Brett Kavanaugh just got the shock of his life about his future on the U.S. Supreme Court

The smears against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh are unending.

And now everyone has one big question.

That’s because Brett Kavanaugh just got the shock of his life about his future on the Supreme Court.

After it was revealed that editors at The New York Times published an essay by two anti-Kavanaugh reporters that claimed Kavanaugh may have sexually harassed a woman at a college party without including the crucial detail that the women in question did not remember the incident, many Americans demanded the paper be held accountable for printing clearly fake news.

President Trump even declared that Kavanaugh could sue the paper for libel.

Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discussed the merits of a possible Kavanaugh lawsuit on Fox and Friends.

Napolitano informed viewers that Kavanaugh had a good case but that he would likely not sue The New York Times.

Breitbart reports:

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” network legal analyst Andrew Napolitano posed the question asking if Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh could sue The New York Times if an essay it published alleging he engaged in sexual misconduct was knowingly false.

Napolitano said if the circumstances were correct, he would have a case. However, he predicted it would not happen.

“Here’s an interesting one: Can Justice Kavanaugh sue The New York Times?” Napolitano said. “We know the standard is actual malice. Actual malice means did The New York Times publish something they knew was false, or did they publish it in reckless disregard to whether it was true or false? Is leaving out of the article the true statement that the victim does not recall this alleged event reckless disregard for the truth? He may actually have a case there. However, this is not going to happen. He doesn’t want to sue The New York Times. That’s going to open up pandora’s box for him.”

One reason Kavanaugh wouldn’t sue is The Times would surely appeal the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh would be forced to recuse himself and that would leave the case likely deadlocked at 4-4.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.