Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser stepped in it with one big mistake

Christine Blasey Ford finally showed up before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

She told her story.

But there was one big issue with her testimony that caused everyone to sit up and take notice.

When she testified, Ford was asked how certain she was Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a high school party.

Ford said she was “100% percent sure.”

There are other problems with her story.

Her lifelong female friend Leland Keyser – who Ford listed as one of her witnesses – said she never attended this party.

In addition, she claimed she didn’t know Brett Kavanaugh and has never socialized with him.

The hearing was a farce.

Ford presented no evidence to back up her claims.

But the media gushed over the “emotional” appeal of her fact and evidence free testimony.

It was a disgrace.

But the media doesn’t care about Ford’s lack of facts and evidence.

They just care about destroying Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

We will keep you up-to-date with any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. While listening and reading the articles about this farce pushed by the loony left Democratic party members, several things were mentioned about Ford. First, her legal representation was offered pro-bono, if this is true, then why is she running a “Go Fund Me” page, is she needing a little escape money after this farce, or is it a simple way for the Democrats to pay her off without drawing attention to their actions. Would sure like to see who is funding her “Go Fund Me” page, if that’s possible, lay odds it’s the normal liberal funding groups trying to hide their payoff for her actions! Second, this woman has serious mental issues and should be subject to commitment as a anger to the general public, she’s accused one man, only by knowing his name, but no other details… an no one else able to support her accusations! Interesting at least, BS at its finest… the Democratic way now days!

      • Several GoFundMe Pages. She didn’t start them others who support her did. They total close to $900,000. Makes me sick to my stomach. Supposedly this is for security she hired due to so called death threats and they had to move out of their house.

        I normally would be on the side of a sexual abuse woman, but her story just does NOT ring true. So many holes. If a victim is 2 or 3 or 4 years old and told NOT To tell they generally suppress their memories.

        This woman, and I hate to say it, is a certifiable whack job. One might venture a guess that Feinstein is the one who leaked this, and Ford could not wait to go public as she loves the attention and she thinks she is getting the attention and respect she deserves. While her own husband believes her story, he did echo these words:

        Ford wants to flee the country for New Zealand if Kavanaugh is confirmed. Russell Ford told the Washington Post his wife had issues with not getting ” the attention or respect she felt she deserved.”

        Of course all this GoFundMe money would be more then enough for her to get to New Zealand. I wonder if she realizes how long the trip is, since she has a fear of flying – but didn’t mind flying to Hawaii and other places.

        This woman is a doctor, because she received her doctorate or PhD in Educational Psychology from USC, but she is NOT a psychologist as she stated. In the state of California a person MUST be licensed and she is NOT, so that was one more lie. First the flying. Falsely representing one’s self to Congress or the Senate is the same as lying, which equals a FELONY.

        I personally think and believe that Feinstein is the conductor in this badly orchestrated debacle. And I believe she held onto the letter as a means to Stall and not because Ford wanted confidently and that Ford could not wait for the attention.

        When something like sexual abuse happens, and you know it happened, you DO NOT FORGET. You remember sounds, smells, music, clothes, colors etc. This woman recalls nothing other then Kavanaugh did this to her. And no one can corroborate it. But the sick loony liberal leftist and the DemonCrats will stop at nothing. We have to ALL vote RED this year of we will be forever screwed. We need to also make sure people like Feinstein and Upchuck Schumer and the like NEVER get re elected or walk away with any type of pension. I hope that Ford gets caught in her lies by the FBI and goes to prison.

        America is in such grave danger is the DemonCrats get control.

  2. This whole week has been better than SNL. SENATOR FINSTINE should be charge for with holding documents that were pertinent to the hearing. The rest of the democrats should be charge with slander, because one senator called the judge “EVIL”, others made slanders remarks out side the chamber. I would like for FBI to investigate the bank accounts of the women who came
    forward at last minute, also who is playing their legal fees. Those lawyers aren’t cheap. Somebody is bank rolling this pile of s–t. SENATOR Booker wrote and article ,and published it were he grab ed woman’s breasts, WHY IS HE STILL A SENTOR? He admitted he sexually harassed the woman, admitted prove, and YET HE IS A SENTOR! To make matters worse HE IS ON THE COMMITTEE ASKING QUESTIONS! It would be nice if the republicans would get some guts, and stand up to the democrats. Till they do our government is nothing ,but an old fashion circle jerk, with nobody in the middle!!!!!!

    • “At this point, what difference does it make!” Tell me which Democrat who announced in advance they have no intention of voting for Kavanaugh will change to a “yes” vote as a result of more investigation….NONE! Con Job!

      • Chuck Schumer proclaimed he would never vote in favor of Judge Kavanaugh, no matter what. This is what is so ridiculous about this whole thing. It all boils down to Kavanaugh being nominated by Pres Trump. But to be so close minded, and claim beforehand that it doesn’t matter what the nominee says, said Senator will vote NO, speaks volumes about Sen Schumer’s mindset, ability to judge character without politics. Maybe it’s time for Chuckie to retire so he doesn’t have to be burdened by heavy decisions.

      • It is a con job just for more delays. Demons have something up their sleeve and I don’t think it will be good for Brett Kavanaugh. Demons are so hateful, corrupt liers. And those spineless, no backbone Repubs make me sick, they cave to every whimper of Demons. Demons rule the Repubs and our Country even though they are not in power. One would never know the Repubs have the WH, House and Senate!

  3. Besides all of the above, the leak is the key to this story. Ford claims she was a timid injured flower with no motive other than to make sure the public knew the truth. So how does the public learn the truth if you keep things confidential? The truth is she didn’t want this to be confidential; she wanted just what she got…two weeks of salacious innuendo; according to Senator Feinstein, she was the source of the leak; more, in her testimony she said she was worried that her position wouldn’t be heard; it’s all a story. The request for confidentiality was invented by the democrats and she included it in the letter to cover for Feinstein failing to advise the Committee or the FBI about it, so that the release could be timed as needed by the democrats. Even after the release, she testified she was unaware the Committee would send investigators to talk with her at her home, and she couldn’t talk with them because she was afraid of flying. Both lies. Even I knew Grassley offered to go to California to meet with her from many recitations of it on the news; She said couldn’t cooperate with the committee because she was afraid of airplanes. But she had flights all over the place just this past few weeks. Another big lie.
    She took a lie detector, the day after her grandmother’s funeral, which at the least meant she was under emotional stress that would cover lie detection, or at most under sedation drugs people often take at the time of family deaths, which completely mask lie detection.
    The truth is, the entire story about how things developed was a lie, but what is true, is that it happened recently so there is lots of contrary evidence to disprove it.
    And its also clear that she had all kinds of political animus and motivation to defeat this nomination. It is clear that this woman was lying about her motives, and also about the process. Then it turns out also that none of the independent witnesses corroborated her story from years ago. What is deeply troubling is that the democratic senators have enabled and knowingly repeated her lies. That’s a new low for the US Senate. It is a standard considerably below the minimum level of integrity required for democracy to function.

  4. first things first … out with it – the truth !
    Thou he did very well at representing himself …
    if i were judge cavanaugh my first words would’ve been this …
    “This is complete and utter nonsense period! Yes i remember the night and her as well – typical party night except for one exception – a different slut showed up (the defendant in question) – she (now Mrs. Ford) wouldn’t leave me alone so i let her blow me – that was all – she then blew everyone else at the party as well – case closed – next!” …
    now i would then proceed with the rest of the ‘damaging my life and family, etc.’ just as he did.
    Only other blowing goin on is that he woulda simply blew her out of the water along with every else in the room.

    Do i believe him – yes
    Do i believe her – no

  5. I didn’t know if anybody noticed or not but a white envelope from a lady that was standing behind Ford handed it to her lawyers I feel like all of this was pay to her or getting up on the stand and lying through her teeth

    • I also read this. The article I read said this woman had another envelope, but backed off when she noticed that she was being watched. $$$ from George Soros, maybe????

    • The so-called “lady” was none other than the not-so-great congresswoman from Texas, sheila j. lee. Who knows what she gave to the attorney. I just know that from the get-go, this entire charade is a farce and the Republicans are playing right into the democrats hands – as they always do. They all speak with a gruff voice, and then allow themselves to be played by the minions of satan, the democrats. The latest? The farce this morning.

      • And people wonder why things are so polarized! With Dan Tyree calling Dr. Ford, a woman who has accomplished more in her life than 99% of Americans (to be fair, so has Judge Kavanaugh) a “bitch” and for you to call those across the aisle “minions of Satan” – – that really shows the cut of your cloth.

      • She claimed it was notes from the friends of Ford that had to stand outside because room was full. Doubtful that’s true, bu it’s what was reported thu her office in local news stations in Houston.

    • I saw a photo of Ford walking out of what appeared to be a parking deck, and of all people Ford was walking with Hillary. That one photo told me all I needed to know.

    • You are wrong. The FBI should do another background check but this time do on both parties. You will fine the Ford when younger she was a party girl. There is a photo of her sitting on a bar in someone’s basement fully naked legs apart with a bottle of champagne in the middle. Why wasn’t she investigated before wasting everyone’s time on something she cannot prove happened. Everything is I can’t remember. We should really look at the dems being involved with what took place yesterday.

      • The Dems may get a big shock if they’re successful getting an FBI investigation. You’d think they’d get tired of getting slammed every time they go against Trump. They’ll never learn.

      • It is not too late to investigate her , maybe they can stop the payments from the GO FUND ME that the DEMOCRATS set up for her as payment!!

  6. Kangaroo Court – Mob Rule – sickening, power-hungry, Communist Democrats!

    If JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF descended downward into the middle of this Senate Kangaroo Court and called the accuser of Kavanaugh “a LIAR”, the LEFT – after recovering – would call it an “electronic illusion” and continue on, unaffected, with their insidious POWER TRIP.

    America’s religious organizations and God-loving congregations had better begin taking some immediate action — before the Midterms – by asking themselves this life-changing question: “Is THIS the America we are willing to lie down like SICK DOGS and ACCEPT for ourselves, or for our children and grandchildren?” I just pray the answer is NO.

    Get on the stick people. VOTE!!!! You know how to stop this insanity.

  7. Miss Ford has NO who , what , when , where and why , does she not see the Dems are only using her for there own political agenda

  8. The American Bar Association is calling on the Senate Judiciary Committee to halt the
    consideration of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh
    until an FBI investigation is completed into the sexual assault allegations that have roiled his nomination. Even the ABA recognizes that to not hear the full allegations, and especially to question Mark Judge, Judge K’s drinking buddy and third one in the room for the Christine Ford assault, is a HUGE mistake!

    • JD,
      Just the President of the ABA, not the entire body of the ABA. In fact according to Grassley, Kavanaugh was highly recommended.
      I’m sure with a little digging would find that ANA pres. is also a democrat. po💩

    • So what are they going to investigate? The people named by Ford have said what they’re going to say. Like Ramerize, if they spend 6 days with a Dem lawyer, they’ll suddenly remember something totally different. What a con job.

    • A sane person would conclude that some evidence of Mr. Kavanaugh’s aberrant behaviour would have shown up in the FBI’s previous investigations of the man as he rose up through his judiciial career. Such evidence would be plastered all over the anti-conservative media by now in support of their familiars in Congress. No such lurid stories appeared in the “media” prior to Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court. Now, the “media” is all for calling Kavanaugh the worst person that has ever lived. Should he survive these attacks upon his family and himself and actually be voted in to the Supreme Court, the far-left shouldn’t worry. Mia Farrow has the solution: remove Clarence Thomas FROM the Supreme Court! There now, don’t all you leftists with your hair on fire feel better?.

  9. Why don’t they mention that Ford is an extreme Demo activist who hates Trump and is a buddy of Soros (saw them smiling together in a picture) who probably put her up to this scam and gave her a bundle of money to do so! Also there was a report mentioned that her mother probably has a vendetta against Kavanaugh’s mother because she was the judge who heard the case when Ford’s parents were sued because of taxes not being paid on their house and ruled against them!

    • The pic with Soros turned out to be someone else, but Kavanaugh’s m9m actually helped Ford’s parents secure assistance to be able to keep their home. Fine way to show their appreciation, right?

  10. it should be investigated to find out witch democrats put her up to it , along with the others , and then they all should go to prison ,i really hate liars and that’s all democrats do any more , when is our government going to hold these criminal politicians accountable , they rob us blind , sell us out to lobbiests , and do inside trading making millions , they pass bills that fill their pockets , and do nothing for the country , they are worse then the mob back in the 40’s

    • DEMOCRATS are full of shit and liars all dems should be kicked out of the country as for Ms Ford she is a loony tunes and I dont think she is very smart and I dont care how many degrees she has

    • Possibly correct . . . but the real culprits are the Demented-Dems who supported her with claims that all “witnesses” didn’t witness . . . . along with her “story” which changed during her testimony.

      The Demented-Dems simply used her as a “tool” to delay the vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court . . . . and will cast her aside, to the gutter, after ruining her life.

      • And can you even believe Diane Notfine immediately hired counsel for her!! I want to know if that was on the taxpayers nickel. More than likely was as it is the more common MO of demos to take from working class Americans rather corruptly

    • The MSM is all upset about how “animated” and angry he was saying he was unhinged. If you believe you live a life of integrity and someone accuses you of lying you want to take their head off. I know how that feels. When accused of something so untrue, I was so mad I couldn’t contain myself. If no one has ever had their honesty questioned, you have no idea what that does to you.

  11. She was not credible to me, she was nervous & acted squirrelly. Perhaps their prepping her & their rehearsing her, perhaps it just didn’t work. I suppose I would be nervous too if I were about to lie under oath.
    She has obvious problems, I feel for her mental health and the way the Dems pimped her out for their own political gain.
    Thing is, Judge Kavanaugh was as brutally honest as anyone I’ve seen testify in recent years. He rocked it & left zero doubt in my mind of his INNOCENCE.
    Also, anyone else find it humorous that the obstructionist resistance suddenly want to ask OUR President to open the FBI CASE? Ha ha, they even did so with straight face. Pres Trump gave them a dose of his own RESIST moment.

    • Totally agree! I have a theory of why she makes the claims but has no memory of time, place, getting there and back.
      The thing that strikes me with this claim is that Dr. Ford can’t say where or when this supposedly happened. The fact that all this came out while she was with a therapist (I assume psychiatrist), makes me remember that in years past therapists deep dug into girls to find what made them emotionally sick, and dug out the supposed fact that they had been sexually abused by their fathers. In the long run this was found to be a purely suggested thing and totally untrue. The damage done to their fathers was horrendous! Also this being dug out recently, of course she would think it is the truth, thus the positive polygraph test!

  12. I believe Brett Kavanaugh. If these horrible accusation were true they would
    have been found out during the 6 vettings by the FBI. They are false accusations!
    He has suffered many slings and arrows from the beginning of this “process”.
    Ridiculous protests, Sparticus, Sen. Harass, and a whole scale attack in him.
    This 11th hour letter from a crazy woman about a 36 year old assault is fake. This
    also opened him up to other unproven accusations. Each smear is progressively worse.
    The left begrudges him because he shows some emotional responses? Really? They
    obviously know nothing about being unjustly accused and tormented. I would rather
    have a real man who can show emotions on the Supreme Court. He is showing that a
    real human being is preferred over some emotionless automaton. He will be dealing
    with cases that involve the lives of real human beings. Dims give it a rest with all\
    of the snarky comments and just utter hatred for Judge Kavanaugh.

  13. We learned today that Ford cannot remember:
    – Time/date/location of party
    – Who drove her to party
    – Who was at party
    – Who pushed her into room
    – Who drove her from party
    – Date/who paid for her polygraph
    – Grandmother’s funeral date?

    But “100% sure” it was Kavanaugh 36 yrs ago

    What a lying sack of shit!!!!!!!

  14. Of course, even with only 2 and 1/2 hours before the scheduled vote, the Dems are still trying to force delay, by pushing for an FBI investigation. We’ve known for a long time that every Dem is going to vote no on confirming Kavanaugh. Only a few Republican votes, ironically, are in doubt. If they don’t vote their party, it will be a tragedy.

      • I’d go a step further, I feel they should be impeached and thrown out of office in disgrace, I’m assuming any elected official can be impeached. We have simply got to stop electing these RINO’s, don’t know how that would work but I’m sure someone smarter than me could come up with a way. I fully believe that Mrs Ford believes what she said, but I also believe that her therapist has brain washed her into believing that Brett Kavanaugh is the only person who could have done it, J5ust as they have with other women who fully believe their fathers raped them, when it is far from the truth. It just does not ring true to me that she can say she remembers who, 100 %,but can’t remember any other details with even “I think” it might have been. who what where or when , and if it had been as traumatic as she says it was don’t you think she would have remembered her rescuer, the person who took her out of the room and the building and got her home to safety. Our country is headed for hell in a handbasket.Brody

  15. The NAZI commie liberals (DS,academia,fake news,Hollywood,RINOs, etc )that are bringing the USA down the path of destruction!Supported by the useful idiots!The Democrats are the true Russian colluders that want to transform the USA into a Commie shit hole!

    • Time to put your aluminum cap back on, take your meds and quit watching InfoWars for awhile. You may rant and bitch your way into a stroke – – – I would say watch a funny movie if you can handle something from Hollywood.

      • M, hmmm, does that stand for Moron?
        Why don’t you get the lead outta your a$$, get off your meds,they are warping your brain, quit watching lamestream media, go get some sunshine,…in general get a life!

        • Dan T., Rats! A damn liberal is using my “name”! I guess I am going to have to add something to mine or change it because I NEVER want anybody to think I am a liberal. I was here first, foul play!

  16. I listened to both of them testify. They both came across as generally credible. So much so that if I had to explain factually why I believe one over the other, I couldn’t do it to save my life.

    But here’s my problem. A spot on the SCOTUS should not be a prize to be won by the person who gets the most partisan votes. And make no mistake, to discount Ford’s testimony the way the GOP is doing proves they have NO INTEREST in what really happened 30 some odd years ago. And certainly it is also true I could make the same argument, for different reasons, against those who discount Kavanaugh’s testimony.

    The bottom line is this. None of us should give a tinker’s damn whether Kavanaugh gets a seat on the SCOTUS. After all, there are undoubtedly plenty of candidates without baggage like this to nominate. Apparently Gorsuch was one such person.

    BTW, you might ask me if I believe Kavanaugh could have done such a thing without remembering it. All I can say is, his refusal to own what is clearly a pattern of alcohol abuse, with its attendant problems, makes me believe he certainly could have.

    • To me it is a no brainer. Dr. Ford has zero evidence, zero witnesses and also, has lied. We know that she is not afraid of flying, (as she stated was her reason for not being able to attend a hearing until Thursday) it has been established that she has taken many flights to vacation destinations. We also know that she has changed her story several times. Judge Kavanaugh has dozens of people who have known him since high school vouch for his good character. Also, what evidence is there that Judge Kavanaugh has a “pattern of alcohol abuse?”

      • First, Eric, what a thoughtful post. Yes, Judge Kavanaugh has dozens of people who known him and can vouch for his character, and probably is a a good dad and capable jurist . . . while he is sober. There are people with a drinking problem, and when they drink they become belligerent drunks. Kavanaugh bragged about his heavy drinking (100 Keg club) and some people said he and his friend, Mark were heavy and belligerent drinkers. Mark Judge wrote a book about some of his experiences.

        Ny the time Brett gets to Yale, there were numerous reports about how he was not only a heavy drinker, but how he became belligerent when drunk. It is very possible when someone drinks too much, and is not an alcoholic, they forget huge segments of time, if not whole evenings. I do think Judge K THINKS he was not at that improptu gathering, but I also believe both Brett and Mark were “stumbling drunk.” If you looks at ALL the accusers stories, all this bad behavior occurred when Kavanaugh was drunk. Some men work all week, are fine most nights but become belligerent drunks on weekends, or many one day of the weekend.

        Here is some things I saw during the hearings – -Kavanaugh continually minimized this drinking, but when it came close to questioning his heavy drinking, Mark would try to always change the subject OR he would ask a question in response to a question. If you go through the tapes, you will see that instead of answering about his heavy drinking in front of the TVs – – he would throw it back and ask “do you like beer?” or “do YOU (Senator) have a drinking problem?” In that exchange, we see a pattern of Judge K’s denial about his drinking, typical of an addict. Mark Judge got sober, but Judge K has not so far.

        • Let’s say the Judge was drunk and horny enough to cop a feel off the doctor. Hormones in your men at that age don’t just quit. So why have her pinned down, helpless, eyewitnesses seeing it going on and not intervening, and then stop? The girls drunk, and helpless while the judge is in control and taking what he wants and then just quits. If he was drunk enough that he had no concerns over his actions to the point of groping why would he stop? Her story fails the truth test with me right there. She voluntarily was at a home without adult supervision and got drunk there, else she left home drunk. I just find this part of her story unbelievable knowing a drunk young man who went that far would stop if you believe her.

    • “pattern of alcohol abuse” Top of class in High School! Went to Harvard Law School! Think Please! We should all have such a problem. Sorry for Dr. Ford but where is the proof? Sadly not one opposition party was EVER going to vote for Kavanaugh and that is an empirical truth.

      • Michael, in the pattern of substance abuse, it is more common among the high achievers, like Judge K.. Probably under enormous pressure to play sports and be so excellent academically. There is not doubt Kavanaught pushed himself – – which is also why it makes totally sense when he drank too much he just did not let the pressure off, but went quite belligerent. Many of our top professionals have substance abuse issues.

        Next, that is not true – – many Democrats supported Gorsuch and none of this mess came up with him, did it? The opposition to Kavanaugh is his extreme judicial views (like the president does not have to abide by the rule of law, and he fought against the choice of a 17-year old to have a legal termination of pregnancy by artificial means – – and other writings to show he did NOT support Roe v. Wade). The rest, like his lying to the Senate, and then the sexual assaults came up not out of a conspiracy, but from individual citizens. The right wing made it up as a conspiracy.

        • Dr. Maggot that’s what it’s all about. You assholes are afraid baby murders will come to a screeching halt. Yes I call you people names. You deserve no dignity or respect.

  17. These Brett Kavanaugh accusers need to hang until death for purjury. Or let’s hook them up to a lie detector test during the questioning of the confirmation hearings along with Mr. Kavanaugh and then we shall get to the bottom of all of this.

  18. I was very proud of Lindsey Graham..when he
    spoke out it was from the depth of his heart.
    This whole leftist thing is out of control.

  19. I agree with Capn Jack. I think she was obsessed with him back then and is really bitter because she thought she was so special and deserved whatever she wanted. Typical liberal.

    • She has a grudge against him, because his mother forclosed on her family home when her family lived across the street from his family during 1 of the recessions.

  20. Jim Foley strikes again….”It isn’t the truth of the charges…but the seriousness of the charges that matter”! That was a load of crap then & still is a load of crap!

  21. Please remember democrats encourage premarital sex and underage drinking thus it was so easy for them to send such a tale with DR Ford who was a young liberal who drank ay 15 and went along with free sex since her friends at parties did so by her own testimony. Kavanaugh was a Christian and probably as a young girl wanted him to pay attention to her. I remember a time when I thought I had had relations with a girl I wanted in high school, but realized it was only a fantasy. Dr. Ford is till living that thought 30+ years later and had the DNC plot her perfect revenge for her being ignored as a willing 15 year old. Sad very sad but typical democrat.

    • It is incomprehensible that this woman comes forward at this exact time,,,that her letter was “held by Weinstein”, and “LEAKED” at such time as would prevent Judge Kavanaugh from being voted to the Supreme Court! Well, it didn’t work, and now we have a huge argument over TRUTH. I suggest that TRUTH be brought out totally, and I am incensed that the DEMOCRAPS are going to such tactics to prevent a innocent, wonderful family man, that has lived a life that most men only wish they had the strength to copy. I TOTALLY endorse this fine man for the position, and I SINCERELY pray that he is voted into the position of Judge Kavanaugh, ATTORNEY of the SUPREME COURT!

    • I agree JohnMark. I was listening to her testimony driving to work yesterday. She sounded like a teenage girl, not a middle age woman. I think she is psychologically unwell.

  22. I suspect that a 15-year old Dr Ford who had few friends, had a crush on a distant Brett Kavanaugh, a very popular teenager. I further suspect that her accusations are a result of a teenagers fantasy carried to the extreme and she actually believes that it was an actual event. Particularly, given that the event is surrounded by a complete blank memory of when the party was, where the party was, how she even got to the party and why no one remembers her being there. IMHO

    • That’s the problem with “the victims must be believed” because any one can claim to be a victim but the truth could be the woman liked the man but he didn’t notice her or he wasn’t interested so she takes her revenge and because “the victim must be believed” she’s believed.

        • who are YOU to judge such things? Do either of you have credentials in mental health or have even taken courses in diagnosis? The evidence is that this woman is an extremely successful professional who is a top scientist and has written over 60 books or professional articles – – the top of her field. There are notable signs she has gone through trauma. There is also a lot of signs that Judge K is a problem drinker who often drinks to excess and like an alcoholic, downplays it and lies about it.

    • I see a parallel line here too. C. Blasey Ford has an issue with males in our society. She is married but doesn’t even have her immediate family at her side except the parents, who are mostly to blame for this charade ever starting. The idiot lawyer is no better. Grow up Mrs Ford smoke some marijuana and get your act together. I once was assaulted, harassed by phone at work and after work even to the point having my life threatened, lost a good paying part time job. I went after the president of the company (wrote a letter to his wife). She sided with me and he quit. The company went bankrupt later on.

  23. My wife said: “A girl NEVER forgets something like that even if it was 50yrs ago”…. I agree!!!… My daughters (3) would have told me IMMEDIATELY if something like this happened to them. This woman (Ford) couldn’t remember s**t and told NO ONE!!! I don’t believe her!!


    • Why does this even matter? Just because Democrats say so???? IF this happened, and I do mean IF, it happened 30+ years ago. No report was made, no accusations then, no one was told, no records at all. She has a selective memory of who and when without details. He has a stellar, impeccable record since that time. No one wanted to hear Juanita Broderick when she was raped by Bill Clinton and that actually happened, she reported the crime, there are those she told, and there are records of everything. While something may have happened to Ms. Ford, I don’t believe it was Justice Kavanaugh who did it. I believe the liberal left sought, bought, and paid for the testimony they got from all involved just to stop Trump from appointing another conservative justice to the Supreme Court.

    • Still believe she was the class slut attending the party to be the party girl on premise. Give herself to anyone who asked. Probably upset that Brett Kavanaugh ignored her so now with the financial assistance of George Soros she decides to get her 15 minutes and $15 million.

  25. Think about these facts, folks. Mrs. Ford wasn’t physically hurt, she wasn’t bruised, or bloodied, or raped. Geez – I got hurt worse on the playground as a kid playing “Rover, Rover, Can You Come Over?” Now, THAT game was REALLY brutal. In my career and dating experience, if I couldn’t get over every time I was touched inappropriately, or forced into another standing or sitting position, or propositioned at work by my bosses who threatened my job if I didn’t “comply” (which, incidentally, I never DID) — why, I’d be a complete emotional WRECK. But I figure that any child or pubescent girl who has to live without indoor plumbing (we had an outhouse) until she is 16 years old can get over just about ANYTHING!! And as my old grandmother used to say about life: “Honey, you’d better be laughing or you’ll be crying soon”. Mrs. Ford did kinda come off as a rather fragile uptight social & professional “zero”, with some slightly obvious mental issues. Maybe she just wanted some time to be “noticed”. I also wonder how much money she got paid for that performance. Somebody should really keep track of deposits to her bank account or at least try to find out where she’s hiding the cash. I’ll bet she didn’t put on that performance for FREE. I sure as heck wouldn’t.

    • All this woman did was to make it even harder for women who have actually been sexually asulted to be believed. Just as Obama put race relations back 50 ears with his actions, she has damaged womens right to be believed.

    • I wonder whats next. Since the election and her losing the election those who supported her will not give up. They just cant stand having President Donald Trump sitting in the oval office. And a President who got the office without being a Secretary Of State, or being married to a former President Of The United States. President Donald Trump is the President Of The United States. He is and will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

    • Thank you, Aquina Bradford, for your wonderful and insightful comment. I have felt the very same way since this ridiculous “Me Too” movement began. These pitiful women actually give women a bad name. Rape is one thing, a man putting the move on you in some form or fashion is quite another. Having experienced both, I feel I can speak intelligently to this issue. There aren’t many women who haven’t experienced advances from men throughout their lives, including me. And you’re right, if I had been terribly traumatized by some of these experiences, I’d never made it to the 71 years old I am today. The simple purpose behind this “mess” should be obvious to everyone. They can’t bear the thought of a conservative Supreme Court!



  27. Ford asked for a long delay until this past Thursday. She was coached at the whole time. End of story.

    She is not a honest person. She tried to include possible witnesses but none of them support he claim. Can’t remember any detail. The real victims often are crystal clear with the details.

    Dr. Ford is really full of s-hit. Kavanaugh is truthfully correct that he is the victim of the Democrat attempt to assassinate his nearly flawless character.

    Disgusting. The liberals are truly disgusting animals that have been involved with the murder attempts against the GOP reps.

      • Harry, I am glad to hear that there are others who came to the same conclusion as I about her testimony. She did indeed sound like a vulnerable, little girl victim, whilst looking as hard as nails. There is something wrong with her. Oh yes, “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”

  28. I really, really would like to know why every other comment I make here goes down the memory hole. I reply with reason & logic, to a troll, then my comment NEVER materializes. WTH!

    • Dan T., Judge Kavanaugh’s statement was AWE-SOME! Who would not have been outraged, exhausted, and reduced to an emotional state caused by what he, his family had been subjected to? I am amazed he was able to control himself as well as he did. I believe in time more info will emerge about MS Ford, we do not have the “real” truth now.
      Senator Lindsey Graham was a Rock Star, saying the things that needed to be said and Republicans watching were feeling. He showed more courage than the rest of the room combined!
      Only Dems would orchestrate such a travesty and I agree, it was a disgrace!

  29. This whole thing had nothing to do w/ Dr. Ford or Judge Kavanaugh. It could have been George Washington & The Devil. It was round one of what is going to happen on every appointment President Trump makes.

    In th liberal/ leftists had done their homework instead of listening to nut cases, they would have known Kavanaugh has one of the best records for leaving “Established Law” alone. Their asinine, illness over Hillary is causing them to make stupid mistakes.

    I plan on voting, providing transportation for 100 people to their polling places. There is going to be major voter fraud from the liberal/leftist & we are putting together a war chest to file suit in every precinct that has a fishy smell on their ballot returns.

    When any party resorts to the antics the liberal/leftist have, they need to be driven out of office. These confrontations in restaurants are going to get some of these nutcases killed. Cruz has more patience than I do. When he kept asking for them to let his wife go, I would have asked once & started killing. Blocking someone’s exit is construed as kidnapping. The only reason I would ask one time is to hope I could get my wife out of the way. When it is more than three to one, I get kinda crazy.

    My wife carries & she would start shooting. I would much rather have her keeping it three to one from behind the crowd than have her shooting near me.

    If I were running for office or had been nominated for some office, and anyone threatened my wife & kids, I would find them, not threaten them, not leave it to law enforcement officers who have their hands full putting up w/ the spawn of these nutcases.

    Too many nuts haven’t read or understand The First Amendment, it is only protection from the Government. It does not protect anyone from an angry old man like me who is one of the reasons these punks, nutcases, swill, have any rights at all.

    • Audie I have to agree with what you said there, if someof of these liberal haters had done that to me, well there would be more than a few on the ground, some with knives in their head some with other types of injuries, either way I would have fought back in more ways than one. All of use carry a weapon of some type all the time, most people just do not know it, you can use your keys, a ball point a pencil or any one of many others.

  30. Hallalujah !!!… Lindsey Graham and the Republicans Stand up to the lying democrooks and tear them a new one… Feinstein should be Jailed and removed from office. Welcome to the Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh… Now let’s do it again in the November mid term elections… VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! the liar democrooks OUT !!!

    • THERE IS NO PROVE, AND I BELIEVE FORD IS DEALING WITH ALZHEIMER PROBLEMS!! Naturally!! Soros reminded her, in that pictured meeting on Sept. 25, 2018, which was just two days ago!! Greed, money in the bank, and sewer crap lies!!

      BREAKING: GOP Interview TWO Men Who Claim They Had The ‘Encounter’ With Christine Blasey Ford In 1982
      By K. Walker – September 27, 2018

      Is this a game changer? Perhaps. At the very least it sure does put a damper on the desperate Democrats.
      Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh are testifying before the Senate and this news was leaked late last night.
      Seems very convenient, right?
      So, how true is it?
      Trending: Kavanaugh’s Accuser’s New DEMANDS Are Ridiculous – Here’s Her Latest

      Let’s take a look.

      The New York Post published the story at 1:05 am.
      On Monday, the timeline recounts GOP staff members interviewing “a man who believes he, not Judge Kavanaugh, had the encounter with Dr. Ford in 1982.”
      The “encounter” refers to an episode in which Ford claims that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in the bedroom at a Maryland house party.
      They had a follow-up interview with that man, and he provided more detail about the assault.
      Then on Wednesday, the committee staff said they spoke with a second man who said he assaulted Ford in 1982.

      Source: New York Post

  31. Ford needs a team of handlers to be able to answer questions, that any sexual abused person should know right off the top of their head. You do not forget where, when, & how it occurred.
    Even after 36 years. Exact dates & times, now that is a bit different. But the generalities of the matter you just don’t forget, unless you were hammered drunk. Then yes, maybe you would be a bit dim on the facts, especially just WHO it was that tried to sexually abuse you. Her testimony was not credible. She has no one but herself to blame for becoming a public figure. You accuse an honorable man, who has been nominated for the Supreme Court, your story is going to become very public. What in the world did she expect. That the demoncrats would keep her story confidential, & not leak it to the press at the 11th hour, when he was about to be confirmed. Good luck k with that!

    • LF – This man is NOT “honorable”. He came across as an entitled whiny, crying, lying, angry bully who doesn’t have the temperament or character to be seated on the Supreme Court. I believe Dr. Ford who was courageous and credible in her testimony. He whined about how hard the past 10 days were…… about the past 30 years for Dr. Ford who had to live with his sexual assault? This guy doesn’t belong in ANY court, let alone the Supreme Court.

      • Dear Diane, Please don’t let fact get in the way of your emotional state. Or the Fact that the accused is innocent UNTIL proven guilty.
        You are living proof Liberal’s suffer from emotional defects or as your side like to tout MENTAL Illness. Your side is not capably of intellectual honesty if your life depended on it.
        The good news is I will pray for you !
        Retire Navy Vet

        • David, Good comment and I agree with you wholeheartedly. Dian-a-sor has DTS and is not responsible for what she says no matter how outrageous and nonfactual her comments may be! Just try to look over her when you can and ignore her the rest of the time. You may be subjected to what is known as an “old fashioned cussing” when you cross her. 🙂
          Thank you for your selfless service to our Country!

        • David – That may be true but the GOP nor slimy Kavanaugh will ALLOW the truth to be uncovered. They both refuse an FBI investigation regarding these new allegations nor will Kavanaugh take a lie detector test. He’s guilty as hell or he would be demanding that both these things be done. If you think otherwise you’re a complete and utter moron……oh wait, your. Trump supporter, so you really are an utter moron.

        • David, you started with a false premise – -yours only applies to a criminal court, not even a lawsuit. This is not a lawsuit, it is to determine if this person should be elevated to a life-time appointment in the highest court in the land.
          Then you go off into the typical and simplistic how everyone else is bad except your side, which makes your stuff not stink. Perhaps you should read up a lot more on the status of victims of sexual abuse, because I have. And one thing you people don’t mention – – I have been alleged of something I did not do by a nutcase student – – I did not rail and get belligerent and cry and get way, way off center, I was calm and just presented my case and won easily. This is the hyperbolic, “out of control” person you want as a level-headed judge?!?

      • Diana,
        Can you really say that? What happened 36 years ago beening teenagers, don’t a lot of teenagers get drunk have sex, then make up a story to covet her a.s. if she had sex and drunk, but don’t know who with. Sounds like a lot of kids that age

      • Credible? She couldn’t recall what, where, when and who was there. I was molested at the age of four,and remember exactly what happened, where it happened and who did it.. I am 61 so that makes it 57 years ago.

        • Rxtek….My son was Molested at the Young age of 7-8 by my Ex-stepdaughter….6 months later when if finally made it to trail he couldn’t remember exact dates and times of the multiple times he was Molested…like he was to have a pen, paper and watch in bed as he tried to sleep…A Lot of Sexual Assault Victims are Threatened and also do Mental Blocks…Kavanaugh not calling outright for an FBI Investigation or not just going and getting a Lie Detector test himself to help Clarity his Statements make him Questionable on his Statements…Proof is a Strong thing to deny..

          • Doc I don’t need help. Hell yes I’m angry. Don’t worry. I’m not leaning toward violence or revenge unless it’s needed to defend myself or others. I’m not going on a killing spree. Nice try. But I’m much more unlikely to harm other people than libturds. So no, I don’t need help.

      • Then I guess you believe donkeys fly. She was not credible. She could not answer questions relevant to her claim. She claims she lives in a understanding community but has HAD TO MOVE TWICE. She is a DNC shill. She should be ran out if this country.

      • Diane, I see clearly that you’re a female who condones pointing fingers with lurid claims without a rag of proof. You and women like Ford give honorable women a bad name. Keep crying wolf and women with legitimate claims will not be believed. You have done a grave disservice to women and girls everywhere by damaging their credibility. In 1968, I had an experience worse than Ford’s claim against Kavanaugh; I reported it immediately, not decades later when it could be exploited politically.

  32. FACT: Since there is absolutely NO corroborating evidence of any kind, either way, in the Kavanaugh matter –:

    THEREFORE, it might be wise to enlist the famous scientific premise for making the wisest “guess” called Occam’s Razor, which is the theory that “All premises being equal (which they ARE), the simplest explanation tends to be the right one”. So, rather than using emotions or politics to decide how we “FEEL”, here is another way to try to balance the scales: Ask yourselves THIS –:

    A. Is it MORE likely that a 15 year old teenager (36 years later) with no proof as to corroborating witnesses, date, time, place or police record of the event, decides to suddenly come out of the closet against a judicial candidate for the Supreme Court of the United States?

    B. Or, is it MORE likely that this whole political “circus” – which not only accomplishes the delay before the Midterms and the ensuing bad publicity for POTUS and the Republican Party, but the permanent elimination of Judge Kavanaugh as the “deciding Conservative vote” in any Supreme Court cases, with no time for POTUS to put forth another candidate — is a fully-orchestrated “set-up” by the Communist Democratic Left who are desperate for the takeover of the House and Senate, and ultimately for full governmental power and control over the People of this country?

    If I may, I’d like to cast the first vote under Occam’s Razor –: I vote “B”

    • A. Bradford…..First Both of your examples pretty much say the same thing…I’m guessing you know Nothing regarding Sexual Assault…So until you personally have Walked a Mile in a Victims shoe…I feel you have No right to Comment….You try to come off in here as a Legal Expert Whereas you seriously just come off as an Uneducated, Ignorant, Gullible Trumpster that has Very low Self-esteem…Have a good Day

      • Your youngster can be forgiven for not remembering exact dates & times. A grown woman, whom, according to her own words had this “seared” into her memory, should have a much better recall. I have walked a mile in “those” shoes. Not one problem remembering who,what & when. Exactly where it occurred, and I was knocked unconscious, damned near beaten to death. I hold my head high. Justice was meted out. He got his!

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