Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser did the one thing that will leave you speechless

Democrats are not done using Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser for political gain.

Their latest stunt is beyond the pale.

And what Kavanaugh’s accuser is involved in will leave you speechless.

Kamala Harris made her name as a potential presidential candidate with her outrageous performance in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

She floated conspiracy theories about Kavanaugh interfering in the Mueller investigation and championed the cause of Christine Blasey Ford – the woman who turned the process upside down with her baseless claim that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school.

Now Harris – whose presidential campaign has stalled after an initial burst of momentum – is looking to work her way back into the national conversation by latching back on to Blasey Ford’s story.

Harris wrote Blasey Ford’s entry in the TIME 100 Most Influential People list to recast her as a feminist and a #MeToo icon.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Her story, spoken while holding back tears, shook Washington and the country. Her courage, in the face of those who wished to silence her, galvanized Americans. And her unfathomable sacrifice, out of a sense of civic duty, shined a spotlight on the way we treat survivors of sexual violence,” California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris wrote in a guest contribution for TIME.

“Christine Blasey Ford’s ambition wasn’t to become a household name or make it onto this list,” Harris added. “She had a good life and a successful career — and risked everything to send a warning in a moment of grave consequence.”

Harris was outspoken in Ford‘s support during the September 2018 Kavanaugh hearings investigating Ford’s accusations.

“At her core, she is a teacher,” the 2020 presidential candidate wrote. “And through her courage, she forced the country to reckon with an issue that has too often been ignored and kept in the dark.”

Christine Blasey Ford is no hero.

She used smears and lies to try to destroy a man’s life for political gain.

Had she succeeded, the American political system would have faced a crisis that may have torn it asunder.

Do you think Kamala Harris will be the Democrats’ 2020 nominee?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. I am blessed to have never been a victim. She fooled me. I thought she had definitely been attacked but not by him. I think if she was not attacked by someone I would be very surprised. I think she has a mental problem and probably should not be teaching others how to be sane.

  2. Anyone who has been assaulted sexually knew from the start that she was lying. I don’t remember where or when or how I got there or how I got home just won’t stand up. Ask any victim and they can tell you all the answers to the above questions. I am 76 years old and I was 6 yrs old when it happened and I can describe it in detail , even the way it hurt, to this day. So I know she is a liar.

  3. slug? no – a vengeance demon, sustained by a deep, abiding hatred of all things not like herself. She needs to return from whence she came.

  4. Also a childhood survivor (a male). I cpould tell she was lying withon 1 minute of her testimony. She should be charged with perjury if there was equal justice under the law.

  5. Using a sexual assault that didn’t happen makes Republicans look a lot smarter than Democrats. A whore that sold her body to get to where she is just assumes everyone else does too.
    Wrong Kamala, most women lead honorable, respectful lives.I wouldn’t vote for a slut like you even if I were a Democrat.

  6. You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT Saundra. There are nut cases who will fork over money to other nut cases
    for stupid reasons.


  8. Kamala Harris should go back to California and keep her mouth shut. She’s riding a dead horse after it’s been dead since September 2018. Christine Basley Ford is one of the biggest liars in the world. If and I do mean if she was sexually assaulted she supposedly didn’t know who’s home she was at, how she got there, or how she got home or even where the home was located. So how in the world if her brain was that foggy and her memory that bad did she know who assaulted her? Now Kamala Harris is using her story for her campaign for President in 2020. Shall we goodbye to Kamala Harris if this is the best she’s got to offer.

  9. You are so right, Larry.

    I am a woman who actually was assaulted and I only took one thing away from that hearing of CBF: She was not even a good liar! After watching Harris & Booker during that hearing, both left a very bad taste in my mouth. Morris is right about Democrats too!

  10. Sleeping with a publicly recognized married man got her attention in the media. She has the right to be silent. She should take that to heart rather than open her mouth and prove to everyone she’s just another Democrat idiot.

  11. One of the Democrat contenders said They have to win 2020 election because they have to bring back the SOUL of America. They are the ones who are tearing our country apart. Murdering Babies, allowing safe havens for those who are breaking the law, Trying to kill PATRIOTISM in this country. Forcing our children to see Transgender as the way life should be lived. They want to get rid of law enforcement & open borders. They are leaders of hate; they want to drive out Christianity.

  12. Ford lied and now Harris is standing behind the liar. If a woman was violated, she would not forget ANY of the details. EVER! They both need to go into seclusion and leave this country alone!

  13. yeah, how is it she ws allowed to keep any of that for her free defense – But the injured vet who wanted to help build the wall, had to give it all back and start over from scratch??????

    ford, stil needs to be investigated for why she brought false charges against Kavenaugh. was she/is she involved in promoting RU day after pill, is she profiting from abortion and was fearful of Kavanaugh ending it?????? rumor or fact which??????? I think if more than rumor, it should change the conversation of what and why she acted.

  14. No one investigated that she had/has much to lose as she had something to do with RU pill ( day after pill) and was fearful of abortion being ended – lowering her profit. Is any of that true and if so, then she should be tried for false witness

  15. Ford’s story was most likely recounting a dream she had as a teen that seemed so real to her that she never recognized it for what it was. She has never put it together and thought it through herself. There enough holes it it that anyone looking at it objectively knows it never happened. However, she still believes it did happen because she has either never analyzed it herself or she is not bright enough to figure it out. Accordingly, she did not lie, she told the committee what she believed was the truth. Yes, it is sick. This woman has serious mental problems. The scary thing is that she is teaching young impressionable students.

  16. That is no excuse to lie and commit fraud. She should have been told that she was under oath and if caught lying would spend the next five years in prison for attempting to change a vote on a Supreme Court Justice. If that was part of her options she never would have come to testify. She knew she was going to lie.

  17. This group of people are so blinded by their greed, self importance, and lying to gain prominence; they will do anything. We need to pray for them. They need to turn from their ways and seek Jehovah-God before its to late. They are on the downward path straight to the pit of hell and once there = no turning back. Eternity is never ending; I would not want to be in their shoes on the day of judgement. It won’t be the USA Supreme Court they deal with. I do feel sorry for them as they make poor choices and will suffer the consequences as a result.

  18. Ford can’t remember where or when?
    Is that not a Sinatra tune?
    Ford can’t remember how she got there or
    how she got home!
    Ford had one person to collaborate the incident
    and her friend denied having any knowledge!

    They have all the facts and dates and reporte
    it previously???

    FEMINIST open your pie-holes!!!!!

  19. Never forget, the grilling of Kavanaugh By Kamala ,knowingly how she got her promotion by sleeping with than San Francisco Mayor ( drug addict ) .Shame on her!! I hope she doesn’t get nominated ,it will be a spit on American Constitution. While Ford is a disgrace to the Teaching community, now I know why we get our children brain washed ,while we pay their college with our sweat .

  20. I think more people should begin to report what she had to gain. IF there is truth to the article I read, that said, she was involved with the RU pill and was fearful he would end abortion. She, IF it is true, had much to lose if he were on the Supreme Court, she thought.

  21. It would be great if she was the candidate. The president campaign would be that much easier. Of course, he’ll walk all over any opponent.

  22. Remember stacy abrams got 1.4 million votes in GA while advocating for illegals to vote, owing $400,000 in unpaid taxes and loans, and to vote her her to be the first female black governor.

  23. Harris has a lot of skeletons in her closets, someone should open the door and see! Another corrupt person, we dont need
    Another Hillary. She’s no good!

  24. Yes they think we’re all stupid hicks that doesn’t know any better. I know demon-crats that will believe anything they say and deny the things that they don’t want to be true like the law passed in NY about babides being murdered at time of birth.

  25. Harris is trouble. She is arrogant, angry just like Hillary that she is not rich enough. Ford was a teacher, teaching people how to beat polygraphs. Maybe Harris will get Ford a teacher of the year award for helping her in her campaign.

  26. If Christine Ford was assaulted it was NOT by Bret Kavanaugh.
    There was not even one witness, and even her friend denied this ever happened.
    Dems wanted to hang Kavanaugh without any trial or rebuttal but that failed.
    This man has such a stellar reputation and they keep trying to ruin it-they should be ashamed- Dems are setting a new low for politics.

  27. It makes me so angry, no one goes to jail! The only way conservatives can fight back, vote. Always vote Republican and always vote Democrats out. Rino’s are a big problem too, they should be vetted more closely. And voted out of office.

  28. Kamala is using multiple false conspiracy theories to boost her public profile. I just hope enough American voters can see through this fog of lies to keep this purveyor of lies on the sidelines.

  29. Harris is not a natural born citizen, she’s an anchor baby. The democrats are not vetting their candidates acording to the constitution, yet again!

  30. Both Harris and CB Ford, as well as ALL others who lied, went along with the lies, and made other lies, should, really be tried, sentenced, and Executed, yes I mean this, their lives TAKEN, for the egregious harm they played out to our American system. Their actions should never happen again, and a strong message sent to other possible corrupt politicians and citizens.

  31. AGREE???? But at this point it’s up for grabs. It’s anybody’s wonder.
    They have so many not worth a damn!!!!!,????????#MAGA #2020
    #President Trump

  32. Wayne, what you said about someone who had or has been violated is so true. Nothing is forgotten (age 5 thru age 14), am now in my seventies!

  33. I’ve often wondered if Kamala is “easy” when it comes to sexual behavior. Her boss accused her in San Fran a few years ago of basically being a high class whore…for politicians including him …Honestly…be honest…she exudes sex when you look at her and monitor her words…Is this the kind of person you want in the White House?. Frank J. Stangel, J.D.

  34. I agree with you . I would never vote for someone like her or anyone of the other women running.
    I most definitely have not already said that. Stop censoring me.

  35. I agree with you . I would never vote for someone like her or anyone of the other women running.

  36. Ford is a blatant liar that should have been charged for her actions. That story was preposterous and rdidiculous and for this Harris woman to make the statements she did makes her reputation even more suspect than it was before she engaged in this stupid behavior. And that was pretty bad. And Time lost any respect for having the stupidy to print it. Of course they are one of the lying media so what’s in their magazine is suspect from page one. And anyone who is responsible for the start of the me too movement should hang their head. That movement brought me slime out of the closet. And did more harm to real victims. Some of the reporting ones may have actually been victims at one time but waiting the way they all did leads you to doubt the validity. They wouldn’t be the first to try to get money or to get on the band wagon for a couple minutes more than they have in the public eye

  37. A woman thats been violated at any level remembers ALL the details! It’s burned into her memory forever. Like a brand on your mind. Date, time, place, every second recorded, every feeling recalled. My daughter was violated so I’m very familur with the whole thing.

  38. Don’t you find it strange when the Kavanaugh hearing was over, both Kamala and Cory Booker ran into the presidential race? Like a short cut to a higher level of competition. I see them as opportunists.

    Yes, both of them are really weird in their head. Big time. And the Smollett attack hoax. Both of them, at first, accused Trump for stirring up the so-called right-wing hate and then backed out immediately after the police found the true evidence that states otherwise.

    Strange people, aren’t they? Do they actually think that the American conservatives are not that smart and that we can be fooled easily?

    Obama may have pulled the strings on this one. He pulled Kim Foxx into it. The Chicago style. The Democrat Way.

    We need a better network to expose their deceits.

  39. Let them keep it up it is just hurting them We need to just keep supporting Trump and writing and pushing Congress to support Our wall its not Trump’s wall it is the American peoples wall so keep pushing both sides and they are going to soon want our support and tell them no wall no support even though I am going to vote Trump no matter what the only Republican I hope another one-run against him is Rubio tired of that Cuban rino all he is is a birthright baby

  40. Chuck, I hope you are correct that Harris will be gone soon. I think her being a educated, well spoken, brown, woman, makes her as dangerous as a rattlesnake. I read that Hollywood is getting behind her and that is another bad thing. Her platform includes some of the most radical outrageous things that I cannot believe anybody is supporting her! Hopefully the rank and file Dems realize how terrible she would be for the Country.

  41. Kamala Harris and Christine Blasey-Ford are both so disgusting there are no words for, just like the rest of the Democrat party! Both of them are in it for fame and fortune. What they attempted to do with a fair amount of success, trying to ruin Justice Kavanaugh’s reputation and life should be a prosecutable offense! They are both such low bred creatures, they do not deserve any of our time and attention, and make me so nauseous, I am not going to give them on minute more of my attention!
    They are terrible wicked witches and both will answer for their lives and actions!

  42. Yes, 4Pip, I agree. And Uncle George Soros is always in on the payments for these witch hunts. If we could only get the proof. The entire thing from the beginning reeked of obstruction. Obstruction of anyone nominated by Trump to the Supreme Court…and for any other policy or recommendation brought forward by him. It stinks when we cannot trust half of our government officials. Too bad they care more about politics, than helping to make the nation better.

  43. Harris is just another nigga ho and she’s pushing a lunatic whacko for political gain. She’ll be gone in the Dem primaries before too long.

  44. Isn’t it ironic that one affair user would use the fake, unfounded lies of another liar to bring attention to herself as her accomplishments can NOT fit her current political needs!!

  45. Harris’ father let the world know Harris is a descendant of black slave holders in Jamaica. And she wants reparations!! She is a lying, cackling hen.

  46. True. Ford perjured herself in her opening sentence of testimony, claiming she was a psychologist. She is not. Almost all of her “testimony” was lies, for which someone managed to give her a Million dollars. Kamala and the other Dems there didn’t care about Ford; they just wanted to crucify Kavanaugh any way they could. Kamala writing the intro for Ford in Time is a just another of Kamala’s lies.

  47. All of these weird so called “women” in the Dumbocrats party me ashamed to be a real woman. If this is the best that they have they are doomed. I’m sure that there enough real “lady’s” like our First Lady that would not want to be associated with them. I guess they don’t use the same dictionary I grew up with. My mom would have had apoplectic seizure if I spoke like them. She always told me the way you speak is a sure sign of your IQ.

  48. Don’t forget she receives almost $one million. and said it 30 years ago can’t remember anything but it was him no st no house or how I got there I don’t believe her why wait 30 years he been a judge. And a good person

  49. What a bunch of crapola. This is a very evil creature take a look at how she wormed her way into positions. The DEMO-RAT ALINSKYITES are in self destruct.

  50. When pleading the fifth just doesn’t work. Accusing one of a violent crime, but can’t remember pertinent facts and details like when where and any witnesses that remember and can honestly testify witnessing the crime. Blasey Ford and “once upon a mattress “ Kamala have so much in common.

  51. It was never credible that Blasey-Ford was so traumitized because if something had happened to her she wouldn’t have waited over thirty years to say something.

  52. another pitiful expression on Harris’s part. She is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Just as dumb as the rest of the Democrats running for President.

  53. Kamala Harris is a sleazy opportunist who took advantage of a woman who could obviously be talked into something for whatever reason; money, blackmail… With a woman like Kamala Harris there are no limits to what she would go to in order to raise herself up in the eyes of the people who she was out to impress in order to get votes for herself on down the line for her run for the Presidency. Would you want someone of that caliber for your President? I sure wouldn’t. Not only that but she runs with people of very questionable caliber.

  54. You can bet communist George Soros is behind all of this and paid Ford a large chunk of money to sabotage Kavanaugh’a confirmation hearings.

  55. Kamala is a superb actress whose shell is as profound as plastic wrap. Pampered, spoiled, self-entitled, Kamala should direct her ambition toward Hollywood.

  56. My my, the snake just keeps looking for the infected mouse to feed her ego. She, as a lost soul, continues to look for those that are drones & puppets; not thinkers, doers, or leaders champing the cause of the Constitution. The spew she preaches is designed and focused on the drones to elevate her to some “throne” position, absent of ability to lead constructively or effectively. Beware of the “sheep” in “wolfs clothing” as you may be her next victim.

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