Brett Kavanaugh suffered a defeat that left him up in arms

Brett Kavanaugh survived a left-wing smear campaign to keep him off the Supreme Court.

And Republicans withstood a fake news media onslaught and confirmed Kavanaugh.

But the good times did not last long since Brett Kavanaugh just suffered a defeat that left him up in arms.

Conservatives turned out in 2016 to make sure Donald Trump would be the one picking Supreme Court Justices instead of Hillary Clinton.

Their votes paid off when President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

And Kavanaugh just sent a signal that he intends to fight for the key value of religious liberty.

The Supreme Court decided not to take up an appeal of a lower court upholding the New Jersey government’s decision to withhold 12 million dollars in state funds for historical renovations for four churches.

Kavanaugh dissented and wondered if this was discrimination and if the court should take up this case.

The Daily Caller reports:

The Supreme Court refused Monday to decide whether religious institutions may be disqualified from public historic preservation funding, after a New Jersey court forbade local officials from dispersing $4 million to 12 churches.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote a separate opinion addressing the dispute, calling the lower court’s decision “pure discrimination.”

“Barring religious organizations because they are religious from a general historic preservation grants program is pure discrimination against religion,” Kavanaugh wrote. “At some point, this Court will need to decide whether governments that distribute historic preservation funds may deny funds to religious organizations simply because the organizations are religious.”

Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch joined the Kavanaugh opinion.

Conservatives expect the Supreme Court – with two Trump appointees on the bench – will take up the cause of religious liberty and thwart the left’s all-out assault on Christianity in America.

Unfortunately enough Justices did not side with Brett Kavanaugh on this case.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The New Jersey courts won’t approve money for I’m assuming historic Christain churches and the Supreme Court won’t even listen to arguments. I read were Bush and then Obama sent millions of American tax dollars to restore historic sites, mosques and minarets in the middle East. Go figure!!!1

    • Nothing like the Republican Party being the red headed stepchild? Huh? It’s do as I say and not as I do. Unfortunately. These Demonrat fool’s forgot they are not the boss! They seem to have forgot they are civil servent’s? Like that Commie AOC. They work for us period! The King’s and Dictator ‘s need to be sparked hard!

      • Interestingly enough they are so ready to remove our gun rights. What do you want to bet Abortion kills far more than guns.
        So shouldn’t they all want to remove abortion?
        Oh so sorry I forgot the living beautiful babies can’t tell them what an abomination they are. But we can and will

        • Guns kill zero people. People kill people. Abortions, car accidents, countries who disarm their law abiding people. Alcohol, narcotics, suicide, mental illness, Cancer and numerous other illnesses.
          Why are these people so very obtuse, and getting away with murder?

      • Trump is working for us, too. But he’s threatening to take away our hard earned Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, public radio, meals on wheels for seniors, and put Betsy DeVoss (who literally knows absolutely NOTHING about what she’s doing in charge of our schools. Now he’s said to be signing an order to give big money corporations to mine and cut trees in our national parks. That’s definitely NOT serving us’s serving the wealthy at our expense!?!

  2. There seem to be a lot of closet liberals and RINOS who are turning on Trump and conservative principles. Serving in Washington seems to warp the minds of many who seemed to be conservative when they were campaigning. If people like the Muslim loud mouth and Cortez gain real power our country will be a dump in a very short time. Unfortunately there are enough people who want and expect free stuff from the Government to elect such ignorant Congresspeople.

    • They all need to be fired! Some were elected to work for the people? Other’s stole their thrones by voter fraud! Who don’t work for us period! They work for their Vommie Agenda! Straight up in dereliction of their fiduciary duties as a member sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution and the security and safety of it’s American citizens! They are doing none of these promises! It’s straight up Treason. They are incompetent and criminally insane in the membrane! They must be removed from office.

  3. We all have to remember who Roberts bows to each day, maybe multiple times, but it surely raises the question does he know the Constitution, Law, and impartial.

  4. I hate to think that Justice Roberts has joined the leftist liberal Democraps.I think he has done something, that is not honorable and doesn’t want anyone to know. The Democraps found out through Justice Ginsberg and they are using it against him. Their is no other reason for a Conservative to become a turncoat, and turn on the American people.

  5. Find out what the dems have on Roberts and threaten to expose it also. Then maybe that sniveling little worm would stand up like a man and resign in order for president Trump to replace him with someone that stands by his principles. Ginsburg needs to go one way or the other, Thomas, as much as I like him, needs to resign so he can be replaced by a younger conservative, and Breyer needs to see the light and retire. Kagan should be removed somehow and Sotomayor right along with her.

    • Pray someone poison RB Ginzburg and Trump makes his 3rd CHOICE. I agree with you BJ. The rat in the nest is creppy Roberts, who gave us Obamacare, the rat. I believe Sotomayor is soon to commit suicide; she’s finished by June this year.

    • The Catholic Church is very wealthy and needs to do their own repairs. In fact tho keep the tradition of keeping religion a personal matter and keeping the government out of church decisions.

    • Didn’t Obama’s admin give millions or billion towards mosque building? Whether it was within the US or not it is tax money. It seems hypocrisy is alive and well in these government agencies this is about keeping historical sites from crumbling not a religious issue.

    • These judges will have to answer to the only judge that matters one day. Sooner for some than others. They are the ones that voted in Roe V Wade. Killing innocent life. They, along with the demonconmunist party think they are God. Nancy herself said “who needs God when you have the demoncrats.” They gave young women a license to kill. But that license won’t matter when they stand before God and he asks why they killed the precious life he gave them and in such a cruel violent manner.
      I hope the women realize what they’ve done and ask for his forgiveness.

  6. “Politically Correct” is all about how much money people are willing to pay and the others will take to get what’s being paid for!!! Vote Conservative in 2020, let’s throw the Ba$tards out of office, then put them in Guantanamo for life when we convict them of Un-American, fraudulent and illegal activities!!!

  7. There are lots of ways to get funds to renovate old churches or temples rather than using taxpayer funds. How about soliciting public donations, or ‘Go Fund Me’, or silent auctions of donated goods, or a humongous freakin’ bake sale, for goodness sake? Our taxes weren’t intended to pay for every darn thing under the sun.

      • Churches do not pay property taxes and consequently have free municipal services. So why should any taxpayer participate in restoration of church property in any way? Just look at some of the more recently build palaces and then tell me the CHURCH have no money

  8. Mr President :
    Thank you for stepping up ////
    and taking on the worst best
    job in the world!
    You are doing a phenomenal job!
    I can see the swamp starting
    to leak //// B I G T I M E
    Best wishes to you and yours 🙂

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  9. The left wing radicals (The House Of Horror) are the scum of the earth! They have stooped so low that they are at the bottom of their abyss..

  10. I totally agree with El sea. He has been a liberal for years and is now leaning far to the left. Damn shame.

  11. And just why does the church need out tax money to fix there church’s. Why doesn’t that fag pope cash in a few of there paintings and jewelry stashed in there hiding place they don’t pay any taxes now but want our money screw them I’m glad they stopped it

  12. What about all the “public money ” Obama used to subsidize the construction of new built mosques here in the USA and to rebuild mosques overseas.

  13. Thanks to the world of PC we have stupid questions coming to the SC like this. Stick to the legal questions concerning the country and not waste the SC time. TheSC is not the answer to everything.

  14. Your heading is misleading. Brett Kavanaugh did not suffer a defeat, The Supreme Court made a decision, he was on the decenting opinion. I smell fake news. He is one of nine. Lets ALL work on getting the story straight and not tilting the story, unless that’s your reason for writing. Maybe the title should be “ALL Religious faiths suffered a defeat…”

  15. I hope Kavanaugh, Alito and Gorsuch start looking at the right to life. Infanticide is absolutely wrong. This is the United States of America, where firefighters and police officers die trying to save infants from burning buildings. Remember the explosion in the Murray Building in OK? Remember the day care center? Remember the pics and videos of first responders trying so hard to save those little ones?
    American soldiers have died trying to save infants and children in various war zones. Historically, American soldiers have always tried to protect the innocents. How can Congress vote for infanticide? Our country is failing and falling.

  16. I believe those who voted in support of the with holding of Public Withholding Holding Preservation funding, need to re-read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If we don’t protect religion we become agnostic, and if we become agnostic we have no basis for rules other than what man decrees, and we have no basis for LAW. We then find ourselves with Maslow’s Theory X, and survival of the fittest/strongest.

    • I’m beginning to favor survival of the fittest if we’re able to eliminate the snow flaky liberals that get their feelings hurt every time they hear something they can’t tolerate. I can’t fight back on their level but would be quite comfortable with survival of the fittest.

      • BigJoe, that would be music to my ears…..most of them think just getting up in the morning makes them worthy of praise and a paycheck.

  17. I wish Grannie Ruth the best and recommend she retire to spend her latter years with family. She should go home and do a lot of Grandmothering…that’s a much higher calling than helping decide cases for people who care little or nothing about her personally.

    • I’m pretty sure if she has grandchildren they are scared to death of her. Remember, she most likely looks at them and has no problem with the fact that they could easily have been aborted.

  18. We don’t need a swing vote on the court. That makes for bad rulings and bad law we need a conservative justice. If old hag ruthie will leave soon, we can save the court and our country. They always open with “ God save this honorable court” Let it be so

    • We hear a lot about more gun laws but if you look at the courts you would see that they don’t in force the one’s we have If the court would put these criminals in prison like the law states we would have less gun violence drug dealer’s caught with guns should be given federal time in prison the courts are the problem. not laws it’s the lack of in forcing them.

  19. It is disgusting that John Roberts weighed in with Liberals…I expect BS from liberals but the Chief justice is a disappointment!

        • Correct Robert! The left has become an evil nazi organization with Omar who is antisemite and Cortez who is as threatening as “MOMO”! I guess the democrats are going back to their roots : KKK Millenials need to study history instead of repeating it!

      • George: CJ Roberts has indeed gravitated Liberal, but I believe for reasons beyond his control. The Elite have made it a point, IMO, to dig up dirt on some Judges and Legislators et al and use it to influence their voting. Perhaps this is one of those occasions since he has been voting Liberal here lately. Its dirty and shameful but that is political.

      • The Chief Justice has been going downhill for a while. Do you suppose his mind is slipping, or he being bought and paid for?

      • We seem to have a lot of closet liberals. Living in Alaska we have Murkowski–she is evil. I believe most of our so called Republican senators and house members are closet liberals.

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