Brett Kavanaugh will hate what the Democrats are about to do to him

Ever since Republicans confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Democrats schemed for a way to nullify his vote.

They may have just struck paydirt.

And Brett Kavanaugh is going to hate what the Democrats are about to do to him.

The Democrat Presidential primary is in full swing and the most extreme ideas are dominating the field.

One new proposal that experts believe will attract mainstream Democrat support is former Attorney General Eric Holder’s proposal for the next Democrat President and Senate to pack the court with six new liberal justices and expand the total number of seats on the bench to 15.

The Daily Caller reports:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday said Democrats should consider packing the Supreme Court when they regain political power.

Holder said he would “seriously consider” adding two seats to the court if he were president, as revenge for the two seats on the court that President Donald Trump has filled since taking office. Holder wants other Democrats to follow suit.

“In response to a question, Attorney General Holder said that given the unfairness, unprecedented obstruction, and disregard of historical precedent by Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans, when Democrats retake the majority they should consider expanding the Supreme Court to restore adherence to previously accepted norms for judicial nominations,” a Holder spokesman said in a statement.

Democrats believe Republicans “stole” the seat vacated when Justice Antonin Scalia died.

Mitch McConnell cited the Biden rule – which states no confirmation hearings in an election year – and refused to hold a vote on Merrick Garland, Barack Obama’s nominee.

Liberals seethed that when President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the bench that the appointment – and any future Supreme Court appointments made by Trump – was illegitimate.

And they want revenge.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation gave Republicans a sturdier 5-4 majority on the court.

But Trump supporters can expect the Democrats will not allow a conservative majority to stymie the next Democrat President. That’s why many fear Holder’s court-packing scheme will become a reality.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Another pipe dream by the democrats. They can’t arbitrarily change the numbers of judges on the Supreme Court. The Constitution would have to be changed to do that. It would take 2/3 approval of the House and Senate just to send it to the States. Then it has to be ratified by 2/3 of the States to change the Constitution.

  2. Holder just showed his IGNORANCE is beyond a normal person’s capacity for such. Democraps have always loaded the Federal courts with the most LIBERAL of judges they could find. As for adding more judges the Democraps won’t do that because they know that Republicans could get the opportunity to load the Bench themselves. Democraps are just mad that Trump undid their dirty work and may even ge t the chance to put even more REAL judges on that Court’s bench. By the REAL remark I mean those who follow their mandate in the CONSTITUTION not the ones LIBERALS put on the bench who VIOLATE the CONSTITUTION by trying to legislate from the bench.


  4. Will never happen.The Dumbosheets will be beaten so badly in 2020 they’ll want to crawl under a rock and die

  5. Actually, the size of the Supreme Court has been changed several times in US history. However, those changes were not done lightly or for frivolous ideas and reasons. During the days of FDR, he tried to pack the Court with more judges, but was resisted and rebuked by the Congress. Many major newspapers also decried the “FDR Court-Packing Attempt.”

    Look up the Wikipedia entry on the Judicial Reform Act of 1937, which describes what was attempted and why. Also,described is the reform action that was made in the 1860s.

  6. At some point in the near future, after all the Trump-Russia Collusion hoax is stopped and those involved are facing criminal charges, I DO HOPE TO SEE the death of Justice Scallia fully investigated. There are many anomolies that infuse and surround the string of events of that “hunting trip,” which culminated in Justice Scalia’s death and the lack of a proper post-mortum medical examination.

  7. Eric Holder should have no say in our government He has done wrong by giving guns to our enemies. I thought he was out of our government and should be in prison.

  8. Eric Holder to stupid to run anything and here we go democraps trying to make up there own rules to satisfy thefe own agency instead of sticking to the rules that’s always worked. Scalia would still be here if Obama wouldnt have had him killed! Poor Democraps! They try so hard to cheat at everything but it always bites back!

  9. Yes, if our Attorney General gets to looking at what illegal activity the dems did while Barry was in office. Once they are in jail, I guess everything will be fine, right?

  10. The distructionist are trying to rewrite our constitution to fit their nerrative of communism, get power and control of our whole country and everyone of us! And regein forever! We all know where this is headed, and you should worry, it’s a dangerous place to be!

  11. Do they really think that there will ever be a demorat president? Not with the way they are going.

  12. No,the supreme court can not be has been this way forever. This should be a PUBLIC vote.not a legislative decision. Should it come to pass,then Republicans should place 3,and Democrats 3.

  13. What a great idea. For once, why don’t the Republicans use the lefts scheming ideas before they can. Take that idea and put 6 more conservative, law abiding, constitution enforcing, non crooked, non-agenda driven persons of true character in there before they can. What a great idea. If you want to know the best way to do something, or to get what you want, just make a lazy person responsible for the projects simplest and quickest completion.

  14. The idiot dumb-o-crap shyster’s stupid mouth roars once more. Stuff a sock in the fool’s front door.

  15. This is not a new idea. In 1934 FDR had the National Recovery Act found unconstitutional bu the SCOTUS. He then proposed adding 6 additional justices to the court. This was seen then and now as a way to make SCOTUS a rubber stamp for the executive branch and expected that it would be unconsitutional. FDR backed down and the court allowed other programs to pass.

  16. These evil Democrats need to grow eyes on the back and sides of their heads if anything should happen to our President or any of his family. HELL, will reach out and grab them all one by one.

  17. yes julian they have trashed the USA bad… that african clown ramped up racism and set back relations a hundred years when the azzwip fired up the blacks to murder cops and that worn out old drunken hore let secrets get(sic) get out to foreign governments (wonder how much that $lut was paid for that info) then was laying around in a drunken stupor when the calls from Benghazi were coming in and coming in… that old hore should be standing(sic) in front of a firing squad …

  18. must be that Trump is a traitor for wanting to make America Greater… guess your heroes are the democrapo $luts that do schitt like :

    Democrats Strike Down Measure Opposing Illegal Immigrants Voting in Elections

    On Friday, House Democrats blasted a Republican-backed proposal that condemned illegal immigrants voting in U.S. elections.

    According to Fox News, almost every House Democrat voted to oppose the measure, which was introduced as part of the Democrat-backed H.R. 1 election reform bill.

  19. This is the proof that our courts are run by the parties that are in power and not by the law of the land. This has to make every one sick To know that anything a party wants can be OK’ed by the party. That’s not the American way God help us.

  20. As a Republican, we need no stack the courts to favor any party, just need men and women of integrity. Holder should be in jail!

  21. Number one, Eric Holder should be in jail.
    Second, when a Republican gets in we should increase the number of judges to 35 and put in all conservative judges.
    When Democrats do not get their way they just want to change the rules of the game or move the goal posts every time.

  22. Yeah. Let’s rewrite the Constitution. Add a clause that we also have a weekly “Queen For a Day.” Pelosi, Omar, AOC, Warren, feinstein on and on.” Tired of seeing women so oppressed in the U.S.

  23. Get a hold of my FB page in St. George, Utah if you want to know where B.O.
    and Killary are. Identify yourself and how you found me. This is NOT for the
    main stream media to report including Fox News.
    No, I am NOT a mormon. I am a non-denominational born-again CHRISTian
    who listens to the CHRISTian Satellite Network every day
    and “issues in education” every week.

  24. Ernst: You can’t consider Eric Holder a traitor just because he expresses ideas. It that were true, Trump would be a traitor, and so would you, Ernst. Holder is in no way advocating for an end to the republic. There’s no linkage there!

  25. With this, Eric Holder is effectively advocating for the end of the Republic. Packing the Supreme Court with leftist judges while having a Democrat (leftist) President and a leftist legislature would eliminate the checks and balances put in place by the Constitution. Eric Holder is advocating for the end of this Constitutional Republic. Seriously, he should be considered a traitor.

  26. Besides being a big POS, Eric Holder was and still is a CROOKED SOB. Holder’s idea for the Supreme Court will never happen

  27. They are really unfit for anything they even killing each other if they feel they are being betrayed. They abort term babies because they can’t vote until they are old enough to vote so get rid of them.

  28. The devil loves Eric Holder he held on to his tail all the time he was AG there is nothing honorable he did while in office he is a crimimal and should be in jail for his crimes.

  29. Jerry and Nanny, there are 3 in our prayer group praying the same. Also for Judge Kavanaugh. I pray that we get more praying with us. God is listening to our prayers. Satan is to and he does not like them. I give God all the praise.

  30. Eric Holder is a criminal and should have no say about our government and political office assignments. he has disgraced the office of Justice.
    I pray nightly for our President with all the hate and division he has to deal with day in and out………..God Bless America and our President.

  31. Eric Holder is a criminal and should have no say about our government and political office assignments. he has disgraced the office of Justice.
    I pray nightly for our President with all the hate and division he has to deal with day in and out………..God Bless America and our President.

  32. I’ll join your prayer group and plead the blood of Jesus over President Donald Trump and our country! It’s time for the Christians to take a stand! our president was put in by God no one else could put up with what he’s put up with! We need to vote out all of the Republican Congress men and women that aren’t supporting our president and the and the conservative people of the United States!

  33. and one of the fools on the supreme court says there is no such thing as an foreign exchange student judge. wonder how many fools believed that bs.

  34. Too bad the Baby Killing Party love their criminals or Fast and Furious Holder, Emailing Benghazi Hillary, Tarmack Lynch, Cigar puffing Bill and the list goes on of the thugs that are in that party. Since nothing has ever happened to them except the usual embarrassment of being caught, what punishment did they pay? Is this the country we live in today because looks to me like you could walk down any hallway in DC, throw a rock and hit a criminal. How is this going to affect Kavanaugh, it’s not! He’s still going to be working for the same criminal enterprise. Receiving the same paycheck to wear a robe that is supposed to dawn respect and honor but it’s really just used as a prop would be used in any broadway play. Ever since the Federal judges around the country started playing whack a mole with our laws the one thing we hope keeps a little integrity is so corrupt we are no better than any other third world country.

  35. Then they will hang. We the people have had enough. Dems want to play hardball, they better be willing to die for their agenda. We have the 2nd amendment on our side and the democraps are tyrants and communists.

  36. The Demoncrat Party is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Christian bigots! They are unfit to serve!

  37. Dan Tyree, Biscuit Man, thanks for the heads up. He needs to change his name. Maybe copycat is a good name for him. You got any ideas?

  38. Holder should be in Federal Prison for missdeeds he foisted on or assisted with while schemeing with Obama to help mess up our wonderful country!

  39. Why aren’t Obama, Hillary, and Holder in prison? What are the Republicans waiting for? It to be to late to do anything as usuall. If there ever was a lot gutless, cowardly group of politicians. I haven’t seen them. They are always trying to play nice with the Democrats. Then everytime the Democrats get the chance. They kick the Republicans right in the teeth. The Republicans never learn. It is why this country is sinking fast. When it does we won’t be able to blame the Democrats. We can blame the Republicans for not putting up a fight.

  40. It could be that there are too many RINOs in Congress and Justice Department still has Obummer’s guys in charge.

  41. 4Pip – I think there’s a cell with his name on it. Maybe he can run as Pres at Gitmo. There’s no way he would be nominated by the Dems – he’s damaged goods. He thinks he’s gotten away with the Fast and Furious but it actually hasn’t even begun. That’s not the only treasonous crime he’s done either. The arrogance of the Obummer regime is beyond belief. They think they gotten away with their crimes – but just wait, it’s just beginning.

  42. Linda and Dianna, I agree to join you. We also need to pray for the Executive and Legislative branches. I believe President Trump was an answer to prayer. Who else could and would do for America as he.

  43. Then fire John Roberts the traitorous bastard who was paid off by the left to turn on us. I believe that judges like him should be impeached just as the president for deviating from their beliefs when they were sworn in to be our public servants.

  44. It would not surprise me in the least if the demoncraps were to murder some of the conservative judges on the Supreme Court when and if they return to power just so they could stack it. Those people are pure EVIL and as we have seen in the past, are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.

  45. patricia – I personally think that her eyes are permanently closed. No one has actually seen her in person and the fake pics are old pics. If, by chance she’s still alive, she should be voting in person in the SC and not by proxy. Time to call her out!

  46. Why aren’t Obama, Hillary, and Holder in prison? What are the Republicans waiting for? It to be to late to do anything as usuall

  47. Laeecio, after reading your comment I have come to the conclusion that YOU are the one who is not educated. Your grammar, spelling and punctuation leave much to be desired. The only difference I can see between the black people and the white people is the color of their skin. And the reason so many are on welfare is because the demoncraps have welfare set up so that once you are on it is nearly impossible to get off of it.

  48. In 2020, All Democrats up for re-election, need to go!
    All Republicans up for re-election that aren’t behind Trump, need to go!

  49. Yes! And he should take Eric Holder’s advice and add 5-6 or more conservative judges to the Supremr Court!

  50. Ditto GO! Trump/Kavanaugh/Wall and bye bye Ginsberg who can’t keep her eyes open in court.Replace asap! Eric Holder is a career criminal in the enth dgree, just a sneaky one hiding behind Hillary’s skirts and using the O. Man as a reference, who is another crook!!!

  51. Holder is another big D crook,he tells as many lies as Obama and Hillary. When an R does anything that sets a D back,they consider it unfair. They do nothing but cause more suffering to America with their goal to take over.


  53. well I don/t thing the blk people will vote for the republicans next election they are not very educated, end must of then are on the welfare end food stamps they want everthing for free but not to go to work every day

  54. Some 70-80 years ago, FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court. His move was proven as UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! That’s why we don’t have 12 or more justices today!!!

  55. And just in…House Liberals put a bill together to revamp Election System and more. Fortunately we STILL control the Senate. Once again, thanks to the lazy butt Republicans who stayed home in November and allowed us to lose the House. They damn well better wake up in 2020.

  56. Linda H there’s another guy whom posts as Dan Tyree. Don’t get confused. I’m the one that knows my ass from my elbow. The other guy is a Trump hater libturds

  57. According to article, “ … Kavanaugh’s confirmation gave Republicans a sturdier 5-4 majority on the court. …”

    Not true. Chief Justice John Robert just reared his ugly head as a liberal.

    Our work is not done … yet.

  58. Now they are after our constitution. It calls for 9 judges not 15. Our Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves. Probable crying for the country they love. My heart is breaking for our great country.

  59. Hilarious post……Your statement saying if the people in this country are stupid enoughto put them in power, the people in this country were “stupid” enough to put Trump in!!!!!

  60. “I plead the blood of JESUS CHRIST over Judge Brett Kavanaugh! JESUS sent the Angels to protect him & please JESUS give him strength, knowledge, wisdom & encouragement to withstand the enemies attack!”
    America needs Brett Kavanaugh to interpret the American laws & to uphold them with all America’s best interests in mind. Eric Holder is EVIL!

  61. Well, Republican voters had better wake up because the Democrats are preparing every trick in the book for 2020. At the same time the Republican party had better get going now and play the Community Organize game to get as many Black votes as possible. And, the Democrat voting Jews had better wake up to the fact that the Democrats are not their friend.

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