Brett Kavanaugh just got some devastating news about his future

Democrats are still gunning for Brett Kavanaugh.

They want to make him pay for Donald Trump nominating him to the Supreme Court.

And they just put into motion one terrible plan that could cost Brett Kavanaugh his job.

If Democrats can’t remove Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court, they want to make him pay in other ways.

That’s why Brian Fallon – who served as Hillary Clinton’s spokesman in 2016 – launched a petition to force George Mason University to fire Justice Kavanaugh from his summer teaching positions at their law school.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign spokesperson is leading a campaign to get Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh fired from a summer teaching job at George Mason University, according to a report.

Demand Justice, a liberal advocacy group run by Clinton’s 2016 campaign press secretary Brian Fallon, is running a Facebook ad campaign targeting students at George Mason University, Fox News reports. Fallon’s ads ask students to sign a petition to oust Kavanaugh from his summer teaching gig at the university due to sexual assault allegations against him.

A student group called Mason for Survivors has been circulating the same petition since last month. The petition, which has received more than 5,000 signatures, calls on the university to “Terminate AND void ALL contracts and affiliation with Brett Kavanaugh,” release any documents related to his hiring, and issue a public apology. The petition also calls on the school to fund more resources for sexual assault victims.

Choking off conservatives’ ability to work in the private sector isn’t a new tactic for the Left.

But it is one they are increasingly embracing.

Liberals started a pressure campaign to deny former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen a cushy job because she enforced President Trump’s zero tolerance policy at the Southern border.

Conservatives are not protected by law against corporations firing – or refusing to hire – them because of political views.

And many corporations are already caving to the Left’s pressure tactics.

Now leftists see corporate censorship as their new secret weapon to silence conservatives.

So liberals are riling up their activists to target businesses and universities demanding they fire – or refuse to hire – conservatives in order to make the financial price of opposing liberals so high that conservatives just give up.

Do you think Brett Kavanaugh should be allowed to continue teaching his summer classes?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh has not been convicted/proven of anything.The presumption of innocence is a basic constitutional right. Students should spend their time reading and studying. They are far too young and ignorant to be politically saavy.

  2. Leave him alone this should go through the court system . Take them to court and Soto he should be sent out of this country he has no right for n in this country to throw his weight around

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  4. I think what they did to Brett Kavanaugh is so not American and really cruel to his family. I think he should teach in the summer if he wants to as I thought we were free to do so but I guess it depends on who you are and what party you are with.

  5. Yes I agree with you the Democrats need to just give up sore lossers. And not they are trying to University and corporations not to hire conservative people,and to fire them, well that sounds like discrmation to me, I thought it was against the law to discumate any one from getting job.

  6. Yes I agree with you the Democrats need to just give up sore lossers. And not they are trying to University and corporations not to hire conservative people,and to fire them, well that sounds like discrmation to me, I thought it was against the law to discumate any one from getting job.

  7. God bless that Dean.Judge Kavinaugh has been attacked harassed,embarrassed,persecuted, & unjustly attacked. I can understand some scrutiny, but to harass this good man in the manner in which these “attach dogs” have is just down-right intolerable.I wish there was some ethics rules these jerks had to abide by or be kicked off the committee.As far as i’m concerned they are unfit to hold any position in our government. We are suppose to be above these types of shenanigans.

  8. Please leave Judge Kavanaugh alone. He does”nt deserve the harassment. Let him do his job, He is a decent person that has been through enough & was put through the grinder over something he was set up for political reasons.God Bless him & his family.

  9. I hope that firing SCOTUS Judge Brett Kavanaugh from teaching so pisses him off that he moves further to the right, and for his next 50 years on the bench, he gives them payback in his decisions.

  10. I am not necessarily supportive of Justice Kavanaugh ‘s views but I see no reason why he should be barred from teaching if the rules permit justices to teach while on the bench.

  11. When I worked for the Post Office in the ’70’s, I got a taste of Alinski Liberals for myself. They are so full of bile, it flows over to everyone they know. It’s not enough for them to hate you, they organize groups against you. Nobody dares have opinions other than they do or the full wrath of the haters comes down on you. Happily, I was delivered from that job and never looked back.

  12. Yes, This is the typical Marxist tactics in play for everyone to see. The Marxists have always used a set of Alinsky, Trotsky, and Illuminati tactics to overthrow people, leaders, and yes, nations.

    They attack like chickens or dogs. They never have Righteousness on their side. They are evil. They are the children of our enemy, the devil.

    What elese would we expect? Now it’s time to put our tactics into play against the Democrat/RINO traitors.

  13. God bless you Judge Kavanaugh, Keep fighting for what is right, God is on your side. He will defeat the Democrats who want to harm you. Stand strong.

  14. Dear Supreme Court Justice Mr. Brett Kavanaugh, Sir, you are doing AOKA, Keep “We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA Safe, Secure And Happy For Our Posterity, Have The Faith And Ask Our Dear Lord Jesus For A Lot Extra Help!!!

  15. I certainly hope the George Mason dean & president sees through this manipulation. Perhaps this effort by the Democratic evil activists should encourage te University to add a few more courses addressing these issues.

  16. I sure hope he did. Does any one who is pushing that petition have a sparkling reputation. Just be ware that at any given time the devil can jump up and accuse anyone of you of the same thing. He was proved innocent so get over it. A charge against any one now a days can ruin a whole life time of schooling and hard work. Now ask your self’s what would I do if that happened to me? Would I want he whole world against me while I am trying to work and take care of my family or do a decent job on my only job. Would you really like to spend the kind of money that he had to just to get his name cleared. You men need to start thinking about some of this crap- before you start trying to get some one else fired. Just remember tomorrow it could be you.

  17. Don’t publish old, stale news. George Mason’s Law Dean told the students to go stuff it. Kavanaugh stays.

  18. Cavi has nothing to lose; in fact if he continues the mysterious death of Ruthie will be the gold-stone news of May or June; how she slipped and fell accidentally while cutting her toe nails. What a charm it will be to watch the next Trump choice of his 3rd SC justice.

  19. just like Smolett false charges he got indictment 16 counts, so to these DEM’S who bring false charges about Kavanaugh can get the same, if prosecuted.

  20. just like Smolett false charges he got indictment 16 counts, so to these DEM’S who bring false char chages about Kavanaugh can get the same, if prosecuted.

  21. every one of the alleged victims should have to face taking a polygraph test with the knowledge that if they fail they will face a long prison sentence . Hillary should be tried for treason along with all of her party leaders{Pelosi, Obama,waters,etc.}

  22. If George Mason University responds in a negative way to the petition they don’t deserve
    Kavanaugh. Also, if this University is receiving federal funds and they dismiss Kavanaugh the funding should be stopped.
    Vote for Trump in 2020. It’s the only way to continue making correction that will make
    this country great again.

  23. “sexual assault allegations”
    Last time I looked, allegations were only good for, maybe, looking into something that might have happened.
    Allegations have to be investigated to see if they might be right so a court can THEN look at the FACTS!

  24. In full agreement. Democrats would like to be able to remove all Republican professors and lecturers from their faculties. What they fail to realize is that many Republicans hold “liberal” views regarding human rights issues but are conservative on financial issues.

  25. First, that’s a STUPID, STUPID question.

    Second – Do Your Homework and research DR. FORD’s background. You will find that Dr. Ford was PRACTICED in the art of both assisted-hypnosis AND also self-hypnosis to SUPPRESS real memories and INSERT false ones. She had training and has a certificate to PROVE her acumen at this skill. Democrats knew this. You’re welcome.

  26. First, that’s a STUPID, STUPID question.

    Second – Do Your Homework and research DR. FORD’s background. You will find that Dr. Ford was PRACTICED in the art of both assisted-hypnosis AND also self-hypnosis to SUPPRESS real memories and INSERT false ones. She had training and has a certificate to PROVE her acumen at this skill. Democrats knew this. You’re welcome.

  27. 6 feet under? Or propped up when in court like Weekend At Bernie’s? The old bat should just fly off into the sunset…give it up already!


  29. of course he should be able to teach. The democrats are going to be sorry in 2020 as the president will be re-elected. They are never going to get over losing the election.

  30. Obviously Brett Kavenaugh was unjustly accused. Just because someone accuses another doesn’t mean they are guilty. False accusations for political gain are a real thing.

  31. Like you, I’m still ticked off by the ridiculous theater orchestrated by dems(you have to add Jeff Flake). I still email my senator Diane F. to see if any progress has been made who her staff member was that leaked Ford’s letter to the press. What a surreal experience. It’s all so bizarre anymore it harms one’s soul.

  32. Yes Brett Kavanaugh should be able to continue teaching his students. The claims of sexual assault did not happen. Everyone of those girls lied and it was proven that they lied, including Ms Dr Ford the main one.

  33. is there something wrong with you????? Her friend said it didn’t happen!!!!!!!!!! the only person who lied is her!!

  34. Democrats may think they can hound Kavanaugh into doing something foolish, but that is very unlikely. The only significantly possible result of Democrat hostility toward Kavanaugh would be to galvanize his conservative, anti-liberal views. But Kavanaugh is no fool; he would not obviously break Constitutional law. The Kavanaugh effect would be subtle, legal, nuanced, and would produce results. Democrats should be careful.

  35. Trump’s days are numbers? LOL! Typical braindead libtard! Learn proper grammar you complete idiot. Typical demoncrat. Stupid as a bag of rusty hammers.

  36. The person that should be in trouble is Hillary Clinton and not one thing is being done! Does anyone know how to start our own petition in favor of Brett Kavanaugh? We must let our voices be heard against such ridiculous gimics such as this! The Democrats are full of such HATE AND CONTEMPT for a man that won the Presidency fair and square. They are making a mockery of things in Washington and should be voted out of office. I hope that America can see through their tirade!!!

  37. This is so Pathetic. Democrats say Trump is terrible….They need to look at themselves. They have put Mr. Kavanaugh through Hell and back and he was proven INNOCENT. There is no claims that came to light from the accusations, he’s been investigated in and out…His job at the University should not be involved just because Trump nominated him. They will do whatever that can to prosecute anyone standing in their way. AND….THIS IS WHO WE WANT RUNNING OUR COUNTRY? WOW

  38. You really can’t say Ford was being truthful because you were not an eye witness! If you believe in justice, you would accept the official ruling or outcome!

  39. Kavanaugh was not/is not a liar. Your smut plan just didn’t work as they normally dont. Give it up and.move ont to your next facade!!

  40. Brett is a solid patriotic man and well deserving of the Supreme Court justice
    nomination and confirmation. The left is still hurting because they lost the election. When you run a lousy candidate like Hillary Clinton you had better expect to get your butt kicked. I t is not of Cavanaugh’s doing that Hillary lost. Suck it up snowflakes your going to loose again in 2020

  41. Hey smartbusquits (should be dumbass) you are about the stupidest commenter on here! You have withdrawn into your snowflake fantasy world and made up that ridiculous stupidity! The insanity of the dumbo rat party has infected you as plain as day! Crawl back under your rock where maybe your snowflake ass might survive! I’m sick and tired of the left lies and their your rhetoric which is from the pit of hell! You have no facts that you can substantiate with proof! Judge Kavanagh is more of a man than you will ever even hope to be! More honorable than you have the capacity to be!
    MAGA 2020 TRUMP 2020!!!


  43. And where did you get those “facts”? Ford couldn’t remember ANYTHING about that night EXCEPT who supposedly got on top of her. Give me a freaking break.!!!!

  44. The only RATS are the Republicans who will not hold lying Trump accountable. For two years they could have had the Trump Wall but they did not want it either. Trump’s days are numbers. Hopefully he will not last to the end of this year.

  45. Kavanaugh had lied under oath to Congress. The Republicans did not care. Kavanaugh had Judge lie for him. Kavanaugh had contacted other classmates to have them lie for him also. I guess that hearing was in the eyes of the beholder. Ford was telling truth and Kavanaugh lied. Lying Trump controlled what could be investigated.

  46. Obama and Hillary and Biden and Nader and schumer and pelosi better keep there noses out of the United States of America and we’ll knowing that there time has come to and end in there career. And to the rest of the left side. You don’t want to start a war you can’t win. Believe me I’ve served my country and with pride and heart for American family and country. And I will support the American president and country. But I won’t support the ignorance that this demacrates parties that haven’t Idea how. Or what to do for the people and country just feeding them a bunch of lies. And want.line there pockets with American people’s money. Leftist political don’t want a war. You won’t win.

  47. the whole problem is that the media are doing nothing to get the truth out. they are aiding and abetting democrats in this and will continue to gin up hate toward conservatives. they need to be called to account by American people, if not, we will slide into the communist form of government with the media acting as Pravda did for the soviets.

  48. Brian Fallon could live a hundred years and not have the intelligence, gravitas, and reputation that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has. Has Fallon asked Blaze Ford if Kavanaugh had any distinguishing marks on his body that she “remembered.” After 84 partners throughout high school and college, how could she remember Kavanaugh? And, how many other bedrooms was she in and afterwards didn’t remember how she got home because she was drunk? The circus of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing was a travesty, and Fallon, should stand by because his Queen is going to be deposed! Get Ready!

  49. WTF, he was proven innocent so the charges don’t mean anything. They will do anything to try and control the right and conservative people. Americans need to wake up and vote the DemonRats out of office. They want to control us, take away our rights and flood us with dangerous illegals. Enough is enough and they need to start having charges brought up against them. They don’t care about us citizens, they just want to line their pockets with dirty money and have us controlled.

  50. What will their next tactic be? String up all Republicans? They have such a hatred for anyone they disagree with that they are going crazy with hate. Where’s this love and tolerance they so love to speak about, or does that only apply to illegals or those who agree with them? What hypocrites! What they preach isn’t the same as how they act. Hillary, I thank God you didn’t get in, or our country would be a wreck by now. Trump is doing the right thing for our country. Pray that we don’t get another Democrat in the White House.

  51. I agree Pete. George Mason University don’t deserve Kavanaugh if they believe Fallon. Need to investigate Fallon too. All the Dems needs investigated. At least Senator Manchin didn’t cave to the gays & lesbian agenda. I give him credit for that. He is the only Dem who sided with Republicans. He is talking about leaving & running for governor of WV again. I think the rest of the Dems are to crooked for him.

  52. I agree with you Wilma. They can start with Hillary Clinton, Obama, Biden,Eric Holder to name a few.

  53. Ruth Ginsburg works harder then anyone else on the Supreme Court and Shame on Trump to try and force her out!!!!

  54. Be honest. Brett Kavanaugh was cleared of everything!!
    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!!
    Be sure YOUR sin will find you out!!

  55. I agree….Is this what we are paying them for? I don’t think so!! If they would work as hard to actually get some work done for this nation….maybe they would get some real votes instead of fake ones! Too bad for you Dems….get your act together!!

  56. My question is this, isn’t what liberals are doing in putting pressure on businesses to not hiring conservatives political and racial bias? They’re interfering in ones ability to get work. Workplace harrassment. Can you understand why anyone would vote for scum that do this representing the Democrat party. You show the people how sick and inhumane you and your party really are. Vote Republican in 2020 or reap the wrath and narrow mindedness of the Democrats.


  58. I agree with you Wilma. They can start with Hillary Clinton, Obama, Biden,Eric Holder to name a few.

  59. I wonder … After the leftists are all consumed in the fires of hell … will the stench of them finally be gone?

  60. Right you are! The Left will use any, deceit, ruse or knavery because they believe that the end justifies the means, however foul. Just as Lenin wrote when he was proposing Communism.

  61. Sounds like the black listing done in the 40’s and 50’s regarding communism. People could not get a job for many years due to false view of someones position on communism.

  62. Actually, liberals are more like wolves because they have a “Pack” mentality. It’s Mob Rule and disagreeing with the Mob is something that the DemonRats will not tolerate.

  63. What happened to innocent to proven guilty. He was proved innocent. God put him on the Supreme court, so deal with God. Pray for your enemies God said.

  64. So since he was found innocent, that would be defamation of character and he should sue the b**yard go a few million dollars!

  65. Flunkie Fallon finally has a job. Note to the numerous investigative agencies looking into the treason, lies and incredible failures of Hillary Clinton and her lackeys like you Fallon. Bring it on Fallon! The more “justice” you demand, the greater the margin in the Fall of 2020.

  66. They do not seem to realize that they are harassing a person who is supposed to be neutral in court decisions. Right now Kavanaugh is teaching, not for money only but for a duty to pass along knowledge to new generations. if they fail he will be more biased in his teaching position than he was before. I am certain that Kavanaugh would fight himself from passing this bias along but he is only human. If they succeed then he has more time to spend on his day job and his first hand knowledge of false news, conviction by press and false witnesses will have even more impact on his rulings. And perhaps there may be a case involving corporations requiring adherence to a brand of political philosophy.

  67. It’s a gosh darned SHAME that such a decent man is being persecuted in the public eye when he proved. I MEAN PROVED HIS INNOCENCE. Those liars n I mean, all of them have recanted or downright admitted to lying. But liberals don’t listen. Duh! They are like sheep. Who don’t think n follow blindly. Only liberals can’t think for themselves. Not anymore.

  68. Bret Kavenaugh, we had a saying in the Naval Amphibious Forces. STAND FAST! Don’t back down! God is on your side.

  69. The latest hatered has gone to far. They are only doing this is to try and make they look good and they are only showing their ignorance and hatred

  70. If George Mason University caves to a hack like Brian Fallon, they do not deserve Brett Kavanaugh teaching at their institution!

  71. The democrats are getting ridiculous! When are they going to fire/impeach the governor who has people accusing him of sexual wrongdoings? When are they going to put our criminal lawmakers and politicians in jail? Hillary and Obama are prime examples of people who need to be in jail for their criminal actions. You’ll never convince me that Hillary isn’t behind this push for making Kavanaugh “pay.” We have an ex-vice-president who is thinking of running for president, and the democrats are saying it’s okay that Biden puts his hands (and nose) all over women who have made it clear that they don’t like it. These are proven complaints, and yet the democrats say it’s ok. Give me a break people.

    It’s time that we crack down on the democrats and prosecute them NOW!

  72. Justice Kavanaugh was exonerated of all of the charges brought against him during his confirmation hearings, which were in and of themselves a tactic by the left to keep him off the bench, but the women were found to be lying, two even admitted as much. The left will do anything to besmirch the name of those aligned with or appointed by President Trump because they’re really trying to obstruct his presidency, they allow themselves to go very low to accomplish their goals and this is just part of that. I would think that any Law School would be proud to have a sitting Justice of SCOTUS as a part of their teaching staff and not resort to petty nonsense demanded by lunatic radicals who are ruining our country!!

  73. I second that reply – Brett Kavanaugh should be able to teach place desires – the Democrats have no say so and all of the Liberals SHUT THE FU_K UP….. You and Pelosi’s Democrats also…..

  74. I just can’t believe America has come to this. I think all the left-overs of Clinton’s and Obama’s administrations should be swept out of the WH immediately. I think they just keep adding to the crap! Let’s get the dems out and get our country back. MAGA!!

  75. The Demoncrats Party is just another left wing freak show. Their specialty is Killing Babies. Most of the Demoncrats are baby killers. They are unfit to serve!

  76. Why is everyone surprised by this and why do they call them “leftist”?
    Their actions are in line with their COMMUNIST belief system.
    In my youth they had a hard time even trying to run for office; now with the majority of teachers at all level preaching the Marxist theology what do you expect?

  77. Let them GUN. The bullet goes BOTH Ways. Justice Bret is and remains a JURIST of impeccable credentials, to which the Dems know nothing about unless they are SERVANTS to the party. Stay strong Brtet for you are the PEOPLES CHOICE JUSTICE.

  78. How much money did the accuser get for lying. First she was not raped, and no one verified her story. Investigate these liners including crooked Hillary and her minions. I’m tired of all this crap. Leave kavanaugh alone.

  79. I hope they fire him. AND HE SUES THEM INTO BANKRUPTCY. If any University is willing to bow to the demands of people who may or not be students for something that was not proven and conceivably made up, then they do not deserve to be in business. And people who bring these false allegations need to be brought into a court room also and if found guilty they might need to be in a prison with REAL RAPISTS who are not particular about what sex their victims are.

  80. What do you expect from the Ding-a lings in the Dumbocratic party? The sooner these
    jerks are eliminated from this earth, the better! If they had a brain, they would take it out and play with it.

  81. They are no different than the Nazi party of 1930’s Germany. They are using the same tactics used then. At what point do we as law abiding Americans stand up and say enough is enough?

  82. This is ridiculous. Bret should be able to teach anywhere he chooses. Why does this apply to him. There are some teachers that need to be fired.

  83. I hope the dems look in their rear view mirrors…what goes around comes around. Two can play this game.

  84. *** The are insane, period the lost all sense of reality, God help us should the ever get back in to office. Thank you President Trump for the great job you doing.

  85. Ignorance and Intolerance….That’s what America is all about….It’s a two way street…Abolish Liberals

  86. This is Torches and Pitchforks Justice against Brett Kavanaugh. NONE, not ONE, of the charges against him during his hearing were proven. But due process does not matter to these vigilantes! Our freedom of speech is being threatened by these radicals. They care NOTHING about the good reputation of a decent man. Their tactics are smear and slaughter (of a person’s good character). How can we fight back, conservatives?

  87. Higher education has become a bastion of so called progressive gibberish which confirms the Bible’s claim of fools despising wisdom and instruction!!!

  88. One would think that someone holding the office of associate justice of the Supreme Court would consider taking on a teaching assignment as a way to share his experiences with future justices. If George Mason caves to the demands of the rabble, they will be sending a signal that no one can work at their location unless their far-left credentials are approved by the liberal mob. On that day, they will lose their status as a place of higher learning, become just another propaganda mill for the Democrat Party.

  89. Can they even do that?
    Jeez, they latch on like a pitbull . . . somebody, please make ’em stop!

  90. Justice Kavanaugh can get a summer job teaching at a multitude of Universities.George Mason is lucky to have him. I say let the petitions work their way through the student body and see what the University response is.

  91. Typical. If the liberals cannot win they will salt the field where their enemies eat. Very low tactics they learned from Hillary. I am surprised they are not putting out a hit on certain people.

  92. I’m not in the least little bit surprised by this. Leftists are pulling out all the stops in order to maintain some manner of control over us, it’s time to start prosecuting these folks . Make felons if them all.

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