Brett Kavanaugh received some frightening news that will turn his life upside down

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is once again in the center of a firestorm.

But this time the threat Kavanaugh faces is deadly serious.

And Brett Kavanaugh received some frightening news that will turn his life upside down.

After a leaker released a draft opinion showing the Supreme Court intended to overturn Roe v. Wade, left-wing militias began terrorizing conservative Supreme Court Justices.

Insurrectionists began targeting the Justices at their homes in violation of state and federal law.

Joe Biden’s underlings like Jen Psaki cheered mobs stalking the Justices at their homes.

But the consequences of the Biden administration inciting insurrection against Supreme Court Justices took a predictably scary turn when police arrested 26 year-old Nicholas John Roske for attempting to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh.

Police arrested a heavily armed Roske outside of Justice Kavanaugh’s home.

Roske later told investigators that he planned a politically motivated killing of Kavanaugh to change the composition of the Supreme Court.

The Associated Press reports:

The California man accused of plotting to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had an expansive goal to change the makeup of the Supreme Court “for decades to come,” according to a recent court filing that cites discussions the man had online.

Nicholas John Roske, 26, told unidentified internet users that his goal was to reverse the then-leaked draft decision of the since-overturned Roe v. Wade decision, according to an affidavit for a search warrant in the case, filed in Maryland federal court this week.

Killing one jurist could change the decisions of the court “for decades to come,” authorities said that Roske wrote, adding, “I am shooting for three.”

Roske explained that “all of the major decisions for the past 10 years have been along party lines so if there are more liberal than conservative judges, they will have the power.”

Roske attempted to kill Kavanaugh so Joe Biden could nominate a radical left-wing replacement.

That would give the Court four solid left-wing votes with center-Left Chief Justice John Roberts as the swing vote.

There is a problem with political violence in America.

But it stems from the Left.

Leftists attacked at least 13 crisis pregnancy centers as part of the “summer of rage.”

And five years ago, a Bernie Sanders supporter attempted to assassinate 20 Congressional Republicans after believing the lies fed to him by the corporate-controlled media about the Russian collusion hoax.

Roske’s alleged assassination attempt is another scary reminder that the Democrats are the Party of political violence.

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