused on Justice Kavanaugh.

And Brett Kavanaugh just got hit with the one letter that could end his career.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is on the war path.

Nadler’s out to extract a pound of flesh any way he can and he’s after Brett Kavanaugh.

The House Judiciary Committee chairman sent a letter to the National Archives demanding they turn over more documents from Kavanaugh’s time working in the Bush administration.

Breitbart reports:

U.S. House Judiciary Committee chair Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) is renewing his effort to target Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh, asking the National Archives to release more information about Kavanaugh’s work in the White House under President George W. Bush.

In a letter dated Tuesday, August 6, 2019, Nadler wrote to the country’s chief archivist:

In the coming year, the Supreme Court will again address important matters regarding civil rights, criminal justice, and immigration. The Court may also review certain high-profile cases related to reproductive rights, the separation of powers, and the limits of executive authority — all topics within the jurisdiction of the House Judiciary Committee.

In light of these and other legislative and oversight responsibilities, we write to request that the National Archives complete its review of certain presidential records related to Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh’s service in the White House from 2001 to 2006 and provide these records to the Committee, as provided for in 44 U.S.C. § 2205(2)(C).

Democrats are still heading down the rabbit hole of Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary Committee testimony where the Left continues to promote the baseless conspiracy theory that Kavanaugh perjured himself.

Nadler wants to impeach someone. Anyone.

If Nadler can’t impeach President Trump, he will settle for impeaching Justice Kavanaugh.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Somebody please investigate this “little shrimp” Jerry Nadler. I am really tired of him. He is such a hateful person. He should not be representing the people of this country.


  3. we al know that blazy ford was a setup by the lets investigate her…while we are at it let do nadler m@shifty shiff?..go get em Barr!!!

  4. Nadler and Schiff the Democrat Saviors. All the TDS people feel so good to watch these guys speak. Keep it up guys your making MAGA 2020 a total victory. Hopefully taking Congress back!!!

  5. RedIdiot…You are truly a fool. You have no clue at all what you are even talking about. Your ignorance is profound. It is very obvious that you are a sick racist.

  6. “board”, not “bored”, but welcome Chris!!! It is great that you have seen the dem party for the hate-filled trash that they are. I hope that there are many others who see the light.

  7. Grizzly,
    Redman is just trying to make himself relevant…but he isn’t, so he will keep on and on making a fool of himself. Maybe some day he will take a stroll down the Yellow Brick Road and get a brain.

  8. Mark – The democraps are such scum buckets that they find some gullible fool to do their dirty work. Those are their voting base. The left is always “suggesting” violence against the right, but they suggest it to their flunky followers in a so-called speech. Why is it such a surprise when one of their brain dead followers actually do it? Have you listened to the Hillary witch lately? She sounds just like Hitler did back in the 1930’s! Instigating violence!

  9. White falcon,
    I think all Democrats should be impeached for being cons. They badly need prison, not an office in government! It is OUR country, and WE need to take it back.

  10. I agree that they “should” know. But don’t hold your breath. When was the last time anyone in national office had anything done to them when everyone knew they were crooked as a snake? Hillary for 1 example!

  11. It’s because they have all of the people who do this kind of thing have been paid off REALLY WELL! Plus they have also been “warned” that if they “spill the beans” they will be fish food.

  12. SweetOlBob,
    You are 100% correct! Somehow I can’t see getting this straightened out without someone starting a rebellion on our soil. I sure don’t want to see anything like another Civil war. Hopefully there will be some other way to fix the problems.

  13. Karen,
    They are paid off! Probably a million dollars to turn a blind eye to anything that happens. Those politicians are so rich from their dealings, with other countries while in office, that a million is chump change to them! Hillary is worth around $500,000,000 or more! She didn’t get it from just sitting in an office! She made a LOT of deals to get it, and you could bet that most of them were crooked bribes. She is nothing other than a criminal and should be dealt with as such.

  14. Randi, I guess we need to start filling their offices with snail mail. Literally! So many letters telling them what we think and how we feel might get their attention. Let them know that we know what they are doing and why! They hate Trump and would do anything to get rid of him. We need to tell them that if they don’t give it up, we will see to it that they NEVER sit in a government office again! Who knows, maybe they would pay attention after going through about 500,000 envelopes of snail mail.

  15. Karen, The U.S. was founded as a “Constitutional Republic.” That is different than just a regular “Republic.” You can look up the difference. One of the problems with our country is that the majority of kids graduating today can’t read, write, or reason, and don’t know anything about their government. They are gullible and will swallow anything the Left tells them. ALL schools are full of Leftist teaching the kids! There are VERY few Rightists who teach because the Communist school systems won’t hire anyone other than a Leftist! Now you know where kids get those nonsense ideas…from their lefty teachers.

  16. Your are so right! Tell like it is! God bless you! That’s right I said God bless you God bless America!

  17. Man, these Democrats are out of their minds. Totaly sick in the heads. Jerry The Nazi Nadler wants to Impeach President Trump for doing a wonderful job as the President of the United States. A better job than any other President in History. They want to Impeach Trump for the lies that the Democrats are making up? Are they really kidding us? Or are they just waiting for us to Laugh? Well, I am going to laugh. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

  18. Lone Wolf,
    They really do not care about what the right does, they just want, more than anything, to be able to set a scenario which, they hope, will make Trump have leave office. The Left are a bunch of lying, cheating, stealing, pedophile, losers. They don’t care who they hurt, up to and including their own spouses and offspring! They want the “victory” of being responsible for making the Right look so bad that the Right can’t win an election. The Left’s problem, though, is that NO ONE could EVER possibly be worse than the lying, cheating, murdering, stealing, pedophiliac Leftists! If their mouths are moving they are lying! If they are in a room full of people they are feeling someone up! If they have one alcoholic beverage they have to drink the whole bottle! If their wife isn’t in the room they are trying to feel up someone’s child! Such as “Uncle Joe”! If their husbands aren’t in the room they are trying to put the make on another man, woman, or child! No one, anywhere has less morals than a Leftist, and their spouses are no different.

  19. Maybe it’s time for the Justice Dept and the FBI to look into Ms. Blasey Ford’s pack of lies and hold her accountable for lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Has that idiot Nadler never heard of Karma? Let him keep traveling down this path. He will surely live to regret it.

  20. nadler gives snakes a bad name. this bum helped the Clintons with chinagate when our technology headed to China thanks to that trash. more Democrat distraction while Nadler BETRAYS THE REPUBLIC.

  21. The Democrats lie every time they open their mouth, so it would stand to reason that they think that everyone else does! It would do my heart good to hear that President Trump has instructed AG Barr to investigate everyone of the Democrat Party leaders. I’d expect that such an investigation (s) would put the final nail into the Democrat Party’s coffin!

  22. I dont think this maggot, Nadler, will ever give up. He is worse than a dog with a bone! Actually, I’d much rather have a dog with a bone than this nasty minded maggot. Give it up already. Go suck an egg or piss up a rope. Life would be so much easier than with this mini hitler in charge.

  23. That’s a fabulous thought! The little pick (missing an r) of the Democrats is so transparent that everyone can see through his hate except himself! Call him whatever you want but, most of us know he is a real piece of work ????????????????

  24. God is going to do something about it. I’m sure He is just as tired as everyone else of the Democrats obstructionism and voting against His Commandments on every turn.


  26. Welcome on bored you will be a lot happier I was to once a democrat (communist) but see trow them back under Clinton

  27. I was until the Kavanagh scam came out and was so embarrassed I left, since then after all the trash I have seen over the past year, I am now full Republican.

  28. Not really close at all, Nadler and Schiff are in a panic to find anything to keep their jobs, over two years of lying to the public with nothing to show but failure they know they are at the end of their careers in politics only to be remembered as the failures they are. It will be written in history books what they did. What I do not understand is they must know about it all being a scam by now and once Barr comes out with all the proof, these two are finished.

  29. The democRATs hope is also in stuffing ballot boxes with votes from the dead and non-citizens.
    America had better be on guard !

  30. My question is…Why aren’t the Republicans putting the Democrates in jail for ALL of the LIES they have told and continue telling.
    When do we get to start seeing the Democrates get armed FBI at their door at 5a.m.
    Clearly Comey leaked, why are they letting him off the hook? If it were a Republican, the Democrates would have him locked up already!
    It’s time for conservatives to see the government is working for us.

  31. I am so tired of the witch hunts created and done by the Democrats. I read that a man threatened to kill AOC online. He was arrested. My question is why aren’t these jackasses being arrested? Booker, O’Rourke, Waters, Jimmy Kimmel, Kathy Griffin, Pelosi, Omar, AOC, Rashid, and many others have threatened President Trump and Trump’s supporters and no one is doing anything about it. Now they are once again going after Kavanaugh when does this sh*t end? When are we going to find a way to stop this crap. Democrats are trying to take away guns and they are consistently threatening the Republicans, our President and supporters. It has to end this cannot keep going on.

  32. Since the Dems have been driving the bus, what have they done for the country?
    Revenge. It’s unlikely they can beat Trump in 2020 at tge ballotbox. Their only hope is to throw him out.
    I pray that moderate Democrats had the chance to watch this charade and throw all of those bums out of DC. Nothing would be finer.

  33. PROBABLY WHAT A DISGUSTING CRITURE THAT PIG IS SO SELF IMPORTANT AND IS A PIEC OF GARBAGElock`s like the cat just drug him out of the dumpster

  34. yes hi need`s to be thrown out let`s find out why he got paid $ 28 MILLION DOLLARS BY THE RUSSIAN’S FOR WHAT SERVICE LET`S DIG IN TO HIS PAST HE HAS MORE DIRT ON HI DOORSTEP THEN OTHERS HE won’t HAVE TIME TO KLEAN FAST ENOUGH TO RUIN SOME OTHER PERSONS LIFE THAT THUG AND THRIVE what the Dems are doing is not there job how we going to start he need `to be audited background check and more or we lose our country what the Dems do and get away whit it why are you Americans so scared of those BABOON`S WE HAVE THE LAW ON OUR SIDE WE THE PEOPLE OR HAVE YOU NOT READ YOUR BILL OF RIGTH OR THE CONSTITUTION GET THE COUNTRY BACK FOR US THE PEOPLE AND START TO FIGHT BACK BE Americans FIRST

  35. The Democratic Party is lost in the weeds and are true losers.

    How bad are “the Squad,” and in addition, G. Nadler, A. Schiff and C. Schumer who are all Jewish but can’t support Israel or President Trump. Our President is the best ally and true friend of Israel and that Bibi N. ever had.

    When the IG Report is published, it will show that BO, Biden, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, etc. all knew of the ruse they had planned against the President. Who would ever believe that this happened in the USA and they should all pay a severe price as this is criminal behavior. With Hillary’s rating of 85% versus 15% for Trump to become the next President, this plan would disappear and become buried history. .

    However, Trump defied history, the press and pundits and was victorious and this flawed plan was exposed. If all the above fraud’s knew, you can be sure that the top Democrats, BO and Biden, also knew and therefore, just two words…”Adios Biden.”

  36. The Democratic Party is lost in the weeds and are true losers.

    How bad are “the Squad,” and in addition, G. Nadler, A. Schiff and C. Schumer who are all Jewish but can’t support Israel or President Trump. Our President is the best ally and true friend of Israel and that Bibi N. ever had.

    When the IG Report is published, it will show that BO, Biden, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, etc. all knew of the ruse they had planned against the President. Who would ever believe that this happened in the USA and they should all pay a severe price as this is criminal behavior. With Hillary’s rating of 85% versus 15% for Trump to become the next President, this plan would disappear and become buried history. .

    However, Trump defied history, the press and pundits and was victorious and this flawed plan was exposed. If all the above fraud’s knew, you can be sure that the top Democrats, BO and Biden, also knew and therefore, just two words…”Adios Biden.”

  37. Well stated and you all echo my same thoughts.
    Impeach that Fathead Gerry Nadler, a true fraud who gets zero done and is all about vendettas.

  38. Since Nadler IS SO determined to impeach someone, wouldn’t it be easier to start with himself? there is bound to be a LOAD of detrimental information on record to convict him, after all he is a DEMOCROOK !!

  39. the Democrats are evil, wicked, demonic and if they win control, that evilness will be right alongside them…it will be detrimental to the American people

  40. Democrats have adopted the philosophy that a lie is just as good as the truth, so long as you can find someone who believes it. Unfortunately, we are surrounded by fools who believe every word a Democrat utters and therein lies the problem. Democrats will continue to spread their lies until they are dead, defeated, retired, or have convinced enough of their minions to vote their targets out of office. Pelosi, Waters, Omar, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, et al are most comfortable in lying to achieve their goal: control of Congress and control of our government.

  41. Nadler is so full of himself he thinks he is invincible. If anyone is to be investigated it should be him with the requirement he must resign during the investigation. Total disgrace to the position he holds. Using his position to harass others must be illegal.

  42. Dale it does seem that party attracts immature people. Remember the screaming tantrums after trump’s election

  43. Nadler is just looking to do damage, well let’s help him. I have never heard of a politician that was “totally clean”. What has Mr. Nadler been up to in the last few decades?? Let’s make a few inquiries about his behavior and see what pops up. It could be interesting. I have found that arrogance makes mistakes, and Mr. Nadler is very arrogant. Let’s see if he can help us hang him.

  44. Good luck in trying to find a negative on Kavanaugh. This man is meticulous in performance of his duties. It is great that he is relatively young and should give us three decades of well reasoned opinions.

  45. God is with those who trust in HIM! Attorney Kavanaugh is an UP Right PERSON! Tme will reveal all Truth! Never met him, neve heard of him until the on the NEWS LAW SUIT…. Never to have Envy towards anyone! The Fruit of Envy is Self Dystrution! The nergy will eats one from inside out! Do not practice that!

  46. I love this country too, but that makes me a nationalist and worse, since I am white, that makes me a white nationalist. I think I will apply to the Democrat party as a persecuted minority. (just kidding)

  47. Look at the others they keep electing…AOC should be thrown off the bridge…Mayors defy the court orders of clearing out the illegals, Debasio is running for President, what a joke…no one in Demo lineup has any common sense, or anything worth voting for. Hope the Democrats vote Independent or even Republican…could happen…Let them fight among themselves…Warren was the Ohio shooter’s choice with her stupid words…He was a Democrat (dems tried to get that changed in the news, didn’t work). He was a hate-filled Democrat, said he chose a gun free location, had a chest protector, and he went in and killed 9 innocent people, plus injuring many more…He should be electrocuted !!!

  48. Good Idea…don’t think there is an honest bone in any of them…Not possible really, they would make President Trump’s life more unbearable…they have done a good job with their hate and smears, but he just bounces back. Has faith that many do not have…Have never in my life (and I have a few years behind me) have I seen so much hate and division in our country…it is not conservative, it is not christians, it is the Liberal democrats and the Muslims trying to invade our lives…get them gone !!!

  49. After all the time that assault rifles have been the target, neither the general population, the politians or the courts have grasp that an assault rifle is a fully automatic weapon–pull the trigger, hold the trigger and you blow thru the magazine in seconds. That type of gun has no place outside the military and that’s why the sale to the public is prohibited and illegal. What we can buy is an assault style gun that is semi automatic–1 trigger pull, 1 bullet, auto reject of the cartridge, next trigger pull, etc etc. However any so willing gunsmith can modify the semi into an auto. Even a bump stock does not convert the semi to act as auto.

  50. LOL TrapperWV1.. You are funny, dude! #NadlerTooToxicForGroundBurial Can’t stop laughing.

  51. It is easy to find enemies of the USA. One need only visit the DNC. This has gone far beyond normal healthy political discourse and honest differences in policy opinions. The Democrats and hell bent on self destruction and I, for one, hope that they succeed. They have stood against one of the most cherished American traditions, one that has separated America from many other countries, the peaceful transfer of power.

    The democrats might want to reconsider their actions. They could just get what they want…civil war in America.

  52. yes they have nothing to do unless its causing trouble instead of running congress and dealing with the worlds problems Impeach all of them

  53. Maybe it’s time to impeach the whole Democratic party. Round them all up and ship them to the third world countries they are trying to turn our country into !

  54. Enoung is Enough ! Remember this at Voting time, and remind all your faithful friends how important this is.

  55. I thought jerry nadler was playing shiffle board in boca. He should be, because he only knows how to harass innocent people. He is such a disgrace to our system of government. He is the reason we need term limits.

  56. I would like to see many of the High Ranking Thieves and Thugs in the DUMBOCRAT party be investigated for Tax fraud, theft, under the table stock trading and more…

  57. Tammy – Nadler should have recused himself. His son, Michael works for the law firm, Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher that was suing the Trump Admin. There is definitely a conflict of interest.

  58. Insanity the level of hatred he holds. His Mommy must have not nursed him and rejected him for him o behave so badly

  59. Just remember that SOME of us Democrats are Constitutionalists first. Jerry Nadler should file charges against all of Hitlery and Obamas cohorts. There is no place for them in America’s politics anymore.
    TRUMP MAGA 2020!!!!

  60. Bruce for California – I am totally against abortion but in this case I would be for late-term abortion. It’s not too late is it? A former Californian.

  61. trapperwv1 – I would think that Nadler has plenty of his own pounds to extract. Greedy little bastard. I would think by now the far left Dimwitocrats would try to lay low. They’ve exposed themselves for what they are and they’re still morphing right before our eyes. I would add that they should be so embarrassed by now but they have no conscience to be able to show embarrassment. For any normal-thinking Dem, think about #walkaway, #blexit or Democrats for Trump movement – it’s trending and is all the new rage.

  62. I think that Nadler and a lot of other Demonazis should be impeached for gross and illegal harassment of others.

  63. Members of Congress cannot be impeached. The Constitution basically leaves it up to each house of Congress to make the rules for disciplining its members and it takes a vote of 2/3rds of the members to expel a sitting member.

  64. I wept too when I saw what the Demomarxists put Kavanaugh through. Will the A.G. ever investigate the senators who lied and terrorized Kavanaugh and his family. His sweet little daughters praying for his lying accuser. But this thing with Nadler is not about the supreme court confirmation. It is about when Kavanaugh worked with Ken Starr in the Whitehouse on the deaths of Vince Foster and Ron Brown this took place during the Bill and Hill reign. Look it up online–it will horrify you and make you so thankful Hellary never got to the oval office. Nadler will never get the papers as George Washington set a precedent about what the House of Reps can investigate.

  65. Hey Redman–What recessive gene pool did you come from? the Red Marxist gene pool describes your moronic statements.I just hope you don’t have any assault rifles there in Mom’s basement–you never learned that if you have nothing NICE to say –Keep Quiet. Your hatred is showing.

  66. When liberties count, liberals will take them away.

    We were warned, “Anyone that will sacrifice liberties for security, will receive and deserves, neither.

  67. As dumb as you are it sure shows when you are posting on the wrong thread, damn, and they probably let you vote.

  68. If Nadler were to drop dead I would hope someone cremates his body since it would go against every EPA law ever written to bury something as contaminated as him.

  69. A Pathetic Little excuse for a Man. From a State that Equals California in Morons. We have “Heals Up Harris”, and of coarse “Pathetic Pelosi”. It’s no wonder that both states are bordering on third world countries. A billboard for Term Limits. Sad …

  70. There’s 4 squat squad members he could impeach. The impeachment thing makes him feel big and bad.

  71. I have been a long-time supporter of Judicial Watch – since 2007 at least. Best investigative group in the country. If there is any wrong-doing going on they will dig until they find the source. Hats off to Tom Fitton and his team!

  72. If Nadler wants to impeach somebody so bad why doesn’t he turn two members of the so-called squad such as Cortez and impeach them. Also how can the liberals blame President Trump for the two mass killings that just took place when the Democrats are the ones who are always calling for violence.

  73. Assault rifles are already banned for civilians. Hunting rifle calibers are WAY more powerful and can be used as sniper rifles as they are capable of shooting at 1000 yards or more. The Second Amendment, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” When seconds count the police are minutes away.

  74. Kavanaugh just go into old jerry’s office close and lock the door. then proceed to beat the piss out this bag of crap. from then on when he see’s you coming his way he will disappear! problem solved!

  75. That’s the kind of play-paranoid arguments that our real enemies, the Russians and Chinese, love to see us make. I fear Declaring half of his countrymento be his enemies will leave Mr. Parker mighty lonely when the spit hits the fan. Such irrational hate-filled fantasies also affect troubled young men, and it only takes 32 seconds for just one of them to kill 9 people. We need to rally around each other and not to do the work of advancing Russian and Chinese interess. As one of the Founding Fathers commented, “If we don’t hang together, we shall all hang separately.” That’s still true.

  76. It’s very clear Little Jerry, should be required to submit to a Mental Health Evaluation, he’s a Danger to himself and Others.
    That being said, he should be told by his Mother, that he is a victim of INBREEDING, it’s not fair he should go thru life not knowing.

  77. If you want to fix the gun problems there is a simple solution. Make it illegal to own an assault riffle or purchase bullets for them unless you are police, military, security or CIA. Hunting rifles and hand guns worked just fine during my lifetime. Bring back the DRAFT for all men and women as soon as they turn 18 or finish college. They wont have time to play all the video games then and will have to learn to communicate. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  78. Nadler you show that your hate for this country is what is of most importance to you. You are such a prick and I do hope that you have a horrible slow death. Our country does not want or need people like you and your dumbass Dems. doing anything for us.

  79. It wasn’t so long ago that these Dems were slavering to have Muller testify. When he did, they had their collective asses handed to them.
    When they’re in a hole they just keep on digging.

  80. Well nadler has definitely proven that there SHOULD be term-limits for our government, NO MATTER who they are……and their fat pensions should be confiscated….
    They are NO BETTER than the rest of us and should NOT be treated any different………

  81. Amazing how these people happen to come up with some sympathy-inducing malady when it gets tough. I think yoou are correct. The walls are closing in on the evil and corrupt in our country. You can feel the desperation!

  82. The East Coast and the West Coast are very similar in their thought process and lack of moral ethics. I lived in both and they cant even get along with each other let alone govern. A prime example is Senator Kennedy when he drove his pregnant girlfriend into the river and let her drown before telling anyone he left her in the river. He was worshipped and reelected time and time again. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE??? Trump is an angel compared to the Kennedys, the Clintons and Nixon. Wake up people. Start thinking for yourself.

  83. I am certainly no attorney, but i would think this type of investigation into Kavanaugh should have been done prior to his gaining his seat! Also, the fact that they’re calling for Kavanaugh’s investigation and no one else’s, I would think that would be considered harrassment. jerry Nadler just keeps proving what a despicable cad he is!

  84. I wish all of the democrats would just leave Kavanaugh and Trump alone. They are very sick people and some of them if not all of them need to be investigated and put in jail. And by the way President Trump is not responsible for the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. The dems and the media are the ones that are causing all of this trouble. There was a man on one of the other channels that said anyone that supports is partly responsible for these killings. Ridiculous and full of bologna. They are the ones that are causing all of the trouble and I can’t wait for the day to come when I see Hillary in handcuffs and they are carting her to prison. I hope I’m alive at that time.

  85. The dems know 20/20 is just around the corner, and they
    still haven’t accomplished anything related to impeachment,
    and especially their own jobs
    Nadler, is going to see a perfect election unfold right down to his
    pockets. He’s not very popular, and they have been talking turns
    doing what they do best,….nothing.
    The democratic party will go down in history, with corruption at its best.

  86. Go beat your drum and drink another bottle of right Redman. You are obviously to damn stupid to make any sort of intelligent observations!

  87. I’m an Arab woman who loves this country. Unless you’ve lived overseas and traveled even in Europe you have NO IDEA how lucky you are to be here.

  88. OMG I bet they would need a semi to store those files!

    They have NOTHING on Brett Kavanaugh, If they did they wouldn’t of made such fools of themselves lying about something he did in High School. What do they think they are going to find in the records? He misspelled a word or missed a coma? What dumbasses!

  89. Whats the “sack of Guts” up to now? Did he dig up another lying strumpet to accuse Kavanaugh of immoral folderol? What is “fatties” real job? He’s too ugly and laughable to be a Scarecrow. Its impossible to see any of them as useful government servants. Resign Fatman, or get a real job.

  90. I sure hope that Jerold Nadler will be gone when it is time for him to be reelected. He is the most useless man I have ever heard of and as crooked as a barrel of snakes. I don’t think he would hesitate to frame God if he thought he could.

  91. And they keep re-electing him! NY is full of dumbasses! We need term limits and people to get some brains!

  92. Who the HELL is this The Redman. Are You for Real!!!!! I think you must be as corrupt as your Demonrats thats why you stick up for them out of STUPIDITY AND GREED. SMG.

  93. God forbid they do anything that might be positive for this country. this whole beating a dead horse thing is expensive and a total waste of time. How about you do your F’ing job Jerry!!

  94. The Dems on both ends of the country (Calif.,N.Y) are without a doubt the most stupid people in the country…just look who runs their states and cities

  95. -I would ask “What is wrong with the democrats?” But then I realize, they are all mentally ill and should be locked up to protect all of us normal people.

  96. The people of NY are exactly like the people of CA their Synaptic pathways are completely scrambled and they are afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it.

  97. Nadler is a mean little evil Troll and I believe once that DeClas starts coming out, he’ll be in the hospital with another stroke. No one goes after people like he does without trying to hide his own indiscretions or criminality.

  98. Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, Swallwell and so many others are guilty of crimes against the people and should be put to death for treason.

  99. Why is Nadler still being elected? What is wrong with him? He’s done NOTHING but attack conservatives. The people of New York are morons if they keep electing this crazy POS.

  100. Enough already! Who is this little penguin of a man who thinks he can just attack anyone anytime? Kavanaugh went through hell to be screened prior to his Supreme Court appointment, nothing was found to keep him from deserving honor and respect! What do we know about Nadler? Waters? So many Democrat Congressional members? Why aren’t we digging into their private lives and shaking things up and weeding out the bad elements that occupy representative seats but do nothing but obstruct!They haven’t earned a paycheck for two years that was deserved!

  101. Jerry Nadler’s request is not what you think. He wants to go back to when Kavanaugh worked with Ken Starr in the Whitehouse.. He did work on the Vince Foster and Ron Brown deaths. I think Nadler should be careful what he wants in the way of this information concerning Unexplained deaths of Ron Brown and Vince Foster. I suggest you look online for this information.. Nadler will not get this information and it comes from an executive order from G. Washington. It is not about Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the supreme court. You will be glad Hellary never was elected after you read this fascinating bit of history and the what a criminal Hellary is in real life. She is a sociopath. The Clintons have a large number of body bags with their names on them.

  102. Nadler needs to be investigated for his illegal and corrupt deeds since he was a city counselman in NYC. He tried then to screw Trump because Trump bought a building site that Nadler promised to one of his lobbyists to line his own pockets and of course this is pay back to Trump. Time for Nadler to be prosecuted and thrown in jail.

  103. Nadler is a shill for the Marxist’s Leftists. They throwing everything they can at President Trump, and anyone he appoints. It’s going to fall back on them, like a Concrete Wall Hoisted on a breaking rope. God grant that Nadler and Team will be shut down permanently!

  104. I want to see any and all of the democrats in athority’s tax returns, past performance reports in companies or the senate or congress and expose any and all of them to the public from the time they were teenagers to now! This should be enforced along with anyone wanting to come into congress needs to checked and exposed to their way of life from teenager to the time they want to enter to congress. If it is not morally correct then they can’t get a position in congress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Just read Mollie Hemingway/Carrie Severino’s book “Justice on Trial, The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Fature of the Supreme Court”. What the Democrats did to him made me weep. I agree, Judicial Watch should expose Nadler. If you like JW check out the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ). I support both, and The Epoch Times.

  106. Didn’t Alice FALL into that hole? Nadler couldn’t find his way out if you gave him a map and flashlight. First you’d need to show him which way is up.

  107. Nadler a complete idiot, without a shred of evidence of any wrong doing, is on a campaign of complete madness. Judicial Watch should investigate Nadler on his affiliations and organizations who support him. I bet he couldn’t get FBI clearance!!

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