Brett Kavanaugh will be forced to make a choice that could change everything

Conservatives fought to elect Donald Trump in 2016 so he would be the one nominating Supreme Court justices.

That paid off when Republicans confirmed Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

But now Brett Kavanaugh will be faced with a decision that could change everything.

State legislatures around the country are passing “heartbeat bills” designed to ban abortions as soon as a heartbeat is detected.

This occurs as soon as six weeks.

Alabama just passed the strictest heartbeat bill in the country which is a 100% pro-life bill with no exceptions, which protects the baby’s life at every stage of pregnancy.

The legislation also punishes doctors with 99 years in prison for killing babies.

Breitbart reports:

Late Tuesday, the Alabama State Senate passed what would be the nation’s strictest abortion laws should it be signed by Republican Gov. Kay Ivey.

House Bill 314 passed the Senate by a 25-6 vote, and it does not include exceptions for rape or incest. Earlier in the day, the Senate had rejected an amendment that would have added such exceptions by a 21-11 vote margin.

Earlier this month, HB 314 was passed by the Alabama House of Representatives by a 74-3 margin, and now awaits the governor’s signature.

The bill’s proponents argue its strict nature is intended to establish a baby in the womb as a person.

With the number state legislatures around the country passing heartbeat bills, it is impossible for the Supreme Court to duck this issue.

And it will likely land in their laps during the 2020 election season.

That means Brett Kavanaugh and his colleagues will be faced with a monumental decision that could end abortion in America.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. You are on to something here! I see Planned Parenthood as an organization that hasn’t lived up to their name. They don’t help people to plan their parenthood . . . they only help to eliminate any possibility of parenthood (…talk about contradiction in terms…) ! Planned Parenthood is a prime example of what government should not fund at all . . . PERIOD ! ! !

  2. What happened to the demonrat pawn Ford. She disappeared when Justice Kavanaugh was sworn in. It showed that Ford lied.

  3. but they DO have a lot of perversion and criminal intent.. remember that worn out old drunken hore clintoney? and how about that mental midget commie from Vermont.. they should be so ashamed that the bernhole suggets out loud that he is from Vermont.. too bad that piece of snake schitt did not get food poisoning when visiting the USSR and he and his hore are not still there being maggot fodder..

  4. perversion, welfare, no borders, taxes stolen to support the worthless scum bags that will not work, just vote, and morons running the zoo and idiots applauding in hollow woody… vote scum, vote democrapo hores and pimps in 2020..

  5. WEll Joe my suggestion would be to review the latest decree from the skunk farm in Albany, new dork where the scum sucking pigs from new dork government(sic) passed legislation that mandates that it is perfectly fine with their sorry azzes if trash delivery a live baby even though it was almost murdered it is OK to then murder that baby for sure.. lots of support for that heinous idea among those worthless scummy hores running for president while being democrapo..

  6. oh no, you have once again hit the nail on the head… and that hurts liberals whose two brain cells rattle around a lot when the nail get hit… I would wish that God were to allow that to accelerate so that the liberal population would shrivel rapidly.. LOL

  7. I don’t trust Kavanaugh! He has said he will always uphold “settled law” which to me means it isn’t law since it did not pass either house of congress and signed by the president. Kavanaugh is a RINO since he “clerked” under Kennedy.

  8. I am unsure of these grounds too! I must turn to stead fast reasoning on this matter and follow the teaching of my God. The Bible says the child should not be killed nor suffer punishment. It would seem the master has for-thought this issue and left guidance for us.

  9. Hello Janet, A women is pregnant do to a criminal act, and you are going to force her to carry the child to term and “forgive herself”? This violate her again and again! I see no limit here and do not agree! We have limits for a reason an removing those limits sends us into chaos.

  10. Hey Joe the false plumber, makes me wish that your mother had aborted you that way we won’t have to listen to your anti-Trump anti-concervative bull s**t

  11. I think that the guy who started the pregnancy of a woman should be prosecuted for doing so. Thereby nearly ending the need for an abortion

  12. The phony lead in headline is Click Bait. Kavanaugh is not the focus of this article

  13. If a female is pregnant as the result of rape or incest (both considered rape in my eyes), the person to kill is the RAPEST, not the innocent female or child. If you have any respect for life or human dignity how can you kill an innocent child. Instead of financing abortion, the government would be far better off financing counseling for the expectant mother so that she can come out on the other side of the whole experience better knowing herself and understanding the choices she has to make regarding this new life she is carrying. Whether she chooses to keep the child or place it for adoption, the counselors should help her to come out on the other side of the situation a stronger and more confident person who can now forgive herself, shake off unwarranted guilt and move forward.

  14. You are really not pro-life than. After conception, an unborn child is a child no matter what the circumstances are. Period. In addition, it has been shown that the vast majority of women in those circumstances are thankful they did not abort their child. Learn the facts and truly become pro-life.

  15. Abortions should be illegal except when the mothers life or babies life is in danger and in cases of rape and incest. And I also support a woman’s rights, but the woman knew she could get pregnant and she still had sex without protection. Protection is a 2 way street.

  16. How about imagining a different ending…Yes, what happened to me is terrible, but All lives matter. This life I’m carrying doesn’t deserve the death penalty. Maybe, God has a purpose and a plan and maybe there are people who desperately want this child.
    I wish abortionists were humanitarians, but they’re not. I wish that abortions were safe and infrequent, but they’re not. I wish abortionists aided police in prosecuting incest and child abuse, but they don’t. It’s big business and depends on repeat customers.
    I wish every “child were a wanted child,” but legalizing abortion has proven that human life is cheap and disposable. Hmm…could there be a link to gun violence?

  17. The Lord loves us all we have to pray that God will intercede in joe the p heart. Jesus is the only way too salvation.

  18. While I am pro lice, this bill goes too far. It is cruel to force a girl or woman to carry a child full term in the event of rape or incest. This person will be reminded for the next nine months of the terror, shame and physical trauma perpetrated upon her body and mind. Could you imagine every minute of every hour of every day and night having to relive such a hideous crime? It is not just nor fair or compassionate to require this of a victim of such disgusting crimes.

  19. There is no RIGHT to “recreation” any place, in any of the Writings, editorials, Federalist Papers by ANY of the Founding Fathers.

    There is no ‘right’ to a RECREATIONAL ABORTION that results from RECREATIONAL SEX!

  20. Do you know how much the women got paid to “remember” that Justice Kavanaugh did them harm decades ago? They could not even remember where or when until the Democraps told them what to allege.

  21. will never happen dork knob. Americans have woken up to the democratic evil invading our country. And we boomers still out number the weird ass millies.

  22. william winder, I have watched many testimonies from former clinic workers that would take your argument to pieces. Go ahead and believe as you do. But even”thinking ” that murder is okay ,in Gods eyes, makes you guilty of murder. Read the bible

  23. Kavanaugh showed in his hearing how horrible his demeanor is, his crocodile tears of anger and attitude, thinking he wasn’t getting a fair hearing. Women don’t forger rape attempts, Ford described it well, and Kavanaugh lied about his wildness in prep school, and his disrespect for women then and his taste for booze and getting drunk. Perhaps he salvaged his life from drinking but at his prep school he at times was an out of control punk, with his boofing and bragging about it in his yearbook. He had no shame about any of it, just hysterics.

  24. If you can kill the baby (that is what is in the womb) at its earliest age of conception than you can kill it and justify killing at any age, I gave birth to 7 children and they were not different at conception, only in need of nurturing and love until ready to come into this world. A mother who aborts has killed a baby and the doctor or people that assist are also guilty of killing.

  25. bj. I saw a special where scientists fertilized an egg. At fertilization there was a spark. You could see it. That spark proved that life begins at conception. It was a chicken egg but conception is conception no matter what animal it is. I think you would agree.

  26. Sharon. I don’t know about other states but in my state we have free birth control and sterilization. We have had it for at least 30 years. I know. I used it. You have be responsible enough to use it.

  27. This should not be a monumental decision for the Court. The Roe v Wade decision was obviously without legal merit. It was another of the many cases of liberal activist judges making the Constitution what they wanted it to be, rather than what is says. It should be overturned completely and abortion should be left to the states, where is always belonged. The entire Nation should not have to tolerate the immorality of abortion because liberals want to protect people from the results of their actions. Citizens should be permitted to choose moral states in which to live.

  28. I agree Linda. In such an imperfect world we live in, this is the best solution. I never thought that 9 justices should ever decide the abortion issue. It should be left to the Citizens of each state. How restrictive or how liberal they wish to be in making it legal to kill a baby.

  29. P.S. My analogy re: killing the baby of a rapist should have been made with better clarity. When I referred to the victim being able to kill a child of the rapist, I was referring to a born child as rapists often have families who know nothing of their crime. Would it be acceptable Lee if you as a victim of this rapist, decided to kill the innocent child of this rapist who knows nothing about the crime his father committed? Well, this is the same as you killing a baby that was a result of this horrible despicable act, this baby committed NO crime, just as any child of a rapist committed No crime, or his wife who knew nothing of her husband’s treachery. Hope this clarifies what I was trying to explain.

  30. Lee, it should be left up to each State. Not the Federal Government. There are many States that will allow abortions. They can go there and have their abortion. Taxpayers just don’t want to be forced to pay for it. Those States that allows abortion can setup a fund to pay her way there and pay for the abortion. I’m sure there are a lot of people that believe in abortion that will donate to that fund. Religion don’t have be involved. I’m sure you would donate.

  31. Lee, that baby (even if it is a result of rape) is JUST AS INNOCENT AS THE RAPE VICTIM. The baby is also a part of the VICTIM. These two facts alone should be enough to DEFEND this life who had NO part in any crime. This is like saying ” if the rapist can Not be killed for his crime, then the victim has a “RIGHT” to kill the child of this rapist.” This sounds about as fair and sensible as those who support butchering a life just because it was a result of rape. It is as deplorable as saying a child should DIE just so the mother can live as she wishes. Convenience, nor retaliation for rape, should EVER be reason to kill an innocent baby, period!

  32. There is not one iota of sanity or integrity in the dem party. That was gone many years ago. You are insane and have no clue what integrity even is

  33. Joe…You have no clue at all. It is very obvious that you have no concept at all of who the devil is. It is YOU who will have to deal with the devil and hell if you do not come to Jesus and repent. Pence is a Christian and will be in Heaven. And Pres. Trump has yet to make that decision but it is not for you to judge him. You are very sick

  34. William…WRONG!!! Babies born alive in an abortion are left to die. You need to get out of fantasyland and join the real world. Life begins at conception, so abortion at any stage is murder.

  35. Lee…abortion is murder. Life begins at conception. That is a scientific fact. It is not the baby’s fault for being conceived. But you think it is fine to kill it. There is always someone wanting to adopt a baby.

  36. PJ, human gestation is 31 weeks. Less than 1% of abortions take place after 24 weeks. Infantants are not murdered. If an infant is born alive after a failed abortion, every effort is made to ensure the child’s survival. Infanticide is not practiced. Those that do not survive were born unviable…unable to survive regardless of any medical assistance given. You’ve been watching too much FOX and OANN and listening to a President who lies.

  37. I don’t believe Roe vs Wade will be overturned…. what I would like to see is no taxpayers dollars funding abortion… if one wishes to have an abortion that is their choice… I would rather see my tax dollars go toward free birth control and sterilization.

  38. Gary, he didn’t lie. He won’t reverse it. It takes at least a 5-4 vote. So he can’t reverse it. But he didn’t say he would not vote to reverse it. He is a Judge. He knows how to use his words. Gotta love him.

  39. I can’t understand the liberals. The gays can marry and raise a family. If the females want children there’s no problem. Sperm Bank and boom a baby. They both can have babies if both are healthy. But now the males have a problem. They have to adopt. It’s hard to adopt a baby. With people keeping their babies and the others aborting the babies where are the male couples going to get babies. Seems that the gay males are supporting what is keeping them from having babies. They are supporting what is killing the very thing that they want. Smart HUH.

  40. The Real Joe The Plumber : If you had a brain at one time, Its gone now. You have no understanding of the real world. You sound like a REAL Demoncrat !!!!

  41. If you were listening during the Kavanaugh hearings he already said he would not be reversing Roe v Wade. That is why Collins voted for him.

  42. NO it is not. What about rape or incest. The choice should be left up to the woman and her doctor and family, not the government who is taking over our private lives. And religious fanatic should not have a say in the matter which I am sure you are one.

  43. That’s where you’re wrong Fred/Joe…you see, the game you’re playing…
    is only SOLITAIRE.

  44. Maybe we could come to a compromise and grant abortions to leftists only? Seems like a win – win?

  45. since he will use the Constitution, a no brainer- “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness…..” that “Life” part ends abortion

  46. Liberals blew it. They are ones that came out with killing babies, degrading men and thinking their rights were being taken away. So wrong. You had all the rights. But decided to kill babies at nine months and after birth. You had a law on your side but you just blew it away with your murderous rampage on humanity. Take the blame, you blew it.

  47. Liberals are too lazy to put on a condom.

    Get married. Have a family. It’s natural but now it’s a lost arts, thanks to liberaaaal policies.

    Liberals keep f-cking up our country. They keep artificially changing what’s natural. They keep playing as god. Leave our natural foods alone.

    Know the liberal way? They pop a baby and say you keep the baby. It’s your fault that the baby was born and that you have to deal with the baby. Blah blah …

    Liberals are strange people. Strange.

  48. radman414 is exactly correct. If Roe v Wade would be repealed it would put the decision back where it belongs – with the individual states. Brett will demand that they demonstrate clearly and legally why the standing precedent set forth in Roe v Wade is flawed. Once they achieve that standard – Game over.

  49. While I fully support the idea of a heartbeat bill, the following statement at the end of this article is NOT correct:

    “That means Brett Kavanaugh and his colleagues will be faced with a monumental decision that could end abortion in America.”

    If the SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade, it will NOT end abortion in America. It would just put the whole matter of abortion back where it belongs…at the discretion of the individual state legislatures and their Governors.

  50. the murder of babies has to stop people that make them should have to give birth to them and if they do not want them put t5hem up for adoption there is no reason for a woman to get pregnant any more because there are too many ways not to from the pill,injections implants and as a last resort the morning after pill

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